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All Categories |  Home & Personal Polls
Cast your vote to see the results of this survey | 49 user comments  ( edit survey )

What best describes your music listening habits
Created: 4/28/2003 | Last Vote: 6 years ago | Comment: 12 years ago
Disclaimer: These surveys are created by PLUS or FULL Members of the site and, unless specified, are not created by the SermonAudio staff nor do they necessarily reflect the site's position on any topic.

  Christian contemporary, Praise, and pop music

  Orderly classical music, psalms, hymns, spiritual songs

  Live music or make our own

  Eclectic (Pop, Jazz, Classical, Rock)

  We're starving for good music but can't seem to find enough of it

  No answer. Skip this survey, I do not care to vote on this topic.


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· Page 1 ·  Found: 49 user comment(s)

Survey4/13/09 1:19 PM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
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Handel week is on at present on BBC Radio 3, available online I believe, and there is a performance of Handel's Messiah on Tuesday 14/04/2009 at 7.00pm British time from Westminster Abbey, London, broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Survey7/5/08 1:20 AM
Nathanael S. | Virginia  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Nathanael S.
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We have only accapella music at church.
Most of what we listen to at home is accapella also.

I have FREE CD's of Accapella Hymns for the 11% who are looking for good music to listen to!
(Amazing Grace, Just As I Am, Rock of Ages, etc.)

email me, ns
[email protected]

Survey10/17/07 7:16 PM
Ben | Portland  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ben
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If it edifies, or praises God, and if I like it... I'll listen to it.
I find it hard to listen to songs that have very meaningful and insightful lyrics, but lack melody.

Survey5/14/06 1:30 AM
Delbert | USA  
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Check out internet radio stations, like the streaming here at sermonaudio, I found a really good one yesterday out of Muscle Shoals too (secular with some gospel every now and then).

Survey5/13/06 2:58 PM
John Yurich | USA  
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I like Country Music of Marty Robbins, Sons of Pioneers, Ray Price, Johnny Cash, some Willie Nelson songs, some Waylon Jennings songs, The Statler Brothers, some Oak Ridge Boys songs, Connie Smith, Patsy Cline, Judy Rodman, Chet Atkins, Dottie West, the duet songs of David Frizzell and Shelly West, the Country Music songs of Jim Nabors, some Roy Rogers songs.

I like Easy Listening Music of Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Mills Brothers, Henry Mancini, Jim Nabors, 101 Strings Orchestra, Living Strings Orchestra, Frankie Carle, Nat King Cole, Big Band Music of the 1930's and 1940's.

I like Hawaiian Music, Opera Music and Classical Music. I like Gospel Music of Elvis Presley, Jim Nabors, Country Gospel Music of The Statler Brothers, Country Gospel Music of Ray Price, Gospel Music of The Florida Boys, J.D. Sumner And The Stamps Quartet, The Blackwood Brothers, The Lundstrom's(Lowell Lundstrom Ministries), Pat Boone.

Survey4/29/06 12:10 AM
Christina E | VA  
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My music is eclectic, but I believe still God-honoring. I enjoy some very moderate "praise and worship" and a little CCM (again VERY moderate),classical, some international/folk music of a very moderate nature, a few others, moderation is the key, "decently and in order", as are doing all things to the glory of God, as I am fully persuaded. I definitely disagree with the excessive repetition, heavy beat, etc. problems in CCM, etc., and pay attention to the lyrics as well.

Survey11/22/05 3:12 AM
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"I believe that the style of the music should match the message. Music is not neutral--music like drugs, it can take hold of the flesh".

You are so right, Linda R, because CCM can also be VERY addictive!!! That is why so many people that are on or now off drugs rally to support it. It conforms to the world and fullfills the lust of the flesh. Therefore, it is a good substitute or good addition to their drug habit.

Survey11/8/05 5:04 AM
MurrayA | Australia  
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Linda R,
We may disagree on a number of other issues, but I must endorse your views on traditional hymns, and the reasons you gave. The use of "Christian rock" (an oxymoron if ever there was one) is indeed "friendship with the world", an unholy alliance.

Yes, I know the Cyber Hymnal site well. I have it bookmarked on my computer, and I often listen to it. Only one caveat: the American tune settings I find strange and disappointing at times, especially to many of Charles Wesley's hymns. In the British tradition there is a whole range of tune settings different from those common in the USA.
God bless!

Survey11/7/05 3:37 PM
Linda R | Mississippi  
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I believe that the style of the music should match the message. Music is not neutral--music like drugs, it can take hold of the flesh. I would recommend checking out this website-- There you will be able to read the biographies of the people who penned some of our best loved hymns. Unlike the contemporary music we hear today in most churches, the old hymms glorify and magnify the Lord, and does not appeal to the flesh. Most of today's contemporary Christian & Praise music is just like the world's music---we as "born again" children of God, are to be "in" the world, but not "of" the world. The Bible says in James that friendship with the world is emnity with God.
Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. (James 4:4)

God bless

Survey8/19/05 12:53 AM
Chris M | Australia  
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Hey Joseph, where can we listen to your music? Are there any tracks on the internet?

Actually I have yet to hear any so-called 'Contemporary Christian Music' that doesn't sound like - well, total crud - but there is much of it I haven't heard also; perhaps there is an exception out there somewhere....? Glad to hear you are not profiting from your music; that makes a nice change at least!

Survey8/18/05 10:39 PM
Joseph T Wagner | Buffalo NY  Contact via email
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Mentioning that i produce electronic / synth based music, that is mainly instrumental, and up tempo, with a slightly dancable edge,(even when i include the message of salvation through Jesus Christ) has had me labeled,unsaved, heretical,lost etc. I even hear that this technology is of Satan and his minions.
Sorry, i disagree...God almighty gave men the encephelon to create not only the inventive, unique, mediums which we use, but also the countless arrangements that we create. Doesn't the plethora of genres/ styles that we use to lift Him up say something about the infinite design and artistry that God blesses each of us with as individual children?If the message contains the peace, love, hope, and free gift of salvation available to all who call upon His name, how on earth can this be construed as evil or negative?
I think that many Christian artist's may have become just like the mainstream idols of the secular world, however,it is the listeners who have elevated them to this upper echelon status, and we then as believers are partly to blame. Personally,i could care less about fame, or fortune. My music, just like the Gospel, is free, and all i care about is reaching lost souls for His glory. If someone finds some secondary peace from the music,all glory to God!

in Jesus

Survey5/27/05 12:24 PM
Pastor Douglas Brown | Madawaska, Maine  Contact via email
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Classical, conservative hymns, etc.

Survey5/18/05 1:30 AM
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Also, if people want to bash praise choruses for their repetition, then they also must have a problem with the Hallelujah Chorus, Psalm 136, and the "Holy, Holy, Holy" song that the angels sing in heaven over and over again for all eternity.

Survey5/17/05 10:17 PM
shelly | southern US  
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The survey question is skewed in the mixing of CCM, praise and pop as one general catagory. I don't listen to pop, some highly repetitive "praise" music drives me nuts although there is some that is not so inanely repetitive. I love most CCM; although even within that genre there are great differences and some that I don't like. If you want to knock praise music for its repeated phrases, then by all means don't leave out the hymn book. Many of those songs just take up space with a tacked on chorus, not to mention blatant doctrinal error.

Survey11/19/04 1:07 AM
elc | Canada  
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Survey11/18/04 4:11 PM
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Barry from Trinidad -- is right on for those who may have trouble with what type of music is genuine.

The genuineness of music depends on the lyrics, how they relate to the Bible, and the lifestyle of the one who wrote the song. If the writers' life is pleasing to the Lord, then it will be effective.

Let me leave with a reminder... if one is attracted to the song by its sound and beat without any thought on the lyrics, he is doing so according to the tastes of his desires, primarily. This can include symphanies and harmonies. Let us make a joyful noise unto the Lord, one filled with what Jesus has done in our lives and will do.

Survey11/18/04 4:04 PM
DJFan88 | Hyde Park Ma  
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Seems like the church with its music has been culturly affected by each generation that has passed, both in lyrics and gender. Biblical passages, mostly found in the Psalms, were used right up to the time when Bethoven and other classical writers showed up. The church was introduced to songs either rewritten from bar-room gender-type songs or by new authors other than from the Bible. I maybe right, but was it not Joyful Joyful, We Adore Thee taken in melody from where it was once played in bars. Church elders thought these hymns were the way others think Contemporary is today.
One reason was the writers being the authors, but didn't God use David and Solomon, most popular 2 used for Psalms, to praise the Lord. Has the Lord stopped working in Christian hearts

Granted, there are certain instruments not desired. What about the piano? That was used as a bar-rrom instrument. It was rejected in many churches around the country during that period, but is easily used to praise the Lord as long as it doesn't overwhelm the lyrics just like guitar and drums.

Does this mean it is all right to have culture affect the church in area of music? It has in the hymns, but hymns, for the most part, are doctrinally correct.

Survey7/23/04 8:50 PM
PENMAN | JUNCTION CITY KS  Contact via email
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This Question Did not address me correctly, in that it mixed CCM with POP music and that seems to be the general consensis, ie "if THEY will listen to CCM THEY will listen to any thing." To tell the truth I love all styles of music. CCM and southern. Psalms and hymns. The chants of the 14th Century and the rap of the 21st. As long as it it points me to God. If the Lyric says to "love God with all your heart" how can I find fualt with it? PEACE

Survey7/21/04 12:11 AM
Rick | South Carolina  
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Okay, now that I am supposedly an unsaved, unregenerate, enemy of God, let me say one thing. God never ONCE tells us that certain rythms are inherently evil. Jesus and Paul never ONCE looked at the culture in which they ministered, and then made some external code that goes completely opposite of any style. For example, evil people wore robes. Jesus still wore robes. Rather, they used the culture. They began by internalizing the biblical principles of God's character, worship, music, and one anothering. Then they realized their culture-where they were in time, location, and the individual people group. And then they chose the most expedient styles to edify those people to worship God within that culture according to those principles.

Please do not tell me that I am an enemy of God when I use the biblical thought process of determining which music to use, simply because somebody out there puts gel in their hair.

Survey7/20/04 11:09 PM
D Dean  | usa  
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Concerning contemporary,rock gospel,etc. These forms of music are unGodly, and a compromise. Here is the reason why.They pattern their expressions,moves,style,rythmn,clothes,gell-spiked tinted hairdos after the conforming trends of the world.There is no distinction between these performers and the performers of the world.They try to see how close they can look like,soundlike,live like,and smell like the world and still pass off as regenerated ministers of music.Be not decieved these are self-appointed hirlings, wolves in sheeps clothing,who are profitting off unrepentant sinners who will not turn from their idolatrous worldly music.Instead they've compromised! Trying to hold onto the music of the world and attempting to blend it with gospel. It don't work that way.When Christ saved me 26 years ago I IMMEDIATELY!turned from rock music and ALL forms of secular non-Christian music.I hated the things I once loved and automatically loved the things I once hated.Gospel songs 0f Christ,His attoning blood,redemption,Heaven,Consecration, Holiness,the Return of Christ! was my NEW songs. I'm convinced that the lovers of this world are enemies of God. There is NO salvation for the unrepentant compromiser. Once you have been convicted,drawn,and saved your worldly music WILL ALSO CHANGE !!!

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