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Paul the reformer from North Carolina
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John Rees from Australia
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Sermon2/3/19 3:04 PM
Puzzled.  Find all comments by Puzzled.
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“ Altering God's Commandments. ”
Sir: 1. You have failed to show where we are instructed to transfer Sabbath-keeping to the first day. Believers in NT times met together on the first day and probably called it The Lord's Day, but nowhere was it called a transfer of the Sabbath, or a Christian Sabbath! 2. "We keep the Sabbath". We don't - not as it was instituted by God, and how dare we audaciously adjust it and shift it around at our behest! 3.To believe it has its fulfilment in Christ our Eternal Rest, is not to excise it from the Decalogue. The Decalogue, along with every other law given by God, stands forever fulfilled for us before the face of our Sovereign Judge, by Christ Jesus, on our behalf, we the wretched law-breakers! We have been made free from every terror, threat, requirement, and punishment of the Sinai law - even dead to it, that We might be married to Christ and bear fruit unto God. Rom 7:4. 4.Hebrews 4 does not speak of the transfer of the Sabbath. The context is clearly an exhortation to faith in Christ's finished work, urging us to enter into the rest that He has accomplished for us, and not about keeping a day.It almost sounds as if you are sidelining the need to cease from our own works? 5.Exodus31:17 The Sabbath was given as a sign. Was it pointing to our now-accomplished rest in Ch

News Item9/29/15 6:18 PM
Puzzled | Straddle City  Find all comments by Puzzled
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Isn't she supposed to render to Caesar what is Caesar's?

How is she honoring the Lord when his word tells us to subject to those who are in authority? She took an oath and should relinquish her position to the state, or find another job.

News Item4/12/15 7:13 PM
Puzzled | SA Comment Board  Find all comments by Puzzled
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desal wrote:
"The problem is that the desalination of water requires a lot of energy. Salt dissolves very easily in water, forming strong chemical bonds, and those bonds are difficult to break.
It's hard to put an exact dollar figure on desalination
Try telling a believer something he does not want to hear, your FREEDOM OF SPEECH will be restricted if not taken totally away.
My moniker is "flagged" for deletion.

Well, judgment has begun at the house of God. This is why more and more Christians are silenced by fellow believers.

What happened to the House of prayer. Has it become a den of thieves; stealing rights from those speaking the truth in love. What has happend to prayer. Has gossip replaced it?

News Item4/1/15 1:45 PM
Puzzled | USA  Find all comments by Puzzled
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" Thus, I do not keep it in mind to follow Benny Hinn's teachings, nor do I keep it in mind to condemn him.[/QUOTE]Jessica, Jessica. I some unregenerate is not hiding behind "Judge not; lest ye be judged" they are saying "You can't condemn me... ." It doesn't stop. How is BH being condemned? I don't think someone praying for this man until God reveals to them to stop praying for him (and for the infected followers) is condemning the man.
Physical healing was not the focus of Jesus' healing. Reconciliation was. It was that of the prophets and the apostles also. Matthew 28:18,19 shows that that is the focus of our ministries also. Why should it be any different in these last days for BH, Marilyn Hickey, Kenneth Copeland, Cleflo $$, Paula White? Aaaand the list goes on.
Many are going into Hell physically fit and with full bellys, and some with the riches of this world. However, ...

News Item3/31/15 8:34 PM
Puzzled | USA  Find all comments by Puzzled
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"He said to them, “You will surely say this proverb to Me, ‘Physician, heal yourself!" (Luke 4:23a).[/QUOTE]Jessica, I think you should pray that the Holy Spirit teaches you why Luke 4:23a was spoken.
Also, how can you apply it to BH? My, my, my.
I am amazed at the longsuffering of God. I am a recipient of this also. He is patient, gentle, kind, merciful, and wanting men to repent. We see this clearly in BH's case.
Was he teachable? Did he receive correction from fellow believers? When he is better, do you think he'll visit Sierra Leone and other parts of ebola stricken Africa? Will patients in the same hospital be healed? Or, are Africans the only recipients of his healing powers?

News Item8/28/13 10:56 AM
Puzzled  Find all comments by Puzzled
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And your point??

News Item4/18/12 4:41 AM
Puzzled  Find all comments by Puzzled
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Im confused. Is Piper saying that those deacons/elders/pastors etc and their ex spouses somehow were the recipients of less grace than Piper has been in his marriage and in his faith? Surely there were some innocent parties in the divorces he alludes to? Is he saying that because he still has his marriage and faith that God bestowed more grace on him than on these divorced people?? It sounds a little holier than thou. I don't understand exactly what he is implying?

News Item11/25/11 6:47 PM
Puzzled  Find all comments by Puzzled
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An indwelt person is saved...

Any poster wishing to comment on John the Baptist, as it has been a puzzle to me? As the Bible states he was filled with the HS 'in' (or as some translations-'from') his mother's womb, therefore was John 'indwelt' before he was born and if so on what basis, or simply Sovereignly equipped or empowered for his work after he was born?

If he was regenerate in the womb then there are many deep theological questions?

Yet the Spirit must have indwelt John or how could he be 'filled'?

For a vessel to remain filled it must suggest a permanent indwelling (filling) by the given substance.

So as Michael says above: "An indwelt person is saved. Agree or not?"

If John was unregenerate in the womb how was he "filled" with the HS from birth or especially still in his mother's womb?

To be "filled" with the Holy Spirit is to be illuminated, sanctified, and guided by His influence, states one Bible commentator.

But John being 'filled' still meant that he was not really 'illuminated' until the Lord Jesus was revealed to him!

In the NT the filling of the HS is only something possessed by believers.

Interested in any thoughts or explanations as I am not a theologian, but still seek a scriptural understanding

News Item11/21/10 2:52 AM
Puzzled  Find all comments by Puzzled
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Jessica Dawson wrote:
What's the difference between a man who writes a Biblical Sermon and a man who writes a Biblical Hymn?
I give up, what?

Survey3/2/09 8:53 AM
puzzled  Find all comments by puzzled
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Mike wrote:
Titus 1:15
"Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled."
Are you exhibiting what psychobabblers call projection?
Well, I guess I'm defiled because I cringe when I read this.

Survey3/2/09 8:38 AM
puzzled  Find all comments by puzzled
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Calvinist Understanding wrote:
Why you naughty man!
Do men actually say such things to one another? It almost sounds like . . . .

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