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Sermon Watch Your Head! | Robert Sperbeck
"We listened to this pod on the way to gymnastics yesterday. Last night at..."
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Sermon Dealing with Bitterness | Neil C. Stewart
Brooke from South Carolina
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News Item7/30/07 10:04 AM
Resistance | Stop the NWO  Find all comments by Resistance
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The war against Afghanistan and the Taliban is a phony war.

Pat Tillman, the football star who forfeited his $3 million-a-year career to go to Afghanistan to fight the terrorists, because he believed the government, was murdered in cold blood.

We knew this before, but more evidence has come out. Read here.

Pat was a sincere man, the poster child for the NeoCons, but when he got to Afghanistan he realized it was all a sham. Pat was ready to come back to the U.S. and tell the world this, and would have become an antiwar icon. This our beloved Illuminati Skull and Bones government could not abide, and so he was murdered.

The people who shot him through the head several times, also all over his body, as he was waving a white flag, were let free with little or no punishment, and probably huge under the table payoffs.

The military lawyers congratulated themselves on pulling off a great cover-up, that they were able to cover up for this dastardly deed so nicely.

The controlled media is trying to keep this story under wraps, not playing it up at all, but the New Media is going to make this story go ballistic.

News Item7/27/07 12:51 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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Tim, good post. There are a lot brave people speaking up to the criminals trying to destroy our country and start WWIII and bring on the NWO.

God bless the brave teens who stood up to GWB with the truth. That took a whole lot of courage.

Thank God for the young people coming up, for people like Alex Jones, and the young men and women in the Truth Movement who are not afraid to look Evil in the eye and spit at it.

May God bless and protect all of you. My prayers are with you each and every day.

News Item7/26/07 9:37 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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Abigail, I'm not sure all babies go to Heaven. What if some of these babies are going to turn out to hate God? Is God obligated to spend eternity with such? None of them has had their faith tried and tested. All their lives were cut short by murder.

This is what the eugenicists say, that many of these babies would be "better off" not born, and that we are murdering them because we care about them so much.

I don't think we know all the answers of what God is going to do with all the souls of men. We only know what God says about murder, and as Christians we can never take the position that murder can be a good thing under any circumstance whatever.

Each of those babies has a human soul, and every one of them wanted to live, and they all died a brutal and violent death in a place that should have been safe and warm.

Lastly, the Bible says God hates the shedding of innocent blood, and so we should also.

We can't second-guess God, just do what he says to do in the Bible.

News Item7/26/07 8:13 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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Abigail, your postings are very wise. I disagree with very little you say. I do disagree when you imply that the abortion may be a blessing in disguise because that is in violation of the Scriptural command to love our neighbor as ourself.

Do we love our life? Yes. Would we prefer never to have been born? No.

The worst life of all is better than no life at all and every life is precious. And of course, a single soul is worth more than the whole earth as God said, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

News Item7/26/07 7:56 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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Pro Gun Christian, I like your last post, think it has a lot of good points.

Abigail, yes we are passing through, but we have commands from Jesus to love our neighbor as ourself.

We are not to be indifferent to what goes on in the world, we are to be in the world but not of it. I take "of it" to mean not captivated by it. But we still must care for our neighbor, our family and even ourselves. God doesn't want us to be hungry, without shelter, to be at the mercy of wicked men. God said he sets before us life and death and to choose life, and he promises earthly blessings of health and abundance to those who follow and trust him. My understanding is that where Christians go they can expect God's blessing and protection.

Jesus taught about the Good Samaritan and said that every man is "our neighbor" -- meaning every person who is hurting or in need is our neighbor.

I think when we write the babies off because they would be better off dead, it means we've lost faith in God and lost our hope. I don't have a martyr spirit at all, but if push comes to shove I will die before I will deny God or take the mark, with God's help.

The hall of faith in Hebrews talks about all this stuff.

News Item7/25/07 10:10 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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Abigail, When Jesus resisted the moneychangers in the temple he did it with great violence.

He flipped over the tables, threw them around, threw the money all over the place. He made a scourge, a whip with many short pieces of leather thongs, the kind that you have to get up close to people to strike them with. He used this to drive everyone out of the temple.

Jesus also told his disciples that one sword "was enough."

Jesus taught, do unto others as we would have them do to us, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. It's one thing to turn the cheek to your own personal enemy and to overcome evil with good. It's another thing to stand by and allow evil men to murder and pillage women and children and do nothing.

America's greatest shame is that we stood by and let helpless babies be torn limb for limb, 40 some million of them, and went on watching football and all the rest of what we do here in America. It was a blood sacrifice to Satan, who now, greatly empowered, is ready to devour the rest of us.

It's not a matter of vengeance. It's a matter of resisting evil and loving our neighbor.

News Item7/25/07 8:30 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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Abigail, there's plenty in the OT of taking up arms. We are to resist evil, not to stand by while the innocent are led to the slaughter.

Bible says, greater love has no man than he lay down his life for his brother.

I don't think we should be taking up arms every time the corrupt government wants to start some war for phony reasons and needs some cannon fodder, but to resist evil sometimes we must use force.

News Item12/24/06 7:57 PM
Resistance | we're everywhere  Find all comments by Resistance
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John Yurich -- Merry Christmas to you and your brother's nondenominational church.

Survey12/24/06 6:38 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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Thank you for providing this bulletin board, one of the best around for Christians to hash things out and post news and information to each other.

I was, however, sorry to see all my posts from months back are gone. Surely you have bandwidth to store these postings?

Some of us put a lot of time and energy and thought into reading and researching to put up our postings and they shouldn't be trashed as though they were just not important.

I hope you can find a bit of extra bandwidth to be able to store more postings.

Once again -- Thanks for providing this bulletin board for our use and spiritual edification. You probably have no idea how much this forum has blessed me and others.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Mr. Lee -- and a great new year with Sermon Audio!

News Item12/24/06 6:09 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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Jim, Ankerberg is pure Illuminati. And sure, Iraq at one time had poison gas and they did use it. And? Remember they were defeatead in Gulf War I? Remember we had inspectors in there, and they found nothing? And we still have found nothing?

It was a ruse to attack Iraq, a lie. Everybody knows that.

So was it a lie about Osama Bin Laden, business partner with the Bush Crime Syndicate. The ships and planes were poised to attack Afghanistan even before 9/11, and the plans were laid out 10 years before for a complete takeover of the Middle East by PNAC (ie NeoCONs).

You are a very young man, I know, very impressionable. You are being led by the nose by some clever propagandists, and you owe it to yourself and those who may be listening to your advice to look deeper.

Our government was behind 9/11. Building 7 (the third tower that came down but no plane had hit it) did not come down at the speed of gravity into its own footprint because of "debris." The Twin Towers likewise did not come down at the speed of gravity into their footprints because a couple puny planes ran into them. They were built to withstand many planes running into them, because it's not an unlikely thing such could happen accidentally, and has indeed happened in the past to other tall buildings.

News Item12/23/06 6:31 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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Mark's post is all total lies. Every paragraph is a lie -- all of them.

There was no WMD in Iraq. Everybody knows that.

Mark, are you using taxpayers money to come on here for the CIA and post lies and disinformation on behalf of Georgie Bush and the NeoCON murderers and torturing thugs we have in the White House now?

News Item12/23/06 4:23 PM
Resistance  Find all comments by Resistance
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phoenixbrew "So you all can screw up more people with that book of fairy tales"

The Bible is true and good. It's the people who are waving around that aren't so good.

Sean E. Harris
The Sanctity of Marriage:..

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