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Sermon God Is Love | Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas
Aileen Willoughby from High Springs Florida
"... and I love this message because the word “love” gets tossed around and..."
-39 hrs 
Sermon Am I Forgiven? | Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma
MsE from Florida
-40 hrs 
Sermon Marvel Not! Why Super Heroes Should Be Rejected... | Jason Cooley
Anonymous Name
-43 hrs 
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News Item12/14/15 2:28 PM
perspective  Find all comments by perspective
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"What must global warming advocates prove?
• Global warming actually exists
• Global warming is causing climate change
• Global warming is caused mainly by CO2 • Burning fossil fuels is the primary cause of CO2
• Global warming will absolutely cause serious
• Proposed solutions are effective, fair and economic

"What should the church do regarding global
• Commit to viewing the world from God’s
• Understand and rely on Scripture as a foundation
for life
• Use the Bible to understand the world and evaluate
all problems
• Help inform other believers
• Promote the truth and oppose false beliefs with
gentleness and respect
It is imperative that the church disciple believers
so that they know God’s Word, think biblically, act
biblically (grow in sanctification as disciples), and
share God’s Word."
(Rod J Martin) (Bible-Science Perspective)

News Item12/11/15 9:02 AM
Perspective | Yardstick  Find all comments by Perspective
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J.V. Team.
Compared to Hitlery's Planned Barrenhood.
Obama&Peelousey's Mengele "doctors" are doing this to hundreds of innocent babies today. And the Supreme Injustices published a "how to manual " to advise the proper way to suck the brains out of living infants.
[URL=]]]Fiasco of Not One Life Saved;supreme mess[/URL]

Judge Moore's analysis of the PBA ruling
he stated: "Things aren't always as they seem. And when this [Gonzales vs. Carhart] ruling came out, many praised the ruling; in fact I was one of them. I had not fully read the ruling... But then when you read the Carhart opinion, you realize what they have done is atrocious. … When I heard someone say, 'this opinion does not save a single human life,' they are correct… I likened this Carhart opinion, to... just like in Germany, a court in Germany, during the Holocaust coming out and saying, The Congress has just passed a rule that we couldn't gas these Jews but it certainly allows us to put them in a deep ditch and cover them with dirt while they are still breathing. You see, that is how atrocious this Carhart opinion is. It says you can still kill them, you just have to do it a different way."

U.S. Worse than ISIS

News Item7/5/15 9:08 AM
perspective  Find all comments by perspective
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Get Real wrote:
just more proof that ken ham is money hungry and will not suffer like the rest of the true christians ...
"All we see today are money-hungry Christians with their so-called ministries. I was viewing Ken Ham's Answers In Genesis website today. He has a store, but doesn't share the Gospel. According to Charity Navigator, Ken Ham gets paid a 6-digit salary and Answers In Genesis (AIG) took in over $22,000,000 in revenues in 2010. They advertise all sorts of things you can purchase, but the plan of salvation is nowhere to be found. There's some sermons by Spurgeon buried under education/sermons. I sincerely doubt if an unsaved person is going to go searching through a Spurgeon sermon on how to be saved. The good news of Jesus Christ crucified and risen ought to be upfront, clearly visible for all to see. Ken Ham puts his store upfront."
[URL=]]]I Do Not Like Green Eggs and (ken) Ham[/URL]
hit the home page of SA and tell me where you see the gospel?

News Item3/17/15 5:02 PM
perspective  Find all comments by perspective
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John UK wrote:
Anglicanism is very big in the UK.

many Anglicans are fully supportive of the Billy Graham campaigns

Oh great comparison John.
The fact that the Anglicans/CofE are supporters of Billy Graham and his DIY salvation, works based religion should warn anybody with common sense that Graham should be steered well clear of.
Anglicans are Liberals and therefore NOT Christian and certainly not Biblical.

When these religious reprobates attend the Graham game show - 'The come on down and tell God what to do' - sounds very appealing to their human faculties and pride. And they drink the "save yourself" because you are "part sinless" wine by the bucketful.

Having sat in the Anglican pews for years their senses are as dull as ditchwater so anything goes on the religious front for them.

Like the Arminians the Anglicans do not know God and teach the human religious mythology of sinners in control and God does what HE is told.

The Anglican/Arminians are an example of a church which is blind to sin and full of the sin of pride.

Pride = "a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct etc."

News Item3/26/11 4:49 PM
perspective  Find all comments by perspective
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
Just to make it simple for you if you need a dictionary to translate the Bible into English, throw away that Bible and get a more modern one, such as the New American Standard Bible
If you need a dictionary to read the KJV then go back to the school you went to and get your money back. Education there did not work.

If you go for a modern version then the heretic Anglican Liberals Westcott and Hort is where you are directed. Since together with the Roman Catholic Vaticanus text that is where modern versions get there base Greek text from. Then I can only wish you "good luck" with all this human effort.

News Item2/25/11 5:03 PM
Perspective  Find all comments by Perspective
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
Mike if you're referring to me. I'm an Independent so I can dislike both parties equally well.
Jim; what are you doing. This issue is not nearly as important as the Version debate. We need your help Jim. I just found our someone on this Very web site preached a sermon from the KJV. Make him stop Jim. Were counting on You! Save us for the nasb sake.

News Item1/11/11 6:45 PM
Perspective | Reality  Find all comments by Perspective
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Everyone can see how the tragedy involved should be set aside in order to debate sovereignty and Responsibility.

After all; no one has ever thought of those things before. Since we have computers now and we can all post our opinions, I'm sure we can solve these antinomies. This is much more important than talking about the tragic murder of people, eternal souls, ect.

News Item9/23/08 10:06 PM
Perspective | Lawrenceville, GA  Find all comments by Perspective
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I write these thoughts as one who loves the KJV. But I don’t believe that it’s the one you HAVE to use.

I don’t hope to persuade anyone, on either side of the issue. I only hope to bring perspective to this seemingly eternal debate.

Compare Matthew 1:21 from today’s KJV and the 1611 KJV.

Today’s KJV reads like this:
“And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.”

The 1611 KJV reads like this.
And she shall bring forth a sonne, and thou shalt call his Name Iesus: for hee shall saue his people from their sinnes.

Note the differences in the spellings.

The 1611 KJV includes the Apocrypha. The KJV of today does not.

The 1611 KJV translators wrote this in their preface.
10 Therefore as S.Augustine saith,… that variety of translations is profitable for the finding out of the sense of the Scriptures: so diversity of signification and sense in the margin, where the text is not so clear, must needs do good, yea, is necessary, as we are persuaded.

There are at least three Authorized English versions that I am aware of: The Great Bible” of 1539, “The Bishop’s Bible” of 1588, and the 1611 KJV. Take your pick.

No, Jim Lincoln, the KJV is not a “filthy” book. It is a graphic book. It tell

News Item11/19/06 1:01 PM
perspective  Find all comments by perspective
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In an isolated event, Isamics murder three girls and there is outrage in the Christian community.

On a daily basis, Jews murder dozens of Arabs -- men, women, and children -- and the Christian community either is silent, or else turns a blind eye, with the excuse that the Jew is "God's chosen people".

God has only one chosen people -- those with whom he is in covenantal relationship. No unregenerate person, Jew or "Gentile", enjoys covenantal relationship with God.

Dromore, N. Ireland
Megiddo Radio

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O. Elvin Wheelis
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Acts 16:25; Romans 10:9
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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06

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A Line in the Sand
Providence Baptist Church NYC

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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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