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Bible & Theology Issues
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Need Your Vote! Is the 4th commandment binding in the New Covenant? 126  4/27/2018  105 
Need Your Vote! Do you attend a mid-week Prayer Meeting? 11  4/27/2018  133 
Need Your Vote! If you do not attend a 'second service' or an 'evening service' on Sunday, why not; what is your alternative? 2/28/2011  82 
Need Your Vote! If someone preaches the death, burial and resurrection of Christ are they preaching the gospel if? 114  4/27/2018  274 
Need Your Vote! Does the Roman Catholic Church falsely worship a different Jesus? 483  4/27/2018  277 
Need Your Vote! Who is the Twelfth Apostle? 23  12/4/2020  244 
Need Your Vote! Does John Piper's invitation of Doug Wilson to speak at the DG National Conference suprise you? 12  8/17/2014  228 
Need Your Vote! Do you understand & believe in 'the Doctrine of Original Sin'? 110  4/27/2018  478 
Need Your Vote! Sin: How Do You Define It (1 John 3:4)? 108  4/27/2018  415 
Need Your Vote! What Bible Version Do You Use? 415  4/27/2018  1,767 
Need Your Vote! Salvation: How Assured Are You That You Will Escape Hell? 61  4/27/2018  771 
Need Your Vote! Do you think having so many modern translations of the English Bible has had a positive or negative affect? 76  4/27/2018  839 
Need Your Vote! Define your time reading God's Word 15  4/27/2018  551 
Need Your Vote! What should a Christian's attitude towards the writtings of those called 'Church Fathers' be? 31  4/27/2018  573 
Need Your Vote! Is it wrong to tell sinners that God loves them? 756  4/27/2018  807 
Need Your Vote! Is it getting harder to find a church in which you agree in most matters of faith and practice? Comments encouraged. 136  4/27/2018  740 
Need Your Vote! Do you think women should have their heads covered during public worship? 31  12/4/2020  866 
Need Your Vote! Does your Pastor believe that God Created Everything in 6 Literal Days just as He said in Genesis? 39  11/1/2014  801 
Need Your Vote! On what day of the week do you think Christ was crucified 53  10/22/2010  585 
Need Your Vote! Did the serpent lie when he told Eve, 'Ye shall not surely die'? 132  6/29/2010  615 
Need Your Vote! Bible Books Most Neglected: Which Ones? 21  12/4/2020  689 
Need Your Vote! What do you believe is the most important purpose of the church? 276  2/28/2011  1,191 
Need Your Vote! What does being Regenerated mean to you? 408  2/28/2011  912 
Need Your Vote! Do you believe that justification is by faith alone? Please defend your vote with a comment. 2,527  -11 hrs  1,748 
Need Your Vote! Reward According To Works: Do You Agree? (Rev 22:12;Mt 23:14) 24  6/18/2015  825 
Need Your Vote! Should ALL able-bodied, adult Christians be on the streets & going house to house preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 303  12/4/2020  1,050 
Need Your Vote! To which confession of faith do you subscribe? 3,699  12/4/2020  1,281 
Need Your Vote! Lord Supper should it be an open Table for all believers or close to church members only. 94  12/8/2010  736 
Need Your Vote! What form of music should be used in praise? 416  11/25/2014  1,334 
Need Your Vote! What's your view on the subject of tithing? 47  2/28/2011  742 
Need Your Vote! Do you fast? In your comment, tell why or why not. 45  6/30/2010  385 
Need Your Vote! What do you mainly look for in your Pastor/Preacher and why? 109  12/4/2020  547 
Need Your Vote! Do you fervently pray for Revival? 455  12/4/2020  389 
Need Your Vote! Which issue do you think most confronts the Church of today? 1,986  -11 hrs  698 
Need Your Vote! When is the 'Judgment'? 148  2/28/2011  466 
Need Your Vote! Do you believe in a local visible church only or an invisible and universal church as well as a local visible church? 731  7/26/2014  656 
Need Your Vote! Should a church service be age segregated or age inclusive? 29  2/28/2011  528 
Need Your Vote! Professing, Baptized Church Members: How Many Will Be Saved? 48  6/30/2010  770 
Need Your Vote! Which of these statements best expresses your view of how we should worship? 92  11/25/2014  722 
Need Your Vote! Do you believe that God can preserve His Word. 412  11/25/2014  861 
Need Your Vote! Are the Ten Commandments Still Binding on Christians? 222  11/25/2014  1,077 
Need Your Vote! Can a believer be entirely sanctified on this side of eternity? 91  6/30/2010  610 
Need Your Vote! Do you Believe someone who make a strong profession of faith but falls away and never repent, will go to heaven? 672  5/14/2011  827 
Need Your Vote! Polygamy - What do you think the Bible teaches about it? 764  12/4/2020  1,816 
Need Your Vote! Do you believe ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED? 1,571  -11 hrs  2,768 
Need Your Vote! Do you know what Federal Vision/Auburn Theology is about? 49  12/4/2020  577 
Need Your Vote! What is Your Perspective on Paul's Perspective from a Biblical Perspective? 73  6/30/2010  469 
Need Your Vote! Who is Biblically qualified to baptize (immerse) a new believer (explain answer if necessary)? 88  6/5/2015  801 
Need Your Vote! 91% of Christian workers minister to less than 10% of world population. How do you feel about this? 178  2/28/2011  432 
Need Your Vote! False Christian Profession: How Prevalent? 32  2/21/2016  835 
Need Your Vote! What is the proper form for church government? 3,572  12/7/2014  1,247 
Need Your Vote! Who do you think the Anti-Christ is? 1,297  12/21/2015  1,988 
Need Your Vote! How Were Old Testament Saints Saved? 427  11/25/2014  1,453 
Need Your Vote! What is the Biblical definition of 'foreknow' in Rom 8:29? 72  12/8/2010  1,016 
Need Your Vote! Is the gift of an apostle still valid today? 57  10/29/2015  853 
Need Your Vote! Evangelism: Whose Job Is It? 5,906  7/18/2010  1,119 
Need Your Vote! Who are members of the Covenants? 335  12/31/2010  602 
Need Your Vote! Is your eschatology... 328  1/20/2016  1,186 
Need Your Vote! What is your theological system? 919  8/11/2015  1,421 
Need Your Vote! Should Christians observe/celebrate Easter 177  11/25/2014  1,006 
Need Your Vote! Is the Church and Israel one body or separate bodies? 1,209  4/10/2015  1,542 
Need Your Vote! When do you think the rapture will be? 4,311  4/19/2015  2,486 
Need Your Vote! How often should the Lord's Supper be observed? 2/28/2011  845 
Need Your Vote! Are headcoverings scriptural? 889  11/25/2014  1,391 
Need Your Vote! Which doctrine do you adhere to? 5,819  11/25/2014  3,066 
Need Your Vote! In Joshua 24:15 What does 'The other side of the flood ' refer to? 29  2/28/2011  469 
Need Your Vote! What is a holy kiss? 34  10/4/2014  638 
Need Your Vote! God's Law-How Is It Commonly Taught? 847  2/28/2011  617 
Need Your Vote! Is it biblical to judge? 45  11/25/2014  971 
Need Your Vote! Witness or Testimony For Jesus Christ: How Many Do You Reach Weekly? 770  1/6/2016  673 
Need Your Vote! What is the Scriptural mode of baptism? 2,733  1/21/2011  1,957 
Need Your Vote! How should Communion be conducted? 41  2/28/2011  775 
Need Your Vote! What is the Lord's Church? 135  7/24/2014  805 
Need Your Vote! Does material wealth affect faith in God? 85  2/28/2011  732 
Need Your Vote! What is faith? 721  10/3/2010  858 
Need Your Vote! Is the Pope of Rome that Antichrist, that Man of Sin, as stated in old Protestant confessions? 272  12/4/2020  1,998 
Need Your Vote! Do you think the Pope went to heaven? 1,482  12/4/2020  5,907 
Need Your Vote! Does God Choose Some to Salvation & Eternal Life in Heaven and Some to Damnation & Eternal Existence in Hell? 2,733  11/23/2015  1,998 
Need Your Vote! Have you read the 'Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren? 173  7/13/2010  2,105 
Need Your Vote! Does the Bible Teach Predestination of Sinners to Hell? 258  4/21/2015  1,678 
Need Your Vote! What does the Bible say concerning election? 2,249  2/28/2011  1,728 
Need Your Vote! How old do you believe the Earth to be? 558  8/6/2015  4,442 
Need Your Vote! What do you think or believe of all the new bible translations? 236  2/28/2011  1,435 
Need Your Vote! Who are the people in modern-day Israel? 94  11/25/2014  1,115 
Need Your Vote! Who do you think the name 'Lucifer' (in Isaiah 14: 12) refers to? 426  2/28/2011  1,468 
Need Your Vote! Is the gospel of Roman Catholicism the same as the Gospel as revealed in the Bible? 1,112  8/25/2010  3,002 
Need Your Vote! How often does your church have services and how often do you attend? 48  2/28/2011  1,106 
Need Your Vote! Where will a baby spend eternity? 1,389  11/25/2014  2,169 
Need Your Vote! When do you think Satan Fell? 246  12/4/2020  3,058 
Need Your Vote! What do you believe the Bible teaches? Amillennialism, Premillennialism or Postmillennialism 2,679  8/4/2015  3,221 
Need Your Vote! For whom did Christ die? 1,457  12/4/2020  3,169 
Need Your Vote! Should Christian Contemporary Music be used in fundamental churches? 515  11/25/2014  2,798 
Need Your Vote! What is the average size of a Sunday morning congregation in your church? 29  12/4/2020  2,070 
Need Your Vote! Does the scipture clearly teach that we should abstain from any type of body markings like tatoos. 91  2/28/2011  2,417 
Need Your Vote! Does God love everybody? 2,798  2/28/2011  3,053 
Need Your Vote! What is your view of women pastors? 873  11/25/2014  6,045 
Need Your Vote! What version of the Bible do you use? 5,590  12/4/2020  9,506 
Need Your Vote! Do you believe the Bible teaches predestination? 787  2/28/2011  3,909 
Need Your Vote! Are you Presbyterian, Methodist, or Baptist? 444  11/25/2014  5,304 
Need Your Vote! Who do you believe are the proper subjects of baptism? 2,397  11/25/2014  3,755 

Bill Parker
Followers of God (cont.)

Ephesians 5:1-7
Sunday Service
Eager Avenue Grace Church
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Jesus: The Only Way?
Dan Broadwater

What Is United Prayer?

Dan Botterbrodt
True, Biblical Faith

Romans: Righteousness of God
Foundation Baptist Church
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Tom Gabbard
Suffering before Glory

Grace Baptist Fellowship
Play! | MP3

Dr. Fred DeRuvo
Word Pictures from the Shroud

Study-Grow-Know Ministries
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Rev. Joshua Engelsma
The Unexpected Mothers of Je..

The Unexpected Mothers - Jesus
Crete Protestant Reformed
Video!Play! | MP4

Bob Vincent
What our Leaders Won't Say

Christianity and Islam
Sermons by Bob and Others
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New Ministry Toolkit for Pastors

Free downl­oad of wedd­ing and fun­eral outl­in­es, past­oral care pass­ag­es, and art­icl­es.

Signs of the Times?
Dr. Fred DeRuvo

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