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All Categories |  Bible & Theology Issues
861 total votes have been cast on this survey | 412 user comments  ( edit survey )

Do you believe that God can preserve His Word.
Created: 11/28/2006 | Last Vote: 8 years ago | Comment: 12 years ago
Disclaimer: These surveys are created by PLUS or FULL Members of the site and, unless specified, are not created by the SermonAudio staff nor do they necessarily reflect the site's position on any topic.

 •   Yes. If yes, how?
  98% | 845 votes

 •   No.
  1% | 6 votes

 •   I don't know.
  0% | 3 votes

 •   No answer. Skip this survey, I do not care to vote on this topic.
  1% | 7 votes


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· Page 1 ·  Found: 412 user comment(s)

Survey2/22/10 8:56 PM
Woody21 | Ohio  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Woody21
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Yes only in the authorized version KJV

Survey12/6/08 5:16 PM
Matthew Wall | Manitoba  Contact via emailFind all comments by Matthew Wall
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Yes, how should I know?

Survey11/8/08 5:07 PM
St Jeremiah | Salt Lake City, UT  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by St Jeremiah
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Short answer: Manuscript copies

Long Answer:

The Old Testament in Hebrew (which was the native language of the people of God of old), and the New Testament in Greek (which at the time of the writing of it was most generally known to the nations), being immediately inspired by God, and by his singular care and providence kept pure in all ages, are therefore authentical;a so as in all controversies of religion the Church is finally to appeal unto them.b But because these original tongues are not known to all the people of God who have right unto, and interest in the Scriptures, and are commanded, in the fear of God, to read and search them,c therefore they are to be translated into (15) the vulgar language of every nation unto which they come,d that the Word of God dwelling plentifully in all, they may worship him in an acceptable manner,e and, through patience and comfort of the Scriptures, may have hope.f

a. Mat 5:18. • b. Isa 8:20; John 5:39, 46; Acts 15:15. • c. John 5:39. • d. 1 Cor 14:6, 9, 11-12, 24, 27-28. • e. Col 3:16. • f. Rom 15:4.

Survey6/6/08 7:49 PM
Nathan | Australia  Find all comments by Nathan
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Thanks Wayne it's good to hear other people being led by Gods Spirit. It can be quite a lonely exsistence when you have to start accepting truth and acting on it.
Some further points I would make on this "as above so below" Message Translation.
Modern scientific theory actually endorses the Message.
According to scientists working on the Philadephia Experiment this is how the influence into alternate dimensions works. To change the 4th (time) you must influence the 5th.
The more you explore beyond the confines of the mental cage set before us by church, education, the media and society in general we are seriously hurtling to a universal theory of everything. Witchcraft, science, the Bible, etc will be brought to a synthesis and into a oneness.
I've watched this transpire since I was 15 when came to Christ 20 years ago.
I have also been examining the changes over the last 150 - 200 years and believe me the planned destruction of reformed churches and the word of God has been so well orchestrated and executed it can only be tantamount to an overaching spirit operating through willing and duped agents who have been active in the subversion of every facet of society. This includes language.
FYI - Go and find out who publishes the NIV.

Survey6/6/08 9:22 AM
Wayne | UK  Find all comments by Wayne
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'have personally examined thw entire NIV in conjunction with the Jehovah's Witnesses NWT back in 1992 and was horrified to find hardly a difference.'

I have to agree as I sudied with the JW's but wouldn't use their NWT as I found an authorised version still sealed and unopened in a drawer at home I Timothy 3: 16 was God's turning point and not found in the NIV or NWT.


Just now I have receieved the TBS Quarterly Record-the magazine of the Reformed Trinitarian bible Society. There is a request from a prisoner in Florida who for 2 years has been studying the King james debate and had been using the NIV. He says 'I was hard headed, but asked the Lord to show me the truth, and He did. He opened my eyes. I desire the complete, blessed Word of God. Not in pieces or with man's interpretaions built into it'

Also a brit using the NIV as told it was the best version, then the new KJV (The next new thing) until he was compelled to compare text re: fornication. As he says in his street preaching muslims say to him: 'Many, many bibles, only ONE Koran' As a bricklayer with no formal academic qualifications he says 'I have no problem with the AV; in fact, it becomes more prescious as the days go by'

I never read a book until the AV and can understand it-praise God!

Survey6/6/08 1:50 AM
Nathan | Australia  Find all comments by Nathan
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Pls understand that Pastor D is correct in his comment that the NIV is a "filthy work of man". I also agree with Preacher in saying I'd rather see an open NIV on someones table being read than a AV closed with a layer of dust unread.
I started with an NIV but you only need to study it and major holes and discrepancies appear that will either destroy faith or bring you to answers.
I have personally examined thw entire NIV in conjunction with the Jehovah's Witnesses NWT back in 1992 and was horrified to find hardly a difference.

Staight up you cannot trust corporate christianity to provide an uncorrupted Bible. Psalms says "When the wicked prosper the righeous run and hide."
The wicked are gaining. Satan owns much of the church and the very words of scripture is darkened.
Take the Message Translation in the Lords prayer saying instead of "on earth as it is in heaven." "as above, so below."
This is straight up witchcraft. If you wanted to illustrate it you can impose an upright triangle over an upside down triangle.
The word of God has to be corrupted, why? becuase there is an uncorrupted word, of which new christians are unaware of.

Survey6/2/08 8:53 PM
Bernard | Australia  Find all comments by Bernard
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pastor_d wrote:
If you believe the doctrine that I previously stated and you use an NIV. Please put down that filthy work of man and pick up a KJV.
Are you ready to answer to the Lord on the day of judgement why you yourself have judged and condemned the NIV to be a "filthy work of man"? If you are wrong, and He is in fact pleased with the NIV, where will that leave you?

Survey6/2/08 6:49 PM
Preacher  Find all comments by Preacher
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If we cannot believe in Divine preservation, then how can we possibly believe in Divine inspiration?

The Bible is unique in its authorship. Holy men wrote as they were moved by the Spirit of God. It is totally of Divine authorship yet simultaneously of complete human authorship.

I also prefer the received text over the butchered Nestle version. I find more and more instances where the NIV has either cut out, mutilated or extracted the teeth from a text.

Yet for all that I would rather see the NIV open on the kitchen table than the KJ gathering dust on the shelf. It is only the Word of the Living God when its pages are open and it speaks to us as we read it. Closed it is just another book.

Survey6/2/08 11:38 AM
Nottingham  Find all comments by Nottingham
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Can you read the Bible without the Holy Spirit? No.
Equally! Can you write the Bible without the Holy Spirit. No.
The Bible is not a book which simply responds to the intelligence of the mortal, the Holy Spirit alone reveals the truth to those whom He indwells.
The discussion about english words used implies that the version used is irrelevant, but I refer back to, Can you write the Bible without the Holy Spirit? No. Therefore if God is going to preserve His Word, and obviously HE does, then one method Satan is bound to use is counterfeit bibles, written by the iniquity in man. Time and history records that a variety of Greek Texts as well as versions, have been produced, but the RT/AV have survived through the centuries. Modern versions are just that "modern" and different, (eg NIV with it's Eclectic Texts). The modern version then has NOT survived, but is recently translated with mans ability in mind.
The Holy Spirit is not dependant upon the sinners response, but upon the Book which He has brought through history.

Survey6/2/08 12:37 AM
pastor_d  Find all comments by pastor_d
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The superiority of the KJV to all other english translations of the Bible isn't based upon thee's and thou's. Just because something sounds right doesn't make it right. It is based upon how much of the text was translated straight across the board. It is also based upon the so called original text used. KJV=Textus Receptus. Study it out for yourselves. Furthermore I will add that anyone who believes that Salvation must come before baptism or that Salvation doesn't require baptism can't read an NIV. In the NIV a key verse is left out of the text in Acts chapter eight. Now we must state that the Bible is God's inspired word not the commentary at the bottom of the page. In the NIV Acts 8:37 is entirely left out. It may appear in the bottom of the page with an asterisk beside it. If you believe the doctrine that I previously stated and you use an NIV. Please put down that filthy work of man and pick up a KJV.

Survey5/16/08 6:04 AM
MurrayA | Australia  Find all comments by MurrayA
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Folks may be interested in the recent postings on my site regarding the history of the KJV:

I would welcome any comments, although let them be constructive.

Survey5/11/08 5:47 PM
DavidHickman | U.K.  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by DavidHickman
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Since the word of God is eternal, to a christian anyway, and that the Word was made Flesh and is now in the presence of God for us. Man will break his word but God never, for Him so to do would be as saying that God is a liar and that is a blasphemy and its origin the Devil. Be careful of these questions you put foreward less they be a stumbling block to some. Satan will take every opportunity.

Survey5/10/08 7:36 PM
MurrayA | Australia  Find all comments by MurrayA
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Thank you for your kind comments.
One thing which seems lost on the Arminian fundies is that historically Arminianism and that basic outlook (synergism) was always inextricably associated with ritualism.

Thus in the RC fold when transubstantiation came in in the C9th. there were two controversies: one over the "Real Presence", the other over predestination, and the same protagonists lined up on their respective sides. Those who stood against transubstantiation also stood for unconditional election; those who stood for the Real Presence also stood for synergism.

In C17th England Laud stood for Arminian synergism, and also stood for ritualism: genuflections, railed altars, copes and vestments, processionals, i.e. a form of Catholicism without the pope. The two went together, and became accepted orthodoxy in the Church of England, until the Evangelical Revival, essentially Calvinistic, challenged the prevailing "Laudianism".

BTW: no, I don't believe that booking through Amazon is trying to hack into the CIA! It's just for me, and many other of my friends and colleagues, a way of getting cheasp books and DVDs.

Survey5/10/08 4:56 PM
Casob  Find all comments by Casob
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Yes, I believe God has preserved his words and I believe that the level of ones commitment to that truth is in direct proportion to how many different translations he will accept as the words of God!

Survey5/10/08 11:27 AM
Patrick  Find all comments by Patrick
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MurrayA wrote:
Thank you for your inquiry.

In a visit to these columns (aka "The Bear Pit"), I came across your recommendations to Preacher. Being somewhat familiar with several, I have ordered the others and would like to post a brief word of thanks to you for these recomends; and the same for your posts refuting the Arminian/Dispy fantasy so beloved in the land of CI Scofield, CG Finney, Billy Graham, Benny Hinn et al.
Am I alone in thinking that trying to order a book from Amazon is akin to attempting to hack into the CIA?

Survey5/10/08 12:03 AM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
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FYI: Online facsimiles of the 1560 Geneva:

Besides the margin notes, it includes illustrations, also like some modern Bibles! Ken Ham would approve of its Noah's Ark woodcut. As one would expect in a Bible for commoners, the Geneva seems to have simpler or blunter readings than the KJV, once you get used to ye olde typography. It may be closer to Tyndale's original in this respect. E.g., compare 1 Cor. 6:9

This was the Bible of Dissenting Protestants like the Mayflower Separatists & John Bunyan.

Murray, sells "faxes" of the above, Tyndale's 1526 NT, & the 1611 KJV.

Survey5/9/08 11:37 PM
Faithful Remnant  Find all comments by Faithful Remnant
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Murray, the library here has the Geneva Bible. I have borrowed it. It is a big book with many notes in the margins, not much different from modern study Bibles. The copy I borrowed from the library was a facsimile of an original. It is quite interesting. Personally I prefer the KJV, but having studied many languages, I know one word can have many meanings and translation is no easy task, so I think people are entitled to the right to use different translations. Thanks for shedding some light on the various movements in the Anglican Church.

Survey5/9/08 11:14 PM
MurrayA | Australia  Find all comments by MurrayA
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Faithful Remnant,
High church/Low church
This has meant different things at different times. In the Stuart period and early Hanoverian period "high church" denoted the spiritually-minded "old" high churchman: ascetic, moralistic, other-worldly, learned, sacramentalist, and the like. "Low church" in this period meant the next thing to what "liberal" does today: philosophical, sceptical, loose on the 39 Articles, and even Deistic.

After the Revival of the C18th 'high church' came to mean Arminian and highly ritualistic, while 'low church' denoted Calvinistic, evangelical, strong on the 39-Articles, and a minimum of ritual and form.

Do I have a Geneva Bible? No, but I believe that it has now been re-issued, with the original notes, but in a highly expensive format. I would like to procure a copy. I don't now have a website link, but a search of Amazon should bring it up.

Survey5/9/08 9:07 PM
Faithful Remnant  Find all comments by Faithful Remnant
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Thanks for the input Murray. I don't endorce rigid comformity because I believe Christians should be allowed to congregate and worship God as they please. Anybody who would force conformity in ceremonies and worship doesn't meet my approval. Maybe at that time period there was not High Church and Low Church Anglicans, only High Church. If that is the case, then you are correct in what you have stated about the historical events of that time. Do you prefer the Geneva Bible?

Survey5/9/08 8:56 PM
MurrayA | Australia  Find all comments by MurrayA
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Thank you for your inquiry. I would gladly recommend the following:
J.C. Ryle, "Light from Old Times", Evangelical Press - chs on Samuel Ward, Archbishop Laud, and Richard Baxter.

Marcus Loane, "Makers of Puritan History", Baker reprint, 1980

John Adair, "Founding Fathers: The Puritans in England and America" J.M. Dent, 1982

Antonia Fraser, "Cromwell: Our Chief of Men", Methuen, 1985. Still a standard work on this Puritan genius.

Austin Woolrych, "Britain in Revolution", Oxford, 2002. A massive tome, but easy reading for all that, and sympathetic to Puritanism in a way other writers are not, who instead display an Anglo-Catholic bias. Overall, it is excellent. (Warning: it's not cheap! Try a public library)

Also, from the series of Puritan and Westminster Conference papers, there is a useful set of essays called "Anglican and Puritan Thinking", Conf. Papers 1977.

Finally, I will very shortly have a long document on precisely this period of history going on my website - in the next few days. I'll let you know when it goes up, with a site address.

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