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Cast your vote to see the results of this survey | 50 user comments  ( edit survey )

Do you support the display of the Ten Commandments in places of governmental authority in our Country (USA)?
Created: 8/24/2003 | Last Vote: 3 years ago | Comment: 16 years ago
Disclaimer: These surveys are created by PLUS or FULL Members of the site and, unless specified, are not created by the SermonAudio staff nor do they necessarily reflect the site's position on any topic.

  Yes, for God's Law is the foundation of all Law!

  Yes, if other views are allowed to have equal space.

  In some cases, but not as Chief Justice Roy Moore did in Alabama.

  No. This violates the constitutional mandated separation of church and state.

  Not interested in this issue.

  No answer. Skip this survey, I do not care to vote on this topic.


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· Page 1 ·  Found: 50 user comment(s)

Survey4/10/07 9:43 PM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
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For what its worth while I lived in Chattanooga I was able to have a letter to the editor posted regarding the matter posted in the local online newspaper, The Chattanooga. It is still there.

Survey4/10/07 9:16 PM
mk | california  Find all comments by mk
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It is a good thing to have the ten commandments displayed.It really shows that we as a nation use to be GOD fearing. Sadly such is not the case any more, or at least we are not like we once were.

Survey2/26/07 1:04 PM
KK | USA  Find all comments by KK
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"Do you support the display of the Ten Commandments in places of governmental authority in our Country (USA)?"

"msc" said --- Yes, for God's Law is the foundation of all Law!

I'm with "msc" 110% !!!

"We The People" have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing this mess to go as far as it has.

It is due to the silence of "We The People", in our overtly self-indugent ways, that godlessness has taken root in America...

On the whole as a people we have, in our oblivious state of self-indulgence, allowed Judges, Elected Officials and a vast array of others with their warped and perverted ideologies to trample All That Is TRUE And JUST And DECENT And RIGHT And GOOD...

Nothing is more repulsive than a people that *KNOW* RIGHT From wrong and yet will not so much as Conjure Up Within Themselves THE RIGHTEOUS ANGER *TO TURN* the course of their Nation ---

Yes, a people who have *forgotten* THE HIGHER GOOD Of THE TEACHINGS Of GOD'S WORD and have moved into debating what DECENCY IS and do now seek to ReDeFiNe That Which Is TRUE And JUST And DECENT And RIGHT And GOOD...

The travisty of it all is that this is a people that have become too NUMB (*so desensitized*) to it all and have lost TRUE SIGHT Of GOD & Where they OUGHT TO STAND...
Wake Up!!!

Survey9/24/06 6:12 PM
william | Durban South Africa  Contact via email
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It is more effective to tell people of the love of God than the law of God which in the new testament is written on our hearts.Man cannot keep Gods law but he can receive His love.Its by grace thru faith that we are saved and not by keeping the law.

Survey6/2/06 9:41 AM
sarah | Canada  
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Well we know its the last days, its all in the Book.
Its a fallen world.The servants of The prince of the power of the air are obviiously going to reflect his character.
Still, what good is having monuments of the 10 commandments if people dont read them and apply them.

Survey6/1/06 1:32 PM
Mike | New York  
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"I support them, but overall. It really doesnt upset me if they are taken down or not. Cause what good is it, when people dont read them and apply them."

A matter of principle. The right of government to take them down does not exist. The reasoning behind taking them down is flawed. The purpose in taking them down is to remove from the public eye anything that has God connected to it. The motivation in taking them down is hostility toward anything that has God connected to it.

Survey6/1/06 1:18 PM
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I support them, but overall. It really doesnt upset me if they are taken down or not. Cause what good is it, when people dont read them and apply them.
Our western nations have all slide down the wretched cesspools of depravity and degradation. Its when a true revival of the church comes, where people are repenting and hearts are changed, lives are transformed. Fallow grounds of the hearts are pliable again ..then society changes. But to display 10commandments out in public places, yet people dont take note, and they are just displays. or decoration. What good is that doing. NILL

Survey7/29/05 12:27 PM
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"Do you support the display of the Ten Commandments in places of governmental authority in our Country (USA)?"

Yes, for God's Law is the foundation of all Law!

Survey7/29/05 10:26 AM
N Fraser  
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They should be displayed.

Survey7/23/05 2:03 PM
Christian Raas | Switzerland  
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There are a lot of religious "Christian" displays in Switzerland, but I don't think they are doing much good. I mean you will find the statues of some of the greatest Swiss Reformers in Geneva and yet Geneva, once a bullwork of strong Biblical Protestantism has a Roman Catholic bishop today and has once again become a pre-dominantly Roman-Catholic city (approximately 53% Roman-Catholic.)

Survey6/1/05 4:02 PM
Neil | Tucson  
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But we always build monuments for the dead. How many have photos of the Washington Monument, but don't know or care what he said in the Farewell Address?

Survey6/1/05 3:50 PM
Big Belter | Planet Earth  
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It seems that many who wish to see them displayed in government locations, choose not to follow the commands themselves. As an example, which major church dictates observance of the fourth commandment sabbath in the manner attributed to Moses, or even on the day specified?

Survey4/15/05 1:29 PM
John | San Jose, CA  
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Interesting that and image of MOSES
dominates, not merely appears with,
but DOMINATES the mural above the
US Supreme Court Building.

ACLU must hate this, as they prefer
multiple religeous displays in public
places as peers and not one by itself
or one DOMINATING all others displayed
with it.

Legislation may be required to protect
this image in the future...but, then
again, the courts could just overturn
the legislation, I guess.

God help us.


Survey4/15/05 1:22 PM
John | San Jose, CA  
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Anything we can do to get God's law,
or even PART of it, out in the open
so more sinners can be convicted of
their sins and need for Christ is
obviously a GOOD thing.


Survey2/14/05 11:04 PM
Jessica Dawson | Canada  
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I am very much for the public display of the ten commandments.

I would like to see public displays for the New Testament commands;"To love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. And to love ones neighbour as themslves."

Mainstreet in my town has music through speakers in the open air. It is put on by the Christian book store. They play hymns, songs and spiritual songs in instrumental. It makes walking through mainstreet that much more bearable as I walk by the rude shops, the many Budhas statues, in the store windows, it put a skip in my step.

Survey1/29/05 1:27 AM
Brother B | WVA  
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I only have one question, it dosen't matter if you are BORN AGAIN or not, tell me one thing what will it hurt. Ask yourself if no one would steat or kill and you should know the other eight. Really what would it hurt, where are our morls

Survey11/8/04 12:57 PM
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Walter--You are correct, God is in no way shape or form mentioned in the Constitution. Except that "Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise..." which means that the government can't stop people from worshipping anything and anyway they see fit. The wall of seperation is also mentioned in the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, which is an interesting read if you would like to read it. Ofcourse, Thomas Jefferson was skeptical of religion in most respects and believed in God, but nowhere close to the way that most Christians would consider "christian" today. Now I don't necessarily agree with you that things like the Ten Commandments should be placed in government buildings just because only a few of them are actually laws today--thou shall not kill, though shall not steal. But I just thought I'd let you know about the Statute of Religious Freedom incase you wanted to read it.

Survey11/5/04 10:03 PM
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yes elaine I agree I wish I could find more teaching on the subject, since there's a sense in which religion and church should be mixed (e.g. law gets its authority in both our countries from natural law (God-imbued rights, etc.) if I understand right, and there's a sense in which they should not be mixed (e.g. when a politician mixes the two to the religion's detriment just for his own political appeal. But the whole relationship in either and in other cases, is nonetheless kind of difficult to sort out sometimes.

Survey11/5/04 6:29 PM
Elaine Clark | Victoria,Canada  Contact via email
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There is much confusion re separation of church and state. How about a sermon on the topic? There is no authority for government over a people except for the sovereign will of God. Those who think otherwise will have to experience what Nebuchdnezzar experienced. He places whom He will over the Kingdoms of men and that depends on the obedience of the people."The Most High rleth in the Kingdom of men and giveth to whomsoecer He will and setteth up over it the basest of men." Dan.4:17. 11Chron:7:14.

Survey11/5/04 1:24 AM
Walter Ferguson | Michigan  Contact via email
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Like most issues the A.C. L. U. tries to mess up, they are, as always, way off costitutionally. The reference to "wall of seperation of church and state" written of by Thomas Jefferson in his letter to the Baptists in Connecticut was neant to say that the USA would have no state church and nothing more. It was intended to keep the government out of the church, as per the 1st amendment, not vice-versa! How ironic it is that it is being twisted to keep Christians from exercising their Constitutional right to witness for Christ, and prevent people in town from displaying things a majority in a place might hold true, because a few atheists might be offended. I for one am tired of this! Our nation's motto is "In God we trust." It is hypocrisy to have that motto and then do everything in your power to eliminate Him whom we say we trust from public display. We sing "God Bless America," but what we need to do is bless God! I don't care what the courts say, Nativity scenes at Christmas, crosses on churches or signs with scripture outside the home, and displays of the Ten Commandments inside or outside of public buildings are legitimate public demonstrations of the Public's "trust in God." I for one will never apologize for my faith in my Lord, and America must quit it!

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