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All Categories |  Computers & Technology
1,666 total votes have been cast on this survey | 47 user comments  ( edit survey )

What computer operating system are you running?
Created: 4/15/2003 | Last Vote: 2 years ago | Comment: 13 years ago
Disclaimer: These surveys are created by PLUS or FULL Members of the site and, unless specified, are not created by the SermonAudio staff nor do they necessarily reflect the site's position on any topic.

 •   Windows 98. Choose this option if you don't know. Chances are you're probably using this operating system. Found on most older computers.
  12% | 205 votes

 •   Windows ME. This was the next version of Windows 98.
  6% | 93 votes

 •   Windows 2000. Many businesses use this operating system to this day.
  6% | 102 votes

 •   Windows XP. This is the latest and greatest Windows version. Almost all new systems ship with Windows XP.
  63% | 1,050 votes

 •   Mac OS or Other. Any version of Mac OS either 8 or 9 or even X. And there are yet other popular operating systems such as Linux and its Unix varieties (as our commenter mentioned).
  12% | 194 votes

 •   No answer. Skip this survey, I do not care to vote on this topic.
  1% | 21 votes


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· Page 1 ·  Found: 47 user comment(s)

Survey11/12/09 3:26 PM
DC | Perkasie, PA  Find all comments by DC
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Our family uses Windows 7.

Survey7/8/09 2:53 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
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While I'm on SermonAudio it is almost invariably Windows 98SE, but for most Internet use, and other type of work it is Linux.

Note: Microsoft was doing this then, [URL=]]]Bill Gates, Robber Baron[/URL] and it is still doing it 11 years later! [URL=]]] Windows 7 upgrade plans revealed[/URL] -- in Europe.

[URL=]]]Getting Started with Linux beginner level course[/URL]

Survey5/26/08 2:50 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
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WCB, tried the support page?

Computers have become too complex for maintenance by amateurs. We are faced with more complexity than the old mainframes used to have; only the size is different.

Same thing has happened with cars. You now need costly test equipment & training to do what used to be possible for the average mechanically-inclined owner.

Survey5/26/08 1:22 PM
WCB | California, USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by WCB
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I ran Windows XP until I had to buy a new computer. It came with Vista. I hate Windows Vista. My Libronix Software will not run on my computer running Vista. There's nearly $1000.00 worth of Bible study software down the drain!

If anyone has had similar results and knows of a fix, please let me know.

Survey8/29/07 12:24 AM
Jhawk44  Find all comments by Jhawk44
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Truer words were never spoken.

Survey4/5/07 10:25 PM
free from windows  Find all comments by free from windows
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Canadian eh,

you have it backward; it is vista which is already obsolete. vista was a dud before it was launched. the sooner vista is buried, the better it will be for us all.

Survey3/2/07 9:16 AM
Canadian eh  Find all comments by Canadian eh
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This survey question is aleady obsolete. There is no option for Windows Vista

Survey3/2/07 7:10 AM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy
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Mac OS 10

Survey3/2/07 12:49 AM
Lance Haverkamp | Colorado Springs  Find all comments by Lance Haverkamp
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Survey11/8/06 8:44 AM
Pacman | 16 bit land  Find all comments by Pacman
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Mine is an Atari

Survey3/18/06 1:06 PM
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My computer sits under a window, so I guess I am using windows operating operates well under the window and I get nice natural sunlight at the computer.

Survey3/18/06 12:39 PM
Bill | Maryland  Contact via email
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I've used Windows 95, 98, ME and am now using 2000 which I find is the best one so far. Windows ME freezes up too much.

Survey2/5/06 6:04 AM
jc | japan  Contact via email
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I use ubuntu linux.

Survey11/18/05 10:45 PM
Don | Southwest Florida  
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Perhaps we are going to discover that one of these operating systems is realy the KJV version!

Survey11/18/05 9:56 PM
kenny | marietta, georgia  
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Windows XP on a Dell Dimension PC at home.
Windows XP on a Compaq Evo at my office.

Survey11/18/05 4:21 PM
Ron Robey | Mississippi  
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Windows Xp on a

Athlon 2500
512 mb DDR Ram
ATI Radeon 9800 TV Tuner Card (awesome graphics)

120 Gig Seagate SATA
120 Gig Maxtor IDE
80 Gig Maxtor IDE (external)
52x DVD-RW

in a dual Power Supply Server cabinet

Survey10/17/05 3:33 PM
Howard | South Carolina  
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FreeBSD is the most secure OS in 2004? Have you not heard of OSX? The Mac has the only and I repeat only secure OS on the planet. There are over 97000 viruses for Microsoft and ZERO for the OSX.

Survey10/7/05 10:15 PM
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XP. Does anybody know about Microsoft Vista or LongHorn?

Survey10/7/05 12:30 PM
Bryan Moore | Harvest OPC Vista, California  
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Have several systems, Win XP Pro Media Center Edition (replaced a Win 2K machine that broke, but not Win 2K's fault!), Win 98 to run old games, Win ME, Win 95 on old laptops. At work have Win XP Home edition (irony!) and some Linspire machines (4.5, based on Debian Sarge Linux), samba network file sharing. Coworker runs FreeBSD on VMWare partition on Win XP Pro.

Survey10/2/05 12:30 AM
DD | US  
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A group of givers has just donated some pc's to a local latin outreach. The best are at least up to Win 98.
Pray that God will invade them for His good or upgrade them if He would...and teach young hearts to search the mysteries of Godliness.

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