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Discernment Life Ministries
Dr. Leon L. Sanders  |  Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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Democracy Masks the General Will of Plato’s Fascist Plutocracy
MONDAY, MAY 16, 2022
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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In the Twentieth Century the major focus was, keep the world safe for Democracy, moving millions of people to die for a lie. Bernays proved people are not moved by facts but by sensualities; thus, this factual post may have little impact. False teachers of all ilks use sensuality {lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and the pride of life (1Jo 2:15-17; Jude 4)} to persuade people away from discovering Truth by accepting The Lie (Ro 1:18-28; 2Th 2:9-12). People are easily swayed as they ignore the Laws of Logic making them easy prey; by their own consent! Satan’s plan is not new but it is constantly being refined. This little overview will begin with Plato to show that today’s controversies are timeless.

First, people are easily swayed because they ignore or reject Laws of Logic. Law of Identity, defining terms, is casually thrown aside by politicians, charlatans and peddlers of propagandistic information {news}. The public generally supplies their own definition, often erroneously, to be willingly led astray into error. Republic vs. Democracy briefly details the differences between these two concepts. America began as a Republic; however, citizens today view America as a democracy. Many definitions conflate, a logical fallacy, these two terms making them appear the same. This subtle but effective manipulation has today’s people demanding democracy in ignorance of what they are saying; in essence, they are demanding not for more Control for themselves but for One to rise up to Control them, a tyrant.

America began as a republic, deliberately so. However, democracy began to erode the understanding of a republic with the preamble of the Constitution, We the People, even though James Madison, father of the Constitution, knew better! He defined people as those who were considered allowed to be citizens and vote whereas posterity conflated people to mean anyone and everyone regardless of their stake in the success of their society. Abraham Lincoln violently tore down the republic using the lie stating the collective people established the nation, when it was the States who gave power to the newly created federal government via the Constitution {Read Gettysburg Address}. But, it was the constantly equivocation of the Republican and Democratic politicians who truly killed the republic to substitute the General Will of Democracy and then demanded that millions of people die for this false concept in to World Wars and multiple pointless regional conflicts. This is how rejection of the Law of Identity, conflation and equivocation work to persuade people to accept goals injurious to themselves. Now, let us begin with the early Greek philosopher who defined these terms, Plato.

Plato’s allegory of The Cave I’ve illustrated above. It was his schematic defining how to move from error to truth; from the shadows to the light. But, it is a lie. It is based on man’s limited understanding apart from God’s Truth. God says, “Come, let us reason together…” (Is 1:18-20). God is the One who created and thus the only One who knows True Reality. Sinners form worldviews rejecting God’s truth and thus form illusions of error (Ro 1:18-28). Plato has some correct elements but has interpreted them incorrectly to fit his worldview myth. It is without question that Plato idealized an elitist government form based on the philosopher-king who would rule absolutely according to his truth and enforced by military financiers, etc. over the masses. Plato, who defined democracy, saw this form as the masses seeking to rule over the elites and breaking down into chaos {Plato and the Disaster of Democracy}. In his philosophy, democracy was one-step away from tyranny; despot who would rule from not truth. Plato, those who followed him and even American forefathers feared democracy. However, you have been led to demand democracy because of conflation and equivocation because you have been kept ignorant of what democracy produces.

When we look at the Cave graphic, the Masses are chained and forced to view shadows on the wall; this is their reality!. Who is producing the shadows? These are the elites who use the shadows to Control the Masses who are necessary for food, goods and services for the elites. However, these Elites function within a system that is implied but not defined. How built the Cave? Who directed what graphics would be revealed to the Masses? Who feeds and clothes the Elites; the Useful Idiots which include scientists, educators, propaganda informationalists, etc. There is a hidden elitism at work which finances this entire endeavor. In other words, there is a hidden plutocracy at work which remains hidden behind the label of conspiracy theory! In reality, no one ever leaves the Cave because doing so would be incomprehensible to them. They desire to live in Darkness and reject the Light. Christ must forcibly bring people from Darkness to Light in the act of Salvation (Jo 1:1-18; Ep 5:8-11; Col 1:13-18; 1Th 5:5-10).

What does this have to do with Fascism? Fascism is the elephant in the Cave; it is the hidden power residing in the power of finance that makes this entire system possible and perpetual because of sin (Ps 51:5; 1Ti 6:10). The perpetrators of Fascism remain hidden and work through Elites who front for them just as Satan is hidden from people as a myth while his useful idiots {world leaders, religionists; philosophers, etc.} front for him. We do not fight against people who are disposable to Satan, just as the in the Matrix the random person was disposable to the Agents. We understand that it is the spiritual powers at work behind this reality veil against whom we are at war (Ep 6:10-13). But, let us not be confused because Socialists, wishing to be separate from others Socialists hid their socialism behind the veil of fascism; thus, they were destroyed for their betrayal; i.e., Mussolini and Hitler.

But, Mussolini did not develop his concept of fascism from thin air; he built upon a plethora of previous philosophers and just added the label by which we know this system today. Mussolini was directly influenced by Wilfredo Pareto, an unknown to most people today but extremely influential in his day. Giovanni Gentile called the father of fascism in his day. Thomas Carlyle, founding father of proto-fascim put forth the great man theory which would legitimize such rulers as Hitler and Mussolini and other despots. These are just the 19th influencers! In our time Professor Shatkin of the Moscow Electrical Institute attempted to show that Plato fathered fascism, in concept though not in name. Remember, there is nothing new in the world (Ec 1:9-11).

Fascism is the plutocracy of the wealthy working through their useful elites through a variety of methodologies to control the masses whom they deem inferior except for certain services. In the past brute force was the major Control method; i.e., slavery. Today Satan has developed a better methodology which succeeds in gaining the cooperation of the Masses. Rousseau’s General Will, in the guise of democracy, invites people to not only accept forms of socialism as good, they actively demand socialism even though this governmental form has murdered more than 60 million of its own citizens in the 20th century alone; and this does not count those who fought and died in the wars it instigated! Behind it all are the hidden financiers ignored because they are simply a conspiracy theory.

Today, their front organizations: Business of International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, World bank, World Economic Forum and their associated useful partners such as: Open Societies Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the various other benevolent non-profit groups in America alone have insidiously advocated for fascism Control to achieve an overarching one international governmental system of Control. This was not possible previously but with the great advances in digital technology, and people’s acceptance based on sensual convenience, everyone will soon be faced with a new reality of Control: Great Reset. This comes not from conspiracy theorists but from their own books and lips!

This is not a new philosophy. This is an ancient concept begun even before Plato; Control over the Masses by the Elites via One Ruler based on the ability to Control and Distribute finances essential to all transactions. This in essence is fascism. It works through all forms of socialism. Those nations that claim to be democracies are in fact forms of socialism manipulating their citizens to keep them in the dark cave, enslaved to their lies just as they are enslaved to Satan’s Lie.

Free speech will not save you. Guns will not save you. Withdrawing from society to live off the land will not save you. Refusing to believe the reality unfolding before you will not prevent the coming catastrophes from occurring demonstrating Man’s powerlessness. There is only One Way, coming to the Light of Christ of the Bible as there is no other name by which people can be saved (Ac 4:12). That is the only hope of crawling out of the hell hole of the Cave and coming into the True Light.

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