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Old Paths Baptist Church
Jason Cooley  |  Northfield, Minnesota
Contact Info | Edit
•  Email  |  Web
952 -210-2935
Old Paths Baptist Church
Meeting at:
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
Pastor Jason Cooley
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
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MyChurch: pastorcooley | Set
MyChurch Code#: 38213
"When Entertainment Attacks Guuti (Goddo)"
Anonymous Name
As this sermon clearly indicates, the entertainment industry is attacking Guuti (Goddo in the Greenlandic language) by marketing...
Jason Cooley | Hollywood Series
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Sermon1/15/2024 10:44 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Country Music: Southern American Popery ”
One thing that definitely should be noted in response to country music is that country music is not only rooted in Freemasonry, but popery as well, even since the popish festival called Mardi Gras is promoted in the American South. It is also because many country singers like Craig Morgan (born on 17 July, 1964) are into idolatrous popery of the Southern American variety. With country music promoting the damnable heresies of popery, it shows that country music is at war with Our Baptist Heritage.

Sermon1/12/2024 12:30 AM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Satan's Ridge In The Rescuers Down Under (1990) ”
It is rather troubling and tragic how The Rescuers Down Under (1990) produced by Disney had a landform called Satan's Ridge. If one were to think about it, Satan's Ridge was most likely a reference to Satanic Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid, even though the Satanic cephalopod called Ursula didn't appear in The Rescuers Down Under. It also sounds like Satan's Ridge was a reference to Satanic and demonic Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty despite Maleficent's absence from The Rescuers Down Under. How tragic that a landform in the Disney feature called The Rescuers Down Under is known as Satan's Ridge as a potential reference to Satanic Maleficent and Satanic Ursula. This podcast clearly shows how depictions of demonic and Satanic imagery, even with Satan's Ridge being a name of a landform in The Rescuers Down Under, presents itself in even the most subtle manner, even in media produced by Disney. The reference to Satan's Ridge in The Rescuers Down Under was one notable example.

Sermon1/9/2024 10:50 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Disney Junior Ariel: Featuring Satanic Ursula ”
In 2024, Disney Junior is releasing an Ariel tv series based on The Little Mermaid. The tragic note is that this tv series will also feature the Satanic cephalopod known as Ursula. Also tragic is that King Triton is based on the Satanic pagan deity called Poseidon. Curiously, King Triton banished Satanic Ursula from Atlantica, which also sends a confusing message in and of itself, considering that King Triton and Ursula are both based on Satanic beings, though it is very obvious that Ursula herself is Satanic, even since she was banished from a kingdom much like Satana himself. While Alan Menken is a talent composer and his musical compositions are a wonderful gift from Ihowa (Jehovah) and while the undersea world is a Magnificent Creation of Ihowa, it does not change the fact that merfolk as represented in Disney's The Little Mermaid are of pagan origin. Nor does it change the fact that cephalopods, or rather cephalopodic abominations, have represented Satana and his demons, and Ursula herself, who is a cephalopod such as an octopus or a squid, is a clear representation of Satana and his demons. How tragic that Disney's The Little Mermaid has marketed paganism in a very popular story. Worth remembering Revelation 20.

Sermon1/8/2024 1:07 AM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ 2024: Falsely Called Year of The Dragon ”
According to the pagan Chinese New Year, 2024 is erroneously referred to as "the Year of the Dragon". Yet according to Revelation 12, the dragon is Satana himself, who will be cast into eternal torment in The Lake of Fire alongside his demons as documented in Revelation 20. The reality is that all years, including 2024, should commemorate Abafu (Abba Father), Yesu, and The Seiri (The Holy Spirit) on a global scale, not the dragon. This also means that The Toriniti (Trinity, Torinitī トリニティー), should be commemorated in Chinese New Year as well as Korean New Year and Japanese New Year.

Sermon1/1/2024 2:46 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Mushu ( 木須龍 Mùxūlóng): Satanic Red Dragon ”
In Mulan (1998) produced by Disney, there was a Satanic red dragon named Mushu (called 木須龍 Mùxūlóng in Chinese). For some people in 2024, 26 years after 1998, Mulan (1998) comes to mind. We realise that dragons, including the red dragon called Satana, are of demonic and Satanic roots. We should note Revelation 12 and Revelation 20 in response to this Satanic and demonic, yet popular, craze called dragon paraphernelia, which tragically, was also seen with Mushu from Mulan (1998). The fact is that Satana the dragon will be cast into eternal torment in The Lake of Fire, which should lead people to repent from any dragon-related paraphernelia.

Sermon12/19/2023 9:16 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Rock Music: Tool of Satana ”
As noted, rock music, including its many other variants like rap music, pop music, and country music, is really a tool of Satana (Satan's name in other languages like Guarani). It is very obvious that Satana is Satan spelled with an -a at the end. The tragic fact is that the rock musicians who are rebels preparing the world for Satana the dragon, the anticristo bestia, and the falso profeta, who will be tormented in The Lago de Fuego (Lake of Fire) forever along with the rebellious rock musicians, who sold their souls to Satana to become rock musicians in the first place. Worth noting Revelation 19 and Revelation 20 in response to the future fate of rock music.

Sermon12/18/2023 12:47 PM
“So Grateful”  Find all comments by “So Grateful”
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“ Great Sermon! ”
So thankful for you and OPBC and this uncompromising ministry. God’s people, in general, have been seduced by Satan’s schemes, and so many have been deceived about/by C. S. Lewis and Tolkien. Pastors and theologiians everywhere should join you in exposing their darkness and deception. Please plant churches everywhere that teach truth like OPBC. It’s nearly impossible to find one. I’m indebted to you for making this information available.

Sermon12/8/2023 11:37 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ NSYNC: Tearing Up Their Hearts ”
Back in 10 February, 1997, NSYNC released an album called 'N Sync (1997) with a single called Tearin' Up My Heart. Based on the lyrics of the song, the band members of NSYNC as well as other members of pop music bands were literally tearing up their hearts with their love for worldly prestige. Some Biblical Passages like Matthew 16, namely Matthew 16:24-28, Mark 08, namely Mark 08:34-38, and Luke 09, namely Luke 09:23-27 clearly show the futility of gaining the temporal whole world at the expense of eternal salvation. Luke 16 is another passage in response to this craze called pop music. As Yesu stated in Luke 16:15, that which is highly esteemed among mankind with prestige is an abomination in The Sight of God (Ke Akua in Hawaiian). Pop music like that of NSYNC is highly esteemed among mankind in an idolatrous sense, but said pop music is an idolatrous abomination in The Sight of Ke Akua, whose name is Ihowa in Maori transliterated from the Hebrew Jehovah (Yehovah, יְהֹוָה).

Sermon12/8/2023 11:24 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Merfolk: Pagan Piscine Humanoids ”
It should be noted that merfolk are really pagan piscine humanoids rooted in demonic and Satanic paganism given their combination between a human and a fish. While there are some films, tv shows, and video games with artistically amazing music depicting the undersea world, they also have a tendency to depict pagan merfolk. As we know, all paganism is 100% Satanic and demonic, especially since Dagon, the Satanic Philistine god condemned in The Books called Joshua, Judges, and Samuel, was depicted as a half-man, half-fish. It is also true that octopids (half-human, half cephalopod) are pagan, Satanic, and demonic. A podcast like this is needed in response to this pagan sensation called merpeople.

Sermon12/6/2023 1:33 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Hercules (1997): Marketing Satanic Demideities ”
In the animated Disney feature called Hercules (1997), the titular character is a demideity (a half-deity who is mortal). The problem with other "deities" who are not Jehovah (called Ihowa in Maori) are Satanic and demonic, particularly since Hercules (1997) had depictions of pagan Hellenic deities like Zeus (ゼウス Zeusu in Japanese) and Aphrodite. We also realise that there are no other "deities" except for Ihowa according to Isaiah 45, particularly Isaiah 45:05. The fact is that demideities and half-demons are 100% demonic and Satanic, even though they are spiritual beings who are mortal. There were also half-demons called Nephilim in Genesis 06, and these half-demons will be forever cast into eternal torment in The Lake of Fire.

Sermon12/3/2023 2:57 PM
Kerri Merlot Boutin from Raleigh, NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kerri Merlot Boutin
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“ Thank you!! Very encouraging sermon on fasting. ”

Sermon11/30/2023 11:41 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Antichrist Agenda in High Grossing Films ”
As shown in this podcast, there is a hidden antichrist agenda in high grossing films like Titanic (1997), Avatar (2009), Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (2011), Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Avengers: Endgame (2019), and Barbie (2023).

Sermon11/13/2023 10:42 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Trying The Popish Marian Apparitions ”
As Johan The Apostle warned us in 01 John 04, particularly 01 John 04:01-05, we need to try the spirits, including the popish Marian apparitions, which are really demonic and Satanic beings in disguise! In The Gospel According To Mateo as outlined in Matthew 24, particularly Matthew 24:24, Yesu warned that false christs and false prophets would arise and possibly deceive even the elect. We as believers should exercise discernment so that we are not so easily bewitched by these Marian apparitions. A podcast like this literally cuts off the sucker clad squid tentacles of the Catholic Mary. As noted. Mariolatry, is one of the many squid tentacles of popery.

Sermon11/13/2023 10:27 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Vanessa: Satanic Ursula in Disguise! ”
In the animated feature called The Little Mermaid (1989) and the live action remake in 2023 called The Little Mermaid (2023), both produced by Disney, Satanic Ursula had an attractive female disguise called Vanessa. We also realize that according to 02 Corinthians 11, particularly 02 Corinthians 11:14, the angel of light called Rushifā ルシファー is really Shetani in disguise. Note: Rushifā ルシファー is Japanese for Lucifer. The character called Vanessa from the Disney feature called The Little Mermaid clearly illustrates how Shetani, his demons, and his other demonic followers, disguise themselves with an attractive facade, but are really demonic and Satanic beings in disguise. This should also be noted regarding the Catholic Marian apparitions, who are really that slimy Satanic squid of a Satanic goddess called Asherah in disguise!

Sermon11/10/2023 10:50 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Erroneous Gospel Song From Hercules (1997) ”
As we know, 13 June, 1997, an animated feature produced by Disney called Hercules (1997) was released. Yet, one troubling aspect of this animated feature is that not only was it rooted in pagan Greek mythology, but it also had a song erroneously referred to as "The Gospel Truth". We know for a fact that The Entire Holy Bible, including 01 Corinthians 15, as well as 01 Corinthians 15:01-14 has The Entire Gospel Truth that Yesu lived a sinlessly perfect life, died on The Cross at Golgotha, was buried, ressurrected on The Third Day, and ascended to Heaven at The Right Hand of Abafu (Ābàfù 阿爸父). Note: Abafu (Ābàfù 阿爸父) is The Chinese Name for Abba Father. Also, Hercules (1997) had demonic characters like Pain and Panic, who were the subordinates of Hades (the false Greek deity of the underworld). The Biblical Gospel is The Only Gospel Truth that there is, and it demonstrates that there is no light in Satanic paganism just like Isaiah 08, particularly Isaiah 08:20 said.

Sermon11/9/2023 12:44 AM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Shetani: Kiswahili Name for Satan ”
It should be noted that Satan is known as Shetani in the language Kiswahili. However. As Revelation 20 reveals to us, Shetani shall be forever tormented in The Lake of Fire.

Sermon11/7/2023 8:33 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Spawn (1997): Marketing Demons As Superheroes ”
Back in 1997, there was a film released on 01 August, 1997 called Spawn based on the Image Comics character created by Todd McFarlane of the same name, whose name is Albert Francis "Al" Simmons. The tragic reality was that the 90's decade, especially 1997, was a decade of liberalism. This was made evident with the 1997 film called Spawn having a demon character portrayed as a "superhero", which is a very confusing message in and of itself. We also realise that demonic and Satanic spirituality will have its part in eternal torment in The Lake of Fire. Worth noting Revelation 19 and Revelation 20 with regards to the fate of Satanic and demonic spirituality. The bottom line is that Satan and his demons are only villains.

Sermon10/29/2023 8:59 AM
James Skaer from Alsea, Oregon  Find all comments by James Skaer
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon10/27/2023 12:09 AM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Catholic Mary: Slimy Satanic Squid ”
What the idolatrous popish religion refers to as the "Virgin Mary" is really the Satanic slimy squid known as Semiramis, a Satanic Babylonian goddess. Of course, this Satanic squid of a goddess is known as "the queen of heaven", which is strongly condemned by Jeremiah 07, particularly Jeremiah 07:18 and Jeremiah 44, particuarly Jeremiah 44:17-25. In short, the Catholic Mary and all of the Catholic "saints" are really demonic and Satanic slimy squids responsible for damning souls into Hell and The Lake of Fire. How tragic that Roman Catholics are duped into worshipping this slimy Satanic squid called Mary, which is really the Satanic goddess Semiramis.

Sermon9/28/2023 10:16 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Impalement: The Demise of Satanic Ursula ”
In both the 1989 version and the 2023 version of The Little Mermaid, Satanic Ursula, who transformed into a giant Satanic sea monster called a Kraken, met her demise by being impaled by the bowsprit of a galleon. Well, Old-Fashioned Preaching like this is also something that would have also slain Ursula The Satanic Sea Witch in addition to a harpoon and a bowsprit of a ship. It is also tragic how children have become attracted to the Satanic Sea Witch called Ursula. Not surprisingly, Ursula is referred to as a slimy squid in the 2023 version. It is rather concise to refer to Ursula as a slimy squid because Ursula The Sea Witch has a Satanic appearance! Not only that, but Ursula The Sea Witch is 100% Satanic! This sermon is much needed in response to the marketing of Satanism, which is clearly evident in the marketing of this slimy Satanic squid named Ursula!

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