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David H J Gay Ministry
David H J Gay  |  Stowmarket, England
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David H J Gay Ministry
Great Finborough
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      Our Featured Article      
David H J Gay
8/7/2021 | PDF Size: 288k | Views: 60+
It is often said that unless a believer is under the ten commandments as his rule of life, he is an antinomian. Here is the dichotomy: under the ten commandments, or antinomian; under the law – the law of Moses – or lawless.

      Online Articles of Interest      

A Brief Response To Prince Charles
David H.J. Gay
12/23/2016 | Size: 170k | Views: 40+
Prince Charles has just stated (that is, on 22nd December 2016) – Prince Charles has just stated that whatever religious path we follow, we all get to the same...
      Articles of Interest      

Missing Notes in the Covid Chorus
David H.J. Gay
6/25/2020 | Size: 285k | Views: 30+
As I write, the Covid crisis still casts its shadow over everyone of us, with the death rate never far from the daily agenda set by the government and the...

The Real Virus
David H.J. Gay
3/27/2020 | Size: 264k | Views: 20+
As I write (March 2020), all around me in the UK many are in a state of near panic, a panic stirred up by wall to wall media coverage of the draconian measures...
      Articles on History      

The Battle for the Church: 1517– 1644 Constantine to Christ
David H J Gay
5/22/2018 | Size: 216k | Views: 60+
Explain title. Christ’s ekkl?sia. The corruption produced by the Fathers. Attempted recovery before the Reformation. The Reformation and the aftermath.

A Timely Reminder from Fred R.Leuck: Historical Baptist Works Must Not Be Forgotten
David H J Gay
5/17/2018 | Size: 284k | Views: 40+
In 1853, the American, John Quincy Adams, published his Baptists: The Only Thorough Religious Reformers. 1 When Adams was in London in 1868, Charles Haddon...

The Reformed and Baptismal Regeneration
David H.J. Gay
10/10/2017 | Size: 412k | Views: 60+
Baptismal regeneration, one of the most diabolical of all falsehoods ever to be imposed on the church of Jesus Christ, has been responsible for the delusion of...

New-Covenant Gems from Purnell
David H.J. Gay
10/4/2017 | Size: 454k | Views: 50+
Robert Purnell (1606-1666) was by trade a carpet weaver, probably a native of Bristol, England, in 1640. With four others, he became a founder member of the...

Jonathan Edwards, Infant Baptism and Church Membership: A Warning
David H.J. Gay
9/19/2017 | Size: 335k | Views: 60+
In a previous article, I showed that when the original settlers reached New England in the 1630s they were determined to set up infant-baptising churches which...

The Long Night
David H.J. Gay
8/6/2017 | Size: 374k | Views: 40+
For the last thirty years or more, there has been a public debate among Christians over the relative merits and de-merits of covenant theology as opposed to...

Calvin on Assurance
David H.J. Gay
4/19/2017 | Size: 489k | Views: 50+
John Calvin took the doctrine of the law, as formulated by medieval Church, and forged it into a system which has dominated the Reformed and evangelical world...

John Eaton: Antinomian?
David H.J. Gay
4/13/2017 | Size: 544k | Views: 40+
John Eaton? Never heard of him! Just in case that might be your reaction, a little potted history might not come amiss: John Eaton (1574/5–1630/31) was born in...

Robert Browne: Thinking The Unthinkable
David H.J. Gay
12/13/2016 | Size: 280k | Views: 30+
Robert Browne, who then was in his early thirties, lodged in this city of Norwich for a few months during the years 1580- 81. He was soon arrested and jailed,...

Glass Eyes and Wooden Legs in 17th Century New England or A Warning to Infant Baptisers
David H.J. Gay
11/20/2015 | Size: 387k | Views: 70+
Infant baptisers always have to face the issue – the problem – of church membership. Of course, if they grossly abuse the parable of the tares (Matt....

Hans Denck: The Inner and the Outer Word
David H.J. Gay
8/1/2015 | Size: 478k | Views: 50+
Hans Denck was born in Bavaria in 1495 and died of the bubonic plague in Basel in 1527. Although he himself was not happy to be known as an Anabaptist, it is...

Martyn & Bethan, Infant Baptism and Church Membership: A Warning
David H.J. Gay
11/28/2015 | Size: 322k | Views: 80+
When D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones became a minister in Aberavon, South Wales, in the 1920s, the Presbyterian Church Secretary was E.T.Rees. Although Mr Rees was a...

New-Covenant Theology: New Kid on the Block?
David H.J. Gay
4/18/2016 | Size: 468k | Views: 90+
You must have heard something like this: New-covenant theology? Must be wrong! It was only dreamed up in the 1970s, wasn’t it? Doesn’t that make it the latest...

John Berridge on Progressive Sanctification
David H.J. Gay
10/30/2015 | Size: 242k | Views: 50+
John Berridge (1716-1793) was, as Nigel R.Pibworth described him, an ‘individual’, one who demonstrated ‘a singular spirituality’. One-time senior fellow at...

The Rise of the Anabaptists
David H.J. Gay
11/24/2014 | Size: 397k | Views: 100+
It is night in Zurich on the 21st of January, 1525, and the snow lies thick upon the ground. A lone man, wrapped against the bitter wind and keeping to the...

‘A Threefold Cord’
David H.J. Gay
11/24/2014 | Size: 289k | Views: 40+
In the early 1580s, after twenty-five years on the throne, Elizabeth still dominated the Church of England.1 She was not its Supreme Governor in name only!...

A Thanksgiving Day Thought
David H.J. Gay
11/30/2014 | Size: 196k | Views: 50+
Well, actually, it’s a thought for every day! On Friday, the 21st of July, 1620, the members of the church which had left Scrooby some twelve or so years...
      Articles Preaching      

Hat Pegs or Driving Seat? Or How to Read the Bible
David H J Gay
1/16/2019 | Size: 207k | Views: 20+
My friend, Rick Peterson, came across something he had written in an old Bible some years ago. He sent it to me. Being struck by the quote, I posted it on my...

PC Preaching? Do We Need More – or Less – of It?
David H J Gay
1/6/2019 | Size: 356k | Views: 20+
PC? Politically correct; that is, designed not to offend, intended to meet local taboos, calculated not to upset anyone. Do we need preaching that is PC in...

An Invaluable Insight from Richard Dawkins
David H.J. Gay
11/13/2017 | Size: 288k | Views: 30+
It is not often that I can quote with approval something written by Richard Dawkins, but I am delighted to be able to do so now, and use it to produce this...
      Articles The Church      

Priorities and Power: Lessons from Deuteronomy
David H.J. Gay
11/25/2020 | Size: 440k | Views: 20+
Imagine it.1 You are a Hebrew, standing in Moab, shoulder to shoulder with your fellow-Hebrews, poised to cross the Jordan. All your life thus far – this past...

The Church Attacked: When, and Without or Within?
David H.J. Gay
6/19/2020 | Size: 403k | Views: 10+
The gospel and the ekklsia are always under attack. The devil sees to that! As Hugh Latimer put it in 1548: And now I would ask a strange question: Who is the...

Evangelism: Then and Now
David H.J. Gay
3/27/2020 | Size: 318k | Views: 20+
This brief article is based on my short discourse on Acts 2:41-47 entitled ‘The Early Church & Evangelism’.1 Here are the relevant words from Acts 2: Those who...

Don’t Be Fooled by the Window Dressing
David H J Gay
10/3/2019 | Size: 271k | Views: 10+
In the 1960s, my father-in-law was looking around Leek market when he came across a costermonger selling damsons – particularly fine damsons, at that. After...

Missing the Point – Badly
David H J Gay
9/6/2019 | Size: 286k | Views: 10+
On 18th October, 1966, D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones was the opening speaker at the conference on ‘Christian Unity’ called by the Evangelical Alliance at the Central...

Sowing a Small Seed
David H J Gay
3/25/2019 | Size: 281k | Views: 10+
Paul, writing to the Galatians, gave them his testimony: For I would have you know, brothers, that the gospel that was preached by me is not man’s gospel. For...

A Glance into the Abyss Modern Evangelicals Warned
David H J Gay
2/23/2019 | Size: 295k | Views: 20+
For some time, in various works,1 I have been grappling with the way in which evangelical church life is changing; rather, the way evangelicalism is being...

Cleansing the Temple Today
David H J Gay
2/17/2019 | Size: 375k | Views: 20+
I refer, of course, to the two occasions – the first at the start of his ministry, the second as it drew to its close – upon which Christ, stirred –...

The 'O' Word!
David H J Gay
2/8/2019 | Size: 366k | Views: 30+
Have you noticed the frequency with which a certain 'O' word is being used by many believers? It is a word that has immense power in their eyes, a word that...

Atheists & Evangelicals Awake! Nietzsche Being Dead Still Speaks
David H J Gay
2/1/2019 | Size: 294k | Views: 10+
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), the atheistical philosopher who has had a huge influence down to the present day, claimed that God was dead, killed by...

Christendom in the Ukraine, January 2019: A Wake-Up Call
David H J Gay
1/17/2019 | Size: 351k | Views: 20+
As I write, January 2019, the BBC reports that the Orthodox Church of the Ukraine has separated from the Russian Orthodox Church. In its commentary – vividly...

Turn or Turn Up? I
David H J Gay
12/20/2018 | Size: 416k | Views: 20+
I could have used other titles: ‘Trust or Attend?; ‘Crisis or Process?’; ‘Convert or Conform?’; ‘Crunch or Course?’; ‘Believe or Mingle?’; and so on. What am I...

‘A Gospel Church’: A Warning
David H J Gay
11/18/2018 | Size: 343k | Views: 30+
Isn’t it odd how somebody coins a phrase, and that phrase catches on and becomes common currency among believers – even to the extent that many regard it as a...

Applications Invited
David H J Gay
10/30/2018 | Size: 185k | Views: 20+
Imagine this advertisement: This church invites applications from suitable candidates for the post of pastor. Only those who are prepared to commit fully to...

This Place Needs a Church Plant!
David H J Gay
10/5/2018 | Size: 277k | Views: 30+
I happened to overhear a public conversation in which the point at issue was this: a certain housing development needed ‘a church plant’. All those taking part...

A People Not To Be Forgotten
David H.J. Gay
2/18/2017 | Size: 338k | Views: 30+
We are talking about England in the 1570’s. From the 3rd century, through the machinations of the Roman Emperor Constantine, the Church and the State had been...

New-Covenant Priests: Who Are They?
David H.J. Gay
1/19/2017 | Size: 263k | Views: 30+
And after he had set up the old covenant with Israel through Moses at Sinai, God, throughout the age of the old-covenant prophets, continued to issue a stream...

The Curse of Titles in the Church
David H.J. Gay
12/15/2016 | Size: 330k | Views: 60+
The New Testament never uses any title for any man in the church. What is more, it categorically forbids it. Nowadays, however, most Christians do use titles –...

Old-Covenant Ruin of ‘Clergy’
David H.J. Gay
11/2/2014 | Size: 329k | Views: 40+
I freely acknowledge that the word ‘clergy’ – or its counterpart, ‘laity’ – is not used by all evangelicals. Reformed Baptists – at least, as far as I am aware...

Old-Covenant Ruin of ‘Minister’
David H.J. Gay
9/28/2014 | Size: 387k | Views: 50+
‘Minister’ is a biblical word. We must use it. But we must use it in a biblical way. Far too often, however, it is used unbiblically.1 How? For a start,...

The All-Body Ministry
David H.J. Gay
10/6/2014 | Size: 365k | Views: 50+
By going back to the old covenant, and applying its principles to the church, the Fathers ruined church rule and care, twisting it into a monstrosity. In...

Old-Covenant Ruin of ‘Ordain’
David H.J. Gay
9/26/2014 | Size: 267k | Views: 50+
There are several Greek words in the New Testament translated ‘ordain’, none of which has the dreadful connotations introduced by the Fathers, and which have...

The Pastor: the Missing Man
David H.J. Gay
9/20/2014 | Size: 309k | Views: 80+
Down the centuries, starting with the Fathers, men have distorted the system of church care, rule and order as instituted by Christ. One way in which they have...

Old-Covenant Ruin of the Church
David H.J. Gay
9/19/2014 | Size: 402k | Views: 60+
In spiritual things, how big can be the effect of small changes! It may take time, of course – it usually does take time for the full effect to be seen – but...
      Articles The Gospel      

The Divine Alchemist
David H J Gay
2/2/2022 | Size: 406k
I remind you that an alchemist was one of those men – most of whom lived in medieval times – who were looking for a panacea, a cure for every disease....

A Very Dangerous Word
David H J Gay
8/22/2019 | Size: 340k | Views: 30+
Of all the books and articles I have written or sermons I have preached, none cuts me – personally – deeper than this brief article. As I write it, as I read...

The BBC Gets It Wrong Again!
David H J Gay
7/9/2019 | Size: 191k | Views: 10+
An article, written by Keiligh Baker, concerning Prince Archie’s sprinkling, appeared on today’s (July 6th 2019) BBC website. It was entitled: ‘What can we...

Letting William Dell Speak Today
David H J Gay
3/18/2019 | Size: 314k | Views: 20+
When re-recording my audiobook Four ‘Antinomians’ Tried and Vindicated: Tobias Crisp, William Dell, John Eaton and John Saltmarsh¸ I came to the closing...

The Marshmallow Gospel
David H J Gay
2/14/2019 | Size: 296k | Views: 20+
I have just moved home, and last Lord’s day I attended the morning service at the (fairly) local evangelical church. Alas, the service fully lived-down to my...

The Verse on Emberton Clock Tower
David H J Gay
1/28/2019 | Size: 230k | Views: 10+

Why Attempt the Futile?
David H J Gay
9/26/2018 | Size: 219k | Views: 10+
Many well-intentioned believers, in their desire to evangelise, try, by using rational argument, to convince unbelievers of the existence of God, and that he...

Hair-Splitting Justified Over Justification
David H J Gay
9/4/2018 | Size: 430k | Views: 20+
Hair-splitting has a bad name.1 And, in most cases, rightly so. Nit-picking, gnat-straining, quibbling over tiny details, is a wretched business, one which...

Brendan Hoban’s Warning
David H J Gay
8/24/2018 | Size: 280k | Views: 20+
An item on the BBC News website this morning (23rd August 2018),1 caught my eye. Calling it up, I found it contained a quote from Brendan Hoban. The more I...

Addressing Unbelievers: Compliment or Confront? Learning from Paul’s Address at the Areopagus
David H J Gay
7/25/2018 | Size: 503k | Views: 20+
In fulfilling Christ’s command to take the gospel into all the world to see sinners converted, it is but stating the obvious when I say that we can only do...

Trollope on Preaching: A Spectator Seeing More of the Game
David H J Gay
7/14/2018 | Size: 237k | Views: 20+
Unlike those of us who try to write polemically or dialectically, the novelist can be blunt (though hiding behind fictional characters), and tell it as it is....

What Is Justifying Faith?
David H J Gay
3/6/2018 | Size: 314k | Views: 20+
Justifying (or saving) faith is the act of a sinner, from his heart, resting his soul upon Christ and his finished work, and thus receiving the imputed...

Justification: The Make or Break Doctrine
David H.J. Gay
2/6/2018 | Size: 437k | Views: 30+
Whether or not Martin Luther actually said, in precise terms, that ‘justification is the article by which the church stands and falls’, the sentiment is right....

The Pope Gets It Right!
David H.J. Gay
1/25/2018 | Size: 202k | Views: 30+
Well, as far as he goes. Although I have made my position clear in many of my works, let me state it once again: I am convinced that the Church of Rome is...

A Harp with One String? No
David H.J. Gay
1/23/2018 | Size: 293k | Views: 20+
No doubt most of us have heard of Bach’s ‘Air on a G String’ – a tune played entirely on one string of a violin.1 Is this a good model for a gospel preacher?...

Into the Lions’ Den: Christ’s Active Obedience Re-Visited
David H.J. Gay
1/10/2018 | Size: 529k | Views: 20+
Definitions Justification by faith is a legal or forensic term. The sinner who trusts Christ is justified; that is, God pardons the guilt of the sinner who...

Sanctification: Jesus and the Believer
David H.J. Gay
1/3/2018 | Size: 459k | Views: 20+
Since I have already published extensively on sanctification,1 I will only say that in this article when I speak of ‘sanctification’ in connection with Christ,...

Points to Ponder on Christ’s Active Obedience
David H.J. Gay
12/11/2017 | Size: 253k | Views: 20+
These are just headings, brief points. See my previous articles for detailed arguments

Observations on a Colloquy
David H.J. Gay
11/14/2017 | Size: 489k | Views: 10+
The colloquy in question is the In-Depth Studies Colloquy: ‘Is the Cross Alone Sufficient for Salvation?’, which was held on the 29th of April 2017 at the...

Progressive Sanctification: A Matter of Eternal Life or Death
David H.J. Gay
7/2/2017 | Size: 236k | Views: 40+
‘A bit OTT isn’t it? Progressive sanctification a matter of eternal life or death? Some believers argue there is no such thing as progressive sanctification –...

Baptism in Romans
David H.J. Gay
5/10/2017 | Size: 465k | Views: 30+
As I have shown elsewhere,1.baptism is the hinge in Paul’s argument in Romans.2 Not only that; baptism is the crucial turning point in the believer’s...

Conversion Ruined by the New Perspective
David H.J. Gay
5/15/2017 | Size: 421k | Views: 30+
In this article, I want to explore the devastating effect the New Perspective has on conversion. I do so by reference to Tom Wright’s book: What Saint Paul...

Conversion: The Great Necessity
David H.J. Gay
5/11/2017 | Size: 300k | Views: 20+
It was said of Robert Murray M‘Cheyne that when he preached you felt ‘as if he was dyin’ a’most to have ye converted’; that is, he wanted your conversion,...

Fourfold Justification
David H.J. Gay
1/11/2017 | Size: 295k | Views: 30+
Justification by faith alone is the citadel of the gospel. It is at the heart of the new covenant. No wonder, then, that down the years it has been under...

Justification: Fact or Feeling?
David H.J. Gay
5/17/2017 | Size: 334k | Views: 30+
Explanation of my title I am, it surely goes without saying, talking about justification by faith. And when I ask is justification a fact or a feeling, the...

What Does It Mean to Be a Priest?
David H.J. Gay
1/16/2017 | Size: 233k | Views: 20+
The Bible must be its own interpreter. Its pages speak of several kinds of priest. Melchizedek was a priest; there were the levitical priests of the order of...

Are Gospel Invitations to All?
David H.J. Gay
4/5/2015 | Size: 468k | Views: 60+
Is it possible – is it right – for a preacher1 to invite all sinners to come to Christ, and to do so without preparing them for the gospel, for Christ? Or does...

Exodus in Romans
David H.J. Gay
2/5/2015 | Size: 529k | Views: 30+
My chosen title for this article, I confess, might well give the impression that I am writing on an abstruse topic, abstruse in the sense of being obscure,...

Sacramental Baptism Exploded
David H.J. Gay
2/8/2015 | Size: 397k | Views: 40+
By ‘sacramental’ I mean the idea that grace is actually conveyed by ministerial use of means – water and the like. Many Reformed teachers, past and present,...

Conversion Threatened
David H.J. Gay
1/28/2015 | Size: 291k | Views: 30+
The biblical doctrine of conversion is being threatened. It has been under attack since the days of the New Testament. It is always thus. Satan knows that this...

Priesthood: Our Need, God’s Provision
David H.J. Gay
11/20/2014 | Size: 544k | Views: 30+
‘Priesthood’ is a concept written large in Scripture, in both the Old Testament and the New.In truth, it is not too much to say that unless we come to terms...
      Books in PDF      

David H.J. Gay
12/5/2014 | Size: 523k | Views: 50+
John Calvin inherited the doctrines of the medieval Roman Church. In particular, he inherited that Church’s view of the law of God, given to Israel through...

David H.J. Gay
12/5/2014 | Size: 1,515k | Views: 50+
New Testament believers were assured, and were so right from the time of their conversion. Yet many believers today lack assurance. Why is this? According to...
      New-Covenant Theolog      

Dichotomy False & True
David H J Gay
8/7/2021 | Size: 288k | Views: 60+
It is often said that unless a believer is under the ten commandments as his rule of life, he is an antinomian. Here is the dichotomy: under the ten...

Pots, Kettles and Glasshouses: A Response to Austin Walker’s Review of McGrane
9/22/2020 | Size: 412k | Views: 10+
In this article, I speak only for myself. While I am confident that other new-covenant1 theologians would agree with the point I make, obviously I cannot speak...

On the Basis of the Priesthood
David H J Gay
4/11/2019 | Size: 284k | Views: 30+
Consider these intriguing words: ‘Under [the levitical priesthood] the people received the law’ (Heb. 7:11). At the very least, we may speak of a link between...

A Breath of Fresh Air Wanted A Brief Review of McGrane on NCT
David H J Gay
4/2/2019 | Size: 311k | Views: 40+
Let me explain my title. Kevin McGrane wrote a series of articles which were published in The Gospel Magazine, which he then expanded to produce a book that...

Is it Me? Or The Cat Let Out of the Bag
David H J Gay
7/5/2018 | Size: 202k | Views: 10+
With such a main title, I am, of course, leaving myself wide open to the obvious answer: ‘Yes’. Let’s see. Let’s see what you think. Here are two paragraphs...

New-Covenant Theology: A Summary
David H J Gay
6/6/2018 | Size: 198k | Views: 60+
This summary represents my understanding of new-covenant theology. Scriptural justification for these statements may be found throughout my works. New-covenant...

Does Acts 21 Confirm Sabbath Keeping for Believers?
David H J Gay
3/31/2018 | Size: 378k | Views: 20+
I have to confess I have a problem with James.1 No, not the book. I don’t have Martin Luther’s difficulty.2 But I do have a problem with James’ attitude and...

The Temple and the New Covenant
David H J Gay
3/9/2018 | Size: 547k | Views: 20+
Nobody can question the paramount importance of the temple within the old covenant. What is not so commonly appreciated, however, is the fact that the temple...

The Spirit Witnesses... to What?
David H.J. Gay
1/8/2018 | Size: 386k | Views: 20+
In previous articles, I have shown that in conversion the Holy Spirit brings the sinner to Christ, and immediately begins to witness to him, assuring him that...

Asking the Wrong Question
David H.J. Gay
12/24/2017 | Size: 197k | Views: 40+
For centuries, when a believer has met a passage which speaks about the law – in Romans or Galatians or wherever – he has generally asked himself a question.

A Theology By Any Other Name...
David H.J. Gay
12/19/2017 | Size: 285k | Views: 30+
I am merely musing aloud, you understand, not setting out detailed arguments. They, of course, may be found in my works. Nevertheless, even though what follows...

What God Has Joined... Covenant and Law Inseparable
David H.J. Gay
11/26/2017 | Size: 278k | Views: 40+
Let me begin with the old covenant; that is, the Mosaic covenant. Covenant theologians take the Mosaic covenant and say that while believers are not under that...

The Place of ‘Place’ in the New Covenant or The Struggle for Possession of Jerusalem in Light of the New Covenant
David H.J. Gay
11/19/2017 | Size: 424k | Views: 30+
Christ came into the world to bring the old covenant to its God- appointed end, including all its shadows – sabbath, tabernacle (temple), sacrifices, priest,...

Has it Really Come to This? Comments on a Banner Article Part 2
David H.J. Gay
11/15/2017 | Size: 301k | Views: 50+
This is the second of two pieces in response to an article in the current issue of The Banner of Truth, the article itself being an extract from J.Gresham...

Has it Really Come to This? Comments on a Banner Article Part 1
David H.J. Gay
11/11/2017 | Size: 251k | Views: 80+
For convenience, I divide my article into two. Here is an extract from the current issue of The Banner of Truth, taken from an article which, in itself, is an...

A Must-Listen Podcast
David H.J. Gay
11/10/2017 | Size: 299k | Views: 40+
I am talking about the podcast produced by the Collective Cast, 5th September 2017: ‘Against New-Covenant Theology with Jim Renihan’. Here is the blurb...

Peter Masters’ Muddle over the Covenants Part 2
David H.J. Gay
10/30/2017 | Size: 471k | Views: 40+
This piece is Part 2 of my response to the first of two articles by Peter Masters in the Sword and Trowel 2016: Issue 2: ‘God’s Parallel Covenants’, ‘drawn...

The Believer and the Law of Christ in Deuteronomy 30, Romans 10?
David H.J. Gay
10/29/2017 | Size: 344k | Views: 40+
Please note the question mark. It is all important. This article stems directly from my ‘Peter Masters’ Muddle over the Covenants, Part 2’. As I was completing...

Peter Masters’ Muddle over the Covenants Part 1
David H.J. Gay
10/25/2017 | Size: 300k | Views: 50+
In this short piece, I want to engage with the first of two articles by Peter Masters in the Sword and Trowel 2016: Issue 2: ‘God’s Parallel Covenants’. The...

A Lesson from William Tyndale
David H.J. Gay
10/23/2017 | Size: 219k | Views: 30+
In this brief article, I want to make one simple – but vital – point. I want to draw a contemporary parallel with something that happened five hundred years...

Thoughts on Isaiah 33:22
David H.J. Gay
10/18/2017 | Size: 260k | Views: 30+
I recently published an article on this passage in James 4: Do not speak evil against one another, brothers [or brothers and sisters]. The one who speaks...

The Penetrating Law of Christ
David H.J. Gay
10/13/2017 | Size: 391k | Views: 30+
Many ill-informed and dismissive comments are made about those who advocate the law of Christ, and not the law of Moses, as the believer’s rule. Speaking for...

Silence Is Golden?
David H.J. Gay
10/12/2017 | Size: 330k | Views: 20+
It all depends. As we are told, there is ‘a time to keep silence, and a time to speak’ (Eccles. 3:7). And, of course, it needs wisdom to distinguish the two....

Thoughts on James 4:11-12
David H.J. Gay
10/12/2017 | Size: 286k | Views: 10+
The passage reads: Do not speak evil against one another, brothers [or brothers and sisters]. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother,...

One Command or Many in One?
David H.J. Gay
10/11/2017 | Size: 572k | Views: 30+
Mainstream new-covenant theologians hold that believers are under the law of Christ, and that the Scriptures are an integral part of that law. Recently,...

Where Will It Stop?
David H.J. Gay
10/11/2017 | Size: 191k | Views: 30+
Let me briefly say what I understand by new-covenant theology. It is not covenant theology writ new. It is nothing other than the theology of the new covenant,...

Thoughts On Isaiah 24:5
David H.J. Gay
9/26/2017 | Size: 224k | Views: 30+
All I want to do in this article is to underline certain facts which, it seems to me, stand out in this prophecy

The Obedience of Faith
David H.J. Gay
10/4/2017 | Size: 426k | Views: 20+
In this article, I trace how those who argue that the believer is not under the law of Christ, and that the Scriptures are not part of the law of Christ, but...

‘Against Such Things There Is No Law’
David H.J. Gay
9/15/2017 | Size: 291k | Views: 40+
In a previous article,1 I made some comments on a recent (September 2017) Facebook post which included the following: No Law! ‘But the fruit of the Spirit is...

Stop Press! No Law for Believers! Really?
David H.J. Gay
9/13/2017 | Size: 301k | Views: 50+
In a Facebook Group devoted to the promulgation of new-covenant theology, one which takes the view that the believer is not under the law of Christ, a recent...

Words Have Power: How The Spirit/Scripture Balance Can Be Threatened
David H.J. Gay
9/8/2017 | Size: 275k | Views: 30+
In several of my works I have raised the issue of the balance between the Spirit and the Scriptures. I have tried to make the case that it is not either/or; it...

Antinomianism Reformed and Mystical
9/6/2017 | Size: 418k | Views: 30+
Yes, I know the title is bizarre, but all will, I hope, become clear. Reformed antinomianism A Reformed antinomian? As odd an oxymoron as you can get, you...

Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine and New-Covenant Theology
David H.J. Gay
8/27/2017 | Size: 203k | Views: 30+
What? Whatever did Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine know about new-covenant theology? – that is, if you are talking about the 18th century men who wrote against...

The Spirit’s Continual Witness to the Believer
David H.J. Gay
8/30/2017 | Size: 357k | Views: 10+
As I have explained elsewhere,1 when the sinner is converted, at the point of his conversion the Spirit witnesses to him, seals him, and anoints him, thereby...

‘New-Covenant Theology Isn’t Monolithic’
David H.J. Gay
7/28/2017 | Size: 360k | Views: 30+
In a recent interview, Richard Barcellos spoke somewhat disparagingly about new-covenant theology because it is not monolithic. This, in effect, can only mean...

A Must-See Debate
David H.J. Gay
7/29/2017 | Size: 483k | Views: 30+
I refer to the recently published YouTube video: ‘The Theonomy Debate: Joel McDurmon vs. Jordan Hall’.1 Joel McDurmon is an advocate of theonomy...

New-Covenant Assurance
David H.J. Gay
8/27/2017 | Size: 394k | Views: 30+
According to the New Testament, everyone who believes God’s promise in the gospel, and trusts Christ, has the Spirit.1 He must have the Spirit (John 14:17;...

The Law of Christ Is Christ Himself
David H.J. Gay
8/4/2017 | Size: 411k | Views: 40+
In this brief article, I will say why I am convinced that Christ himself is the believer’s law, the law of Christ. The Scriptures show us that the aim of the...

Was Isaiah a Preparationist?
David H.J. Gay
8/14/2017 | Size: 530k | Views: 20+
Isaiah knew how to address sinners with the gospel, and God has left a record of him doing it. The prophet, therefore, is a very useful guide for us: we have...

Lloyd-Jones for Law Men
David H.J. Gay
4/15/2017 | Size: 348k | Views: 40+
D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones is rightly held in high esteem by many believers, believers of all persuasions – including both covenant and new-covenant theologians. In...

Misleading, Sad, Revealing: ‘Relevant Today’ by Jeremy Brooks
David H.J. Gay
2/13/2017 | Size: 410k | Views: 40+
To give Jeremy Brooks’ article its full title: ‘Are the Ten Commandments Relevant Today? An Exposition of Exodus 20:1- 2’. 1 Why do I call it misleading, sad...

Scripture vs. Calvin’s Threefold Use
David H.J. Gay
5/27/2017 | Size: 472k | Views: 30+
John Calvin set out a threefold use of the law, and by ‘the law’ he meant ‘the moral law’, the ten commandments; or, in his case, nine and half commandments.1...

The Priesthood of All Believers Does It Matter?
David H.J. Gay
4/25/2017 | Size: 532k | Views: 20+
I have published a fair amount of material on the priesthood of all believers, both in print and in preaching.1 Some may wonder if it is necessary to look so...

The Priesthood of Believers Compared to That of the Levites
David H.J. Gay
4/21/2017 | Size: 519k | Views: 30+
We could approach this in another way, in a more fundamental way. Indeed, we should approach it in this other way. How does the new covenant compare to the...

Three Verses Misunderstood
David H.J. Gay
4/15/2017 | Size: 509k | Views: 40+
All these versions have in-built problems of one sort or another, problems which have led many to seriously misunderstand the apostle. And the consequences...

Unlawful Use of the Law
David H.J. Gay
5/27/2017 | Size: 310k | Views: 30+
Law men today – that is, covenant theologians, the Reformed and evangelicals who want to impose the law on believers as their perfect rule of life and...

Liberty or Bondage: Sarah or Hagar?
David H.J. Gay
1/12/2017 | Size: 430k | Views: 30+
We are talking about Galatians 4:21-31, the passage where Paul sets out the allegory1 of Sarah and Hagar.2 As the apostle makes clear, the law, given to Israel...

Flesh & Spirit for Law Men
David H.J. Gay
11/11/2016 | Size: 318k | Views: 40+
The format of this very brief article is simple. In the first part, I draw attention to the way Scripture always contrasts FLESH and SPIRIT.1 In the second...

Preparationism in New England
David H.J. Gay
12/12/2016 | Size: 453k | Views: 40+
Let those, today, who are flirting with covenant theology and infant baptism, take a good look 25 years down the road, and do so with unclouded eye, before...

The Abrahamic Covenant
David H.J. Gay
12/30/2016 | Size: 609k | Views: 40+
Infant baptisers support their practice of infant baptism by arguments based on the Old Testament Abrahamic covenant, those promises which God made to Abraham...

The Priesthood of all Believers
David H.J. Gay
11/7/2016 | Size: 377k | Views: 30+
Under the old covenant, the priesthood went hand in hand with the law: ‘Under [on the basis of] it the people received the law’ (Heb. 7:11). That is, not only...

The Two Covenants in Hebrews
David H.J. Gay
12/20/2016 | Size: 335k | Views: 40+
The two covenants are, of course, the old and the new.Now, if any book in the New Testament disproves the claim of covenant theologians that the Sinai covenant...

Unasked Questions
11/7/2016 | Size: 258k | Views: 40+
Unasked by whom? Unasked by consistent covenant-theologians. But the two questions I have in mind have been asked. Both were raised by Paul when he was setting...

‘No Confession? Nothing to Debate!’
David H.J. Gay
8/26/2016 | Size: 307k | Views: 70+
During a recent conversation with two friends, I learned that some covenant theologians complain that since there is no definitive new-covenant theology...

‘The Law’ in ‘The Law of Christ’
David H.J. Gay
10/11/2016 | Size: 347k | Views: 60+
We know what ‘law’ is in ‘the law of Moses’, but what about ‘law’ in ‘the law of Christ’ (Gal. 6:2)? ‘The law of Moses’ and ‘the law of Christ’ are (in the...

All Men Under Law
David H.J. Gay
10/5/2016 | Size: 292k | Views: 50+
Adam before he fell, was under law God placed Adam under law: The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. And the Lord...

The Law the Believer’s Rule?
David H.J. Gay
10/26/2016 | Size: 512k | Views: 50+
How should believers read, quote and use the law? Are they obliged to obey it as a command, as a rule? If so, are they obliged to obey all the commandments? Or...

Who’s Your Husband?
David H.J. Gay
10/9/2016 | Size: 452k | Views: 30+
Everybody has a husband. In fact, everybody is born into this world married to a husband. Moreover, some of us have died to our first husband, the one we were...

The Covenant that Never Was
David H.J. Gay
8/19/2016 | Size: 424k | Views: 50+
I am talking about the Reformed invention known as ‘the covenant of works’.1 And that is what it is – a pure invention, a theoretical, philosophical construct...

Law-less or Lawless?
David H.J. Gay
3/19/2016 | Size: 357k | Views: 50+
There are two very important passages of Scripture which speak of the believer being under the law of Christ – though neither of them use the actual phrase...

‘In’ or ‘Under’?
David H.J. Gay
3/19/2016 | Size: 389k | Views: 40+
There are two very important passages of Scripture which speak of the believer being under the law of Christ – though neither of them use the actual phrase...

‘New-Covenant Theology Is Dangerous’
David H.J. Gay
3/25/2015 | Size: 271k | Views: 80+
I am disturbed by the emphasis on institutional religion. Spirituality, apparently, is measured in terms of the institutional. This, however, is quite foreign...

Duty Faith and The New Covenant
David H.J. Gay
3/21/2015 | Size: 516k | Views: 50+
I readily agree that many covenant theologians hold to the free offer of the gospel and duty faith. Nevertheless, the Reformed, with their emphasis upon the...

Believers Under the Law of Christ
David H.J. Gay
9/20/2015 | Size: 661k | Views: 60+
Some new-covenant theologians, dissenting from mainstream new-covenant theology, teach that believers are not under the law of Christ. In tandem with this,...

Christ the Covenant?
David H.J. Gay
9/18/2015 | Size: 438k | Views: 50+
Consider this prophecy from Isaiah: Behold my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen, in whom my soul delights; I have put my Spirit upon him; he will bring forth...

Decision Time for New-Covenant Theologians
David H.J. Gay
9/15/2015 | Size: 333k | Views: 60+
This article consists of the unedited Introduction to my Believers Under the Law of Christ; hence the references to that volume. Let me explain why I have...

To Whom Did God Give the Law?
David H.J. Gay
9/6/2015 | Size: 431k | Views: 40+
With regard to the law of Moses, Paul divides the human race into two.1 All are sinners, but some have sinned ‘without law’; the rest have sinned ‘in the law’...

Romans 2:14-15
David H.J. Gay
7/1/2015 | Size: 447k | Views: 40+
Let me quote the verses: For when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do the things in the law, these, although not having the law, are a law to...

Three Questions in One
David H.J. Gay
4/7/2015 | Size: 356k | Views: 50+
Just the other day, someone posted a comment on one of my ‘New-Covenant Made Simple’ videos on YouTube, and this showed me that in my sermons, articles and...

The Law Written
David H.J. Gay
3/29/2015 | Size: 470k | Views: 30+
There are several places in the New Testament where the law in its written aspect is spoken of, where it is described as ‘the law of commandments contained in...

Two Sticks and Three Books
David H.J. Gay
2/16/2015 | Size: 317k | Views: 30+
In one of his lectures, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, addressing his students, gave them some good advice: In all probability, sensible conversation will sometimes...

New-Covenant Theology: New Kid on the Block?
David H.J. Gay
1/13/2015 | Size: 450k | Views: 90+
You must have heard something like this: New-covenant theology? Must be wrong! It was only dreamed up in the 1970s, wasn’t it? Doesn’t that make it the latest...

The Four Laws of Romans 8:1-4
David H.J. Gay
1/13/2015 | Size: 276k | Views: 40+
As Paul declared to the Romans: There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according...

What Is The Law?
David H.J. Gay
1/5/2015 | Size: 204k | Views: 50+
There is an enormous amount of confusion, not to say misinformation, in much that is said and written about ‘the law’.1 Most evangelicals think of ‘the law’ as...

Legal Assurance
David H.J. Gay
12/31/2014 | Size: 475k | Views: 30+
The New Testament, it is clear, does not describe the believer as a ‘wretched man’, but speaks of him as one who enjoys ever-increasing glory, liberty and...

The Law: Reformed Escape Routes
David H.J. Gay
12/22/2014 | Size: 435k | Views: 40+
We all meet awkward biblical statements, texts which are hard to fit into our theological system. We all do, I say. The temptation is to trim the text, pare...

The Spirit’s Work in Conversion
David H.J. Gay
12/17/2014 | Size: 494k | Views: 40+
To be specific: What is the Holy Spirit’s work in the sinner, leading to, and at the point of, his conversion? And then: What is the Holy Spirit’s immediate...

The Sabbath in the New Covenant
David H.J. Gay
10/16/2014 | Size: 349k | Views: 70+
In a stupendous demonstration of power and mercy, God delivered Israel from the slavery of Egypt. But that deliverance, wonderful though it was, was only a...

What Price Antinomianism?
David H.J. Gay
12/10/2014 | Size: 449k | Views: 40+
If I were a serious advocate of covenant theology, determined to put a stop to new-covenant theology,1 I would set up an ‘automatic correct’ on my computer,...

Covenant Theology Tested
David H.J. Gay
9/20/2014 | Size: 545k | Views: 70+
Reformed covenant-theology and new-covenant theology are two very different ‘beasts’. Very different! In this article,1 I want to play the spotlight of...

The Law and The Confessions
David H.J. Gay
12/11/2013 | Size: 365k | Views: 100+
Let me make myself clear right at the start. I do not publish this article because I regard any Confession as the authority for what I believe: that...

Questions for Sabbatarians
David H.J. Gay
9/1/2014 | Size: 196k | Views: 80+
By ‘sabbatarians’, I mean those who say that believers are obliged to keep the fourth commandment, but that the day has been changed from the seventh to the...

The ‘But’ of John 1:17: Absent but Vital
David H.J. Gay
9/5/2014 | Size: 402k | Views: 40+
God gave Israel the law through Moses (John 7:19); and we know why: ‘The law entered that the offence might abound’ (Rom. 5:20). He also gave Israel the law to...

The Law on the Believer’s Heart
David H.J. Gay
9/13/2014 | Size: 461k | Views: 60+
We know that the law is written on a believer’s heart in the new covenant, written by the Spirit in regeneration.1 The terms and promises of the new covenant,...

The Prophets and the New Covenant
David H.J. Gay
9/13/2014 | Size: 443k | Views: 50+
This article, though it stands in its own right, is intended to be a lead-in to the one which follows; namely ‘The Law on the Believer’s Heart’. I begin with...

The Two Ministries
David H.J. Gay
8/29/2014 | Size: 368k | Views: 50+
The ‘ministries’ in question are the ministry of the law and the ministry of the gospel, as set out by the apostle in 2 Corinthians 3. No passage in...

Gadsby's Questions for Law Men
David H.J. Gay
8/23/2014 | Size: 339k | Views: 70+
As a result, most believers are reared on a diet of law, either overt or incipient. Sadly, this brings many of them into bondage, fear and a lack of assurance,...
      On Spirituality      

Beware of Parrots!
David H J Gay
1/19/2019 | Size: 318k | Views: 10+
There is a very real place for rote learning. It is essential that children should be taught by rote to learn the multiplication tables (number bonds); they...

Christendom in the Raw: ‘Christian’ Last Rites for Unbelievers. Disturbing Thoughts Prompted by the Recent Church Farewell to Stephen Hawking
David H J Gay
4/28/2018 | Size: 365k | Views: 20+
In this article I want to speak plainly. Some will, no doubt, say I have spoken bluntly. Some might well say I have spoken far too bluntly, even cruelly,...

Misreading Peter
David H.J. Gay
1/22/2018 | Size: 250k | Views: 20+
The words in question are: ‘My brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure’ (2 Pet. 1:10). I am sure that many misread the apostle...

Misreading Paul Again
David H.J. Gay
1/21/2018 | Size: 327k | Views: 20+
When Paul challenged the Corinthian believer to examine himself – ‘A man ought to examine himself’; that is, a believer ought to examine himself’ – was he...

John Turned Upside Down
David H.J. Gay
1/20/2018 | Size: 411k | Views: 20+
Many think that John, in his first letter, is giving believers a series of tests by which they can examine themselves, and so come to assurance.1 Indeed, some...

How Great? How Small!
David H.J. Gay
12/10/2017 | Size: 241k | Views: 20+
God, in his word, reminds us how brief our life is, how small, how insignificant, we humans are.

‘To Christ’: My Response to Bertrand Russell’s ‘To Edith’
David H.J. Gay
12/2/2017 | Size: 284k | Views: 10+
Following my ‘Arrogant Atheism Answered’, which was based on Dorothy Day’s ‘Conquered’, the poem she wrote in response to William Ernest Henley’s bragging...

The Unbeliever’s Lament
David H.J. Gay
10/31/2017 | Size: 313k | Views: 20+
These poems speak for themselves. Both Matthew Arnold and Thomas Hardy lacked a living trust in Christ.

Arrogant Atheism Answered
David H.J. Gay
10/30/2017 | Size: 250k | Views: 10+
In his poem, ‘Invictus’ (‘Unconquered’), William Ernest Henley bragged:

Misreading Paul
David H.J. Gay
5/17/2017 | Size: 345k | Views: 20+
When Paul challenged the Corinthians to examine themselves – ‘Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves’ – was he implying that...

Assurance Instead of Doubt
David H.J. Gay
9/2/2014 | Size: 229k | Views: 40+
When Paul declared: ‘The Son of God... loved me and gave himself for me’ (Gal. 2:20), he was speaking with resounding confidence, telling us that he had a...
      Tracts & Pamphlets      

A Word for all Christians
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 209k | Views: 80+
Are you a Christian? I mean, by that, have you repented of your sin? Do you have a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour? Do you submit to him...

A Word for all Roman Catholics
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 254k | Views: 80+
Are you a Roman Catholic? You are? In that case, as I understand it, you think very highly of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Am I right? You treasure her words. If...

Believe and Be Baptised
David H.J. Gay
12/12/2016 | Size: 389k | Views: 50+
Just before he ascended back into glory, Jesus issued a command to his disciples. We have it in various forms:

Christ Calling to Sinners
David H.J. Gay
12/10/2016 | Size: 374k | Views: 60+
Time and again in the Gospels we come across Jesus addressing sinners, calling out to them to come to him and be saved from their sins. And, of course,...

Do You Want To Be Happy
David H.J. Gay
12/10/2016 | Size: 220k | Views: 50+
What a silly question! Of course I do. Everybody wants to be happy, don’t they? I certainly do. So... what would make you really happy? Many – even if they...

David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 342k | Views: 110+
Election. I want to spend a few minutes talking to you about this question of election. It is a topic of supreme importance. Sadly, it is often badly...

God Has a Word for You
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 297k | Views: 50+
I have some good news for you. God has something to say to you. Is that not good news? God himself speaks to you. Now. What a privilege. God speaks to me? Yes,...

Simon the Sorcerer
David H.J. Gay
12/10/2016 | Size: 281k | Views: 70+
Little attention has been paid to the experience of the man known as Simon the Sorcerer, as recorded in Acts 8:9-25. I wonder why? I am convinced he has a...

So... You Believe in Evolution?
David H.J. Gay
12/10/2016 | Size: 226k | Views: 80+
You believe in evolution? You do? You believe that Charles Darwin was right, and everything is as it is because of ‘the survival of the fittest’? Have I got it...

Two Questions for You
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 257k | Views: 100+
I have two questions for you today. And the second of the two is the most important question you will ever be asked, and the answer you give to it will be the...

What’s Your Verdict?
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 355k | Views: 40+
Have you ever heard of Paul? I am talking about Paul the apostle, the man – Saul of Tarsus – who was converted on the Damascus Road. You’ve got him now? If...

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