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Jason Cooley | Northfield, Minnesota
Contact Info | Edit
•  Email  |  Web
952 -210-2935
Old Paths Baptist Church
Meeting at:
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
Pastor Jason Cooley
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
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MyChurch: pastorcooley | Set
MyChurch Code#: 38213

Jason Cooley
2,425 sermons
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Spirit Or Message of Rock Music
Series:  Satanic Roots of Rock Music  · 1 of 11
9/22/2013 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Matthew 7
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The spirit or message behind rock music. By their own testimony
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Jason Cooley
Spirit Or Message, Rock Music

Satanic Roots of Rock Music
Sunday Service
Old Paths Baptist Church
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Jason Cooley
Spirit Or Message, Rock Music

Satanic Roots of Rock Music
Old Paths Baptist Church
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Anonymous Name (5/23/2024)
“ American Country Music: Antinomian License! ”
One notable example of antinomian license in music is American country music! An article on Way of Life Literature about Dolly Party clearly documents this fact! Many American rednecks argue that being a fan of antinomian American country music is being a true redneck! That sounds accurate since most American rednecks are country music fans! Of course, these country music fans villify the minority of Southern Americans who oppose the anticristo aspects of American country music, including the antinomianism of American country music! Not only does American country music promote antinomian license, but it also promotes Freemasonry and popery! The Masonic symbols are manifest in American country music since the American South was built on demonic Freemasonry! Also, the American South frequently celebrates perverted Mardi Gras, a Roman Catholic "holiday" characterized by antinomianism! There needs to be more podcasts preaching against rock music, including this antinomian, Masonic, and popish style of music called American country music!

Anonymous Name (2/24/2024)
“ Toby Keith: Burning in Hell ”
As noted, Toby Keith, who died on 05 February, 2024 at 62 years of age, is now burning in Hell. One day, Toby Keith and all the prestigious, but perverted and spoiled, American country singers will be judged at The Great White Throne and be forever cast into The Lake of Fire. One day, as believers who will be in The New Jerusalem, there will be no country music since American country music promotes the sins of lasciviousness and covetousness. How tragic, yet sobering, to realize that Toby Keith and the perverted, spoiled, prestigious, American country singers and their country music fans will be tormented forever in The Lake of Fire with the Devil and his angels.

Anonymous Name (2/18/2024)
“ Toby Keith: Prestigious but Pathetic ”
It should be noted that Toby Keith Covel (born on 08 July, 1961 – died on 05 February, 2024 at 62 years of age) was a prestigious, but pathetic country musician! Then again, those who seek prestige are, were, and will be pathetic! There are impoverished people in third world nations like Mexico, Nigeria, and Indonesia who are far more likely to become born again than these wealthy and prestigious, but pathetic American country singers! Many American Southerners would not want to renounce country music because they prefer to keep their lasciviousness and prestige. One day, the spoiled, prestigious, and pathetic country singers like Toby Keith and their pathetic fans will be judged at The Great White Throne and be forever cast into The Lake of Fire will once impoverished believers from third world nations will have Eternal Riches in The New Jerusalem. This sermon is a plea to repent from rock music, including its variety called country music, which has caused Dixie (The American South) to embody all manner of lasciviousness and covetousness by making merchandise out of sexual perversion, which Toby Keith did while he was living.

Anonymous Name (2/17/2024)
“ Spoiled Country Musicians ”
This sermon preaching against rock music is needed in response to country music because country musicians are and were known for being entitled spoiled brats. We are warned against prestige in Luke 16. That which is prestigiously esteemed among mankind is an abomination against God Himself. Country music is clearly a reflection of that worldly prestige.

Anonymous Name (5/4/2021)
“ Orchestrated Music: Great For a Dramatized Bible ”
One magnificent type of music which works for a Dramatized Bible is that of orchestrated music. This is because orchestrated music fits the music of Every Biblical Account, including that of Jesus. Orchestrated music definitely sounds like The Music of Jesus because it fits His Magnificent Splendor. We need uplifting music in response to this Satanic craze called rock music.

Mike (1/31/2021)
from New York
“ Great Sermon! ”
Music doesn’t cause people to rebel. People are rebellious by their fallen nature, born with it. They choose that which feeds that nature, including their music.

Anonymous Name (1/29/2021)
“ Hip Hop Music: Music of Rebellion ”
It ought to be noted that hip hop music, also called rap music, is the music of rebellion which originated with inner-city African Americans and Latino Americans in the Bronx borough of Manhattan in the 1970s. Of course, real hip hop music originated with Satan, since Satan was the first rebel. Sadly, hip hop music has lead ethnic minorities in America into the Satanic sin of rebellion with its gang culture. Hip hop music has also caused white Americans, like Eminem, to become rebels. Both the rock music of white Americans and the hip hop music of American ethnic minorities has caused Americans of all ethnic descents to rebel against Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit. The sin of rebellion in both rock music and rap music causes physical and spiritual death as noted in the death of Chester Bennington (20 March, 1976 – 20 July, 2017) of Linkin Park at the age of 41 by suicide by hanging. It is better to listen to the rebuke of the wise, than for any person to hear the song of fools. Worth noting Ecclesiastes 7:5. These rock songs and rap songs are really the songs of fools that cause both physical death to the body and spiritual death to the soul and spirit. All of this means that rock music and rap music are both from the pits of Hell.

Anonymous Name (7/14/2020)
“ Rock Music and Outlandishly Satanic Imagery ”
This sermon shows that rock music is of 100 percent Satanic origin. Even pop music also has outlandishly Satanic imagery. One example is the music video of Dark Horse by Katy Perry in 2013 which depicts Satanic Egyptian gods and all manner of outlandish Satanic imagery. We know that anything which is very outlandish is of demonic and Satanic origin. We know that the Devil's country music destroyed the life of Mindy McCready (born Malinda Gayle McCready (30 November, 1975 – 17 February, 2013) when she died by suicide on 17 February, 2013. These rock musicians and their Satanic imagery are responsible for damning billions of souls into Eternal Hell. On Judgment Day, these rock musicians will be in for a rude awakening when they are judged at The Great White Throne and cast into The Lake of Fire.

Anonymous Name (5/29/2020)
“ Rock Music: Satanically Inspired Rebellion ”
This sermon shows that rock music is Satanically inspired rebellion. Since Satan (Lucifer) is the father of all things related to rebellion, it means that Satan is the father of rock music. It is tragic that Satanic rock songs like those of Kid Rock can be openly played in even the most public settings. Many rock musicians like Marilyn Manson openly acknowledge that Satan is the origin of their music. This sermon shows how rock music and rap music is preparing the world for the coming of the Antichrist, who like Satan, is also a rebel against Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit. As we know, Satan was the first rebel leader and he is leading the human race in rebellion against Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit with rock music.

Anonymous Name (7/5/2018)
“ An insightful sermon! ”
This sermon is helpful because it shows that rock music and its many variants, like rap, country, pop, and soul, destroys those involved in it. The fact that Mary Christine Brockert (5 March 1956, - 26 December 2010), known as Teena Marie, died at the age of 54 on 26 December, 2010 shows why rock music destroyed her life as well as those of other musicians. Even secular sources have cited rock music as destructive. The question is, if secular sources can see the inherent dangers of rock music, why can't the evangelical churches of today? The answer is because today's evangelical churches are promoting rock music.

Unspecified name (5/6/2018)
“ Rocking Out Rock Music ”
Rock music, since its inception, has promoted rebellion to authority in all forms, especially narcotic usage as in the case of acid rock. We must also remember that many rock musicians like Kurt Cobain have died from both drug overdose as well as suicide. Drug overdose as well as suicide is a common death not just in rock musicians, but rap musicians, blues musicians, country musicians, and many other prominent pop musicians. Though narcotic usage and lasciviousness are associated with these pop musicians, society continually, but irresponsibly, puts them on a pedestal, not considering the unintended consequences of doing so. Even then, pop music not to be undone for marketing lasciviousness and narcotic usage.

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  Jason Cooley
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