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Vacant | Isle of Lewis, Scotland
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Stornoway Free Church (Continuing)
Sandwick Road
Isle of Lewis, Scotland
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Dr. David P Murray
1,545 sermons
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Should Christians watch Movies?
8/5/2007 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Revelation 18:4
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Eight reasons why Christians should not watch movies.
1. The Precedent of the Psalmist
2. The Power of the Eye
3. The Perverting of Behaviour
4. The Pollution of the Memory
5. The Protection of Others
6. The Passing of Time
7. The Puzzle of Separation
8. The Poverty of Excuses
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Dr. David P Murray
Should Christians watch Movies

Revelation 18:4
Sunday Service
Stornoway Free Church, Cont.
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Dr. David P Murray
Should Christians watch Movies

Stornoway Free Church, Cont.
Sunday Service
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Dr. David P Murray
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Dr. David P Murray
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  If you were blessed by this message, please add your comment ...
Awake (5/19/2024)
“ Listen and think! ”
Along with the many many comments made about this superb message, here is another point. What is acting? It is a person pretending to be someone he is not. Saying lines that are not the truth. Movies and television are entirely based on fiction and lies. The people who do it the best are given awards and lots of money. This distracts the mind from eternity and what matters. Think about it.

Nils Weber (7/23/2023)
from Europe
“ Great analysis ”
Movies themselves certainly are not wrong, but Hollywood is something that has no business in our home. Even most "Christian" movies are pure garbage. See the Passion of Christ. Not saying Christian movies cannot exist but they are to build up and not (merely) entertain. TO "entertain" (unterhalten) means "to hold down" (unten halten).

FHC (3/23/2022)
Even though many have commented I had to add another one. This sermon is superb and should be heard by every Christian on earth. As Dr. Murray mentioned, this practice is nothing new. Such things have happened throughout history but is happening more now than ever before. This sermon was given 15 years ago but is more relevant now than ever. Movies, TV, internet, and other videos are dangerous. Please listen.

FG (3/4/2017)
from USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great principles here, applicable to more than just watching movies. I would beseech you who often apply the "meat sacrificed to idols" concept to entrtainment, especially Disney, that meat sacrificed to idols when eaten, went into the stomach and then out of the body. Entertainment goes into the eargate and the eyegate, which are portals into the soul, and therefore have the potential to spiritually defile. The Rev. Murray cited Psa 101:3 " I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I HATE the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me." This should be our attitude and it is not enough that someone in the "Christian" media recommended we go watch this or that movie. I've gone with these recommendations in the past and to say that I was disappointed would be a severe understatement. At times I was downright shocked and realized that this was at best a waste of time and money. I implore especially certain brethren in my church, and you know who you are.

km (9/6/2015)
from va
“ A hard truth ”
Very powerful and convicting. I want to also recommend a book for anyone interested which is available on google books here Another reason I want to add is that of human exploitation. When we watch these films we are encouraging the actors to sin for our benefit and also in the case of children we are subjecting them to continual abuse. Child actors dont fare well and often have their lives destroyed by the film "industry". I could give lots of names but Corey Feldman always comes to my mind because I loved his movies when I was a child and thought he was so funny. So when he recounted the abuse he suffered I was very ashamed that I had laughed at his expense. And Pastor Murray is right, I would do anything to get these evil memories out of my head. By God's grace Christians will obey and forsake this evil.

B. McCauslandContact via email (1/26/2015)
from Northern Ireland
“ Law of sowing and reaping considered ”
The evangelical church would be in a total different state today, had Christians two generations ago taken a stand to ban the pollutions of the screen in the home, and restrain the brainwashing power of the media from influencing their households. The advancement of Neo-Evangelicalism would have been halted and perhaps the so dreaded Neo Calvinism of today would never had come to existence other wise. As for the argument of ‘counter culture criticism’, let’s be sure, as pointed out in the discourse, that the means of converting the soul is not by reasoning, but by the preaching of the Word of God. Thank you for bringing such acute perception into this important spiritual hazzard.

B. McCausland (1/26/2015)
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is refreshing to find such clear stand for purity; so basic, and yet so omitted in the church today. One becomes what one feeds on. We are transformed from glory into glory by beholding into a mirror the glory of the Lord, or, we are destroyed from day to day by watching the filth of screens. 2 Cor. 3:18. Consequently, out of the abundance of the heart, not only the mouth speaks, but courses of action, thinking patterns, value systems, life-styles, taste, priorities, compromise, poor leadership skills, dysfunctional discernment, barrenness in prayer, and worldliness in conduct, dress-code, and music come demonstrated. Sober thinking and make-believe entertainment do not work hand in hand towards the development of Christian character. Heart separation endears holiness, which by the unhindered presence of the Holy Spirit in the heart, derives into power,so conspicuously missing in church leaders today. Screen watching secretly compromises holiness, and let us be mindful that holiness, as a fragrance, can easily be perceived in a life or a ministry, it does not need to be explained.

Frankie Casey (7/28/2013)
from United States
“ Great Sermon! ”
Very convincing and convicting message against the atheistic entertainment industry. Thank you for being the salt and light on an issue that permeates most Christian homes.

Anna MacDonald (4/28/2013)
from Inverness
“ Great Sermon! ”

Rick Van SetersContact via email (9/12/2010)
from Sheboygan WI
“ Very nice sermon! ”
A much needed admonishment...May the Lord bless the sermon.

Gary R. PetersonContact via email (6/13/2010)
from Omaha, Nebraska
“ A Hard Message Full of Truth ”
An outstanding message. We need such unflinching, counter-cultural preaching in America, where entertainment is the obsession of so many professing Christians. Instead, churches (especially "seeker sensitive") give approval to Hollywood by promoting its poluution within the walls of the churches. I recently attended a men's meeting where a 10-minute clip from the film Gladiator was shown. The John Eldredge-influenced leader also encouraged dads to watch the movie 300 with their sons. I was stunned. Each of these movies is Rated R and neither pictures biblical manhood. Another church I visited a couple years ago played a clip from The Shawshank Redemption right in the middle of the sermon. I pray that Brother Murray is not long a voice crying in the wilderness and that his message is heard and taken to heart by those with ears to hear.

Wayfarer (3/31/2008)
from TX
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent! Cuts through to the bone. Wow.

Traci M. (8/22/2007)
“ Wow! Much needed message in this age! ”
Ouch!! That smarts! In today's culture of entertainment this is a hard hitting message. I was a big movie buff for years. This really challenged me to analyze this activity in light of the what the scriptures teach.

wayne (8/12/2007)
“ A shocking message that will stun certain hearers ”
This is so shocking and biblical I ask you to hear it and then attempt to defend watching movies! Remember your TV is now also the cinema/theatre in the home. This is a brave sermon in days when even some of the reformed camp are more prone to be avid TV watchers and cinema attenders than any previous generation and often vocal defenders! As a godly and great evangelist like Whitefield and the prince of preachers Spurgeon had so much to say against the theatre in their own days it is strange that so few have any warning in our own evil days where silence is golden for fear of criticism-is there now a spiritual climate change and for the worst? What a need there is for a God sent revival if only we could see our greatest need.

Scott McMahanContact via email (8/6/2007)
“ A big NO! ”
Good stuff! The kind of preaching that isn't heard much anymore but needs to be. I'd add #9 to the list: Every dollar you give the film industry is a vote to keep producing more ungodly filth. The film industry knows wholesome movies sell more tickets than bad ones, but they still produce only a few wholesome films and use the profits to subsidize filth. So even buying tickets to wholesome movies (if there are any anymore) is voting for the bad ones.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2024
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