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Jason Cooley | Northfield, Minnesota
Contact Info | Edit
•  Email  |  Web
952 -210-2935
Old Paths Baptist Church
Meeting at:
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
Pastor Jason Cooley
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
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MyChurch: pastorcooley | Set
MyChurch Code#: 38213

Jason Cooley
2,307 sermons
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God at the Movies Garbage: Hollywood Themed Sermons
Series:  Opbc Online Live  · 297 of 326
8/1/2023 (TUE)
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SERIES 297 OF 326
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Jason Cooley
Hollywood Themed Sermons

Opbc Online Live
Sunday Service
Old Paths Baptist Church
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Jason Cooley
Hollywood Themed Sermons

Opbc Online Live
Old Paths Baptist Church
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Jason Cooley
Saint Patrick was a Baptist

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Anonymous Name (12/6/2023)
“ Hercules (1997): Marketing Satanic Demideities ”
In the animated Disney feature called Hercules (1997), the titular character is a demideity (a half-deity who is mortal). The problem with other "deities" who are not Jehovah (called Ihowa in Maori) are Satanic and demonic, particularly since Hercules (1997) had depictions of pagan Hellenic deities like Zeus (ゼウス Zeusu in Japanese) and Aphrodite. We also realise that there are no other "deities" except for Ihowa according to Isaiah 45, particularly Isaiah 45:05. The fact is that demideities and half-demons are 100% demonic and Satanic, even though they are spiritual beings who are mortal. There were also half-demons called Nephilim in Genesis 06, and these half-demons will be forever cast into eternal torment in The Lake of Fire.

Anonymous Name (11/30/2023)
“ Antichrist Agenda in High Grossing Films ”
As shown in this podcast, there is a hidden antichrist agenda in high grossing films like Titanic (1997), Avatar (2009), Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (2011), Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Avengers: Endgame (2019), and Barbie (2023).

Anonymous Name (11/13/2023)
“ Vanessa: Satanic Ursula in Disguise! ”
In the animated feature called The Little Mermaid (1989) and the live action remake in 2023 called The Little Mermaid (2023), both produced by Disney, Satanic Ursula had an attractive female disguise called Vanessa. We also realize that according to 02 Corinthians 11, particularly 02 Corinthians 11:14, the angel of light called Rushifā ルシファー is really Shetani in disguise. Note: Rushifā ルシファー is Japanese for Lucifer. The character called Vanessa from the Disney feature called The Little Mermaid clearly illustrates how Shetani, his demons, and his other demonic followers, disguise themselves with an attractive facade, but are really demonic and Satanic beings in disguise. This should also be noted regarding the Catholic Marian apparitions, who are really that slimy Satanic squid of a Satanic goddess called Asherah in disguise!

Anonymous Name (11/10/2023)
“ Erroneous Gospel Song From Hercules (1997) ”
As we know, 13 June, 1997, an animated feature produced by Disney called Hercules (1997) was released. Yet, one troubling aspect of this animated feature is that not only was it rooted in pagan Greek mythology, but it also had a song erroneously referred to as "The Gospel Truth". We know for a fact that The Entire Holy Bible, including 01 Corinthians 15, as well as 01 Corinthians 15:01-14 has The Entire Gospel Truth that Yesu lived a sinlessly perfect life, died on The Cross at Golgotha, was buried, ressurrected on The Third Day, and ascended to Heaven at The Right Hand of Abafu (Ābàfù 阿爸父). Note: Abafu (Ābàfù 阿爸父) is The Chinese Name for Abba Father. Also, Hercules (1997) had demonic characters like Pain and Panic, who were the subordinates of Hades (the false Greek deity of the underworld). The Biblical Gospel is The Only Gospel Truth that there is, and it demonstrates that there is no light in Satanic paganism just like Isaiah 08, particularly Isaiah 08:20 said.

Anonymous Name (11/9/2023)
“ Shetani: Kiswahili Name for Satan ”
It should be noted that Satan is known as Shetani in the language Kiswahili. However. As Revelation 20 reveals to us, Shetani shall be forever tormented in The Lake of Fire.

Anonymous Name (11/7/2023)
“ Spawn (1997): Marketing Demons As Superheroes ”
Back in 1997, there was a film released on 01 August, 1997 called Spawn based on the Image Comics character created by Todd McFarlane of the same name, whose name is Albert Francis "Al" Simmons. The tragic reality was that the 90's decade, especially 1997, was a decade of liberalism. This was made evident with the 1997 film called Spawn having a demon character portrayed as a "superhero", which is a very confusing message in and of itself. We also realise that demonic and Satanic spirituality will have its part in eternal torment in The Lake of Fire. Worth noting Revelation 19 and Revelation 20 with regards to the fate of Satanic and demonic spirituality. The bottom line is that Satan and his demons are only villains.

Anonymous Name (9/28/2023)
“ Impalement: The Demise of Satanic Ursula ”
In both the 1989 version and the 2023 version of The Little Mermaid, Satanic Ursula, who transformed into a giant Satanic sea monster called a Kraken, met her demise by being impaled by the bowsprit of a galleon. Well, Old-Fashioned Preaching like this is also something that would have also slain Ursula The Satanic Sea Witch in addition to a harpoon and a bowsprit of a ship. It is also tragic how children have become attracted to the Satanic Sea Witch called Ursula. Not surprisingly, Ursula is referred to as a slimy squid in the 2023 version. It is rather concise to refer to Ursula as a slimy squid because Ursula The Sea Witch has a Satanic appearance! Not only that, but Ursula The Sea Witch is 100% Satanic! This sermon is much needed in response to the marketing of Satanism, which is clearly evident in the marketing of this slimy Satanic squid named Ursula!

Anonymous Name (9/22/2023)
“ Poor Unfortunate Souls: Satanic Ursula's Song ”
In the live action Disney remake film called The Little Mermaid (2023), as well as the original version from 1989, there is a villain song sung by Satanic Ursula called Poor Unfortunate Souls, which is a song about the evils of witchcraft and bargaining with the Devil. The original one from 1989 was sung by Pat Carroll (born as Patricia Ann Carroll, born on 05 May, 1927 – died 30 July, 2022), while the 2023 version was sung by Melissa McCarthy (born 26 August, 1970). It is tragic how comedy icons like the late Pat Carroll and Melissa McCarthy can perform as Ursula, an evil demonic character who is a type of Satan in every aspect, especially with her Satanic cephalopodic features. On Judgment Day, both Pat Carroll and Melissa McCarthy will be judged by Yesu (another name for Jesus) for performing as Satanic Ursula. There is nothing "humorous" about Satanic spirituality, which Ursula clearly represents. As Isaiah 08, particularly Isaiah 08:20 clearly demonstrates, there is no light in unregenerate sinners, especially those drawn to Satanic characters like Ursula, The Sea Witch of Satan.

Anonymous Name (9/21/2023)
“ Peaches: Sung By A Demonic Satanic Dragon ”
A podcast like this is much needed in response to the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023), which had a song called Peaches sung by the demonic Satanic dragon turtle named Bowser, who in this particular film, was portrayed by rock musician and actor, Jack Black (Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black, born 28 August, 1969). While the song called Peaches may sound like a relaxing melodic song played on piano, the very person singing said song is a demonic Satanic dragon turtle called Bowser, who is obsessed with a blonde princess named Princess Peach. Also worth noting Revelation 12, Revelation 13, Revelation 16, Revelation 18, Revelation 19, and Revelation 20 in response to the promotion of Satanism through dragons. The dragon called Satan, his demons, and the Nephilim, will one day be forever tormented and cast into The Lake of Fire, which means that there will be no dragons, demons, and half-demons (also called Nephilim) allowed in The New Jerusalem!

Anonymous Name (9/21/2023)
“ Ursula: Satanic Marine Witch ”
There are numerous examples of Satanic characters in the media. One of them is the Satanic marine witch known as Ursula in the Disney film called The Little Mermaid, both the 1989 version and the 2023 version. In 2023, Disney released a live action remake of The Little Mermaid (2023). It is very simple to see why Ursula is a Satanic marine witch, given her appearance as an abominable cephalopodic humanoid. In the live action remake called The Little Mermaid (2023), Satanic Ursula had bioluminescent suckers on her tentacles combined with an evil high collar. Worth noting Revelation 18, Revelation 19, and Revelation 20 in response to the fate of all demonic spirituality and Satanic spirituality, which is eternal torment in The Lake of Fire. A podcast like this is needed in response to Satanic symbolism, especially the demonism and Satanism clearly displayed by Ursula the Satanic marine witch, who is 100% evil, demonic, and Satanic. It is clearly manifest that cephalopods are marketing demonism and Satanism, and Ursula the Satanic Sea Witch is evidence of such. A podcast like this is much needed in response to popular culture in general, especially films, both past, current, and upcoming.

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  Jason Cooley
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