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Jason Cooley | Northfield, Minnesota
Contact Info | Edit
•  Email  |  Web
952 -210-2935
Old Paths Baptist Church
Meeting at:
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
Pastor Jason Cooley
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
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MyChurch: pastorcooley | Set
MyChurch Code#: 38213

Jason Cooley
2,265 sermons
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Paganism Mingled With Patriotism
7/7/2013 (SUN)
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Paganism in the patriotic movement. The statue of Liberty, the Battle Hymn of the republic..etc
Pledge of Allegiance
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Jason Cooley
Paganism With Patriotism

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Sunday Service
Old Paths Baptist Church
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Jason Cooley
Paganism With Patriotism

Old Paths Baptist Church
Sunday Service
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Anonymous Name (1/23/2021)
“ Patriotism and Nationalism: Attack on John 3:16 ”
We ought to remember John 3, especially John 3:16 in response to the issue of patriotism and nationalism. This also means that any form of nationalism and patriotism, including American patriotism, is an attack on John 3:16.

Anonymous Name (10/16/2020)
“ The Enlightenment: Reviving Idolatry ”
It should be noted that the Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries revived idolatry, particularly the idol called "Liberty" and the goddess of reason. The French Revolution spread this evil of idolatry with its idol called the goddess of reason. Just as Ahab and Jezebel spread the idolatry of Baal in Israel back in The Old Testament, so the Enlightenment thinkers spread idolatry in America, Europe, and around the world with their idols of Lady Justice and Lady Liberty. It is worth noting Leviticus 19:4, Leviticus 26:1, Deuteronomy 27:15, Psalm 135:15-18 and other passages condemning idolatry in response to this evil of idolatry spread through the Enlightenment. How sad that America (USA), the first known nation built on Enlightenment ideals, has spread the evils of idolatry to every major corner of the globe. It is also worth noting Revelation 21:8 in response to the idolatry of Lady Justice and Lady Liberty in America and around the world. When the idolaters are judged at The Great White Throne Judgment which is noted in Revelation 20:11-15, they will be in for a rude awakening as their sin of idolatry will be exposed and they will be sentenced to eternal punishment in The Lake of Fire. This sermon is a message to wake up.

Anonymous Name (10/2/2020)
“ American Liberty: Hindrance to Salvation ”
It should be noted that the majority of Americans are unsaved because they value temporal "liberty" over eternal salvation. There is no salvation in alleged American "liberty". There is only Salvation in Jesus Christ Alone (see John 14:6, Acts 4:12, and Acts 16:30-31). America (USA) was a nation born out of Masonic Enlightenment ideas, which are of heathen and Satanic origin. It is no surprise that weird symbols can be seen in American iconography like the bizarre Masonic symbols on the one dollar bill. This sermon shows that since America (USA) was built on Freemasonry, it explains why Americans have really bizarre interests, and all bizarre interests are of demonic and Satanic origin.

Anonymous Name (7/16/2020)
“ America (USA): Nation of Pride ”
This sermon is an indictment against America (USA) and its sin of pride which brought America into existence. This sermon clearly demonstrates that national patriotism, including American patriotism, is the sin of pride.

Anonymous Name (7/5/2020)
“ America's Decline Into Ochlocracy ”
This sermon shows that America, while appearing to be a virtuous democracy and republic, is now declining into an ochlocracy (a government by the mob). With radical organizations like BLM, MEChA, and so many others having free space to operate on American soil, it shows that America is being thrown into chaos. All mob activity, like riots and revolutions, are a clear violation of Romans 13:1-7. While Romans 13 was written in the days of wicked Emperor Nero, it is very clear that Romans 13 is indicting rebellion against rightly ordained authorities. Of course, America's decline into ochlocracy can be traced back to its toleration of overtly Satanic false religions like Freemasonry, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and so many others. Then again, all aspects of paganism, even that of the American type, have Satanic and demonic origins. This sermon is a call to repent of the Satanic and demonic spirituality that is plaguing America to this very day.

Anonymous Name (6/9/2020)
“ American Patriots: Easily Offended ”
It is hypocritical how American patriots accuse people of other nations of being offended by their American patriotism, yet these American patriots are offended by criticism of their American patriotism. Then again, The Preaching of The Great Commission is offensive to American patriots because it requires us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every nation. Our objective is not to "save" our American liberty, but to contend for The Lord's Kingdom that transcends all national boundaries and borders. Sadly, American patriots have turned rebellion into a virtue, which is why preaching against rebellion is unpopular in America today since America (USA) began in rebellion against King George III on 04 July, 1776. This act of rebellion called the American Revolution was primarily an act of rebellion against The Lord. Our Lord condemns rebellion because it was the sin of rebellion that got Satan cast out of The Kingdom of Heaven. If America intends on fulfilling 2 Chronicles 7:14, it must rid itself of the sin of rebellion. Of course, 2 Chronicles 7:14 applies to all other nations as well.

Anonymous Name (5/25/2020)
“ Kingdom Patriotism Vs. American Patriotism ”
This sermon shows that our true patriotism is to The Lord's Everlasting Kingdom. It is worth noting Biblical passages about the everlasting kingdom like Psalm 145:13, Daniel 4:3, Daniel 4:34, Daniel 7:14, Daniel 7:27 and 2 Peter 1:11. America was built on the rejection of a king, particularly King George III (04 June 1738 – 29 January 1820). American patriotism of today only demonstrates not only the rejection of King George III, but also the rejection of The King of Kings. In Our Lord's Eternal Kingdom, there will be no "government of the people," but an eternal monarchy with Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit. On Judgment Day, all symbols of American patriotism like the American Flag, the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation will be burned up.

Anonymous Name (7/7/2019)
“ Jehovah: No Respecter of Persons ”
It is worth remembering Acts 10:34-35 in a time where American patriotism is lauded, even in churches across America. Jehovah is no respecter of persons, meaning that The Lord does not favor people from America over other nations. Being a respecter of persons has become a favorite sin across America.

Anonymous Name (2/23/2019)
“ Statue of Liberty: Heathen Roman goddess ”
This sermon shows how American patriotism is mingled with paganism. It is very evident that the Statue of Liberty is based on Libertas, the heathen Roman goddess of freedom in the Roman pantheon. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of American idolatry. It is worth remembering Exodus 20:3-6.

Anonymous Name (2/10/2019)
“ The Nations of The World: A Drop of A Bucket ”
Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance: behold, he taketh up the isles as a very little thing. And Lebanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for a burnt offering. All nations before him are as nothing; and they are counted to him less than nothing, and vanity. (Isaiah 40:15-17).

Anonymous Name (6/11/2018)
“ Patriotism: An Idol in Churches Today ”
A lot of churches, including Old-Fashioned Bible churches, are promoting "American patriotism", even with sermons glorifying sinful and idolatrous America. Of course, America has already destroyed itself with its idolatry and idol worship, especially that of "national patriotism." If idolatry destroyed Israel in the Old Testament, it will also destroy America as well. Remember Isaiah 40:15-17. This sermon shows that the nations are as a drop of a bucket indeed.

Unspecified name (4/21/2018)
“ Defeating the sinful pride of national patriotism ”
Let us not forget that Jonah was commanded to preach to Nineveh. Remember the story of Jonah.

Unspecified name (4/19/2018)
“ Defeating the sinful pride of national patriotism ”
Let us not forget that Jonah was commanded to preach to Ninevah. Remember the story of Jonah.

Unspecified name (4/15/2018)
“ Patriotism = Sinful Pride and Idolatry ”
We are not supposed to be patriotic towards any nation since Jesus Christ issued the Great Commission in Mark 16:15. That means that we must send missions to every nation in the world.

Unspecified name (3/25/2018)
“ Insightful! ”
Patriotism, irrespective of nation, is sinful idolatry. Enough said.

Barbara (9/26/2013)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I did a whole lot of gulpin' with this one, but I know, but I know, but I know you preach the clear truth!! I grew up in a home that was all about the JBS and the red, white and blue, and chapter mtings and such!! I feel literally sick to think of how deceived I've been. There are no sufficient words to say "Thankyou"!!

Samantha M (7/14/2013)
from Georgia
“ Powerful Sermon! ”

Marty (7/12/2013)
from Tennessee
“ Radical ”
I'll save you a cell next to mine in the gulag ;)

Louise Dreves (7/8/2013)
from Bloomington, Minnesota
“ Outstanding! ”
Someone once said "the war of northern aggression did not end just enlarged the plantation." Thank you for exposing yet more propaganda and lies that we Christians have swallowed without being bereans. God's word is the truth and is the final authority on all things. Amen.

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