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C. H. Spurgeon | Koelsch Broadcasting Productions
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(864) 404-1542
Koelsch Broadcasting Productions
5 Scottswood Rd.
Greenville, SC 29615
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C. H. Spurgeon
8,521 sermons
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True Prayer -- True Power!
7/7/2004 (WED)
  |  Bible: Mark 11:24
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C. H. Spurgeon
True Prayer -- True Power!

Mark 11:24
Radio Broadcast
Prince of Preachers
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C. H. Spurgeon
True Prayer -- True Power!

Prince of Preachers
Radio Broadcast
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  If you were blessed by this message, please add your comment ...
Amanda TurnerContact via email (8/9/2021)
from Victoria, AUSTRALIA
“ Great Sermon! ”
What a treasure to find. This sermon has really made me look at my prayers and rightly so. There is prayer and then there is PRAYER. One is mans version, the other is prayer according to God. I have been guilty of the former but praise God, He brought me here to teach me more. Not because this is any extra type of prayer but Spurgeon is teaching true, godly, BIBLICAL prayer. All glory to God.

Winifred ImbasiContact via email (6/17/2020)
“ Great Sermon! ” eye opener!this sermon blessed me in such an incredible way....I must never limit God through unbelief and impatience

Regina (4/5/2020)
from USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon for all Christians who are now going through the trials and tribulations of the world pandemic of COVID-19. I am praying for the Lord to make us strong and resilient to all evil tricks to weaken our Faith and make us cling onto Him stronger as before. Let's pray altogether for the Evil be defeated and our Faith in Jesus Christ prevail!

Gail JoshuaContact via email (4/12/2016)
from Sanford, FL
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon is one of the best! :) Can't wait to hear more from this man of God!

adedotun t popoolaContact via email (1/19/2016)
from canada and nigeria
“ Awesome! ”
This is awesome. pls continue to assist. May Yahweh, the God of Israel, enable you.

Johanna WestContact via email (1/8/2015)
from Nashville TN
“ Need True Believer Prayers Now!!! ”
I am asking for all people with the truth for prayers and to pass on to other believers for their prayers as well! My daughter just had her first baby, my first grandchild, a boy. He was born with a heart defect, a hole in his heart and his arteries are in the wrong place and one of them is not big enough to do what it is supposed to do. He just had heart surgery on the 5th of January, and was born on Dec. 29th. He is not doing so well as of yesterday the 7th, they have him on life support and just about everything else it seems. Basically this is the end of what they can do. They are going to try and take him off life support this Friday, with the hope that his organs will work on their own and not tire the poor fellow out. He is very dear to me already and will be raised as another one of God's soldiers, if God doesn't take him first. All that I am asking for are your prayers to give Caden strength and also to give us strength to deal with whatever God has planned for Baby Caden West. Thank You so Much

JT (4/3/2014)
from Minnesota
“ Great Sermon! ”
How I would have loved to sat under this great man's outstanding preaching. This was most encouraging at a time when I really, really needed it. I have been encouraged to RUN to Christ in prayer.

Aida (7/27/2013)
from USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
I just downloaded this app and the first thing I saw was this powerful message True Prayer--True Power. I sat here and cried.

Doctor thandekileContact via email (6/26/2013)
from East london,South africa
“ Great Sermon! ”
With his word everything was created and nothing is impossible and this is a powerful message lets praise lord amen

LisaContact via email (6/25/2013)
from Wales
“ Great Sermon! ”
There are so many worthy comments already about this fantastic sermon. All I can add is amen and if you haven't already heard this sermon, have a listen as to why do many have been moved to say such great things about it!!!!

Joseph Stringfellow (11/16/2012)
from Virginia
“ Powerful Insight ”
Match with this the Spurgeon sermon on 2 Corinthians 12:7-9 and you've got an exacting treatise on prayer in the life of the believer. Pray with fervor, with faith, with pleading, and know that God honors the faithful. How sweet to be reminded of this truth.

JonContact via email (4/22/2012)
from Canada
“ Excellent Sermon!! ”
Fantastic message! Prayer was one of Spurgeon's most common topics. For lots more see:

Steve Camp (2/4/2012)
from Locust Grove Ga. USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
this rocks my socks off. I've been reading some of his sermons. To hear them aloud is totally awsome.

Mary (12/13/2011)
from GA
“ The Best Sermon On Prayer ”
The beat sermon on prayer that I have ever heard--I will listen to this again and again.

Arthur (8/7/2011)
from Scotland
“ Practical Advice! ”
Good practical advice by a good practical preacher. Prayer is absolutely essential to our life and struggle. All to often we take prayer for granted and forget to be objective and positive in the power of prayer which the Lord has given us to do. Excellent Spurgeon again!

Matt M-Carr (1/26/2011)
from Wales, Britain
“ Excellent! ”
This sermon should illustrate clearly enough why Charles Spurgeon is considered 'The Prince of Preachers'. This was preached half way through the 19th century: and yet, the message still gets across, loud and cloud, when it is read out the way it was originally preached! Preachers: please notice the excellent structure. A good structure is present in all his sermons. Also, notice how half of the sermon is taken up with actually looking at what the text says. Yet, Spurgeon has a way of doing this without it being really boring! It is so practical and descriptive and real. Spurgeon has a clear purpose and goal in mind: to help us be better at prayer. One of the best messages I have heard from him. It has really helped me personally and my friend, for we listened together!

Aleta JacksonContact via email (10/17/2010)
from Kansas, USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wonderful to be reminded of prayer points. -- Humbling.

Rick Ammon (5/26/2010)
from San Diego, CA
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon brought tears to my eyes when I considered how I've mocked my King with my hollow prayer life. I am so grateful for this message and the people who made it possible for us to partake of this teaching. We serve an awesome God who is full of mercy, patience, and grace and who is forever faithful and loving towards His children. What an honor He has bestowed upon us!

Janie DewsContact via email (3/13/2010)
from Florida
“ Great Sermon! ”
How awesome to be able to hear with your own ears a message by one of the greatest preachers of the church age. The only thing greater, of course, would be to have actually sat under the ministry of this anointed man of God. Thank you for this blessing.

Austin (3/6/2010)
from Omaha, NE
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wonderful sermon on prayer! Spurgeon has great illustrations.

DanContact via email (1/10/2009)
from Moorestown,NJ,USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise God!! Thank you Jesus!! This sermon edifies the soul for proper prayer to our Lord and King

JennyContact via email (7/29/2008)
from Leeds England
“ Great Sermon! ”
A real jem. We will do well to apply this to our lives. Praise God !

FayContact via email (5/27/2008)
from England, UK
“ Excellent Sermon About Prayer!! ”
This is without doubt the best sermon about prayer that I've ever heard. It's certainly one to be listened to again and again as it's such a tremendous blessing, definitely my favourite Spurgeon sermon out of all the ones of his I've heard so far (I've got over 1,400 left to listen to though!).

Mark FitzpatrickContact via email (3/7/2008)
from Dublin, Ireland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Spurgeon was at his best when he preached on Prayer. I have listened to this one at least five times.

Dorothy McFarlane (10/4/2007)
from Victoria Australia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for this great message which i needed to hear on how to pray i do feel blessed to hear from such a great preacher & am so happy to have found this site thank you in Jesus name

Ryan Ringnald (4/29/2007)
from Waco, Tx
“ Unbelievable ”
Wow, The prince of preachers does it again. Wanna know how to pray, look no further, he just bout covers the whole deal. Mostly, be very very intentional with prayer. Grace and peace from the Lord Jesus Christ, b

Romayne WrightContact via email (10/24/2006)
from Belfast N. Ireland UK
“ A must hear for all who struggle with prayer. ”
This was my first Spurgeon sermon and one I'll absolutely listen to many more times up ahead I'm sure. He has an incredible ability to hit home hard with the Truth regardless of whether it offended his audience, and that's something hugely lacking in many of today's preachers who preach a social happy Gospel of love, prosperity and a rare mention of sin! If you (like me) struggle in the area of prayer, then make sure you keep this one bookmarked, as it will absolutely inspire you next time you kneel before our Master. Thanks to all who've taken the time to record these awe-inspiring sermons which do sometimes need to be heard as opposed to just being read!

Brenda DeLosaContact via email (10/16/2006)
from Victoria, Australia
“ Great Sermon! ”
I love so many of your sermons. I have learnt so much & have had God really move in my life from listening to them. Thank you so much for this wonderful website. Blessings, Brenda. (from: The "Land Downunder")

Jaymin Allen (7/27/2006)
from Ontario, California
“ Great Sermon! ”
This has changed my thoughts as well as my fathers on prayer... Thank you Cloud Audio for this wonderful message. Thank you Jesus because your word is so rich...

Chris Huff (3/10/2006)
“ Thank you, Spurgeon. ”
Once again, Spurgeon has challenged me to return to the basics: a sincere relationship with God expressing itself through prayer. This sermon has helped me to think of prayer in a different light, and has given me practical prayer advice. Thank you, Spurgeon.

Nicky GiselContact via email (12/30/2005)
from Germany
“ Great Sermon! ”
I call myself a prayer warrior and yet this sermon humbled me and brought me to a new place of awe in God and the mighty power of prayer he gave to us for the purpose of being prosperous in his kingdom and being in relatinship with him for his glory. Thank-you for sharpening my weapon.!!

A Listener (8/4/2005)
from US of A
“ Wow! Wow! Wow! ”
I would to God everyone would take the time to hear this. Those desiring the "art" of prayer MUST hear this!

Douglas WeeklyContact via email (8/4/2004)
“ Life Changing Sermon! ”
it completely changed me and my wife's prayer life, this is an excellent help to become a prayer warrior!

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  C. H. Spurgeon
Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) was England's best-known preacher for most of the second half of the nineteenth century. In 1854, just four years after his conversion, Spurgeon, then only 20, became pastor of London's famed New Park Street Church (formerly pastored by the...

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