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Theo Hikmat | Smyrna, Tennessee
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The Underground Christian Network
93 Weakley Lane po box F61
Smyrna, Tennessee 37167
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Gail Riplinger
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Whats MISSING in the New Bibles
you will be SHOCKED
7/11/2004 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Matthew 24:4
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Learn the dark history behind the NIV,NASB,NKJV and other new Bible translations, and how these new bibles are being used to divide the church and pave the way for the One World Religion by slowly changing Christian doctrine with every new bible version. the changes they have made will shock you..
this is a MUST for ALL CHRISTIANS,
share this info your pastors, friends, elders, ministers of all kinds. PUT IT ON CD AND GIVE IT OUT TO OTHERS. for even more information on this issue, we recommend the sermon BIBLE VERSIONS CONTROVERSY EXPLAINED CD EDITION 1 AND 2 found here at the Underground Christian network.
*audio has been improved to remove much background noise*
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Gail Riplinger
Whats MISSING in New Bibles

you will be SHOCKED
Radio Broadcast
Underground Christian Network
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Gail Riplinger
Whats MISSING in New Bibles

you will be SHOCKED
Underground Christian...
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Theo Hikmat
Hidden, Jehovah's Witnesses
Theo Hikmat
Are there Lost Books of Bible?
Theo Hikmat
Hidden, Jehovah's Witnesses

  If you were blessed by this message, please add your comment ...
KevinD (10/28/2018)
“ Great Sermon! ”
You need to read James Whites book “ the King James only Controversy” . He debated Gail on a radio show and she never debated publicly again afterwards. It’s on YouTube. Don’t get caught into the trap of this movement. Read Dr Whites book and you’ll be grateful!!

ShelleyContact via email (8/29/2012)
from Kaufman, TX
“ Thank you for this life-changing information! ”
I found you via iTunes. I have a 100+ mile commute every day and listen to podcasts during my drive through the DFW area. Everyone I ever heard (prior to this message) talk about KJV only has been pompous, rude, indignant and just plain nasty about it. I've never heard good reasons because they are so emotionally charged over it, they cannot explain the actual reasons behind the KJV only stance without raising their voice and mis-applying scripture. This is the first time I've heard about entire verses being taken out, about an occult version of the Lord's prayer, etc. I was stunned! I was driving when I heard Gail Riplinger talk about the missing versions, about words put in, and other podcasts you've had, talking about Westcott & Hort. If I had not been buckled into my seat, I would have fallen out of the car. You probably heard me shrieking in horror! I went to AV Publications and ordered (and have since received and am reading) a legit copy of the KJV. I've shared this info w/ my stepson and his wife and will be making a CD of this for them to listen to. Thank you so much for explaining this in a way that was not only understandable, but not rude, pompous or unnecessarily emotionally nutty! I'm trying to spread the word to as many who will listen!

USAContact via email (3/22/2011)
“ Which English Bible May Be Printed? ”
In the Catholic Church an imprimatur (from Latin, "let it be printed") is an official declaration by a Church authority that a book (e.g., an English Bible translation) or other printed work is doctrinally correct and may be published. Accordingly, what English translation of the Bible is doctrinally correct, has an imprimatur by a Church authority and may be printed? Thanks for your message!

Gregory A. Miller (7/20/2008)
from Worthington, Ohio
“ Great Sermon! ”
Defending new translations is the work of Satan. How sad to see those who profess to love Jesus Christ defending the Satanic corruptions. Learn the truth about WHERE Siniaticus and Vaticanus came from. Your new "bible" came from the POPE. Everyone using a NASB or other new bible should write the Pope a letter of THANKS. Then CC Satan on that same letter.

Michael Kosman (4/17/2008)
“ AMEN ”
Don't listen to Tom Johnson from LA, CA. He is a wolf in sheep's skin. Gail Riplinger is right on the money, AMEN!

Robert RutgerContact via email (1/26/2006)
from Tampa, Florida
“ Great Sermon! Amen and Amen!!! ”
The Devil is unrelenting in his attack upon the God's word, and sadly most pastors and churches are cooperating in this by using corrupted versions of the Bible. The NIV, NASB, NKJV, The Message, and other new Bible translations belong in the trash, pure and simple! ANY CHRISTIAN WHO DOES NOT PRAYERFULLY LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE IS IN GRAVE SPIRITUAL DANGER!

peterbabu (9/28/2005)
“ Great Sermon! ”
this sermon is really an eye opener.kjv-will keep you in the right track.other new versions-will take anybody away from Exact God"s words.result-very worrying,as it leads to many confusion,lack of focus on where it should be!

Unknown (7/22/2005)
“ Great Sermon! ”
thank you for the message.. very informative

Nina (3/1/2005)
from Baltimore, Maryland
“ Great Sermon! ”
I stumbled upon this broadcast by accident and I am grateful for Gail's work. Her comments echo many of my own suspicions about various versions of the bible and I'm glad that someone has dealt with the issue. Thanks again.

Vincent M. ChenaultContact via email (3/1/2005)
from Memphis
“ Great Sermon! ”
please read the Bible Believer's Bulletin from Bible Baptist Bookstore P.O.Box 7135 Pensacola, FL 32534 1-800-659-1478. Any work by David Otis Fuller, Edward Hills, William p. Grady, Ed Devries, Peter S. Ruckman, Jack Hyles,Barry Burton, Chick Publications ( and Audio link. There are 74 messages defending the KJV 1611 A.V.!!! Even the Catholic Church knows that the King James Bible IS the Word of God and they are doing everything in their power to put out so many "new versions" that the average Christian won't know what to do. The one question that can never be refuted in regard to the King James Version is, "What Bible has produced the fruit of millions of souls and great soul winning revivals all over this world?" That King James, God-honored, Black-backed 66 caliber Book! Praise God that King James had more sense than to give us a Catholic bible! It was never "communism" that we had to fear, it was, is, and has always been "Catholism"!!! The Jesuits are still at it brothers and sisters. Unless we start making a stand on the Book we will see the dark ages once again in this once great country that we call America! HEED THE WARNING! WANT POWER? GET THE BIBLE! The Bible that God uses and the Devil hates!

e.s.v.lContact via email (1/3/2005)
from London
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a great sermon. You that love the Word of the living God need to hear this.

Leslie (11/28/2004)
from Ca
“ Super Informative ”
eye opening information !!share it with others

Jim (11/10/2004)
from Va
“ Eye Opening !! ”
If you love the Word of God, this is one you must hear and tell your friend about !!

Billy W.Contact via email (10/11/2004)
from Carlsbad N.M.
“ A little known TRUTH among God's People ”
There is a book by the title God Wrote only one bible;- Have you read it and do you know how to get it/

Yamil Luciano (10/9/2004)
“ Sola Escritura ”
Every reformed Christian should be aware of the Bible Version Debate. If they trully side with Sola Escritura then I believe they will side with the supremacy of the KJV position.

Laura (10/9/2004)
from Missouri
“ Please, LISTEN to this Broadcast! ”
Thank you for standing up for the truth! We must have a standard or we will fall for anything. When comparing Scripture with the other versions, in a side by side comparison, the truth is clear. The King James Version protects the holiness of God's Word. Why do the other versions take out the word Holy so many times? Why do they omit Jesus Christ's name and God so many times? Does this make things more clear? NO! And why in some of the other versions has the passage in Isaiah, referring to Lucifer and his fall, been changed to where he is now called the Morning Star instead of Lucifer or Satan, when we know that only Jesus Christ is the Bright and Morning Star as stated in Revelation? May God wake up His Church to the craftiness of Satan.

Laurel (10/6/2004)
from Maryland
“ Great Message! ”
much needed message

Clark (9/18/2004)
from AZ
“ Well Spoken ”
well spoken

Charlotte (8/23/2004)
from Alaska
“ Valuable Information ”
Thank you for this audio.

David (8/7/2004)
from Columbia SC
“ Recommend book: God's Word in our Hands ”
Concerning "Whats MISSING in the New Bibles" I would recommended two books: 1. "God's Word in our Hands" - The Bible preserved for us Chapter 7 How much difference do the differences make - Mark Minnick 2. And an earlier book "From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man" - a laymans guide to how we got our bible Both General Editor: James B. Williams Publisher: Ambassador Emrald International. Greenville SC and Northern Ireland

Candace Lee (8/2/2004)
from AZ
“ I never knew about this ”
Thank you so much for this mesage, It leaves me with much to think about. This message is life changing. I look forward to part 2.

Phillip (7/19/2004)
from Hazelton PA
“ Great Sermon! ”
POWERFUL..if your a Christian you NEED TO HEAR THIS!! dont pass this by. This may be the second most important message you ever hear next to the message that led you to Jesus!!!

Shiela (7/15/2004)
from Houston Tx
“ Powerful.. ”
This is the message to hear, I really didnt know just how much had been removed and changed in the new bible versions, you really need to hear this one!!! and spread the word!!!

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  Gail Riplinger
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