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San Antonio, Texas
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Grace Community Church 311 Hedges St. San Antonio, TX 78203
Grace Community Church
P.O. Box 10608
San Antonio, TX 78210
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Paul Washer
1,209 sermons
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Shocking Youth Message Stuns Hearers, So Shocking the Preacher Was Never Invited Back
Series:  Top Recommended Washer Sermons  · 5 of 8
5/29/2006 (MON)
  |  Bible: Matthew 7:13-27
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This is a Shockingly Powerful & Biblical message preached to about 5,000 youth in a day when youth are appealed to through shallow and worldly means.

At one point in this sermon the 5,000 Youth are clapping and yelling BUT THEN the preacher makes a comment that CHANGES THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE TO WHERE YOU COULD HAVE HEARD A PIN DROP... As you can imagine, the preacher was never invited back.
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Paul Washer
Shocking Youth Message Stuns

Top Recommended Washer Sermons
Grace Community Church
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Paul Washer
Shocking Youth Message Stuns

Top Recommended Washer Sermons
Grace Community Church
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  If you were blessed by this message, please add your comment ...
James Skaer (1/19/2024)
from Alsea, Oregon
“ Great Sermon! ”
I think this is the most popular sermon on SermonAudio!

Hey can you (7/17/2023)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Hey can send me the address for your card please thank you for the card and card number I can do send send it back because Paul washer is AWESOME THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!

David skaerContact via email (7/10/2023)
from Alsea Oregon USA
“ In the words of Todd friel,AMAZAZING! ”
Cool sermon

David Skaer (11/22/2022)
from Alsea, Oregon
“ This is the best sermon I’ve ever heard!!! ”

Isaac Gaynier (11/4/2019)
from North Carolina
“ A must hear sermon! ”
Amazing sermon! Paul Washer taught me things that I have never heard of. He makes you re-evaluate your life and find out if you have been following God like a true Christian should. Everyone who professes Christ should listen to this sermon.

patrick gilbertContact via email (2/18/2019)
from rocky point
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is not to peak the truth but it needs to be done. the path is a straight and narrow and a lonely one but it leads to life. listen to the whole surmen.

Christopher000 (10/19/2018)
from Rhode Island
“ Very Sobering Sermon ”
Highly recommended. Great reminder and points for self examination. How many think they're saved, and how many really are saved, and why.

Ken Cheok (10/19/2018)
from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Listening to this sermon is a great wake up call for me. The truth from God’s word need to be told even if it hurts.

Ken Cheok (10/19/2018)
from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Listening to this sermon is a great wake up call for me. The truth from God’s word need to told even if it hurts.

Jessica jean lynn LegateContact via email (1/21/2018)
“ Great Sermon! The truth hurts but thank God ”
If you thank this man of God spoke not the truth then I say repentance is the only thing that will save you.

Joshua LeeContact via email (8/7/2017)
from Kelowna, BC, Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
I just want to thank God for sending His messenger, Paul Washer. Praise the Lord! May the Lord be glorified through Paul Washer's obedience! May the Lord be blessed through the lives of the people who will be determined to serve the Lord!

Shumeye TessemaContact via email (3/13/2017)
from Ethiopia
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is a wonderful and timely message. It challenges not only the Churches in America, but the contemporary church in all nations. I am deeply touched by this biblical sound and truthful message and I am of the opinion that the message should be conveyed to all groups of Christians who profess to be Christians.I committee myself to preach to my family as I am the head of my household. God bless you Preacher Paul Washer!!

Mark River A (10/26/2016)
from Cali
“ Great Sermon! ”
This was the very first sermon that I ever heard by Paul Washer. I was stunned myself when I listened to it, I was stunned how he put fourth the truths in scripture that are usually overlooked today. This sermon also brought me to Which lead the to, leading me to other great ministers and to Pauls own ministry for the Lord, Heartcry. This preacher really does preach the shocking truth of scripture to people. God bless.

Cheri Lyberg (2/16/2016)
from MN
“ Great Sermon! ”
I've listened to this numerous times and know for certain it is the TRUTH! I believe satan's greatest scheme is to make people think they are saved...then when they die he laughs as they go to hell. Repent and believe! Our nation needs to hear this message....reformation or horrible persecution, what will it be? Lord I pray for a Reformation!

Bob JonesContact via email (4/15/2015)
from Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
If only every pulpit had preachers who taught the truth of God's word like this we would see some changes! God Bless You Brother Washer! In Christ - Bob Jones

Brenda MillerContact via email (7/24/2014)
from Charlotte, NC
“ Great Sermon! ”
True sermon. That's why the devil is using his people to attack Brother Washer on Youtube. But JESUS said, "I will build MY church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it."

David C OsborneContact via email (7/14/2014)
from United States
“ Great Sermon! ”
Still one of my most favorite sermons.

francisco gamboaContact via email (6/15/2014)
“ Great Sermon! ”

Gregory FarmerContact via email (5/4/2014)
from Kingsport Tn
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have heard this sermon before and listened again this morning. This message is for more than just teenagers it should be a general message to all Christians today. If you can't listen to it and accept the truth then you don't understand the Bible and that should cause great concern. Thank you in a time when true Biblical Christianity is hard to find I would rather listen to a true message than a feel good sermon.

Neal (4/9/2014)
from Cape Town
“ Great Sermon! ”
I'm shocked. Only the truth shall set us free. Amazing

Haroldo JanzenContact via email (10/7/2013)
from Brazil
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have been deeply touched by the msgs of this man of God... I'm sending this msg to sevefal of my English students, so that they also be saved or have a Spirit filled life... Shalom

Brenda MillerContact via email (9/11/2013)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank GOD for Paul Washer. We need more preachers with enough backbone to preach the truth and contend for the faith.

Prophetess LinContact via email (9/7/2013)
“ Great Sermon! ”

JohannaContact via email (8/13/2013)
from New Zealand
“ Not just for Americans ”
The New Zealand church has the same problems as the church in America. God forgive me for not taking your wrath seriously. I have not proclaimed the gospel clearly and I have been afraid of men rather than God. You are holy and righteous and there is no way we can stand before you without the precious blood of Jesus. John 3v36 "He that believeth in the Son, hath everlasting life, and he that obeyeth not the Son, shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him." Geneva Bible

jacob stanley (7/14/2013)
from rock hill
“ Great Sermon! ”

Arron LongmireContact via email (6/14/2013)
from Kentucky
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow. I have been in a very long state of confusion as I have began my road into ministry. This sermon might have been the only thing in this world to open my eyes to such truth. I have been blessed to sway from the contemporary Christian lifestyle since I have genuinely been saved. Now I understand that my heart had been led away from tradition by the grace and will of God. This message might have been the one thing I could not have lived without. I pray and believe that one day I can stand strong and courageous in the face of deception and prevail through God, simply because the truth has been brought to light. Thank God for this mans heart, for through it God has whispered to my aspiring passion to spread his word and carry out his will. Glory to God, who's worthy of fear, respect, honor, and committment and nothing less.

michael tyrrell (4/22/2013)
from NC
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank You for not being afraid to speak the truth

nestor sernitchez jr (4/8/2013)
from United Arab Emirates
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great and fearless for he sake of truth. No compromise but just the truth of God

Annabel (4/6/2013)
from Uk
“ Great Sermon! ”
Amazingly clear truth! Towards the end I was reminded of Jonathan Edwards: Sinners in the Hands of a Holy God.We need "more of the truth as it is in Jesus!" Thank you.

Connor DillardContact via email (12/4/2012)
from Rabun Gap, GA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Mr. Washer my school desperately needs to hear your sermon. Sadly we are becoming more and more seperate from jesus in chapel we have never talked about Jesus christ directly and how he died on the cross for our sins and how he rose 3 days later and that if you believe in him and continue to live like like him you wil have eternal life. Mr. Washer we don't talk about this, but we desperately need to. I go to Rabun Gap Nacoochee School in Rabun Gap Georgia

kiah chatmonContact via email (11/28/2012)
from ohio
“ Great Sermon! ”
thank you for telling the truth

Kiera LongContact via email (10/30/2012)
“ Great Sermon! MUST LISTEN!!! ”
Keep testing yourself to examine whether or not you're ACTUALLY in the faith!!! This is an amazing sermon! Many who profess to be saved may be in for a rude awakening...

Stephanie (8/8/2012)
from NYC
“ Great Sermon! ”
Powerful refreshing truth. Amen!! (was it true though he was never invited back?)

Idris WilliamsContact via email (5/28/2012)
from Wales
“ Great Sermon! ”
At last the truth I've longed for, THE TRUTH

Josh P (3/20/2012)
from VA Beach
“ Great Sermon! ”
A broken and dying man speaking Truth to broken and dying men. Humility passed to the proud from a holy God through a modern-day prophet. I watch this vide at least once a year.

MarisaContact via email (3/19/2012)
from Dentin
“ Amen!!! ”

Timothy L. GottContact via email (3/15/2012)
from Marikina, Philippines
“ Great Sermon! ”
I really appreciated this message when I heard it. I appreciated it so much that I made sure that my wife and thirteen year old son watched it and I also download it to my phone.

MariaContact via email (2/9/2012)
from Lebanon
“ Great Sermon! ”
Amen..This is the Truth

Cy (1/28/2012)
from snowbelt
“ Great Sermon ”
This is not just for youth, this is for every person; this is the Gospel.

Ivor (1/20/2012)
from Fort-William Scotland
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is good to hear the truth,Jesus said that he did come not to bring peace but to bring division. I would agree that this man is speaking through the spirit.

dan (12/20/2011)
“ Great Sermon! ”

M.E.H (11/5/2011)
“ Great Sermon! ”

michelleContact via email (8/30/2011)
“ Great Sermon! ”

Linda (8/28/2011)
from Ohio
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is refreshing to hear someone finally speak the Truth plainly.

Brandon marshContact via email (8/18/2011)
from Burleson Texas
“ Great Sermon! ”
Me and two of my friends salvation was heavily influenced by this sermon and now there will be a revival at our school, if I was the only true Christian on earth I would still preach like this but it's good to know there are people God has raised up like Paul Washer

Maritza (8/6/2011)
“ Great Sermon! ”
No se como escribir un mensaje individual al anterio pero con alegria quiero agradecer ese sermon del Pastor Martines sobre el contentamiento cristiano al igual el sermon Y que de tu Alma...Alabo al Senor por sus sermones tan practicos y biblicos fue de gran ayuda para mi espiritu...oro tambien al Senor pues este siervo tiene un don para la oracion...que Dios guarde con su gracia tantos dones en un hombre santo y joven ...Gracias por ayudarme con esta predicacio..

J.K. EasebornContact via email (8/5/2011)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is the truth and should be told. Paul should not expect less from the Church, they won't invite you anymore and they will also fight you, The Lord is your strenght. Surprising enough I am like you, they do not also like me back here. We must preach it till we breath our last. Isaiah 58:1 was given to me by the LORD and, I am on it.

Mpumelelo KuneneContact via email (7/21/2011)
from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
“ This is the True Gospel of Jesus Christ! ”
This is the most biblical sermon on Christianity I'd ever heard. Praise be to God, for He has not left us to die in our sins, but He, in His Lovingkindness, has sent us prophets from Him, just like He did for the Israelites, to rebuke us. Those who are mad at this sermon are doing exactly what their forefathers the Israelites did. Hate (Murder) the prophet.

Anon (6/14/2011)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Since at least the 1950s missionaries have all been going overseas to the neglect of the USA; maybe it is about time we send missionaries like this to our own country, the USA.

Faith MaimaneContact via email (5/22/2011)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Absolute truth, i am convicted! How do i get into contact with this man

Jan Benade (3/6/2011)
from Kwazulu Natal, South Africa,
“ Excellent Sermon! ”
What a brilliant sermon! The truth, the truth and nothing but the truth! This is the kind message that saves, shaken to the core and examine yourself. There was a reason why they preached hell and brimstone in the olden days, but the scriptures says that in the latters days false teachers will miss lead even the very elect!!

bartjan vargasContact via email (2/4/2011)
from san diego
“ Great Sermon! ”
GOD bless you for your commitment to telling the truth at all cost!

Mekha (1/30/2011)
from New York
“ Great Sermon! ”
Im trying to understand why everyone one is so mad at this message. Some people are just haters of the truth. This is message reminds me how happy Iam to have a Pastor who TELLS THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL!!! Thank you Pastor K. Brewer. Pastor Washer keep doing what your doing. Thank you Lord for those anointed vessels who live for spreading the word truthfully without being ashamed or carrying what others think.

Matt M-Carr (1/26/2011)
from Wales, Britain
“ Perhaps One of the Most Impacting Messages Around ”
I first heard this with my mother in the computer room. We just stumbled across it on the GodTube website. It had been viewed by half a million people: an astonishing number of hits for an evangelical sermon. Needless to say that we were hooked. We couldn't turn it off. There is so much that preachers and all of us can learn from this message. I do not just mean we can learn from its content (which is great), but also about our gospel and passion for Christ. Paul preaches the gospel! And with such passion and such vivid use of illustrations. He does not just suggest there are erroneous things about: he points them out and slams them down! He even prays with such heart and soul. Everything about this message can be summed up in one convicting word: REALITY. Thank God that Jesus has saved so many souls listening to this! It is a worthy message for people to have been converted through. It is strong in doctrinal substance to feast upon and it shall continue to be used by God until Jesus returns or until the internet entirely crashes. (I'm really grateful to God that I heard this, because it eventually led me to Leonard Ravenhill - the man God has used in my life more than any other.)

randyContact via email (1/26/2011)
“ Great Sermon! ”

Alex (1/18/2011)
from Romania
“ Great Sermon! ”
One of the best sermons ever. Thank God for still having His men out there to preach the Word of God as it ought to be preached. Glory be to our Lord Christ Jesus!

jack ryanContact via email (11/16/2010)
from warminster pa
“ Great Sermon! ”

James Colby (11/2/2010)
from San Diego, CA
“ Saved me from Easy Believism ”
This sermon and the "Examine Yourself" sermon by Paul Washer saved me from Easy Believism and lead me to desire a more intimate and true relationship with Jesus Christ.

RenoContact via email (10/17/2010)
from South Africa
“ Amen to the absolute truth ”
I praise God for this sermon and the fact that He has led me to this truth. I thought I was saved before listening to this but I was lost. Paul you are a God sent and should continue this message. No one tells the truth anymore. I am saved today !

JIM HARRISContact via email (10/14/2010)
“ Excellent! ”
Keep preaching this message!

Danny (10/5/2010)
from Townsville
“ Great Sermon! ”

EstherContact via email (9/16/2010)
from SC
“ Shocking? No ”
The content of this sermon is not shocking to those who are familiar with the teaching of Jesus, John the Baptist, Peter, the Old Testament prophets--REPENT.

kristineContact via email (9/11/2010)
from philippines
“ Great Sermon! ”
truth is just so beautiful and so exhilarating to hear especially in the king of climate we are in in this age. i thank and praise God for the amazing work He has done in the life of brother paul washer and through it. it's just so sad to know that even in the light if truth, many people still try to shun it, reuse to repent, and refuse to acknowledge which was evident when he was never invited again. may the LORD have mercy.. and i appeal to my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray hard for one another and for the lost and also to live a holy life for our prayers not to be hindered. may the Lord be glorified.

kelly (8/24/2010)
from N.W. Indiana
“ Great Sermon! ”
I haven't heard a sermon like this since I was a little girl. This Preacher is a good teacher of the bible. I wish we had more Preacher's/people like him around. I would recommend this Preacher any day. He knows the word of God.

Lesliek (8/7/2010)
from Oh
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise the LORD! Amen!

Holly (8/6/2010)
from Florida
“ Truth ”
This is the truth that God is bringing to the American church that is greatly deceived by Satan. Thanks for sharing... These messages of truth are what gives us hope that God has not given up on us yet!!!!

Benjamin (7/28/2010)
from Germany
“ Great Sermon! ”
This message changed my life, and it convicted me that I was just a hypocrite, but now I repent, as it says in "Amazing Grace": I was blind, but now I see"

Kenneth (6/14/2010)
from Doha Qatar
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks a lot for the great message it helps me back on track and it reminds me what am I doing being a Christian. I will this to others.. thanks to you Bro. Paul, may God bless you and keep you and use you into His ministry.

Jacob HolmesContact via email (6/12/2010)
from Tupelo, Mississippi
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great...MMakes me wake up and realize that I need to get my life back on track and just stop thinking bout it. Thanks for this sermon I needed this. I would like for you to pray for my health and ask God to heal me.God Bless

Lori Sampedro (5/23/2010)
from Northeast Ohio
“ Great Sermon! ”
What a powerful, truthful and amazing message. This is certainly a wake up call for not only myself but for American Christianity. Thank you for boldly preaching the truth as it should be preached. God bless.

edgar roqueContact via email (5/5/2010)
from philippines
“ a life changing sermon ”
It is indeed a powerful sermon It is a truth that everybody needs to hear! A message that displays no fear to any individual except God. There's no people pleasing at all but with its content only God being glorified! With the message undoubtedly you are a man of God!

Shekhar kambleContact via email (4/9/2010)
Thank you brother,for your bleessed message cause god spoke more thing whole night through your message,,and i am ready to go mission missionary for the change more people live's cause really they also dont know reality of heaven and also dont know one life prayer cant take us in heaven,,thanku you brother and also try to help to me how can i start missionary work

paul tagocContact via email (3/22/2010)
from philippines
“ Great Sermon! ”
you have a great message from the Lord. you speak the Word and from the heart! keep up the good work, the Lord changes lives for His glory through you.

Wen tingContact via email (3/3/2010)
from China
“ Great Sermon! ”

Tami SouthwardContact via email (2/23/2010)
from Las Vegas NV
“ Great Sermon! ”
I don't know how to go about it but I would love to have you come speak to the youth at the church that I attend. I know that I have made so many mistakes in raising my children in that I should have been a better example in Christ and not try to win them as friends as well as a parent. I now struggle with what to do to get them to become radicle for Christ or at best sure they are saved. I don't even know that anymore. My oldest children are now 32 and 27 and i have a 15 yr old that seems to have lost interest in the things of God. Is it bcoz he has no peer examples to go by, even in church? I don't know, it is a possibility. I am not the best example but when I do wrong I am quick to acknowledge it and let him know I disobeyed God. Thank you for the awesome message. I'm not sure why or how I even ended up on this site to hear it. I was working on a paper for school and all of a sudden I came to a halt and started listening to this message! Divine interruption. i was looking for things on the internet for my paper and came across this so i listened. Again thank you for your obedience in Christ. Tami Southward

Gary GaroutteContact via email (2/14/2010)
from Mount Vernon, MO
“ Great Sermon! ”
A message that should be preached over and over. I commend Paul Washer as one of a very few men who has the zeal, the fire, and the conviction to preach it. The people who have complained about it being too strong are part of the problem... not the solution. I would think that some of those young people at that meeting came away better young soldiers for the Lord. If only one of them did, the sermon was a major success.

Arthur Kaye (9/27/2009)
from Greece
“ Great Sermon! ”
As I was listening to this message,I was grieved,I sorrowed,I wept that Gods glory is not at all regarded by so many so called "professing christians" I thank God for sending Mr Washer into His harvest field.Oh may we who are genuinely saved join our prayers together that Christianity be purged by the Spirit of this devilish leaven that has infected all true saving religion

Jeanine PContact via email (8/27/2009)
from USA
“ Powerful, Wonderful Sermon ”
This sermon is among the best I have ever heard! Paul Washer preaches like the old time preachers, with so much meat from the word of God. I have listened to other sermons by this man of God, and I have heard him say he doesn't use the KJV on the mission field, that it is one of the hardest versions to use with those who don't speak English. I am not a fan of all the new versions, but if this man can preach with the power that he does, it proves my point that dividing the body of Christ over the KJV is not right. I hope Paul Washer continues to preach the truth of God's word with the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit for many years to come.

Matthew connallyContact via email (6/21/2009)
from Seneca sc
“ Great Sermon! ”
I hate this easybelieveism being taught today.Look at this website and see for yourself.I thank God for men like Paul Washer who stand against this damndable heresy.

Paul Washer (4/13/2009)
“ Clarification on Billy Graham ”
With Paul Washers' permission, I (Matt Haney of Grace Community Church in San Antonio, Texas) am posting below a private response that Paul Washer sent to someone else concerning Billy Graham, which should shed some light on the issue... "I have always sought to be charitable regarding those who preach in the name of Christ. This has been especially true in the case of Billy Graham. However in the last year I have seen and heard several things regarding his beliefs and ministry that have led me to withdraw any recommendation of his person and preaching. I regret my past positive statements regarding the man and his ministry. It saddens me, but I would have to now agree with your conclusions. He is either suffering from some sort of dementia or he has denied Christ as the only way, truth, and life." Your brother, Paul

Kowalski (4/9/2009)
from North Branch, N.Y.
“ Please be aware! . . . ”
This was a very good, hard-hitting sermon. However, please be aware that Paul Washer seems to indirectly recommend Billy Graham during this sermon. Billy Graham believes there are multiple ways to salvation. That is from Billy's own mouth. Perhaps Mr. Washer is unaware of this, but the listener should be aware of it. When a preacher fails to warn his listeners of the dangers of the ecumenical Billy Graham, but rather promotes Graham, spiritual red flags should start to go up. Please do your own research on Billy Graham. He has been deceiving people for decades!

Rosana (3/17/2009)
from Gosford, Australia
“ Dura e esta palavra! ( Hard is this teaching!) ”
I've been extremely blessed by this preaching and I'm sharing with everyone I can, in my homeland Brazil and here in Australia. The reactions are always the same "I never heard anything like that before" - what is a sad truth. In their attempt to "gain" the world, some churches have forgotten what they suppose to be preaching: repent and believe.

PauloContact via email (1/28/2009)
from Cebu City, Philippines
“ What A Tremendous Blessing ”
oh wow, after i have heard this sermon, i wept and examined myself. i found out that after these years of being in a Christian family and professing faith to Jesus Christ, i was completely wretched. And so i truly asked God to save me. Now I can see the changes. I can see how God is working in my life. What a joy! What a blessing-the unspeakable gift. Tremendous. tremendous. Paul Washer and I share the same story, and now i am feeling the burden too... Oh, thank God, thank God. Glory to God in the highest!

levi clordeartaContact via email (12/2/2008)
from panabo city,philippines
“ Maayo si Hesus ”
Friends i encourage you to listen the message of brother Paul Washer not this shocking message but some of his audio preaching that will encourage and will remind you of your walk with God and its my prayer that God will raise up diversities of gifts just like Paul who have a true character of GOd...

levi clordearta (11/17/2008)
from philippines,davao
“ Glory to God ”
its my prayer that God will awakened our country phillipines specially among the ministers,kapatid lets continue to pray and learned of what Paul shared

Cliff Leckey (11/16/2008)
from N.Ireland
“ Great Sermon! ”
After hearing this sermon I sat down and examined myself, to make sure I was genuinely Born Again, so the preacher accomplished his God Given Task.

Denise ShannonContact via email (10/19/2008)
from Southern California
“ I'm Shocked! ”
The thing I find the most shocking is how many in my Christian circle are offended by this sermon. If you're offended and think this is too hard, than something is wrong with you spiritually, because he is preaching straight from the Bible. There is nothing that can be argued here. Keep listening to more of Paul Washer's messages if you want to grow. I've been challenged for the past couple of months since I've stumbled onto this sermon.

christopher robin (10/14/2008)
from California
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow! and Ouch! Good "spiritual butt-whipping" and CONVICTION! So many Christians (me first) need this!! Thank you and God bless you!!

Eli (10/7/2008)
from Minnesota
“ WoW ”
I am a young teenager and watching this video made me realize that i am not at all were i should be. Thinking back i can pick out hundreds of times where i compared myself to someone else. And after comparing myself to that person i belived that because they were "ok" with God, and i'm like them so naturally i'm "ok" to. I have forgotten who it is that i should be comparing myself to. And now that i am back on track, i find that i have alot of work to do. But thats ok because i'd rather spend my life keeping myself in line then spend it living a life that is "ok" only to find out in the end that i was living a lie unto myself. Thank you.

AbbieContact via email (9/25/2008)
from Philippines
“ not only for america ^_^ PHILIPPINES too ”
this sermon should also be given to the filipinos ^_^ i am a filipino, and look at this place now :( before, it used to be, the only christian nation in asia... and guess what? beware of pickpocketers

casey foley alexandreContact via email (9/23/2008)
from boston
“ I totally agree..cont. ”
(cont.)... I was a catholic but i had done most of those things because i was taught that no one is perfect and we are all saved by Jesus. After going to a Brazilian Methodist church for the past 6 years i understand now why my husband is the way he is. He really has the holy spirit living inside of him. he thinks about God before everything he does, and so do i now that i have really accepted Jesus into my heart. It gets lonely because my family is not really christian, so there is a wall between us now, and they love to blame it on my husband and my church... my wedding is what you might refer to as a dry wedding and because of that many of my family members and old high school friends didn't show..all of which claim to be believers and think they are going to heaven, but couldn't go to one party without getting drunk! i have no American friends anymore, because i have nothing in common with them. all of my friends are Brazilian...not because of their nationality, but because of their morals..thanks for the video..sorry about how long this is!! God bless and Praise Jesus!

casey foley alexandreContact via email (9/23/2008)
from boston
“ I totally agree.. ”
I never went to church until i was 17, but i said i was catholic because that's what my parents told me. what made me go to church was my new boyfriend (now my husband). He grew up in his home country of Brazil as a christian. It was shocking to me that he never drank a beer or smoked a cigarette and he was a virgin (he was 21 when i started dating him)...cont.

Bro. Arnel (8/25/2008)
from philippines
“ GOD SPEAKS through man is a reality! ”
ALL CHRISTIANS IN THE PHILIPPINES MUST HEAR THIS MESSAGE and be torn into pieces to be built by God again in the image of Christ, not for the gratification of the flesh and pride of life but for the GLORY OF GOD, AS WHAT GOD has done in me.

Laura (8/18/2008)
from Boston
“ Great Sermon! ”
I tried to get the elders of my church to watch it but none of them thought it worthy of their time. They all told me that he was interesting but stopped watching after only a few minutes. I have watched this so many times. I have heard so many other messages from him. The one thing that I hear in all of them is such a deep love in his heart for the lost who think they are not; such love!

Guy Paul LacelleContact via email (8/15/2008)
from Ottawa Canada
“ God Bless brother Paul ”
I can't get enough of listening to this sermon..very often is tears. I had my teenagers and my wife listen to it and encouraged all my "christian" friends listen to it as well. All Christians needs to hear this sermon...all.

Paul Henson (7/31/2008)
“ This is the kool-aid that America needs to drink ”
Wow! God has truly blessed Bro. Paul with his testimony, witness and message. Because of this sermon, my life and youth ministry will be changed forever.

chris phillipsContact via email (7/14/2008)
from roanoke va
“ Great Sermon! ”
What a bold preacher preaching the truth. The problem in todays christianity is they dont want to hear the truth because they will have to start to live by it. Thank God for your ministry.

Jossher700 (7/12/2008)
from Clark, NV
“ Great Sermon! ”
If this church did not invite Paul Washer back he is very much welcome to preach at my church.

Kimberly StewartContact via email (6/30/2008)
from Indiana
“ Thank you Thank you Thank you ”
Thank you for letting God use you and for being un-afraid to speak the truth. Moreover, your love for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is what made this message so inspirational for me as well as convicting. Once again Thank You. P.S. may we post your sermons (audio and video) on our website?

Pastor TomContact via email (6/9/2008)
from Georgia
“ Great Sermon! ”
I pray that of the 100,000 people who listened to this sermon at least 50% will have learned how to preach and preach the Gospel. I praise God for the remnant in America who still have ears to hear. I praise God for Pastors who are worthy watchdogs; Isaiah 56:10-12.

pastor obiContact via email (5/30/2008)
from cyprus
“ Great Sermon! ”
A word is not of GOD if it didn't create a capacity for change and growth in in a Christians life/spirit..This message did just that.This is a message that brings to our spirit the very reason why Christ died for mankind.

Liz (5/14/2008)
from New Zealand
“ Spread it around! ”
This message is circulating around our friends and family and is feeding those who are hungry and thirst for righteousness. Couple this sermon with Paul Washer's series on Biblical Assurance and God really starts working in your heart. But this also comes with a deep burden for the lost and those listening to the 'modern gospel'.

lexi brunnette (5/6/2008)
from az
“ more sermons like this... ”
this preacher was awesome, very convicting... Note: This comment was edited down to just the part that actually pertained to the sermon.

Derek (4/30/2008)
from Missouri
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great message. This is the type of preaching I have been blessed to hear for many years in Fundamental Baptist churches. I have left many services untterly broken, yet happy for God's constant rebuke and cleansing. If America's pulpits were like this, we would not have half of the problems we are now facing. There was a day when alter calls were given to Christians to repent for going to movies, and those were the ones 50 years ago. Churches practiced church discipline for gossiping. Personal seperation was expected. Can anyone really tell a Christian young lady from the world any more? Or a young man who hasn't pierced and tattoed his body? Oh that all of America's pulpits were like this!

Janice CashContact via email (4/17/2008)
from Moreauville, Louisiana
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am an older lady. I thought that sermon really hit the spot. I feel the same way as you do. God is calling us to walk holy before him, but today you don't see it, and naturally they are going to reject a sermon like that because they want their cake and eat it to, they are worldly and they think that they will go to heaven. Keep preaching the word of God no matter what people think we need to please God other then men. Keep up the good work....Jan Cash

Evangelism 101 (3/29/2008)
from Tennessee
“ Great Sermon! ”
More needed meat for my bones. I don't know if my church would take it as well as that one did, it sure needs it though.

aroyalpriestContact via email (2/26/2008)
from Florida
“ Powerful, Shocking, Biblical!!! ”
Thank God for Paul Washer. This is exactly what I needed. It has transformed my life. For the longest time I thought I was saved. I prayed the "stupid silly and supertitious" prayer, however it DID NOT SAVE ME NOR COULD IT. Salvation is by Grace through faith and that faith is preceded and followed by Repentance. It was upon this realization that would change my life. This is the kind of preaching we need, not this humanistic self centered "would you like to go to heaven" stuff. Praise Jesus!

GinaContact via email (2/22/2008)
from Costa Rica
“ Praise the Lord!!!! ”
I thank God that there are still people out there that are willing to STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH. God Bless!!!!!!!!!

Gail ShifflettContact via email (2/13/2008)
from North Carolina, USA
“ Wonderful message, Paul!!! ”
What a great sermon this was! One that EVERYONE- new Christians, old Christians, pastors, evangelists, youth leaders and even unsaved people- need to hear. The fact that Paul would not get invited back again to preach at this place shows us the condition of the "church" in America today! We need to stop sending missionaries overseas and start sending them HERE- to "churches" in America! And a good place to start is with the televangelists on TBN and other "Christian" networks.

Jeremy UKContact via email (1/31/2008)
from Nottingham, England
“ You Don't Need Good News if there's No Bad News! ”
Driving up the A1 some months ago, I was overtaken by the Spirit of God as I became aware of Church Spire after Church Spire every 2-3 miles pointing to the sky but like tombstones. I wept uncontrollably as God showed me the tattered remains of what was once a great Christian nation. I moved out of Charismatic Chaos and into Reformation theology with the help of some wonderful US baptist preachers. Thank you Paul, for confirming what I already knew to be true. Without access to a clear message of repentance, saving faith is an impossibility.

Ken P (1/22/2008)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great Sermon! We need to preach the word in season and out of season. We need to let all people know the way to be saved.

Taylor (12/20/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I think that it was a great sermon but wrong audience. There is a proper time and place for things of that nature and you have to look at the bigger picture in something like this where youth are at a point of uncertainity anyway, is this really the best approach. I personally think that it would hinder more than help. Even though the sermon was great. I personally loved it and it inspired me and put some things in check in my personal spiritual life.

Raul (12/9/2007)
from Deep South
“ A Real Awakening Sermon! ”
It is sobering to hear the truth about the way we really are today. People need to know the way to salvation is not just saying your saved but living it and putting it into practice the way the Bible says it to be so. People need to pray before reading the Bible to understand it and not just trust what they are being told by a pastor or church member because they too can be wrong no matter how old or how long they proclaim to study it. People need to research how during the Enquisition people paid with their lives to know the truth about the Bible for which we take for granted today!

sandra (12/8/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I'm speechless,I have been waiting for 26 years for a preacher like this. well done and God Bless.

JoelContact via email (12/4/2007)
“ Good Stuff ”
Fantastic truth. Oh how we, especially the youth being raised under false Christianity, need to know the absolute Truth in God's Word. Kudos for his laying down himself to speak the harsh reality of the Word.

Harvey AmbroseContact via email (12/1/2007)
from Mid South
“ Great Sermon! ”
Good Sermon and interesting comments. Some many of you express how convicted you were by the sermon; but it almost seems that you think there is some kind of virtue in the conviction. The proper response to conviction is prayer and supplication, repentance and faith. Seek God's salvation in prayer until He persoanally answers and tells you that He's forgiven you. There is still a group of old-time missionary baptist churches in this country who believe and teach like brother Washer, but none of us are still in the SBC.

NatashaContact via email (11/21/2007)
from Oklahoma
“ Beautiful message straight from the Bible ”
The tears welled up in my eyes when I heard you speak the very things I was being critisized myself for saying. I was beginning to believe that I was somehow misinterpreting the Bible because so many people were angry at me for pointing out their fake Christianity. My husband is one of those people, he was babtized at 9 years old and still to this day I can not convince him that just cause he took a bath in a church is he really going to heaven. It is so nice to know there is still someone out there who cares more for the sinner than his own pocketbook. I love your sermons.

Samuel (11/12/2007)
from Oklahoma
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am in shock & it's a good shock! Thank you so much for this sermon. via email (9/30/2007)
“ ”
I absolutely love this sermon. It convicted me, and I've been going to church for YEARS without change. Now I see that I may not have been a Christian for all that time. How powerful, and how great is our God. Bless Brother Paul. Please visit my blog at http://areturntochristianity.b and check back regularly for updates! If you've listened to this sermon, another great one is "Hell's Best Kept Secret" by Ray Comfort, which can be found at For tracts, go to http://www.customtractsource.c om/

Brian & Yvette LandreneauContact via email (9/24/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!! He still has His men out there preaching the TRUTH that the Holy Spirit brings home to the lost soul and men are SAVED!!!! Praise God! His mercy endureth forever!!

peter ssContact via email (9/21/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon,Good point about superstition in the modern baptist church,walking the aisle,making decisions ect,read james e adams on decisional regeneration for the truth about that. peter ss

maryContact via email (8/11/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”

Keith Regel Llanos (8/3/2007)
“ All-Time Shocking and Convicting! ”
He is a man of God! God struck down His sword to me and convicted me... It is evident that God is working to this man and He (God) wants us to thirst for Him, draw closer and closer to Him, for His purpose, glory and honor. Thank you pastor Paul for teaching me how to be saved... Glory and honor be to Him alone!!

Don R.Contact via email (7/17/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon was unbelievable. I/we desperately need men like these once again in our pulpits. Let us all beg the Lord for solid, true Biblical preaching like bro. Paul preached hear. It is cutting but so neccesary. It's hard for me to think how many people will be lost thinking this preaching is not neccesary or too strict or too legal. This man cares for souls! Don R. [N.J.]

Don R.Contact via email (7/17/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is no wonder that Bro. Paul was not invited back. How sad that is though. It shows that many " Christians" cannot/do not want to hear Biblically, 100 % percent sound preaching such as bro. Paul's message. I/we desperately need to hear this truth, even if it hurts. My/our souls are at stake. Let us pray that God will call more pastors to America that will preach this same truth, while there's still time. Don R.

Jonathan VasuContact via email (7/16/2007)
“ Whatta Sermon!!!!!!! ”
What a message every serious Christian needs to here! It really helped me especially since Im still a 'babe in Christ'. God has certainly used this message to warn and strengthen me and Id like to encourage everyone to re hear until Paul Washer's message permeated into our very being. May God bless him and keep him faithful. I love you Paul for loving Christ enough to be so blunt with the truth. May your tribe increase!. May God raise man like you all over the world that will raise His standard high above all mediocrity!

wayne sprouleContact via email (7/10/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I attend a convention baptist church. The 'sermons' are just plain sickening at present. Someone is passing around both the cd and dvd of this messsage. PTL. The result is amazingly profitable. The divide among our youth over this dart to the heart is like the difference between Heaven and Hell. Wayne

Robin Baitz (6/26/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is definitely a wake up call for the Church and how it communicates Gospel truth and for the make believers. It was convicting to me!

Limavady BoyContact via email (6/26/2007)
“ The truth ”
So refreshing to hear the truth again. When you've drip fed 'seeker friendly' style sermons, the truth slowly blurs to social action and feel good psychology. I'm glad I heard this sermon, and the truth of God's Word it contained. Thanks...

Bob R. (6/22/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
We should not be surprised that this preacher of the Gospel has not been invited back. Even though I am a southern Baptist, I am dismayed at the "feel good" theology that is becoming more pervasive in the SBC as well as other denominations. Too many "believers" think they had the last voice in their salvation. For this reason, men like Brother Washer will never be popular with the feel good, seeker sensitive crowd. I thank God that He has given us men like Brother Washer.

EmmanuelContact via email (6/19/2007)
“ Another Paul of to-day ”
Praise God for such messages &I thank Bro. Paul also for giving such revival youth messages May God bless Paul We thank for internetting the same

AshleyContact via email (6/18/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
That message is awesome. He did not sound like any baptist preacher I ever heard. Not even Billy Graham. Thank for someone who is not afraid to preach the whole consel of God. Praise the Lord!

MaxContact via email (6/15/2007)
“ Nothing shocking, just the truth ”
I was listening through this message to find out what was so shocking. Here's the answer: NOTHING!!! I believe the fact that he was not invited back proves 2 TIMOTHY 4 VERSES 1-5 to be right. I need to abide every day by his word, so should every true christian. PRAISE THE LORD FOR BROTHER PAUL WASHER

Stick To The Word (6/14/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I've heard a lot of teachings. But wow, you've got to hear this one. I know there are a lot of comments on this one, but I just had to throw mine in to get people to listen to this message. I frequently listen to the last quarter of this message.

Paul B in EnglandContact via email (6/12/2007)
“ Awesome Sermon! ”
Paul is rightly very challenging in this sermon. It is God's word he is stating not his. It is easy to get trapped into the world and it's thinking especially in the west. ALL Christians need to be reminded and reminded and reminded of this truth, Thank you Paul for your courage.

BrandonContact via email (6/6/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I find it interesting that so many comment on the fact that this is a great sermon, which i agree it is. My question is, why is it that we as the 'church' have so few who preach this way. If this is true and we are prone to say that it is, then why do we not live like it and why do we still listen and follow those who do not believe the same word of truth? If you listened and agreed you must also be changed. Are You? Have I?

Jay A. (6/6/2007)
I HIGHLY and STRONGLY recommend anyone who calls themselves a serious christian to listen to this sermon. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST HEAR!!!!

NsikanContact via email (6/1/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This about the 5th time I am listening to this message and I thank the Lord all the time because it reminds me always where I am and where I should be. I have sent it to many of my friends and will continue. May the Lord Jesus strengthen Bro Washer, Sermonaudio and all who listened and repented on hearing the word of the Lord in Jesus Name.Amen.

laurie B.Contact via email (5/25/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
May God raise up more preachers like Paul Washer. Sadly, America has a superficial form of Christianity and even leaders of our churches are blinded by their own worldliness. Many are under the impression that when the rapture occurs, so many Americans will suddenly vanish, thus causing the collapse of this nation. I fear there will be little impact on this country if the rapture were to happen today. Let us all pray for America, for she is sliding headfirst directly into the pit of hell. God bless you Pastor Washer.

Wayne M. (5/22/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for powerful Biblical message. It has caused me to re-examine my life.

Nathaniel DowContact via email (5/21/2007)
“ A Sermon Given by God Through Man ”
The Sermon is a Sermon Given by God preached by a man following God. I agree with him he should not get credit for it because it is of God not him. He is but a vessel carrying the message. we Christians are still looking at the messenger and not the message. amen He preached a good Message. Instead of thank you Lord for those words that you sent me through a man, You Lord gave him his salvation, his righteousness, his opertunity to speak thank you Lord. Are we of Apollos are we of Paul? no but of God. A messenger is but a man the truth is of God.

ROBERT SPAGNUOLOContact via email (5/14/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”

Pastor Wesley SmithContact via email (5/10/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
America needs more honest preaching, just like Pastor Paul Washer delivers!

JoshuaContact via email (4/26/2007)
from Indiana
“ Don't be found asleep when the master returns! ”
The church is asleep...but preaching like this, truly walking in the spirit of God, may wake up some our lost brothers and sisters! We must work to alter this reality. We are in the presence of God. He is not simply in our presence. He is almighty and endures forever as we are the lost sheep! Thank you brother! Note: This comment was edited to take out content not related to the sermon.

Jacksony (4/22/2007)
from NSW Australia
“ Eye-Opening. ”
Incredible, simply incredible. So many messages portrayed with so much love and deep emotion, one cannot help but praise God for such a terrific message and preacher and want a change )for the better) in their lives. Really recommended to any and every Christian out there who has even the smallest idea that there is something wrong about the way they live; EVERYONE can take at least something from this sermon and put it into their daily lives. My personal favourite was the "It's whether Jesus Christ knows YOU" Thankyou Mr.Washer, thankyou.

Erik FeslerContact via email (4/22/2007)
from Tucson, AZ
“ Great Sermon! ”
Hmmm... ouch! I've watched this video several times now. I've had my wife watch it. We are going to have our teenage daughter watch it with us now too. This is a voice of truth that all Christians need to hear. Several of us at our church are starting to pass the link to this video around. Our pastor saw the video, and has informed ALL of the staff to watch it, especially the youth pastors. Oh Lord, change us!!

Ryan GonzalesContact via email (4/20/2007)
from Ventura County, CA, USA
“ Amazing - can't stop listening... ”
I am truly excited to hear this sermon... Does anyone know where the version of this with music is located? I heard it once on ODEO, but since then I can't seem to find it... I may have to make it myself...

Jay MiklovicContact via email (4/19/2007)
from Toledo, Ohio
“ Sobering ”
This is not a message that everyone ELSE needs to hear. It is truth and you need to hear it, and so do I. It is not a pleasant sermon that we sit around and say "Yippie what a message." It is a sad an sobering assesment of the truth. I have found that many like hard preaching like this just because it is hard preaching. Many like this sermon because it is just what everyone else in this world needs, and it empowers them to go out and be hard with everyone else. Do not miss the point. Paul Washer, as I perceive, was broken about this message. Do not even dare go to the world with a message this hard until you yourself have been broken by it, then and only then can we preach with this boldness, and loving abrasiveness. I have talked to others who have heard this message, and gone to their youth fellowships to preach like this because they want to preach with this type of power. Desiring this power for power's sake is nothing different than Simon the Socerer attempting to purchase the Holy Spirit. Thankyou Mr. Washer for humbly preaching.

leti, fairfield,nsw australia (4/18/2007)
“ he who truely loves u will speak the truth ”
thank you so so much, for this very powerful moving sermon. you have brought out the best of what a true loving spirited man can give and that is the "truth"

Ann-MariContact via email (4/18/2007)
from Norway
“ Great Sermon! ”
Really a sermon that people need to hear especially in the westworld where the socalled churchgrowth-movement has got so strong foothold. I wish more preachers could tell the truth as this preacher does in this sermon... Note: This post has been edited in length. When Paul Washer quoted Billy Graham about statistics it was not to support his teaching or theology, but to prove a point to those who use Graham's methods from Graham himself.

Nicholas LoweryContact via email (4/16/2007)
from Florence, Al
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have heard of you. Paul Washer, from people who did a horrible job of being Christians. When I read that this message was shocking I checked it out to see what was so shocking about it. I also read somewhere that you were not welcomed back after this. That is what sadden me the most. That a message that parts I have heard before and belived and told myself, "This is what is really all about" is one that wasn't taken well by the people there. It also sadden me becuase I am just as easy to blame for living like that. Not trying to be God centered enough. I thank you so much for this message. I ask for your prayers that I won't take Jesus lightly. God bless you.

Anna (4/14/2007)
from Queensland, Australia
“ Tremendous!! ”
This sermon is true and i don't care how much it hurts people its true none the less and i say it for everyone's good! God bless Paul Washer and the Lord help us to wake up and live a holy life according to the Lord! Young people i'm 18 and i decided to live for jesus and i don't care what comes in my way. Keep Pressing on Youth and peoples Lord help us!!

Ivan (4/13/2007)
from Tulsa, ok
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for the sermon. Thank you for speaking the truth!!

C.S. (4/13/2007)
from Ewa, Hawaii
“ Where can i start ”
A God-Loving man told me to watch this video and after I did I was so broken, but happy that someone was not preaching the watered down theres-a-god-shaped-hole-in-your-heart and-if-you-ask-jesus-to-come-in-he'll-give-you everything you need and just say this prayer for me. Don't get me wrong, I really do love some people that do preach like that, but they are ultimately assuring people that they are going to hell.

Mark L Loving (4/12/2007)
from Indiana
“ Great Sermon! ”
A much needed message that all hear in American need to hear.

www.Bio.DavidOsborne.NetContact via email (4/12/2007)
from Baghdad, Iraq
“ Great Sermon! ”
My dad e-mailed this sermon link to me.. I was encouraged/challenged by it. The TRUTH plainly spoken period ! I pray that EVERY Christian hears this message.

R.Bani (4/11/2007)
from Vanuatu, South Pacific
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow, I am so blessed. We need people like Paul who will speak nothing but the truth. May God bless your Ministry

danielContact via email (4/7/2007)
from macon, GA
“ Great Sermon! ”
so many great truths in this message and so many false teaching exposed. A shocking message to all who profess to know Jesus Christ whether they be saved or not. Praise God for this!! God gets all the glory for this!!! Also, did you realize he knew he wouldnt be asked back...through God and im sure experience Paul Washer knew how people would and do react to the truth especially here in America. My God is highly to be praised for this and i needed this, Amen!

julie (4/3/2007)
from Texas
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon! My son was given the sermon and brought it home for us to listen too. I can't tell you how awesome it was. That sermon has spread to many people since then. My oldest son listened to it and God spoke to his heart in a great way. He began reading his Bible to learn more about God's Word and is on fire. Continue preaching the Word!

Alan LesterContact via email (4/2/2007)
from Gauteng, South Africa
“ Great Sermon! ”
Dearest Brother Paul Oh that God would grant more PREACHING like this. May God grant you the grace to preach even more boldly and to delight your heart even more in Himself. I thank Him for the grace He has given you. Alan

LuMeLContact via email (3/14/2007)
from U.S.A.
“ Great Sermon! ”
WOW! God bless Paul Washer for having the courage to say the truth. I needed to hear this for we seam to forget what cristianity is... GOD IS HOLY!!!

neydi gerenaContact via email (3/14/2007)
from meriden
WOW!!!i praise god that he opened my eyes.his holy spirit convicted me and by his grace i listened..he touched me when u said about the clothing.i would dress to impress. but thank god i prayed to him that he provides me with money so that i can change my wardrobe..and also about respecting my parents.i didint treat them bad in my eyes but in gods eyes i did. thank the lord for HIS rebuking. thats how much he loves us that he warns us before its too late..god bless u all

Dedrick BriggsContact via email (3/12/2007)
from Greensboro, NC
“ Great Sermon! ”
Ministry Washer I am a member of New Jerusalem Cathedral and I am 22 yrs old. I listened to your youth conference messeger and some others via "Way Of The Master" and I thought it was incredibly truthful and led by the Holy-Spirit. Atleast some were convicted enough to either get saved or rededicate. your message really checked me and made me think about whether I was truly living for the Lord or self, thank you for sacrificing yourself for the Lord. pray for me that I may be able to endure the same way.

JayboContact via email (3/12/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon is very powerful sermon! This type preaching is very motivational to me. Thank you for obeying the Lord. Thank You, Jaybo

Someone who has been shakenContact via email (3/1/2007)
from at work---Hbg, Pa
“ Truth & Change... ”
My LORD, My LORD, I'm sooo glad that I know You & You know me. This is something that is a necessity among the Body, yes indeed! I have been changed recently and this has stirred me up again... My God! I thank & give our God all the praise & glory for the Truth that has been spoken. And the thing about it was it wasn't emotion speaking and trying to entertain because you could feel the Holy Spirit shaking and stirring as you listened. If you didn't, you must be dead or something. I have received confirmation for somethings that I believe God has placed in me and i'm not going to delay any longer! You are in my prayers Min. Washer! Please, please, don't stop! Continue, Be strong, of good courage, and keep preaching the Truth! your fellow servant, T.W. note: This comment was lightly edited to remove content not related to the sermon.

Mark (2/17/2007)
from Atlanta
“ This is a real blessing! ”
Brother Washer, I heard you preach at a Men's Conference hosted by Don Currin Ministries about 3 or 4 years ago. You were a blessing then and , after listening to this message, you are still a blessing. Brother, I am truly encouraged to hear that the Lord is moving in your life and as a result others are taking notice. I was even more encouraged to hear about how this sermon has affected the students at a Canadian Christain College. You, your family, and your ministry will remain in my prayers! Lord bless you!

a teenager (2/16/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Amen! (What kind of nation are we becoming so that even so-called Christians cannot stomach the truth of the Bible as Pr Washer preached it?) Pray for America!

Niko P. (2/10/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Yeehaahewweyy!! Preach it brother! I have been in the ministry and listened to many a sermons, but this one gets my spirit rumblin. I am thinking about everyone that needs to hear this. It is true, the sinners prayer is not biblical. Paul tells us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Also, I believe we can go on a mission right here in the states. We need to start preaching the truth to eachother. The bible says wounds from a friend can be trusted, but and enemy multiplies kisses. I am grateful that my church believes in rebuking. I just got slammed for my pride a couple months ago, but I was able to see how I was hurting my wife. It was very eye-opening, and it made me grateful in the long run for the stern correction. Love you all. Don't be afraid to speak the truth in love.

AbigailContact via email (2/7/2007)
from PA
“ Great Sermon! ”
My mother said it best, "It used to be you had to evangelize the heathen, (those who didn't know any better) now we have to evangelize those who think they're saved." I've literally made about 30 copies of this, giving correct copyright, and am handing them out! Pray that God may use them! : )

Rob (2/4/2007)
from White Bear Lake, Minnesota
“ Great Sermon! ”
WOW!! I was literally weeping as I was listening to this sermon by Paul. I am a youth worker and my heart began to ache for them as he was preaching. Why don't enough churches and ministry preach this?!

Larry A. JonesContact via email (2/4/2007)
from Beaumont, TX
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon was excellent! It's not too often you hear a preacher actually teach what the Bible really says instead of what Southern Baptists have been wanting it to say for the last 50 years or so. He is absolutely correct. The "sinner's prayer" is not biblical. True repentence is "not like a flu shot"--a one-time thing and then it's over. If you are a true Christian, it will be evidenced by your fruit! I am so sick of the easy-believism that is so prevailant in American Christianity! We need more preachers like Paul. Great sermon. Good job, Paul Washer.

Philip (2/3/2007)
from Coeur D Alene Idaho
“ Amazing Sermon ”
If you like milk toast thumbsucking Christianity don't listen to this sermon.America needs more preachers like this servant of God.

CherylContact via email (1/29/2007)
from Australia
“ This Does Your Heart Good ”
The sad, all-too-common phenomenon of the hour in Western religious circles: Christianity without Christ. I would’ve liked to see Bro. Washer go even further, but if a man is doing that, I don’t know that he will be invited by such a venue to preach in the first place? Frankly, it’s going to take more than this because we grieved away the Holy Ghost long ago. “And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, Pastors and ... political activists? ...” Apart from oddities like Paul Washer, the last mentioned is about all we have left these days. Don’t conditions bespeak eloquent enough testimony to prove it an accurate observation?  It seems we will get nowhere in America unless we’re hated a lot more for the Truth. One wonders if it may indeed take modern martyrs for Truth to even begin to turn the tide there? An old fiery preacher of the past who is also featured here, this being Rolfe Barnard, saw that we had grieved away the Holy Ghost from our churches. May God have mercy on us all and help us get back to Him!

Don (1/28/2007)
from Detroit Area
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon hit me right between the eyes.

neil mclaineContact via email (1/27/2007)
from london england
“ Great Sermon! ”
this sermon gave me the lift i needed as a baby in christ, it puts everything in perspective and has helped me refocus my attention on the word. god bless brother washer!

ChuckContact via email (1/27/2007)
from Chicago
“ Very Good Sermon! ”
We need more prophets: or those that are willing to proclaim the truth, the best they know how, to the extent that they know it. This is just a warning call to the Arminian style preaching and the doctrines to which they hold. The Bible teaches that the only way people believe the truth and come to Christ is through the operation of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that "All that the Father giveth me SHALL come to Me." If God gave Christ the whole world, they would all come to Him. Paul said that he does "all things for the elect's sakes." We do not know who the elect are, but we do know that God will effectually reach these people. So all in all, a good sermon confronting the errors in his denomination. However, I was greatly moved personally in his assessment of true Christianity versus false Christianity: we truly must examine ourselves.

JohnContact via email (1/24/2007)
from Brisbane, Australia.
“ Great Sermon! ”
Every now and then I hear a sermon worth listening to. This is one of them. As a former Baptist Pastor, I have personally witnessed the destruction of a Church by "leaders" hell-bent on pushing the user-friendly, Rick Warren type of trash. Thank God there are still some who can still see through it. God Bless you Paul, and may your tribe increase.

Levi (1/21/2007)
from Ohio
“ Foundation on the truth through the word ”
This man was used by God to bring forth the things that our in the zone of "comfort" in the church and our daily lives. He throws the truth in our faces and we recognize exactly what is said. "Everyone wants to talk about a prophet, but no one wants to listen to one". I listened. And I heard God speak. We are all so conformed to the world and a nation of power and get relaxed in our lives. We have so much, but have so little. But if we have the LORD, we have everything! Never say no to the LORD... just go.

jude (1/20/2007)
from brisbane australia
“ Great Sermon! ”
I had previously commented on this sermon, around 9 months ago. It has bought lasting change into my life. I do not take my salvation lightly, now work it out with fear and trembling. I have become much more discerning and grateful to my Lord and Savior.I need the truth and the full gospel or I will die spiritually. Pastors please take note, preach sincerely the full counsel of God that will bring lasting fruit. NOTHING ELSE WILL. There are millions of people going to hell because they think they are saved, when they are not.

PV2 Robert OliverContact via email (1/15/2007)
from San Antonio, TX
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am 18 years old, and this sermon truly sparked the fire inside of me. I realize that I need to do better at living a christian life and letting my fruit prosper for Christ. God bless brother Washer and his ministry.

John (1/12/2007)
from San Jose, CA
“ Whew! ”
Whew! Can't remember the last time I heard such fear of, and love for the Lord as I did in THIS sermon. What a contrast to all the contemporary preaching, aparently designed to uplift Man rather than God!

Katherine SotoContact via email (1/12/2007)
from Central Florida
“ The Truth! ”
I loved this sermon! It brings truth and conviction. If you are not willing to obey the truth, you will be offended by it. Plain and simple.

Brent (1/11/2007)
from Kansas City
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon was greatly convicting.

mOnkContact via email (1/3/2007)
from Nebraska
“ Great Sermon! ”
Below I have cut and pasted my respond to Ingrid Schlueter on her Blog at Slice of Laodicea. Were it not for her re-posting of this sermon by Slice Blog reader I doubt I would have ever run onto it myself. Thanks so much for your ministry Pastor Washer. Ingrid, Thank you so much for posting this sermon as I've never heard it. I wept through much of it! All people everywhere who profess Jesus Christ as Lord need to spend an hour an listen to this message. I'm so grateful that I attend a church that exposit's God's word verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book, week in and week out. May the Lord continue to bless the ministries of those faithful Sheperds who earnestly contend for the faith of their flocks and sincerely take to heart the admonition given by Paul to Timothy in 2Timothy 4:1-5. With a grateful heart, mOnk Posted by: mOnk at January 3, 2007 01:32 PM

Mike Lee (12/21/2006)
from California
“ Great Sermon! ”
Really convicting sermon. In-your-face truth!

Michelle CurtisContact via email (12/20/2006)
from Brookings, Oregon
“ Praise God for this sermon!! ”
This sermon was what I have been praying for, for over a year now. God is so good and faithful. In short, He got the sermon to me on disc through a chance meeting with a stranger, turned friend. I listened and wept and praid all through it; it was an overwhelming answer to months of praying.....for truth. Thank you Lord for sending us this current day Jerrimiah...may we all repent and turn from our wickid ways and seek His face...and tell those He directs us, to do the same. I sent a copy of the cd to my entire family who are mostly carnal upset and convicted them, as it did me, (smile). I am just beginning to give it to women who come to the pregnancy care center (I am a councelor there) in our town as will upset them too(smile) Praise God for His faithfullness and longsuffering. We can all make a prayer and one heart at a time. We are giving it as a gift this christmas as will stun and anger most...(smile) praise God...He is so good~

Nova SneadContact via email (12/17/2006)
from California
“ Great Sermon! ”
..a prophetic rebuke... In the same vein as Jeremiah, shortly before Jerusalem was destroyed...

Bruce LanttoContact via email (12/16/2006)
from Harrisville, Michigan
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great Sermon. The last part of this sermon. The invitation was telling I was moved to tears that a preacher would weep and plead for true salvation to these young kids... -Note: This comment has been shortened to include only the content relating to the sermon.

Michael Gaudiosi (12/16/2006)
from Wolcott, CT
“ Great Sermon! ”
This was for me!

Gnosis (12/14/2006)
from Ontario,Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
Tremendous. Cuts to the chase. Shows how hypocritical we all are when it comes to Christianity.

Michael Haskins (12/4/2006)
from Richmond, Virginia
“ Much Needed Preaching ”
This man spoke the truth.

Eunice (11/30/2006)
from Singapore
“ Great Sermon! ”
i thank the Lord for this message. =)

Abdo (11/20/2006)
from Kuwait
“ A Great Blessing! ”
Since I first listened to this sermon and I just keep listening to it. It is very much like the miracle of feeding of the 5000, you can eat as much as you want and the blessings just not finish. Even today, from just reading the 95 comments (so far) I was greatly blessed. God bless you brother Paul

STEPHEN MCCOMB (11/19/2006)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Washer this sermon is very moving and challenging…this message should be preached all over the world. May the Lord Bless your work.

sarahContact via email (11/15/2006)
from Huntsville, Alabama
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have to admitt, this was a very hard message to listen to. It is full of truth and so very convicting. For a few months God has been showing me how shallow my Christian walk used to be and this message just verified what God has been saying. The teachings of Ray Comfort of the Way of the Master have been insturmental too. I am now much more conscious of being personally holy and sin is so big to me now. I think, though, if I listened to this kind of message every day I would want to crawl in a hole and not come out again. Maybe I am the only one?

albert (11/9/2006)
from Noerthern Ireland
“ Great Sermon! ”
What a wonderful message,the preacher is correct in all he said. My the Lord bless him for speaking the truth of what it means to have salvation in the LORD. Its not just about saying a prayer,then going and living like hell. There are a few people on this site who say they are trusting in the prayer they have said or on their church and its sacraments. To those who contend with me on this site I lay down a challenge for you to listen to this sermon,then come back and tell me if they are still trusting in their prayer and their papish church sacraments. But Hey Thats Why "ye must be born again"

J Hotham (11/7/2006)
from Ebermannstadt, Germany
“ Great Sermon! ”
Very, very powerful message. This message is definately a wake-up call to not only teens or 20-somethings, but also to those who recited the "Sinner's Prayer" years ago. Well said, well formulated, and Glory to God for working through Paul Washer to spread this message!

ScottContact via email (11/2/2006)
from Mpls Mn
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you so much brother for standing up for the truth. Its no wonder no one ever gets persecuted for preaching the gospel. Hardly anyone is preaching the true gospel. I am very saddened by "modern day evangelism" and see this false Christianity every time I go out into the streets to minister. I ministered something similar to your message on Monday night at Teen Challenge. I am so tired of messages being preached that are sending people straight to hell. I wept at your message.

LC (11/1/2006)
from Wahington
“ I wept. ”
I wept when I listened to this. I wept for our nation. I wept for my church. I wept for the condition of my heart. How refreshing to hear Gods truth.

Craig (10/30/2006)
from London,UK
“ Great Sermon! ”
Everyone reading these comments posted.I ask you please please to pray for some dear friends of mine whos names are Monica Palao,Veronique Toto and Daniel Lao.They are sincere Christians who really love the Lord but have been swept away by this evangelical/contemporary wave that is hitting the world like a storm.Like brother Paul says here in his sermon, you say law and they shout legalism.This is exactly what has happened to my friends and they are embracing the ways of the world,trying to bring it into Christianity.We all know though that friendship with the world is emnity with God.Please, please your prayers would be much appreciated.We know we battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and the dark forces of the devil and his angels.God is more powerful than this though and all our prayers combined we can see them soundly and safely come back to the ways the Lord intended.God bless,

RRHOOP5469 (10/29/2006)
from Ohio
“ AMEN!!! ”
Amen...God is getting tired of these lazy christians who do nothing the Bible says to do & sit back & let the atheists take our rights away. Lukewarm Christians. Everyone needs to hear this.

Viniyadas Abraham (10/21/2006)
“ Powerful Sermon! ”
When most of the Preachers are too concerned about their popularity, and ensure that they leave an impression amongst the audience for them to be called back, Br. Paul Washer stands completely different. His sincere words, "I don't care about reputation" and his desire to send his son to the worst part of the battlefield, powerfully proclaim that he is a true servant of the LORD. May God raise up many more Evangelists as Br. Paul Washer.

Sermon Grabber (10/16/2006)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Come on, JD and DB and Yamil. Here's your sermon that might straighten you all out. Lord knows you need it! Course, I know you're all skeered to listen.

Christian S. (10/3/2006)
from London, UK
“ Great Sermon! ”
this message is the next "sinners in the hand of an angry God" in our generation..

Bill JohnsonContact via email (10/1/2006)
from Kalamazoo Michigan
“ Great Sermon! ”
I listen to sermons everyday on my way to work, and it's about a 30 minute ride. Normally, I shut the sermon off when I get there and finish it later. Not so in this case! When I arrived at the shop my whole head was spinning, neck tingling. I turned off my ignition key and finished the last 20 minutes enraptured by this teaching. Then, as Paul Washer said the closing prayer, I leaned over my center console and wept uncontrollably for 3-5 minutes. I was humbled by this message in a way nothing else ever has. If you have not heard it.....You must. Then burn it onto a CD and give it to your Pastor, Mom, Dad, Friends, anyone whom you really love and want to grow in their spiritual walk. This teaching is from the Holy Spirit to you. Amen

Nigel TompsettContact via email (10/1/2006)
from Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
“ How Inspiring! ”
This sermon brought me to tears - what an inspiration! Praise God for preaching like this!

David (10/1/2006)
“ The Whole Truth ”
AS you can see,the truth is what the body of Christ and our lost world needs! No fun and games,no cheap gimmicks,no "watered-down",feel-good gospel presentation,no manipulation,just plain,bless God-ordained truth! Thank you Brother Paul for having the guts to preach this to our dying and lost youth and to our wicked nation. I am examing my own self because of my own worldliness,wickedness and hyprocrisy. Folks its all about Jesus and Him alone. I too am a southern Baptist and I know that we have relied on that "sinner's prayer" far too long and not seen the evidence of a changed life. We are saved by grace through faith as Ephesians 2:8-9 saids but we forget or disregard what verse 10 saids in the text. It states that we are his workmanship,created for good works in Christ Jesus. I hope that everyone passes this message along to others. Again,thanks brother Paul but most of all thank you Lord Jesus!

WBContact via email (9/20/2006)
from Texas
“ Wow! Where are more like this?! ”
This is something EVERYONE should hear. Not just youth. The Christians of America need to wake up and and be set apart. Throw away your TV, your gameboys and Play Stations! Dress modestly and get to know God.. Thank you Brother Paul for not "pulling punches." I need this, we need this.

EricContact via email (9/13/2006)
from Dayton, Ohio
“ Let the truth run wild! ”
Thank you for having the guts to preach this! This should be preached in every church in America!

john (9/11/2006)
from anaheim
“ Great Sermon! ”
praise the Lord in Pastor Washer!

Matt HaneyContact via email (9/8/2006)
from San Antonio, Texas
“ Lets not turn the comments into a Debate forum ”
The purpose of the comments section on SermonAudio (in my understanding) was never supposed to turn into a debate forum. I am the webmaster for GCC, but I am involved with many other ministiries (burning, labeling and mailing about 400 CDs a month, various deacon responsibilities, preaching, door to door evangelism, loving my wife, raising my daughter, having my own devotions & working a full time job) and I do not have the time to personally respond to every comment and I don't want this to turn into a debate forum with Christians battling out their positions when that can be done privately, as time allows (instead of filling the comment section with posts). If you have a concern about something then email it to us privately and as time allows we will respond.

Dustin Stevens (9/8/2006)
from British Columbia,Canada.
“ God bless you Brother Paul! ”
It is such an encouragement to see God working through your life, Your love for Him and for others, and your fervent passion to give up everything for Jesus Christ. Thankyou for your not holding back anything from God. I look up to you brother. Dustin Stevens British Columbia,Canada.

Pete H.Contact via email (9/6/2006)
from San Antonio, Texas
“ Great Sermon! ”
Heard an almost identical message almost two years ago. It's powerful and helped me come to christ and become a true convert. However, the devil is tricky and over time I was ravaged by guilt when I would fall. A great follow-up to this message is the one by Charles Spurgeon's Justification by Faith Alone Through Grace Alone: moninfo.asp?SID=15040458. I no longer let the devil reign on me when I fall. However, I make a concentrated effort to live in the spirit everyday/minute of my life. At last, I'm assured of my salvation. The beginning of the Journey start's will Paul Washer's message. God Bless Everyone. ----------------- --------- Added Note: Paul Washer teaches on Justificatoin in this sermon (The Greatest Text in the Bible): http://www.sermonau 6233222 Other sermons we have posted deal with Justificatoin as well (Rejoice in Your Justification! A Sermon for Believers Who Focus on Their Performance Too Much): http://www.sermonaud 202839

Doug mahadyContact via email (9/4/2006)
from pa
“ Great Sermon! ”
wow!!! what a message. it's a shame that there are not many preachers that speak like this anymore. I am a lone time pentcostal and we used to preach messages on holliness but we went more to preaching more what's the newest thing that hit's the christain bookstore. And many of our missions programs aren't the same. we also foucus more on tithes and our churches. than what is imporant souls being won to christ. and liveing a holy life is a lost doctrine. I am lucky i guess the church that I attand still preaches holliness and we foucus on winning the lost. And souls are being saved every week. And the no.1 foucus in our church is world missions. but I praay for the other Assamblies Of God churches that don't preach this.

K (8/31/2006)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Paul, thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to me today. I was hearing the audio sermon and was deeply convicted of my sinful life. Im a preacher and claimed that I was a servant of God until today. I want to live like Jesus himself in every area of my life. K India

Simon LeherContact via email (8/29/2006)
from United Kingdom
“ Get Everything Paul Washer Has! ”
Christians - Get everything Paul Washer has. I have downloaded every sermon and the teaching only gets better. I implore you to listen to this biblical preacher! God bless Simon

Nate Dicken (8/28/2006)
from Southwest VA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Anyone who has listened to this message I'd HIGHLY recommend you listen to his other message, "Regeneration & Self-Denial". Then again, listen to ANY of his messages! HeartCry's site has many. Also, you can find many on a href="http://www.grantedminist" Granted Ministries a . They are more honest and more core and more grounded on the Word of God than anything you hear in modern Christianity today...

Chris (8/28/2006)
from Los Angeles, California
“ Great Sermon! ”
uh oh.. the truth is coming out! (Flame) God's blessings are pouring out with the knowledge of the truth.

Wayne GuindonContact via email (8/27/2006)
from El Salvador
“ Tell it Again! ”
I heard Tony Campolo speak at Missions Fest to a group of youth..over 2000 people. HE DIDN'T EVEN OPEN THE BIBLE. Thank you Paul for speaking the truth about repentance and the telling the truth about the "pray this prayer after me". Here in El Salvador the baptist churches are the biggest offenders in this practice. We are supposedly a country with over 25% christians but we are in the top 5 most dangerous countries to live in. Don't try and tell me that christianity produces that kind of results. Thanks again for preaching about true repentance!

CorinneContact via email (8/27/2006)
from San Diego, California
“ This is what we need! ”
I've already commented on this sermon, but upon listening to it again I just feel the need to reiterate it's importance, especially on the topic of REPENTANCE! The prophets preached repentance, John the Baptist preached it, JESUS preached it, Paul did... so why don't we? Praise our Lord for the few men who do tell the truth that an honest encounter with the Living God will render a changed heart! It's not a "work" unto salvation, it is the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit at conversion, and anything less is simply NOT conversion. The gospel of Jesus Christ by the grace of God is the only thing that can save men-let us not water it down or misrepresent it or Him.

Isaac (8/26/2006)
from Jackson, MS USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
A stirring message and wake-up call to all those "who are at ease in Zion, and to those who feel secure on the mountain of Samaria" (Amos 6:1). This message accurately describes much of what goes in the name of Christianity today - a shallow, superficial easy believism. What delusion Satan has set upon the minds of many. And what a tragedy that such truths are frowned upon and resented by so many people today. May the Lord bless the ministry of brother Paul Washer, and embolden many of us whom the Lord has called to the Gospel ministry.

Kyle (8/26/2006)
“ Another response to Matthew ”
You left out the msot important part of Christ's message to the Laodecians - the part about Him spitting them out of His mouth. If the Laodecian church was just fine but needed to change a few things then why is Jesus going so far as to spit them out of His mouth? If the Laodecian church is going to be used as an argument for the idea of "carnal Christianity" we need to verify if the Laodecians who were carnal were saved or not. it sure doesn't sound like it to me.

Patricia ColemanContact via email (8/23/2006)
from Central Louisiana
“ Great Sermon! ”
If this doesn't wake up sleeping Christians (Ro. 13:11) and Pierce the hearts of the lost, then people are much worse off than we think. This man is truly an "ambassador in bonds" spoken of in Eph.6:19-20. Make God bestow on him an abundance of grace and may others be encouraged to stand, being fully armoured with the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Nick (8/22/2006)
“ A Truth Messege for the Church! ”
This is a great message with lot's of common since to anyone who really Loves Jesus and suffers for him daily, and knows the Word. It is the Gospel truth. Although it was delivered to 5,000 youth who don't have the understanding to wrap thier feble hearts and minds around it. I can only hope Christ helped them to grasp it's complexities. If this message struck you or suprised you then you are probably who Washer is talking about. I don't expect anything to change because of what this man said but because of what the Lord will and can change, because of what this man has communicated.

D.S. (8/21/2006)
from Texas
“ How many hell bound? ”
After hearing this message, I feel like such a fake. I scream that I love Jesus, but turn right around and continue to live in this world. I wonder how many people I have helped pass right through the gates of hell? Jesus forgive me.

Cristian (8/19/2006)
from Romania
“ Great Sermon! ”
Paul Washer's messages and God's ministry through him in Romania have been a great blessing here. This sermon is a true heart cry that we should all listen to and take upon us. God bless you all, Cristian (Romania)

Sabrina (8/19/2006)
from Ohio
“ This is one of the MOST Humbling Sermons ”
My husband came home from work, and he told me that I needed to hear this sermon, and he sounded very urgent, and now I see why. I am very humbled in my spirit, and I am still in tears and my heart is weak. I am in need and it has been long overdue to drop to my knees and ask for God's mercy on my wretchedness! I am such a wretch! Oh, may God have mercy on me. Please listen to this through and through. It needs to be preached from EVERY pulpit weekly!

jContact via email (8/17/2006)
“ The undefiled GOSPEL ”
Praise GOD for this Speaker! BRings and redirects our thinking to the undefiled Gospel from the Bible , Dear Brothers and Sisters ,Open yr hearts to hear this message an hour of hearing this Will redirect our Lives !

Elisabeth Freydack (8/13/2006)
from Emonton, Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
This message should not just be directed at the youth, but to those of us who have been facilitating their behavior in our churches. I'm closing in on 50, and there were parts of this message that brought me to my knees in conviction. Glory to God that I heard this when I did.

ANONYMOUS (8/12/2006)
“ Great Sermon! ”

Wesley (8/11/2006)
from Kentucky
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow! Thank you Lord for our brother Paul Washer. Continue to use Him for your glory. Just so everyone knows, Paul was interviewed on TV. You can watch the show here: /index.php?file=2006_8_10_300k. wmv&show=85 *Added note: you can also download the audio here (with 2 interviews, the T.V. being last): moninfo.asp?sermonid=8110616245 7

joan gennaroContact via email (8/11/2006)
from costa mesa ca.
“ Great Sermon! ”
Many years ago I found myself screaming out to God in my bedroom.."Would somebody please do something!" I have seen, I have seen this reproachable behaviour long enough. Unfortunately, His people love to have it so. I think that there are many of us like you out here with broken hearts at even the men and women who are so-called pastors and teachers loving people right into the iron gates of hell, and politely holding the door open for them. There is a true famine of the hearing of the Word. We, over here are doing what we can. And I must say you did an excellent job in dashing down these false foudations of conversion. I love what Smith wigglesworth said, "If you leave people as you found them, God is not speaking by you. If you are not making people mad or glad, there is something amiss with your ministry, if there is not a war on it's a bad job for you." The Lord is your Greatest blessing and truest reward...thank you..jg

Alan Low (8/10/2006)
from Penang, Malaysia
“ Wake the Spiritually Dead!! ”
This message from Paul Washer not only speaks to people who deceive themselves into thinking they are Christians because of their "sinners prayer" recitation but also speaks to us bible believing Christians to take up the challenge to speak forth this message to our own congregations, small groups and personal contacts. The fact that the Gospel of Christ has been watered down and 'cheapened' surely brings sadness to our Lord and Saviour, who gave His all to save us. It is disgraceful to know that many evangelists are guilty of this crime. They often invite people to give their lives to God without asking them to repent of their sins. Who would refuse great blessings if that's the only thing that is talked about and offered? The 'false Gospel' of a supposedly guaranteed ticket to heaven needs to be stopped in order to save an entire generation of 'false proclaiming Christians'. We all need to know how to preach the Gospel of Christ to sinners without holding back the truth of the need to repent of sins. Who are they giving their lives to? To Satan, who has lied and made them believe that they are 'saved' and that they can continue to wallow in darkness, sin and love the world. I plead to his church overside to "Reinvite Paul Washer" to speak to us again!!

Pastor Armando C. FloresContact via email (8/8/2006)
from Rockford Ill. 61109
“ America needs to hear this meassage! ”
It is sad that many Christians today cannot bear this kind of preaching. I praise God for this.

Darryl DavisContact via email (8/7/2006)
from Talladega, Alabama
“ Great Sermon! ”
man this is right on and the same thing i have been saying for some time you hit the nail right on the head. thanks so much darryl

Matt HaneyContact via email (8/7/2006)
from San Antonio, Texas
“ Response to Matthew's Comment, Carnal or Not? 8/5 ”
Washer’s point is that God does not allow His children to remain in a perpetually carnal state. Hebrews 12:7 says, “For what son is there whom his father does not discipline? If you are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then you are illegitimate children and not sons.” This is the point of Paul Washer’s illustration with the father that let’s his child hang out late at night with hoodlums. In 1 Corinthians 3:1-3 when Paul calls them carnal he means that they are presently acting carnal, he is not creating a category of Christians that live that way their whole lives. Paul later writes to the same people in 2 Corinthians 7:10, “For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation.” Paul says repentance leads to salvation, so if these carnal babes in Christ didn’t need repentance to be saved, why did he say that (see also Acts 11:18, 2 Peter 3:9 & Luke 15:7)? That is why Jesus could say in Luke 13:3, “unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” Jesus sums it up in Luke 5:32, “I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” Repentance is a gift, not work (see 2 Timothy 2:25; Acts 5:31 & 11:18) and it comes along side faith (Mark 1:15; Acts 20:21 & Hebrews 6:1). Please read John MacArthur's book, “The Gospel According to Jesus.”

Rachel (8/7/2006)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is what america NEEDS to hear..all ages. There are so many who claim to be a believer in Jesus yet they are still in their old ways are not new creations in God, want proof? Just look on MYSpace.

S. JOHNSON (8/7/2006)
from TX
“ WOW! ”

Roy WhiteContact via email (8/6/2006)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Not since Johnathan Edwards "Sinners in the hands of an angry God", or pretty darn close, has such a message been preached. Thank the Lord for this bold and convicting message.

anonymous (8/6/2006)
“ Needs to be heard by everyone! ”
I truly believe that this message needs to be heard by every person that visits Lord shake us out of our complancy and lukewarmness. May we come back to true biblical holiness, true biblical christianity.

MatthewContact via email (8/5/2006)
“ Carnal or Not? ”
There are many Christians who are not being discipled, and thus they are being left to live according to the world. Those in Corinthians WERE called carnal by the apostle Paul, "And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ (v.1)" "I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are still not able; 3for you are still carnal.(v.2)" The apostle Paul called the church at Corinth brothers, he was speaking to Christians. This was also the problem with Laodecia in the book of Revelation. Revelation 3: "And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write... you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot... As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.... Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me..." Much was said that the teens needed to hear... much was said that many need to hear in this sermon, however, I do not square with some of the theology that was brought out. What it takes to be saved? I believe only belief alone and not repentance is required for salvation, John 3:16-18, Acts 16. My two cents.

CorinneContact via email (8/4/2006)
from San Diego, California
“ How can you argue? ”
As a youth leader, it's almost reassuring to know that I'm not the only person who feels like they're walking into a room full of dead people when I go into the youth room. So many of these kids are raised in a *debatable* Christian home and get just enough of "Jesus loves you" that they are innoculated to the REALITY and SEVERITY and AWE of our Lord. How I long to see these children saved by the power of God and living lives after Him!

ellen (8/4/2006)
from Ny, ny
“ Unbelievable ”
Unbelievable.... I have emailed this to every one on my email account. Some might start blocking my emails, but unfortunately we don't hear this type of preaching on sundays, so thank you so much.

Barbara (7/23/2006)
from Arkansas
“ A Changed Life! ”
My daughter called me today and told me God had dealt with her through this sermon. May God continue to bless your work, Bro. Paul!

Derek Troost (7/16/2006)
from sherwood park alberta
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is what the world needs to hear about what christianity is really about

Garrett ThompsonContact via email (7/16/2006)
from Clemmons, NC
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a great message. I plan on using it for part of my family devotions for my 4 children all under the age of 9. I want them to hear this at an early age, so as not to be deceived.

Nancy CollinsContact via email (7/16/2006)
from Cleveland, Ohio
“ Great Sermon! ”
We need this kind of preaching in every church. Amen.

Brian (7/15/2006)
from Virginia
“ Great Sermon! ”
You cannot get any more clear and biblical than this. I will be listening to this sermon over and over again during my walk. Every Christian needs to hear this message and more importantly people who think they are Christians but refuse to turn from their sin.

Ben (7/14/2006)
from Kentucky
“ Great Sermon! ”
To answer "Question"... You need to look at the context of the Corinthians passage quoted to understand what the apostle meant, and to understand what Bro. Paul was saying. When the apostle Paul called those Christians "carnal", or fleshly, these were men who were arguing over who was the best preacher! These were not men who claimed Christ and lived any way they wanted to. On the contrary, they were very passionate about Christ, albeat mixed up. Bro. Paul was addressing this false notion that there is a biblical basis for people to be genuinely saved and not live a life that is changed. Such a person is often dubbed a "Carnal Christian", almost as if the 3 spiritual groups are: 1)Passionate Christian, 2) lost man, and 3) Carnal Christian. Such a teaching is never found in Scripture, and this passage is often misinterpreted and used as a cop out for people who claim the name of Christ yet want to live like the world. Remember, Paul told the Romans "to be carnally minded is death..." Lastly, this concept of the "Carnal Christian" only entered into Christian teaching within the last 100 years. Search old church'll never find it, because it is not biblical.

Greg Gordon (7/14/2006)
from Kelowna, British Columbia
This message is a loud and clear trumpet blast to many in the church that are slumbering under a false conversion and lack of full commitment to christ. Our western church is so blind in many ways, May God open us up to true Christian profession and POSSESSION!

Christian AlzonaContact via email (7/13/2006)
from Virginia, Falls Church
“ Opened my heart with Passion... ”
this has been a very zealous preaching. I am not to praise brother Paul, but to give glory to God that used him. I agree and praying that Pastors and their churches in America has been deceived by their own hearts as it is said in Jeremiah tht our hearts is deceitful....I have been digging holes for the water to run out for the truth, cause I do not get some of our churches in America...that even the bible beleiving christians...have used apostasy to the wrod of God, and broad is the way to Hell... God bless..that'll be all

Torenzo GilhamContact via email (7/13/2006)
from Athens, Ga
“ Great Sermon! ”
This has got to be the most powerful real message I've heard. I have recently accepted christ in my life for real. I can remember times when I was really false with God. Now I can treely say I'm changed. You said there should be a diffrence when you have been changed, that is a true statement. How can you profess christ and still live the way of the world. Paul I can feel the annointing in your voice. Please keep doing what God has you to do. This message really open my eyes. Thank you and most of all I thank God.

Greg (7/10/2006)
from Missouri
“ question... ”
Truly a gifted speaker who's zealous for God...but I'm a little confused and welcome any comments. He mentioned Paul wasn't stating in I Cor that there can be carnal Christians...but didn't state what Paul was speaking of if not "carnal". Also what is the Laodicean church's problem if a Christian can't be serving his old nature, Paul warned of 'the old man'. I'm just trying to make Biblical sense of this teaching. The Bible is clear there are rewards/crowns/inheritance, but I don't hear this ever brought up by speakers who insist your not a Christian if your carnal. Not trying to stir anything, truthfully this is the first time I've heard bro Washer other than his message on the purpose of the cross which I couldn't agree with more. I welcome comments but value some explanation of the passages cited above.

John ShawaContact via email (7/10/2006)
from Zambia, Southern Africa
“ Wonderful sermon! ”
The sermon is very deep and soul searching. It wakes up the soul and makes one examine oneself before the throne of God. With contemporary christianity today, few are ready to be challenged the way the preacher challenged his listenership. i can not simply find the exact words to precisely express the volume of truths spoken. Please, brother Paul, continue for Jesus sake.

rees (7/10/2006)
from Zambia
“ Great Sermon! ”
I look forward to listening to this highly recommended sermon. I first heard brother Paul preach last year, 2005, when he visited my country, Zambia (in Southern Africa!), where he spoke at a Reformed Baptist family conference. God used him to our blessing. He is back to Zambia again this August (same conference) and we are praying for a blessed time.

Paul ThompsonContact via email (7/8/2006)
from Mississippi
“ More than a Great Sermon! ”
What can I say except I concur with everyone else who has left a comment in saying, YES!! That was great!! I wish I could preach that same message. The Lord has bless your preaching. Every seeker sensitive modernized church needs to hear this message. How covicting! How true!! How much the Christian world needs this message!! God bless you, Paul, keep on for the Lord Jesus Christ!!

plw (7/8/2006)
from Mo
“ Great Sermon! ”
YES!! Best message I've heard in ages. Isn't it a sad case to have to come back to your own country and preach a message like this one. Paul, the Lord is using you in a mighty way. Everything you said was so true. Thank you Lord for raising up men like Paul in this day and age. We need a million more just like him.

Mrs.Damian Garcia (7/5/2006)
from West Texas
“ Life changing ”
What a life changing message. If we lived and followed the Bible as it was intended, imagine what a difference we would make for Christ. God bless you Brother Paul. And Praise the LORD for using you to bless us. Mrs. Damian Garcia

Ben & Mary (7/5/2006)
from Wyoming
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is not a sermon for the "seeker sensitive" christian. We are not surprised he was not invited back. So be it... Was the apostle Paul speaking the truth in love when he confronted Peter for his hypocritical seperation from the Gentiles to maintain influence with the Judaizers? In our opinion, yes! Unless we misunderstand the Holy Writ... sensitivity is a sign of immaturity and as believers we are called to "grow up" in all things, becoming men and women who have put aside childish things. God alone is worthy of glory, that is what we heard from Paul Washer in this sermon. We will be recommending it to family and friends for it's substance coming from a broken and contrite heart before God, the kind He can and will use for His Glory! If persecution is to come? Look around you it has already begun. This will be for God's glory too. Only what is done for Christ will last... not what is done for family, work, self or any other "felt need". I keep thinking of the little boy who was martyred for his faith, sounds like accounts from ancient history... This little boy was God's and he knew it. He valued his relationship with God more than his life... to death, and God was glorified! This is not a complicated sermon. It is a honest sermon, from the heart with courage. God bless Paul.

Kilby (7/4/2006)
“ Terrifying and Thrilling ”
To hear a man actually preach and pray like this is an unbelievable thing. For my own part, I was rebuked and challenged, but at the same time reaffirmed and encouraged, and at the end, simply inspired--and burdened. Oh brothers and sisters, I wish that more men would get up and have the guts to preach like this! And I wish that more Christians would have the passion to pray like this! May this be only the start of a real revival of true Christianity in America, and may we each apply it to our own lives--since, after all, each of us is a vital part of the church. In praying for reform, we must begin with ourselves. "Redeem Israel, O God, out of all their troubles!" (Psalm 25:22)

Alison (7/4/2006)
from NC
“ Awestruck! ”
Very humbling yet motivating. My husband and I applaud hearing the Word of God delivered with such sincere fire and authority as we have really missed it in our trend-setting American churches today. But, at the same time, what a rebuke to us! What are we doing about the American church situation? Have we ourselves grown complacent and watered down the Holy Spirit's conviction in our lives to sit idly by while our churches depart from preaching the Word of the Lord? Have we simply shaken our heads at how everyone else is not walking the narrow way and returned to our comfortable living rooms to prop our feet up and watch tv? While the Lord has been working on our hearts and moving us into a deep study of His Word outside and before this sermon sounded in our ears, He has still used this sermon to pound home the point to DO SOMETHING about this heartbreaking situation. Although I'm not sure what exactly it is, we will chip away at whatever area, even small ones, that the Holy Spirit directs us to address. We must earnestly pray for and be willing to step in and be used for that reformation before God uses persecution to get us to obey and honor Him!

doug short (7/4/2006)
from delaware
“ Great Sermon! ”
If you are considering listening to this message, I urge you to do so. It was commended to me, but the title of it sounded so goofy that I almost didn't give it a chance- even despite the positive feedback on this page. But I'm glad I did and I will be sharing it with others and sitting down and listening to it with my children as well.

Erin W. (7/3/2006)
from Baltimore, MD
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for this sermon. May God use this sermon to impact the lives of many. Praise God for the boldness and truth in this message.

Ashley (7/3/2006)
from Southern California
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow! Our Church has been fighting the same apathetic wordly carnal lifestyle influencing and living in our youth, and in the general christian population!We were beginning to feel alone...until we heard this. Thank God for Paul Washer, who, like Jesus, offended the religious leaders with the Holy Truth of the Almighty King. Amen and Amen to his message! What a challenge and a charge!

Jeff BellerContact via email (7/3/2006)
from Portland, Oregon
“ Great Sermon! ”
Love it. How true. Specially coming up in the youth group age. Another great preacher is Judah Smith, he's up here in the NW. You can listen to him at God bless.

Pastor Rene (7/3/2006)
from Hesperia, Ca.
“ Hit me like a truck! ”
Great message. The part about being hit by a truck was so true. Encountering God would change you dramatically, as would being hit by a semi. We need more people like this speaking to our youth.

Barbara (7/3/2006)
from Little Rock, Arkansas
“ Don't Miss This! ”
This sermon is a wake-up call! You will never forget it. FANTASTIC!

willie morales (7/3/2006)
from washingon heights-nyc
“ Great Sermon! ”
Sadly whats in vogue today is the etertainment gospel thn the biblical gospel this preacher and others faithfully proclaim--many preachers and churches today instead of being shepherds and seeing people as lost sheep rather are dressed in wolves clothing and see dollar signs rather than lost sheep who need a shepherd... www.reformedhis

kim (7/3/2006)
from missouri
“ Great Sermon! ”
I don't know what to say. I cried when I listened to this. You reminded us that God didn't die to raise our self-esteem, but to save our life, literally. We've watered down your Word Lord and people are dying because of it. Forgive us. I pray that my passion for you is as evident to those I interact with like your servant, pastor Washer. Thank you

KennyContact via email (7/3/2006)
from from Miami,
“ OUCH ! ”
the Holy Spirit will use this man to proclaim the Truth. He must be prayer for to assist in bringing revival to this country. It is not too late.

TimContact via email (7/2/2006)
from Illinois
“ Great Sermon! ”
Sorely needed. Thank you Paul!

AContact via email (7/2/2006)
from MA
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have never heard anyone EVER preach like this and I really believe that most of the Pastors in this nation have lost this kind of passion. It breaks my heart. They all think they need a mega church and the "American Dream" (whatever the heck that is). What makes this sermon so good is that he shows raw emotion and lacks the stoicism of all the wannabe's who don't know what it means to preach with authority. He is right on when he tells us what's wrong with the church and his application is correct: we should be as angry as he is about it and not indifferant and certainly not as wimpy as we are so accustomed to being. I've lost this kind of passion a long time ago and I pray that God will give me the courage to repent and do what this man is doing - because he is doing right. As we approach the last hour, we need to stand up and speak out like him.

Tim SmithContact via email (7/1/2006)
from NW Indiana
“ Praise the Lord! ”
There are still Southern Baptists that teach the Gospel!

Willemina (6/30/2006)
from New York
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great Sermon!-That is so true !! Thank you.

Abi (6/29/2006)
from London, UK
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wonderful message! A visit to is recommended.

Robert (6/28/2006)
from Toronto
“ Great Sermon! ”

Ben (6/20/2006)
from Western Kentucky
“ Great Sermon! ”
Bro. Paul would never allow anyone to get away with praising his preaching, although I must testify to the way God has used it in my life. Bro. Paul's words in one sermon always follow me..."There is no such thing as a great man of God. Only weak, sinful men mightily used by a great God." God has, however, very much used Bro. Paul's preaching over the years to help mold me personally and teach me great truths concerning our Lord and His cross. I very much encourage everyone to find and listen to his message over propitiation from Rom. 3. Please visit the website for his non-profit missionary society, These people of God live totally by faith and are passionate about spreading the gospel, while never asking for a dime. I know, more than anything, everyone there, including Bro. Paul, covet your prayers as they seek to see God's name known and glorified throughout the earth.

RCheney (6/20/2006)
from Charlotte
“ wow ”
"Great Sermon! — Possibly the greatest sermon that I've ever heard." I agree. I hear alot of wonderful sermons. Most of them right here on Sermonaudio. But I wasn't prepared for this one. Absolutely devastating. I've been telling my brothers and sisters at church about Paul Washer. I've had my wife listen to this. And I have prayed and will continue to, that God would transform me, so that I will be RADICALLY transformed into the likeness, and be made conformable to HIs death. Perhaps we who were so powerfully impressed by Mr. Washer's teaching should go to his website and encourage him directly, by email.

john (6/20/2006)
from sacramento
“ Incredible ”
this sermon is like being slammed in the face with a frying pan. incredibly eye-opening, jaw-dropping sermon. If every pastor in America would play this sermon in his church, the walls of America would come down figuratively of course but hearts would break and this would truly then become a Christian nation.

Chad Thompson (6/19/2006)
from Missouri
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wonderful to read all the testimonies about this sermon. You ought to visit two websites for messages from Paul. www.heartcrymissionar www.grantedministries.or g The teaching you will find on these sites will bless you. If this message was an encouragement or rebuke to you, you will appreciate all the teaching on these sites.

Sandra (6/18/2006)
from Georgia
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a wonderful sermon! However, it's not only a youth message. It's a message ALL ages need to hear. I wish pastors all over America would preach this truth. Mr. Washer is right. The so-called American church is full of of people who confess to be Christian but live as the world does. They wear the same skimpy clothes, listen to the same music, watch the same movies & tv trash, drink, even have sex outside of marriage and think nothing of it. I'm not a Baptist & don't know a whole lot about their doctrine. Mr. Washer said this problem started in the denomination about 50 years ago. I wonder if Charles Stanley and the doctrine of "once saved always saved" has much to do with this. It sounds like it to me. People say a little prayer, make a confession, and live as they please. Their pastors say don't worry about it because you're still saved. Woe unto these preachers! Thank God for this sermon!

Romayne Wright (Mrs)Contact via email (6/11/2006)
from N. Ireland UK
“ Awesome and Timely! ”
I have to admit the title of this sermon was tantalising to a degree - whatever could someone say that would have provoked such a response? Having now listened to it, I can appreciate indeed why many may have taken offence, BUT as scripture says constantly "the TRUTH offends"! The gospel is an offensive 'weapon' to many and few truly desire to hear what it has to say. Paul has an awesome ministry - certainly quite prophetic in some respects (although not in the true sense), but like many before him, his message is hard to hear and he will indeed be shunned in some areas. I've listened to some other US preachers who have cried at some point during the delivery of a sermon, but none has ever sounded sincere in the least. Paul, on the other hand, not only sounds sincere, but he drove me to MY knees in repentance of my own attitudes to worldly behaviour in my Christian walk. While I may not be in my teens, 20s or even 30s, nor in any position to have 'fun' in the worldly sense (disabled/housebound), I still recognise many of the attributes he mentioned within my life that just should not be there. I'me extremely pleased to see there are indeed still SOME strong and godly men around yet to preach to a weak and ungodly world THE most important message ever - JESUS!

Sylvia (6/6/2006)
from Arkansas
“ Great Sermon! ”
What an awesome sermon! I wish there were more men of God who preached messages without fear or favor such as this one. I listened to it several times. Brother Washer is a modern day Jeremiah. Every American that claims to be a christian needs to hear this message. Listen to Brother Washer's other sermon on this site: "A Sermon That Has Angered Many" God help the American church.

mirindaContact via email (6/5/2006)
from missouri
“ Great Sermon! ”
WOW! Thank you God for sending men who do not fear men's faces and have the courage to preach TRUTH! I was for 8 years deceived into this easy-believism theory that is so prevalent in our country today. GOD IS HOLY, you can't serve the world and YAWEAH! Seperate & sanctify yourselves, choose this day Whom you will serve. God bless you Paul Washer and may the LORD strengthen you, I appreciate you for not watering down the Message of GOD in order to please men!

Michael (6/1/2006)
from Endicott, NY
“ Had to Comment! ”
What a shock to hear such real preaching from a youth conference! It is so easy to enjoy talking about prophets we just don't like to listening to one because we get convicted. So be warned if you listen to this message it is not one to tickle your ears but take hold of your heart.

Anthony (6/1/2006)
from So.CA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Possibly the greatest sermon that I've ever heard.

Thomas M Sullivan (5/31/2006)
from Jenison, MI
“ Excellent Sermon! ”
I listened to this three times today. We call a lot of sermons here great sermons, so why does this sermon stand out? Obviously, he doesn't fear the face of man for he is more concerned that God's word be magnified and the truth be told. But as he says he doesn't do most of his preaching in America and as a result our culture has not dulled the edge of the blade of his cutting message. But I think most of all people who have witnessed other Christians who have professed their faith even unto death in Muslim countries speak out of the matrix of real experience and also impatience at the superficiality they witness in much of American christendom. At any rate, this is a must hear message. TMS - Jenison MI

A Listener (5/29/2006)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow! Beautiful. A beautifully heart-wrenching gospel message. All I could think about during this message was the bitter taste of the scroll and its sweetness to the stomach, as in the book of Ezekiel. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to hear this fantastic preacher preach.

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  Paul Washer
Paul Washer is an itinerant preacher and the General Director for HeartCry Missionary Society - their website address is

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