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San Antonio, Texas
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Grace Community Church 311 Hedges St. San Antonio, TX 78203
Grace Community Church
P.O. Box 10608
San Antonio, TX 78210
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Paul Washer
1,209 sermons
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A Sermon That Has Angered Many - Examine Yourself
Series:  Top Recommended Washer Sermons  · 3 of 8
5/22/2006 (MON)
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This was the sermon that God used to save Paul Washer's wife, Charo, out of her false profession.

For more info about Paul Washer go to
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Paul Washer
A Sermon That Has Angered Many

Top Recommended Washer Sermons
Sunday Service
Grace Community Church
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Paul Washer
A Sermon That Has Angered Many

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Grace Community Church
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  If you were blessed by this message, please add your comment ...
trevonContact via email (2/20/2020)
“ Great Sermon! ”
dictionaries all define "Believing" as Trusting. Trust was the intention of English translation "Believe". If you can not say you trust God its because you do not know Him. If you do not trust Him then He is not your Lord. And if He is not your Lord your destiny is "the place of weeping and nashing of teeth". Nicodemus came to Jesus and said that He believed Jesus miracles proved he was the Son of God so he wanted to know how to be saved?. Jesus did not say it was enough to believe he was the messiah. He answered "Truly truly, Every man must be born again in order to see the kingdom of Heaven". Christianity is no different that any other religion without a relationship with God. That is how You know you are saved, Do you know Him? Is He the most important person in your life? Do you take all your problems to your LORD? If not He is not your God! Please know He wants this relationship with you more than anything because He loves You! Pray to Him! You can not trust anyone including yourself but you can trust Jesus!!!!!!!

Vicki lavenderContact via email (12/20/2019)
from Queensland
“ Great Sermon! ”
I had to really cry out to the Lord, for messages like this. I almost gave up that there were preachers like this that were real. Thanks to Almighty God , He heard the cries of our hearts.

Sue Mendiola (3/23/2018)
from Oregon
“ Great Sermon! ”
Any one who breaks the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven

AmieContact via email (3/11/2015)
from Newport News, VA
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon saved me & I mean that literally. By the grace of God, I'll be a jewel in Brother Washer's crown some day.

jessica wongContact via email (6/2/2013)
from Malaysia
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am very much assured now that i have heard this message of truth.very inspiring indeed.

Fay (4/7/2013)
from London, UK
“ Great Sermon! ”
Waow!!! What a compelling message. It has allowed me as a minister to look closer to my life and to see that i also need to continue to strive for God's perfecting work. We do and can easily forget that whilst in ministry we should continue to examine ourselves in the mirror of God. I thank God for your life and I pray that He continues to empower you to teach the truth of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. God bless you richly.

MichaelbrileyContact via email (3/30/2013)
from Pasadena Texas
“ Great Sermon! ”

Mel (1/21/2013)
“ Hope Even For Me ”
Oh God! He is my ONLY hope!

Steven TaylorContact via email (1/13/2013)
from Northern Ireland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for his children who preach the truth like Pastor Paul Washer.

zuleikaContact via email (10/21/2012)
from indianapolis, IN
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you pastor Washer and for the much needed wake-up call. I'm currently without a church and blowing like a leaf in the wind without direction and guidance and I thank God by allowing his Holy spirit to lead me to your pod cast. Thank you, Zuleika

“ Great Sermon! ”
I recommend every "Christian" to listen to this!!!

Paula SappContact via email (6/6/2012)
from Gainesville, FL
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for preaching the TRUTH! God Bless.

Anita V (1/15/2012)
from Crystal, MN
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you Lord for sending this message through pastor Paul to preach to us. This is a powerful message and love it. I have to thank my friend sister Nora who send this message to my other friend sister Cheryl who so sweetly forwarded it to me in an email. May the name of our Lord Jesus continue to be praised.

AJ BabaoContact via email (9/30/2011)
from Philippines
“ Great Sermon! ”
It Burns! But True!

Jassie (8/29/2011)
from Caliifornia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise God!! This sermon is so convicting and true. It is hard to find real teachers of God'word.

Liliana QuintanaContact via email (7/22/2011)
from Sacramento
“ Great Sermon! ”
God bless you Pastor Paul Washer. Thank you for the truth even if it hurts.!

Jim HymanContact via email (7/9/2011)
from South Carolina coast
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you to all that made this possible through the power of the Holy Spirit. May God allow abundant grace to those you reach to.

Jennifer DavisContact via email (7/6/2011)
from Richmond, Virginia
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for the truth. I love this sermon.

Frieda MayberryContact via email (4/27/2011)
from Cisne ILL
“ Great Sermon! ”
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me understand more about the way I am to be living. You have really touched my soul and I think God for bring this site to me because it was ment for me to here! I am very Thankfull to have been able to here this and to take all of this in Thank you God and thank you!

CHRIS NNOLIContact via email (1/1/2011)
“ Great Sermon! ”
How my heart was thrilled listening to this Spirit-breathed timely message to a nation drifting away from God, but hardly knowing it. As I listened I marveled at the mercy and fatherly heart of God over the US in giving her preachers like this at a time like this. I shall keep brother Paul in prayers because I know that Hell will mobilize men and women to attack his person and ministry, pretending to be fighting for God just to draw people away from such a lively message. But I know God's sheep will respond to this message any time no matter the assault of Hell. Let brother Paul take heed from the message of the Lord in Rev.3:11 and guard very jealously this prophetic anointing. But he needs to know that he is not alone, that God is raising concerned believers who are covering him in prayers.Great message indeed!Only a hireling will find fault with a message like and a messenger so sent. To God be the glory, Amen!

DemekeContact via email (12/17/2010)
from Norway
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks to our God the father and Jesus the Lord! I have really touched by my brother Paul's messages! As usual God has been continuing sending an alarm for those Christians who have been off from originality and genuineness of their belief.Paul thought me in a very clear and precise way. Jesus is our life-nothing more and nothing less. For Jesus doesn't change- yesterday,today,tomorrow, he is always totally Himself.

Tina (2/9/2010)
from Chicago
“ Ouch! ”
I can't imagine anyone could possibly listen to this message without feeling convicted about something in their lives! I've listened to it a few times and gleen encouragement and challanges each time. Thank you for bravely speaking truth to a world starving to hear it!

Rev G Brett AdamsContact via email (1/25/2010)
from MO
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for that message. May the Lord strengthen Paul Washer to preach some more!

John KContact via email (8/27/2009)
from Ireland
“ Thank you. Praise God. ”
I am broken over my wretched weakness. God bless you.

LINDA TEALContact via email (7/18/2009)
from NEW BERN,N.C.28560
“ Great Sermon! ”
Brother Paul,while the devil is pushing,just remember God's got your back. Thank God for a man or women that takes a stand such as this.Keep telling it know matter what, if anyone has anything to say about it talk to me. Keep up the great work...I am praying for you.

Robert G. TurnerContact via email (10/15/2008)
from San Diego, California
“ Biblical Sermon ”
What can I say except that Brother Paul did not preach from the heart or mind of man, but from the Bible, God's Word! This is an awesome sermon that has lit a fire within me that is burning to share this message with the youth in the local area. I agree with Paul, that this message need to be preached in more of our churches in America today. Stop the lies, stop the deceipt, stop the pride. We need to fall upon our faces, humbly seek our God, forsake our wicked ways, and proclaim the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you Paul Washer for being the obedient servant of God that you are.

Angela (7/23/2008)
from North Carolina
“ WOW!!! ”
What can I say?? WOW! This is exactly what I need, what all of us need to hear. Shame on those of us who have followed our own version of what we want Christ to be. My heart is broken before God after hearing this, I know this is what I have been searching for...a true, undefiled Gospel. Thank you for sharing this with me... Glory be to God for the obedience of Paul Washer!

Lae (6/19/2008)
“ Awesome!!!! ”
Brother Paul, I appreciate your message. I agree with you in your message. God Bless you..

kristine (3/24/2008)
from Philippines
“ I thank God ”
I just thank God for the life of Paul Washer and for using him mightily as a vessel to teach us the things we need to know. This, among the many other messages of God through Paul Washer is very much needed today. I feel refreshed, awakened, invigorated, energized, and inspired. It's just indescribably amazing what God can do through those who surrender to Him everything and let themselves be used by the Almighty. God bless you Mr. Washer.

Nicole (3/12/2008)
from Florida
“ One of my favorites. ”
God used this sermon to open my eyes in the summer of 2006 out of a false conversion. I thank God for Paul Washer, but most importantly, I thank God for sending Jesus Christ to earth to die and to rise for wicked sinners and for God's Glory. :)

Stephanie (10/16/2007)
from Ohio
“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Washer speaks as one crying in the wilderness. O how our nation needs more men of God like him, who will unashamedly speak the truth of God's Word. May the Lord continue to use him, by His spirit, to awake the sleeping giant, the American church.

Me (10/4/2007)
from US
“ Thank You. ”
This is, I think, the most comforting sermon I have ever heard. I have wondered how I can possibly trust my own heart and mind when we so often deceive ourselves in our vanity. I have been left cold by the statements assuring me that I believe, knowing that the demons believe and tremble and that there will be those on that Day who cry out Lord, Lord but never knew Him. How can I know, how can I trust, that my faith is true? How can I trust, when I know that I am so far from the holiness of the Lord and that I struggle against my flesh? Thanks be to God in Christ Jesus... Now, I will take comfort in the fact that my sin grieves me because it evidences the present work of the Spirit in my heart. Thank you for this comforting sermon.

MariamContact via email (7/16/2007)
“ Wow ”
I think that perhaps this is one of the best sermons I have ever heard. Mr. Paul Washer you preach with the heart and mind of christ. It is amazing because I am used to hearing alot of evangelical speakers but your messages have caused me to examine myself....thank you so much.....

kam wah lam (6/30/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
thank God for you

EmmanuelContact via email (6/19/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
A timely power-filled message to carnal christians not only in America but everywhere in the planet Earth

Asa Julian (4/12/2007)
from Massachusetts
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is by far the most convicting sermon I have ever heard, and should be listened to everyone who 'professes faith' in Jesus Christ. When God saves, it is a such a blessed thing, working death in us to this sin cursed earth. We should all examine ourselves daily and take every thought captive(2 Cor 10:5). God has truly blessed brother Paul in his God-fearing, passionate preaching of the truth. I encourage everyone to listen to all of his messages.

Linda (3/16/2007)
from Oregon---USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
I would like to see this sermon offered in a PDF format... Linda

Helen RisonContact via email (2/13/2007)
from Acworth, GA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Amen! Thank you for answering many of my questions. Thank you for the truth.

Stephen and Daniela BrownContact via email (2/3/2007)
from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
“ Great Sermon! ”
the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Blessings and grace to you brother Paul.

Gnosis (1/12/2007)
from Thunder Bay,Ontario
“ Incisive! ”
Mr.Washer mercilessly cuts to the chase. He quickly exposes our deceitful,hypocritical and ignorant lives and then mercifully points out, in scripture, the correct path to salvation. An incredible speaker proving that the truth hurts.

John FitzsimmonsContact via email (12/6/2006)
from Co Mayo, Ireland
“ May God give us all more boldness ”
Praise God for such boldness. May God give all of us who are called to preach the truth the same boldness so that people are truely saved. May we all examine our motives and our lives before the LORD MOST HIGH. Thanks for your awakening message!

Aaron Knelsen (12/4/2006)
from Tillsonburg ON, Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
"Praise the Lord someone isn't afraid of preaching the TRUTH!" A sermon that all believers need to hear. Are you living a christian lifestyle or not? Answering that question using God's word.

Brother GG (11/26/2006)
from Kelowna, BC
“ Great Sermon! ”
Powerful message! this message will shatter your evangelical viewpoint of eternal security and hell. Paul Washer speaks against the modern day theology of a carnal and backslidden christian. The call in this sermon is for a renewed pure gospel message. May we hear this mesage and walk in it.

Dr. Dennis L. WatsonContact via email (11/11/2006)
from Port Deposit, Maryland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Moved me to self examination. Thank thye Lord that by His Grace that I was saved and continue on. Thank God for the Truth of God's Word!

Brian & Yvette Landrneau (9/18/2006)
from South Louisiana
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is one of the best sermons we have ever heard. This will go to all those we love,.. saved and lost. Thank you for being true to the Word of God.

Angela WittmanContact via email (8/27/2006)
from Southern Illinois, USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am blessed to have heard this message, and I will tell others about it!

The Austins (8/9/2006)
from Virginia
“ Unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ”
Thank you for preaching the gospel of Christ without compromising or appeasing the listeners. Our family has listened to many of your on-line sermons now. Thank you for speaking God's truth to us boldly. God has used your words to cause us gracious conviction and to encourage us to press on in obedience to Christ and His word. Romans 12 Phil. 2 The John Austin Family http://parenting.emwd. com/

JesseContact via email (8/7/2006)
from High in Coastal Mountains in BC Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you! This sermon is edifying, instructional, reassuring, comforting, challenging... and it is delivered with the kind of passion that can only come from one who truly LOVES Jesus. My husband and I weren't even planning on listening to a sermon tonight - we didn't think we could on our equipment. Thank You Father in Jesus' Name for allowing us to share in this feast. And thank you, and may God continue to bless you brother Paul Washer. I don't know anything about you, but I intend to - God Willing. Yours, surrendering to and trusting in Jesus - Jesse.

Russell RobinsonContact via email (8/6/2006)
from Williamston,S.C.
“ Great Sermon! ”
If this man lives the same as he teaches, then he is a modern day man of god. Which is a rare find today! This is an excellent message to hear but hard to do. We (as Christians) need to encourage each other to do so! Thanks, brother. Keep it up.

DennisContact via email (7/29/2006)
from Alabama
“ Great Sermon! ”
In February 1985 the Lord brought me to saving knowledge in Jesus Christ through this same portion of His word. Oh what a glorious day. This word is a refresshing truth yet most convicting message in a time where the church has such a distorted committment to a Lord and Saviour who gave His all for such a wretch as I. Peace Brother Paul as you preach His word.

richard crandellContact via email (7/22/2006)
from so. wi
“ Great Sermon! ”
right to the point. if this message troubles one a look inside is warranted.

DougContact via email (7/4/2006)
from Decatur Alabama
“ Thank you Lord ”
Thank you Lord for allowing me to hear this word and for convicting me.My prayers go out for you Brother Paul.Never back down and never let mens doctrins sway you. May God be with you in everything you do thats in his will.

Larry Pan 陈鸽Contact via email (5/23/2006)
from Rosemead, California
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you brother for the timely message.

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Paul Washer is an itinerant preacher and the General Director for HeartCry Missionary Society - their website address is

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