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Jason Cooley | Northfield, Minnesota
Contact Info | Edit
•  Email  |  Web
952 -210-2935
Old Paths Baptist Church
Meeting at:
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
Pastor Jason Cooley
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
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MyChurch: pastorcooley | Set
MyChurch Code#: 38213

Jason Cooley
2,438 sermons
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Hollywood: Satanic Roots
Series:  Hollywood Series  · 1 of 33
5/12/2013 (SUN)
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This is the first in the series on Hollywood. This is part one SATANIC ROOTS
The second sermon covers the deception of Michael Landon and much more
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Jason Cooley
Hollywood: Satanic Roots

Hollywood Series
Sunday Service
Old Paths Baptist Church
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Jason Cooley
Hollywood: Satanic Roots

Hollywood Series
Old Paths Baptist Church
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  If you were blessed by this message, please add your comment ...
Anonymous Name (6/7/2024)
“ A Needed Sermon Preaching Against Anime and Manga ”
There needs to be sermons preaching against anime and manga, which fortunately, Jason Cooley from Old Paths Baptist Church does! It is also because anime and manga produced in Japan is rooted in sexual perversion, demonic and Satanic Shinto and Buddhism, and in the case of sci-fi anime, secular humanism! Another reason why anime and manga has to be preached against is because anime and manga looks very ridiculous! It is very encouraging how Jason Cooley from Old Paths Baptist Church exposes the anticristo nature of popular media, including anime and manga!

Anonymous Name (4/29/2024)
“ When Entertainment Attacks Guuti (Goddo) ”
As this sermon clearly indicates, the entertainment industry is attacking Guuti (Goddo in the Greenlandic language) by marketing Gnosticism repackaged in the form of "entertainment". The subtle Gnostic overtones in popular culture are designed to view Guuti as a "dictator", "tyrant", "autocrat", and other titles for oppressive governing figures. How tragic that the entertainment industry is conditioning people into receiving the anticristo, which will only result in Eternal Torment in Le Lac de Feu (French for: The Lake of Fire)!

Anonymous Name (4/28/2024)
“ Pleasantville (1998): Promoting Gnosticism ”
Though Pleasantville (1998) is marketed as a comedy film, it is very apparent that Pleasantville (1998) promotes a Gnostic worldview of seeking enlightenment through consuming the fruit from the tree of knowledge (tree of Gnosticism). Of course 1998 was a year when liberalism was at an all time high, even more so in 2024 than in 1998. According to Biblical Passage like Psalm 19:08, Psalm 28:07, Isaiah 58:14, Acts 16:34, Romans 14:07, and Romans 15:13, Genuine Satisfaction is found in serving Goddo, which is contrary to the Gnostic worldview of obtaining hidden knowledge. As noted, Pleasantville (1998), The Truman Show (1998), Dune: Part Two (2024) and many other films appear to have a Gnostic worldview where Goddo is recast as a "villain" and the serpent and the anticristo are presented as "liberators" and "heroes" of humanity. Worth noting the example of Genesis 03 (Genesis 3) in response to this long-running damnable heresy called Gnosticism, which is a driving theme depicted in media passed off as "entertainment."

Anonymous Name (1/27/2024)
“ A Response To Satanic Hazbin Hotel (2024) ”
This sermon is needed in response to this demonic and Satanic tv series called Hazbin Hotel (2024).

Anonymous Name (1/21/2024)
“ Science Fiction: Promoting Transhumanism ”
It should be noted that science fiction promotes the heresy of transhumanism given its view of science and technology advancing humanity beyond its current physical and mental limitations. As we realize, The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil in Genesis 03 (Genesis 3) is where transhumanism, a type of Gnosticism, really had its beginning. Not only that, but science fiction promotes sexual perversion in the form of the BDSM (bondage dominance sadism and masochism) with its depictions of catsuits, including armored catsuits. We also realize that the LGBT lifestyle is also promoted by science fiction. This podcast is a very helpful response to the secular humanistic, occultic, demonic, and even Satanic roots of the entertainment industry clearly shown in Hollywood.

Anonymous Name (8/5/2021)
“ Satan: The Original Rebel With a Cause ”
It is sad that James Dean played a rebel in the 1955 film called Rebel Without A Cause. As we know, Satan was the original rebel with a cause. Lucifer's rebellion was noted in Isaiah 14:12-15. Revelation 12 and Revelation 20 should be noted in response to Satan's rebellion, especially since Satan will be cast into eternal torment in The Lake of Fire as noted in Revelation 20:10. Satan started the first rebellion and his sin of rebellion is what will get him cast into The Lake of Fire for eternal torment as punishment for his sin of rebellion.

Anonymous Name (5/10/2021)
“ Cthulhu: Demonic Being ”
One well known demonic being is the Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecraft lore, a cephalopod like being. Not only is the demonic Cthulhu rooted in unclean spirits. The Cthulhu also has its roots in the Nephilim since it is a cephalopod humanoid monster. Very needed sermon in response to the marketing of demons and Nephilim, especially the Cthulhu.

Anonymous Name (5/1/2021)
“ Werewolves: Demonic Beings ”
It ought to be noted that werewolves are really demonic beings of Satanic origin. The root cause of people transforming into werewolves is really demon possession. Even media geared towards general audiences like the episode in Road Rovers called 'A Hair of the Dog That Bit You', which first aired on 21 September, 1996 markets demonic werewolves. A sermon like this is needed in response to these demonic beings called werewolves.

Anonymous Name (3/12/2021)
“ A Rugrats Passover: Blasphemous Children's Episode ”
One sad example of blasphemy in general audience media is A Rugrats Passover, which aired on Nickelodeon on 13 April, 1995. This particular episode took liberties with The Biblical Account of The Exodus of Egypt with a female pharaoh, even though the Pharaoh in The Book of Exodus was clearly a male. We are forbidden from taking liberties with The Bible, and such warnings are noted in Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32, Proverbs 30:5-6, and Revelation 22:18-19. A sermon like this is needed even in response to blasphemous media marketed towards a general audience like the episode called A Rugrats Passover.

Anonymous Name (3/1/2021)
“ Casper: Demonic Ghost ”
Another example of a demonic ghost is Casper, which was adapted into a movie on 26 May, 1995. While Casper is touted as a "friendly ghost", the reality is that Casper is a demonic ghost. We ought to remember 1 John 4, especially 1 John 4:1, which advises us not to believe every spirit, but try the spirits. A sermon like this shows how the entertainment industry markets unclean spirits, even as a form of "entertainment."

Anonymous Name (1/24/2021)
“ James Gandolfini: Deceased Vile Actor ”
The example of the death of James Gandolfini (18 September, 1961-19 June, 2013) on 19 June, 2013 at the age of 51 also ought to be noted as well. James Gandolfini was known for playing the vile mobster Tony Soprano in the vile tv show called The Sopranos. As we know, Tony Soprano was not only a mobster with profane speech, but also a whoremonger, murderer, and idolatrous Roman Catholic as well. The sad reality is that James Gandolfini died in his sins and entered eternal torment in Hell because he, James Gandolfini, was an idolatrous Roman Catholic. One day, James Gandolfini, as will every other idolatrous Roman Catholic, will be judged at The Great White Throne Judgment and be cast into The Lake of Fire. This sermon uses examples of actors and actresses who died in a vain attempt to gain fame and fortune at the expense of their own souls and their own lives.

Anonymous Name (1/7/2021)
“ Media Catsuits: Sexual Fetish Garments ”
It ought to be noted that close-fitting catsuits in the media, even if they cover the torso, legs, and arms, are sexual fetish garments. Not surprisingly, secular resources like TvTropes list the Spy Catsuit as an erotic garment. Catsuits, even the armored catsuits, are frequently depicted in spy fiction and other action media like science fiction. Even children's media like Max Steel market the sexual catsuit. It is rather staggering and saddening that the media can market perverted sexual garments out on the open, especially those garments which are called catsuits, which are really just another name for external underwear. This means that catsuits, especially the armored catsuits, are really underwear.

Anonymous Name (12/12/2020)
“ Profanity: Sin Against Jehovah ”
It should be noted that profanity, including the use of the f-word and other expletives, is a sin against Jehovah. This means that using profanity is a sin against Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit. It is worth noting Ephesians 4:1-32, especially Ephesians 4:29-30, in response to the issue of sinful profanity, especially the f-word. It should be noted that the sin of profanity originated after Adam and Eve sinned. This sermon shows how the media markets sin in the form of entertainment, especially when people are entertained by sinful profanity, especially the f-word. We realize that in Jehovah's Eyes, sin is not "entertaining," but deadly. For the wages of sin is death, but The Gift of The Lord is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Also worth noting Romans 6:1-23 in response to the marketing of sin, especially profanity, as "entertainment."

Anonymous Name (7/2/2020)
“ CGI: Animating Ugly Demonic Monsters ”
It should be noted that while CGI is an impressive technology, it has animated ugly demonic monsters. Then again, these ugly monsters are clearly rebellion against The Lord. That is, such ugly monsters are rebellion against Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit. One notable example is the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth in 2006. No doubt that these ugly monsters depicted in films are all part of Satan's plan to prepare the world for the coming Antichrist. It is rather disturbing how CGI has animated Satanic monsters like the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth in 2006, Charybdis from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in 2013, and Grecklin from Onward in 2020. A sermon like this is a call to exercise sobriety in times where ugly monsters are popularized in movies.

Anonymous Name (3/3/2020)
“ Violent Acting Stemming From Devil Possession ”
This sermon shows how devil possession had been a driving factor in the motion picture industry since the late 19th Century, especially with some of the most violent roles. One example is Leonardo DiCaprio, who is known for going into violent fits of rage and screaming a profanity-laden tirade with a stream of f words. One resource said, "Leo's like a medium. He opens his body and his mind to receive messages coming from another person's life." Leonardo DiCaprio p. 50. It is no surprise that Leonardo DiCaprio would engage in violence in many of his roles since the demons possessing him drive him into such violence. As long as people continue to become demon possessed through occult activity, they will be driven by demons who will driven them into violent behavior.

Anonymous Name (2/28/2020)
“ Devil Possessed Peformers ”
This sermon shows that when many prominent performers in the arts become devil possessed, they are really practicing witchcraft. One example is this quote about Leonardo DiCaprio (born 11 November, 1974) which said that, "Talking to Leonardo I realised he has an incredibly deep emotional imagination. In performance he becomes a kind of medium - the soul of the character he's playing is entering his body." This is proof that Leonardo DiCaprio is really a devil possessed actor.

James Grant (3/18/2018)
from Queensland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Good sermon. It started off a little weird but became very informative. Thanks.

Grateful Listener In Portland (5/18/2016)
from Oregon
“ Thank you! ”
I am truly grateful for your teachings about one of the most vile evils of our day. Please do not stop preaching against television and Hollywood. God has really used it to help open my eyes and ears. Of course all honor and praise goes to Almighty God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and I know you agree, but I hope you will be enouraged to know how the Lord has used your teachings.

Kerry WatsonContact via email (2/28/2016)
from NZ
“ Great Sermon! ”

Davin abraham (10/12/2014)
from India
“ Great Sermon! ”
There's a lot of truth to what pastor Jason is saying. Thanks for putting out this content. Really helps the body of Christ around the world.

s c (1/26/2014)
from Oh
“ a must hear... ”
Thank you! I've listened to a few of your sermons and am finding consistency in them. I am keenly aware of the destruction that is taking place as a result of Christians getting hooked on entertainment. I realize that it isn't a new thing, but can one even watch weather now without seeing a young weather girl in a mini skirt or inappropriate attire? I wasn't aware of all of the not-so-subtle aspects of hollow wood that you pointed out..and it's funny how we can miss them because they are right in front of our faces. Maybe it's because they're so readily accepted that we no longer question them. After all, "it's not that bad"..right!

Karen BiserContact via email (7/21/2013)
from Maryland
“ Great Sermon! ”
As a Covenanter, I must disown all errors in doctrine or practice, contrary to the Westminster Standards, held by Mr. Cooley as an Independent Baptist. However, by God's grace Mr. Cooley has brought forth an excellent message concerning the Satanic roots of Hollywood and the pernicious consequences of having any involvement at all with its productions. Very profitable listening for all who have ears to hear...

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