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Pastor David Chanski | Montville, New Jersey
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Trinity Baptist Church
160 Changebridge Road
Montville, NJ 07045
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Albert N. Martin
2,013 sermons
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Validating the Gospel in Modesty
Modesty in Dress
2/24/2008 (SUN)
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With a burdened heart, a bent knee, and an open Bible, Pastor Martin gives this earnest appeal to women for decided modesty of dress.

The men, however, are not excluded in this message. Husbands and fathers are called upon to provide pro-active quality control for their wives and daughters.

This earnest appeal includes:

1.) Ten magnets for men’s eyes.
2.) Specific directives for women.
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Albert N. Martin
Modesty and the Gospel

Modesty in Dress
Sunday School
Trinity Baptist Church
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Albert N. Martin
Modesty and the Gospel

Modesty in Dress
Trinity Baptist Church
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Marc KnoedlerContact via email (8/31/2023)
from Bethel Baptist, North Port, FL
“ Great Sermon! ”
As the world and our nation drift further and further into lasciviousness, more than ever we need a Biblically-principled Christian life that validates the saving Gospel of Christ in both our actions and in our appearance. The Biblical principles of modesty do not change with the fashions of the world. Thank you for taking time to prepare to articulate so well this vital message with both burden/love and truth/boldness.

Howard KingContact via email (11/11/2021)
from MS
“ Great Sermon! ”
Would to God that our pastors would lovingly, sensitively, but in the fear of God reprove and rebuke the worldliness of church members in definite terms like Pastor Martin does! Much more could have been and needs to be said on this subject; but this is an excellent beginning. BTW, katasole cosmiu (1 Tim 2:9) does not mean modest apparel. It means a becoming long dress, as John Gill points out in his commentary. Pants should be out for Christian women. They always draw attention to the part of the body men most want to look at.

Bruce (10/10/2020)
from USA
“ Thank You ”
I want to thank you for showing the video. Pastor Al Martin, I like to say to you; you are truly a vessel being used by GOD. The word you spoke in this video are true. I too struggle with lust seeing the way women dress in the church, and it bothers me because I do so much want to keep my mind stayed on JESUS and GOD. I know that you have probably made a lot of people angry with that message; but keep doing what you do because I know that it takes a man that is strong in the LORD to preach what you preach, and besides that JESUS made a lot of people angry. Love you Pastor Martin and may the LORD watch between me and thee until our next correspondence.

CarteContact via email (7/24/2019)
from Ohio
“ Unbelievably Bold ”
I was looking up sermons on the topic of modesty and came across this one. Al Martin is highly esteemed in the Reformed Baptist Church we used to attend. We left the church primarily over concerns of immodesty and worldliness. Apparently the church has let its standards fall and continue to drop over the years. I pray that this church would consider again the words of this godly minister and repent of their sin of allowing this to go on in their church. I also took this as a challenge to myself as a father of my household. We will be re-examining our attire so that we can assure that we are unquestionably modest. Thank God for messages like this and would to God the church would begin to preach like this again. I love how to called out specific items of dress and how he called out his congregation, making them uncomfortable. This is what we need to conform to the image of Christ, rather than the image of the world.

SaikoContact via email (1/8/2016)
from Sugar Land, TX
“ Great Sermon! Praise God for bold men like Pastor Martin ”
EVERY time I listen to this blessed sermon, my soul is stirred with conviction and circumspection as a husband, father and pastor to ensure my household isn't the cause of stumbling for my brothers and co-laborers in Christ. As for me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord! This includes how we dress as well.

B. McCausland (7/27/2015)
“ Remarkable ”
Very helpful and true. Commendable approach and stand, brought in a meek, sincere, caring, and firm spirit.

Molly (7/1/2014)
“ Great Sermon on Biblical Modesty ”
Great Sermon on Biblical Modesty While I was hearing this sermon my heart stirred up to Praise my God for giving such men for the children of God to expound from the word of God. God in his mercy gave you all the grace to speak the truth in love. Surely, any woman pursuing godliness will not be offended by this message but examine herself, repent and turn to modesty. All Praises to God.

Paul OliverContact via email (10/7/2012)
from West Virgina
“ Biblically True ”
Heard about the sermon from Ray Comfort and the On The Box youtube program. He directed his audience to the sermon in response to a question about proper attire for women engaged in witnessing/open air preaching. Enjoyed it.

Mrs. G in the Lone Star StateContact via email (7/9/2011)
“ Convicting Sermon ”
This message is very convicting. My flesh has been struggling with wanting to wear pants again as well not being careful with how tight my clothing has been. It helped my spirit return to what is righteous unto God. Thank you Pastor Martin and Sermon Audio for providing the means for us to hear the message. Mrs. G in The Lone Star State

jodi (2/23/2011)
from washington d.c.
“ unforgettable ”
thank you for speaking the truth in love. any woman pursuing godliness will not be offended by this message but examine herself and if the shoe fits, repent and turn to modesty. wonderful wonderful sermon!

Pastor Miller (12/28/2010)
from North Dakota
“ Great Sermon! ”
With tears in my eyes right now I pray, "God help me to preach like you my brother!" I believe this is the way Jesus did it; with tears in His voice as He reproved, rebuked, and exhorted His people. And I want to be like Jesus!

Lorraine Hannaford (11/12/2010)
from Dundas
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow! What a man! I love a man with backbone who says things in love but as they are. No going around the issue.This is an EXCELLENT sermon that needs to be heard in EVERY church, home, youth group, young couples etc. Immodesty has become so prevalent that we hardly notice it unless it's REALLY bad.

Mr.bhaskerContact via email (8/24/2010)
from India
“ Great Sermon! ”
this message was in my heart and thought process for many years and i always use to tell my sisters to tell sisters in the church but they were not willing..... Thanks be to God that you have preached this sermon, which is the need of the hour to this very generation. when so many unbelievers come to see the face of Jesus instead many fall into sin by watching our sisters dress code. thanks again for this message...........kindly send this Dvd to me so that i can make copies and send to leaders in all churches in INDIA. This is the heart of God....and His cry thanking you Samuel Bhasker

Elder Herb HatfieldContact via email (2/6/2010)
from Aberdeen, Mississippi
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a very great message and one that needs to be shared with Christian ladies throughout the USA. American Christian ladies are coping the pattern of ungodly women in their dress.

A Clueless Clarice (6/11/2008)
from Louisville, KY
“ Thank you!!! ”
Thank you, Pastor Martin! As a woman who thought they were modest but recently learned from a wise and honest sister that I could dress more modestly, I thank you for this sermon. My fellow sisters in Christ, please tell your sisters if what they are wearing is immodest or "iffy"!!! As Pastor Martin said, there are those who honestly do not know that they are causing a potential stumbling block for men. As Titus 2 says, it really does have to do with not allowing the Word of God to be dishonored. (You can listen to an excellent series on Titus 2 by George McDearmon over on the RBC Louisville page). An older women in the congregation is going to go through my wardrobe tomorrow with me, and then I will go on a mission trip to shop for clothes that will validate the Gospel!

Graciously Converted. (5/6/2008)
from New Jersey
“ Great Sermon! ”
In response to our sister Mel, thus following up on brother Waters, I actually attend Trinity, and I speak with now cognizant of the LORD'S EYES upon me, that the Gospel is vigorously ALIVE and THRIVING at Trinity Baptist. I testify to this, as a brother, that I have NEVER seen a church with such a strict adherence to modesty since I began fellowshipping at Trinity. The sermon was only partially in response to the dress of SOME (a minutiae) at Trinity, but rather serving as a long term admonition to our sisters (rather than a rebuke) in the love of CHRIST. Furthermore, the question of immodesty at Trinity would be a far, far, far cry from the most modest, modern-day evangelical church. Lastly, regarding the "Addressing of the issue by a sister," well, brother Waters has spoken appropriately and biblically on the matter. I second the Scripture cited. Grace to you brother Mike.

Mike WatersContact via email (3/25/2008)
from North Canton, Ohio
“ Very appropriate ”
This comment is in response to the previous comment "I don't know." First, I dont believe that pastor's Martin's church has any great "issue" of dress, in comparison to others. Many churches have a far greater problem but are pastored by "dumb dogs." Second, the responibility to oversee the church is not given to "older ladies" but qualified men, who will one day give an account (Heb.13:17). Bless God for such men who speak the truth in love, regardless what it may cost. Mike Waters

Mel (2/28/2008)
“ I don't know... ”
Oh my! They obviously have some fashion "issues" going on at this church. I appreciate this pastor's admonitions; however, I feel that it would have been more appropriate to have an older, respected woman speak to the women of the church about this problem.

Denise (2/28/2008)
from pennsylvania
“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Martin, Thank you for this sermon. I was convicted and humbled. In looking at myself and in-put form my husband and son,modesty is something that I practice but I believe I can do even more. I am so thankful that you obeyed God and preached this message. The church needs this message. I have been listening to you for about 1 1/2 years. Your solidness to preach Scripture Alone is what I desire to hear and obey. Thank you so much.

BeverleyContact via email (2/26/2008)
from Manitoba, Canada
“ The Truth shall set you free! ”
Thank you Pastor Martin for your obediance to the Word. The difficult task of correcting and exhorting one another to live in such a way that we honor our Lord and Saviour displays your great love for Christ's bride. It is my earnest prayer that the conviction of the Holy Spirit would penetrate any hardness of heart concerning this very important subject.

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  Albert N. Martin
For over forty years, Pastor Albert N. Martin faithfully served the Lord and His people as an elder of Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, New Jersey. Due to increasing and persistent health problems, he stepped down as one of their pastors, and in June, 2008, Pastor Martin and...

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