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David Cloud | Port Huron, Michigan
Contact Info | Edit
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Way of Life Literature
P.O. Box 610368
Port Huron, MI 48061–0368
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MyChurch: wayoflife | Set
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David Cloud
312 sermons
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Warnings about Contemporary Praise Music
The Downward Spiral
9/8/2003 (MON)
  |  Bible: 1 John 5:19
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Contemporary praise and worship music, and its attendant philosophy, have permeated churches around the globe - even churches that consider themselves 'fundamentalist' in nature. In this message, we examine the fact that music is not neutral, which is admitted by those who have no agenda to protect. Rock stars, composers, even social scientists and politicians admit that music is not a neutral force - that it can be used for good or evil. We also explore the connection between modern praise and worship music and the charismatic movement. This message is available in DVD and VHS with many graphics which enhance the presentation. or 1-866-295-4143.
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David Cloud
Warnings: Contemporary Praise

The Downward Spiral
Sunday Service
Way of Life Literature
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David Cloud
Warnings: Contemporary Praise

The Downward Spiral
Way of Life Literature
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Anonymous Name (1/18/2021)
“ Contemporary Praise Circus Nightclub Music ”
As noted, contemporary worship music literally turns churches into worldly circuses and nightclubs. It is ridiculous how churches feel that they need these silly circus sideshow acts to "draw" people to Christ. Titus 2:1-15 advises us to exercise sobriety in The Lord's House. We know that the Church at Corinth was the original circus church, which is why Paul The Apostle wrote an Epistle calling them out for their own lack of sanctification. Sanctification was lacking in the Church at Corinth as it is in today's contemporary praise churches. Sadly, many fundamentalist church organizations are now becoming worldly circus churches, even though worldly fundamentalist churches are filled with born again believers as the Church at Corinth was filled with born again believers. Both the First and Second Epistles of Paul The Apostle to the Corinthians serve as reminders for believers against being carnal. This sermon shows that circus sideshow acts, as well as nightclubs, are worldly and carnal, and have no place in the church.

Anonymous Name (4/13/2020)
“ Contemporary Praise Churches: Liked By The World ”
A reminder from Charles Spurgeon. “That very church which the world likes best is sure to be that which God abhors.”

Anonymous Name (4/7/2020)
“ Rock Music: Bizarre and Rebellious ”
It should be noted that rock musicians have bizarre interests like the subculture of the goths. Such bizarre interests like the goth subculture reflect rebellion against The Lord. Not only that, but many rock musicians have interest in bizarre and rebellious hairstyles like mohawks with its many other variants. To demonstrate their rebellion, female rock musicians shave their head bald. It should also be noted that many rock albums have bizarre Satanic imagery on them. Music is a wonderful art, but as this sermon shows, Satan and the Antichrist have designed their rock music with the intent on stirring rebellion in people's hearts by liberating them from righteous authority. Thus, rock music is the music of Satan and the Antichrist.

Unspecified name (3/18/2018)
“ Contemporary Pornographic Music ”
It would be more accurate to refer to Contemporary Praise Music as Contemporary Pornographic Music since contemporary praise singers are given over to fornication. Many CCM musicians are and have been divourced over adulterous affairs. Not to mention that Dan Lucarini withdrew from CCM music to avoid potentially adulterous affairs with the female "worship" singers, intending on preserving his marriage. Like the Olympics, both ancient and modern, CCM music is given over to adultery and fornication. We would be wise to remember the wise warning given in Hebrews 13:4 instead of working with these whoremongers and adulterers called CCM musicians.

Unspecified name (12/17/2017)
“ CCM: Music for liberal church-going rebels ”
Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is music for liberal church-going rebels. Enough said.

Unspecified name (11/25/2017)
“ Full of insight! ”
Contemporary Christian Music is indeed the music of theological liberalism. With that said, the new evangelicalism started by Harold Ockenga for the sole purpose of theological liberalism. Until then, we would be wise to heed the warning about false prophets in Matthew 7:15-20. We know that theological liberals are false prophets since they say that spiritual compromise will bring about universal harmony.

Unspecified name (11/25/2017)
“ Insightful! ”
It's a proven fact that rock music, rap music, country music, and pop music are all based on rebellion to authority. We also see this same rebellion reflected in Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) given that CCM musicians think that grace is antinomian license. Grace, Biblically understood, is freely bestowed upon undeserving sinners. Of course, Biblical Grace also shows us to live in a sober manner as evident in Titus 2:12. It is rather troubling how CCM musicians think that they can live as they like and demean those rejecting their licentious lifestyles reflected in their music with its many styles as "legalistic." If you were to preach that the Lord is a Righteous Punisher in today's contemporary churches with their CCM, you would be accused of being "legalistic" even though the Bible clearly teaches it in verses like 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9.

H Hudson (5/13/2015)
from Deerfield Beach, Florida
“ Deep Sermon! ”
As you get older in The Lord, you should become more discerning in what is going on in today's churches that is being influenced by Satan, very cleverly too. The weakening churches is evident by the continuing compromise in many aspects - where the secular propaganda is changing attitudes of so-called Christians into accepting more of the world in teaching/preaching/activities and a lessening of the power of the Gospel and the meaning of the Blood of Christ Jesus. Many of today's messages are weak as water and carry no conviction for understanding repentance and salvation. Thank God for the choices we have on which is a technological blessing. Please support this site.

antipas (1/11/2012)
from Philipines
“ Very Rare and a Great Sermon! ”
Rom 12:1-2 (KJV) Rom 12 1) I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. 2) And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. ...i've been listening to david cloud preaching a lot of it and read many of His articles. My past life is a lover of comtemporary music, natutaly i am a musicain a drummer, guitarist a singer, but i cannot deny the truth of the their fruits ye shall know them. The effect in my spititual life is keeping me away from the word of God. this is what i view in my life. i only use the bible but my emotion is fed by music especially that well-suited to my taste, yes beware of emotion cause it must be controlled by the truth not by out own heart. Jer 17:9 (KJV) 9) The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? ...this topic must not be Judge immediately and needed to apply this truth.Jn.8:31-32 (KJV) 31) Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32) And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you

BB (2/16/2009)
“ Biblical Sermon! ”
Thank you so much for the completely Biblical message concerning the sensual, worldly perversion of music in the congregations that call themselves Christian. They would have you believe that they are spiritual because they can "worship" their god through that lawless music experience. They call it a "spirit". I do agree that it is a spirit, but the question is, what spirit? We realized shortly after allowing "Contemporary Christian Music" into our home, that rebellion rose in the hearts of our kids. Many others I spoke to have experienced the same thing. You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears. I see nothing Biblically Christian in the lives of these artists (research them thoroughly) nor in most of the listeners. The over-spiritualism of this generation is nothing more than sensuality and it is of the flesh. You cannot worship God, The Father and Jesus Christ, the Righteous in the flesh. (Look it up, it's in the Bible)

Rose Jamison-Klous (8/23/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I also agree..and disagree. In music, there is a spirit behind it. The Spirit of God will exalt Jesus Christ. The spirit of satan will bring ridicule and degradation to His name. Much of contemporary praise/worship exalts the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, it stirs the emotions, FOR Christ, not against Christ. If worship has no emotions, such as joy, thankfullness, and being in the presence of God, it's just dead, religious songs. God was and IS an emotional God. It's all the through the Old Testament, and the New Testament. Jesus Himself showed many emotions, from anger, joy, sadness, etc. To worship Him in "Spirit and in Truth". You must find the key to doing that, then maybe the spirit of criticism on what God is doing will fade away.

John (10/28/2006)
“ Warnings ”
I agree with some things and completely disagree with others. I would contend that the greatest thing lacking in the lives of God's people in the church today is having an accurate view of God. When is the last time you stepped out on a Sunday morning and were in AWE of Christ. We don't just worship Sunday. Worship begins at home Monday morning and it culminates on Sunday. It is God we worship and we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 15). We are all over the later but to the expense of the former? Please Lord let it no be so. You can argue all you want about style, but the real question is are we worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth. Fundamentally, whether a song is a chorus, a hymn, or a new song (God loves that...I think that is in the Bible somewhere) it has to be theologically sound otherwise get rid of it. Secondly, is it horizontal or vertical. What I mean by that is do the Words ascribe worth to God (Real Worship) or is it simply worshipful (less about Him more about me). I am bigtime into Words that ascribe Worth to God. Lastly, does the style compete with the content. That would be bad too! That is it. Every Sunday my heart is to encounter the living Christ & not man. Isaiah 66:2 humble, contrite spirits, and trembling at His Word draws Him

Fred ParsleyContact via email (1/29/2006)
from Mansfield Ohio
“ Great Sermon! ”
I grew up with Rock and Roll. It was, the and still is at times, very hard to steer clear of. It pervades all we do. Tv, sporting events, doctors office, restarants and now church. Cleaning up Baal does not make it an item to worship with. My mother hated rock and still does , though her stance, because of rock's pervasiveness, has mellowed as has most of societies. But because we have become accostommed to this music , does not make it ok. I remembeer my mother saying that the music made her nervous. She said she felt like it was trying to invade her self control.. Just as one imbibes much liquor because they enjoy the effect , so it is with music. We listen to it because we like the "intoxication", though it is more subtle than drink. But is it? Just as love of intoxication usually sneaks up on you, so does the beat of music. I used to distain hip- hop, but once I became accustommed to it , I actually started to like it.Now that I have given all this over to the Lord, it has actually become easier to stay away. Not easy , grant you , but easier. If we are in any doubt after listening to this , then just maybe , we should avoid it to be on the safe side.Isn't our God worth the risk?

enoch (11/18/2005)
from california
“ Great Sermon! ”
Sometimes it is hard to speak the truth but it had to be spoken for our benefit. Too long have the watered down message of compromise been allowed in our pulpits. Away with letting the world dictate how we sing and live. In Christ alone should we live and move and have our being!

SAJJAD BASHIRContact via email (7/11/2005)
“ Great Sermon! ”
My dear staff, Greetings in the Savior name of Lod Jesus.I pleased much when i searched your anoited site through search.I much much blessed through it only reading.God bless you for this great task.How can use this site?. Yours in Christ, sajjad

Joe Kolly (7/9/2005)
from Michigan, usa
“ Thanks for taking a stand... ”
I've listened to most of the 'WOW' CD's available in the 'worship' category, and after doing so I have to wonder if many of the songwriters have ever even read the Scriptures. Many of the songs either condone living after the manner of this depraved world(and I get plenty of that wicked exposure as it is, without needing so-called 'believers' exposing me to even more of the same)...or...have an 'emotional' basis for approaching God in the lyrics...or, in not a few instances, go so far as making Almighty Jesus into an object of 'romantic affections' (with a fair number of the songwriters being male!!!). Is 'perverse' too strong a word here? The bible shows us that our worship must come on the basis of two and truth...and biblical love (as defined in 1 Cor 13) has zero emotion to it..and Jesus Himself said that if we continue in His word....then we will know the truth, and it is the truth that will make us free...neither sentiment, nor affection, nor passion, nor a 'feeling' or 'emotion' of any kind will save us; only the truth by the love of God. Thank you sir, for your strong stand here. Jesus knows the tide is against those who are willing to do what you do in your preaching, and He will bring your reward in due time. Gods peace in Him.

B. Bell (7/11/2004)
from Ohio
“ Right on Point!!! ”
Bro. Cloud,this is a great message! Most of these contemporary songs have no place in the house of the Lord. I like some CCM, but most of it does not give all glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You were 100% right in quoting John 4:24 "In spirit and in truth" The Church needs to stop bringing the world inside of it's sanctuaries.

Andrew HallContact via email (1/24/2004)
from Worcester, United Kingdom
“ The truth of the scriptures reigns! ”
Thank you so much brother for this fine message. I was a child of the sixties and the seventies and grew up in churches where they encouraged 'modern' music to attract the youth. Sure it attracted me but it did not make me a christian, nor did my non-repentance confession of faith that is encouraged in these world pleasing churches. Praise the Lord, I am now truly born again - freed from a bondage to alcohol, and a redeemed murderer. My solace is in worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ through lovely hymns and Scottich metrical psalms. My dearest moment was sitting at the graveside of Francis Ridley Havergal (not ten miles from where I live - in a gorgeous English country churchyard, where her father once ministered) and singing "Take my life and let me be, Consecrated Lord to thee." Modern singing with its beat - and off beat - massive sounds and the pop stage leadership is totally manwards and not Godwards. Jeremiah 6:16 "Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls...." The modern neo-evangelicals and dog-barkers ignore this as they know better than God lets read the last sentence of that verse "But they said, We will not walk therein." What is plainer than that? Bless you for this message. Be bold in the preaching of the word of God.

JEAN HODINHContact via email (1/22/2004)
from DALE, TX
“ Great Sermon! ”
I still have not gotten used to contemporary rock music in church because I have to handle the effects of associating it too much with the world. I do however, appreciate having it on the radio sometimes while I'm driving around because the subject and words take alot of the world affect out of the rock. To me the most inspiring music is the traditional music that I grew up with. . . .Thank you for your deep thoughts on this subject

VERNONContact via email (1/16/2004)

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  David Cloud
David W. Cloud is founder and director of Way of Life Literature, a 29-year-old Fundamental Baptist missionary publishing ministry. Brother Cloud was saved in 1973 at age 23, and the Lord gave him a burden to communicate the truths of God's Word via the printed page. Within six...

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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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