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Curtis Knapp | Seneca, Kansas
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New Hope Baptist Church
882 West Hwy 36
Seneca, KS 66538
New Hope Baptist Church
882 West Hwy 36
Seneca, KS 66538
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Football Player Sentenced to Homosexual Re-education Camp
Posted by: New Hope Baptist Church | more..
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Who is Chris Culliver? He is a cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers. What did he do? He made the fatal mistake of committing the unforgivable sin of our politically correct culture. He made negative comments about homosexuality -- as a resident of San Francisco of all places. Oh, the horrors! Off with his head! Well, not quite. The superintendents of social justice in America are more humane than that. Instead, they will send Culliver off to re-education camp until he comes back thoroughly indoctrinated in the "right" sociological views. Culliver will begin "sensitivity training" and "education" immediately after the Super Bowl. Then he will start volunteer work with "at-risk homosexual youth" nationwide. He will begin working with "The Trevor Project," an organization that provides crisis and suicide intervention to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

What did Culliver say that got him in trouble? First, let's consider the context and the setup. During Super Bowl Media Day, Culliver was asked filthy and base questions by comedian Artie Lange -- questions that weren't very funny. The interview began with Lange crassly asking Culliver about his sexual plans with women during Super Bowl week. Lange then asked whether Culliver would consider pursuing a gay man. Why? We'll get to that later. Culliver responded as follows: "I don't do the gay guys, man. I don't do that. Ain't got no gay people on the team. They gotta get up outta here if they do. Can't be with that sweet stuff."

This is what got Culliver in trouble with the Gay Rights Gestapo. There are so many problems with this scenario, it is hard to know where to begin.

First of all, what kind of culture are we living in that it has become acceptable for a comedian (or anyone for that matter), to ask a pro football player (or anyone) about his sexual plans during the Super Bowl week? Do we realize how filthy we have become? How is this relevant to sports? How is this relevant to the Super Bowl? Why were any of these questions asked at all? What happened to a person's right to privacy? Why must we assume that the player will be fornicating during Super Bowl week? Why do we crack jokes about sins that damn people to hell for eternity?

Where is the outrage that such filthy questions are asked? Why didn't that become a "big story"? Why didn't we see headlines that said something like, "Comedian sparks outrage with filthy questions about pro player's sexual life"? The reason is because there was no outrage about the questions, only the answers. We are a filthy culture with filthy minds and we are utterly desensitized to these sorts of topics. We have become used to them. They don't offend us anymore. Most of us walk around with cables attached to the back of our heads -- the other end being connected to the TV, daily pumping the septic tank into our heads.

As if the first question about Culliver's plans with women wasn't offensive enough, Lange had to accelerate the interview to the bottom of the toilet bowl by asking about possible sexual encounters with men? Are you kidding me?! Can you imagine such questions being asked even 20 years ago? Can you imagine the shock that would have occurred if such a question were asked 40 years ago? Where are the public decency standards? Culliver should have responded in anger and told Lange it was none of his business and that the interview was over. The big story is Lange and a complicit media, not Culliver. Culliver is rightly disgusted with homosexuality. Lange and the media are shockingly at ease with it.

Have we become so stupid as a culture that we can't see what a set-up the whole interview was? Lange knew what he was doing. He was baiting Culliver. Lange has since gone on record saying he hopes Culliver realized what he said was wrong, hopes Culliver will grow up, hopes Culliver will learn from his mistake, and hopes he (Lange) will be used to break the "gay barrier" in pro football. He said he also hopes that some gay pro football athlete will come out of the closet to be a hero for the gay community. So, obviously it was a set-up. Lange purposely baited Culliver and then had the audacity to step up on his little moral soap box and lecture Culliver about prejudice, when he ought to be ashamed by his own filthy questions and purposeful entrapment of Culliver.

Just how was Culliver supposed to respond? Is the only acceptable response in our society, "Well, yes, Mr. Lange, actually I am planning on hooking up with some homosexual partners if I'm lucky."? Must we all be homosexual or bisexual? Would this have made Lange happy? Would it have satisfied all the media outlets that decided to make this a big story? Would this alone have satisfied the Gay Rights Gestapo? Is this what you have to say to prove you are "tolerant" and not homophobic and bigoted? Have we come to the point in America where the only acceptable answer a man can give to a filthy and inappropriate question about his sexual plans with other men is "Yes, I hope to hook up with another man soon."? Incredible!

As an aside, it is interesting how the media and the gay community can rise up against a black man and not be afraid of being lambasted as racist. For instance, if you criticize President Obama, you will probably be labeled a racist. This is also true if you criticize any popular figure that happens to be black (unless he's Republican). Beware of the race card. But when you are a black man and you criticize homosexuality, you can be lambasted without anyone fearing you will pull out your race card. Why? Because the gay card trumps the race card. It is a better hand. That is why Culliver couldn't respond to all those attacking him and say, "You're just attacking me because I'm black."

Predictably, everyone is now dutifully and obediently saying all the "right" things. Jerry Rice, former wide receiver for the 49ers has chimed in: "You've got to be very careful what you say." You can say that again, Jerry. If you don't say the right things about the gay community, you will be pressured, vilified, attacked and threatened. The Gay Gestapo will descend in great numbers. They will ring your phone off the wall to cuss you out. They will leave nasty messages on your answering machine. They will send profanity laced emails and letters. They will jam your website. They will threaten boycotts. They will call up companies and civic leaders and force them to make statements against you -- or else they, too, will be labeled and punished accordingly. How long will we put up with this? When will companies and civic leaders and pastors and citizens stand up to the minority gay community and refuse to allow our views to be silenced by their threats?

Culliver has been sat down by his general manager and head coach. We're not sure what they told him, but it is likely that they told him how to behave so that he and the whole 49ers organization don't suffer too much damage. He has been assigned a public relations representative, Theodore Palmer, who will now speak on his behalf. Palmer, of course, is saying all the right things: "He's (Culliver) so passionate about youth and people being comfortable with who they are and accepted by all," said Palmer. "He's excited to learn."

Palmer continued: " The plan is with The Trevor Project and their concerns are that he is genuine about his words. " You see that Culliver is not entitled to his own view about homosexuality. He must be genuine and sincere about tolerance of homosexuality. He must be converted and changed. He must be reprogrammed. There is no tolerance for any view which does not tolerate homosexuality.

Palmer continued: "It's just an opportunity for him to learn about his comments and educate himself about the LGBT community, and grow. It's the first step to learning about his words."

I find it ironic that Culliver is being punished by the pro-gay powers that be by being sentenced to work with gay youth. Culliver is being treated as one who has committed a crime, even though no statute has been broken. Is it against the law to say, "I don't do gay guys, man."? Nevertheless, Culliver is being forced into "community service." It is not his own idea. It is the idea of the powers that be. It is punishment. But what is his punishment? Working with gay youth. It reminds me of the time I was handing out tracts to homosexuals in the hopes that they would hear what the Word of God says about homosexuality and repent. When one lesbian began to read a tract, she got very angry, got right in my face and accusingly queried me, "So, what's the deal with you? Are you queer? You look as queer to me as the day is long!" I said nothing in reply but simply looked at her in astonishment that she had chosen to insult me by calling me queer. She realized what she had said and quickly corrected herself by saying, "Not that that's an insult. It's a compliment!"

Deep down inside, gay people know that being gay is not very gay. It is misery. It's why there are organizations like Trevor Project that work with suicidal gay youth. Why are the gay youth suicidal if life is so gay? Because it is miserable to fight against God, against God's nature and against conscience. It is hard to justify the unjustifiable. It is why they are so angry and hateful and bullying and aggressive as they seek out "homophobic hate-mongers" to persecute and punish. It is why they cannot tolerate the Chris Cullivers of the world. It is why they cannot tolerate any objections or any dissent. They are far more hateful than those they label as hateful. To be homosexual is indeed to be "at-risk." It is to risk the wrath of God Almighty in an eternity of hellfire.

From Sodom and Gemorrah to San Francisco, from the beginning of time to now, homosexuals have always been miserable people who MUST convert everyone to their point of view or else there will be hell to pay. They are a violent group of sinners. In Sodom, they came in great numbers to rape angels who they mistook for attractive men. When Lot tried to prevent them, they turned their anger on him. We know how that story ended. Let us end with 1 Cor. 6:9-11. There we see one hope for homosexuals. It is the same hope any sinner has -- to be changed by the power of Christ.

"Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God." (1 Cor. 6:9-11)

"Such WERE some of you." When Christ saves homosexuals, they are no longer homosexuals. They are washed clean, sanctified and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus. Oh Lord, please do more of this saving work amongst these angry people.

Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals
Author: Curtis Knapp
Paperback ... $5.00 USD

Category:  Politics

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