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Dr. Fred DeRuvo | Georgia
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Study-Grow-Know Ministries
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Muslims Work Against Lowe’s and Christians Join the Circus, Pt 1
Posted by: Study-Grow-Know Ministries | more..
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I recently saw a few videos on a web site that highlighted the situation that is transpiring against Lowe’s. Of course, the videos in question focused on at least one Lowe’s in Dearborn, MI. This is the city where the show “All-American Muslim” is filmed.

People are upset because Lowe’s had the mendacity to pull their advertising. Lowe’s essentially objects to the show for its inaccurate portrayal of Islam. did the same thing this past week, stating essentially that the show “sucks” but so far, I haven’t heard of any protesting toward Kayak.

What is interesting is what is coming out of the mouths of people who are protesting Lowe’s. Of course, there is the same ol’ rhetoric from Muslims about people being absorbed with “Islamophobia” (as if Islam itself is a good thing). I expect those people to be there. But what’s surprising are the numbers of individuals who were labeled as being “Christians” on the videos by news reporters.

I didn’t see one. I saw some people holding signs protesting Lowe’s but that in and of itself did not give them away as Christians. One guy they interviewed was a war veteran. He didn’t say he was a Christian either. He complained that people never learn from history (yep!) and then cited the situation with Hitler and the Jews, and the Japanese internment camps of WWII, etc. He said we are doing the same thing with Muslims.

He may have a point with respect to the Japanese, but certainly not with the Jews. During Hitler’s time, the Jews were minding their own business and Hitler declared war against THEM. He decided all Jews needed to be exterminated from the face of the earth, not realizing of course, that he was really simply doing his “father’s (Satan’s) business. If Satan could successfully eradicate all Jews, there would be no Jews left to inherit God’s unfulfilled prophecies. Satan failed as did Hitler. Chalk one more up for God.

With respect to the Japanese, sadly, our government had no way of knowing whether or not any Japanese individuals on our homeland were in collusion with the Japanese from Japan. Under the circumstances, they thought it best to gather up the Japanese and inter them in camps. The same thing happened with my wife’s grandparents in Germany/Austria. In fact, it is difficult to find a nation where something like this has not happened in the past.

But all this aside, the problem is really Islam and those Muslims who take Islam literally. These are the Muslims who will kill you just as soon as look at you. There is a difference between racism for instance, and a desire to kill people because they are not part of your chosen ideology.

Today, I went to Lowe’s – that’s where I’m spending my money now when it comes to my hardware needs. I saw no protests at the store. However, inside the store, it was interesting to be on the receiving end of good ol’ southern racism. I’ve seen it a few times, but I’m learning to ignore it simply because it’s not my problem. Yes, I’m white, but as far as I know, not one of my ancestors owned a slave. Moreover, the black people who are alive now were never owned by anyone either. Therefore they have no room to hold a grudge against anyone, yet some do. They’re in the minority but they’re still there.

As I walked down the aisle through Lowe’s today, a young black man was ahead of me walking in the same direction. A store employee – also black – saw the man and asked him if he could help him. The man stated his need and the employee gave him the needed information. The man walked away and the store employee saw me, but rather than say “Can I help you?” he simply turned his back to me and got busy stacking shelves. It could have been just a coincidence. As I continued to walk through the store picking up the items I needed, I wasn’t sure where one of the items was and I happened to be right near the aisle where the black store employee was working. I didn’t see anyone else so I began walking toward him. I then heard a helpful voice from behind me asking if I needed help. The black store employee in front of me didn’t even look up. The other individual asked what I needed and took me right to it, which was in the aisle that the black store employee was working in.

After I got the items I needed, I went back down the same aisle to my cart, once again passing by the black store employee. Nothing. It’s certainly possible he was having a bad day. At the same time, if he is a racist, I refuse to allow it to get under my skin. It’s his problem, not mine.

Yet, when it comes to Islam, people who complain against the appropriateness or judgmental attitude of radical Muslims are said to be Islamophobic or worse. But the problem is that this world has faced nearly 20,000 attacks from Muslims throughout the world since 9/11. Who knows how many prior to 9/11?

When did the Jews do this during Hitler’s time? When did the Japanese do this during WWII? In each case, the Jews did nothing, and the Japanese outwardly attacked us as a nation, from one nation to another nation.

What we are experiencing today is guerrilla warfare tactics with an enemy whom we do not know that well and we do not know when or how they will attack. This is obviously troublesome to say the least! We are not on the battlefield per se. The world has become the battlefield and the enemy is often cloaked in religious garb and religious-sounding verbiage. That does not stop them from wanting to destroy us.

Category:  Ministries

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