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Dr. Leon L. Sanders | Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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Economy Controls Government, Business and You
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Economy Controls Government, Business and You

Socialism Propagandizes Fixed Division: Its Goal

My previous post, Fallacy of Science Truth and Scientism’s Control of You, showed the fundamental role of energy Control played in Controlling YOU! Yet, while energy Control affects every aspect of society, there is something even more fundamental that affects even energy; the economy. I lauded to this toward the end of that post when I mentioned Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC); the coming globalized Control of Everything {THE GLOBAL PLAN TO CONTROL SOCIETY WITH CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCIES. Carter Heavy Industries.}. This post postulates that Man has always embraced socialism at the preferred economic form. This is becoming increasingly preferred by those peoples it controls due to the effective use of propaganda in various forms including government funded education!

One Schematic of Economic Control
Adjusted to Reveal Its Straw Man Fallacies

Socialism did not begin with Karl Marx bringing Hegelian philosophy into the empiric realm. As I have discussed in many posts, socialism was the preferred economic form of Bronze Age empires with their centralized governmental forms; the telltale sign of socialism regardless of its various labels. Even tribal governments are scaled down versions of socialistic economic control with each member contributing to the overall economy of the tribe. Yet, even this had to acknowledge and reward personal effort creating distinct divisions of wealth according to personal initiative. Otherwise, like the Pilgrims, tribes would fail while individuals reduced their labor waiting for others to supply their needs; today this is called welfare.

Socialism abounded in the Enlightenment Era with France practicing a centralized fiscal policy which eventually failed producing the French Socialism Revolution. England practiced Mercantilism which followed a different path modifying socialism by engaging businesses to manage trade, resources and wealth creation and sharing with the government. The East India Trading Company quickly gained Control of England's currency to become the tail that wagged the dog. It became the model for all modern crony capitalism corporations. While European governments tried to dominate the new Industrial Age corporations by developing modified socialized governments; England, Controlled by financiers who funded the corporations via its Central Bank eventually became dominated by financiers like Cecil Rhodes and his Round Table who in turn were in league with already established Jewish financiers such as the Rothschild Jewish family. These two major systems vied for Centralized Control and thus represented two opposing forms of Socialism. Twentieth Century wars saw the decline of French or forced socialism in lieu of propagandized or citizen-selectedsocialism that developed in Great Britain and America and was overlayed on European powers after these series of wars.

Americans Taught Myth of Free Markets
Free Market Developed by Government Official

John Locke developed the concept of free markets in support of his utopian view of the perfect society. While some of his concepts were borrowed by Thomas Jefferson, American history was also a battle of financial wills that swirled around our country having, or not having, a central bank. This was decided in 1913 when President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act under the guidance {Control} of Colonel House as agent of the Round Table. I point this out to say that America never had a free market system under the Constitution. Government views the free market as chaos and immoral. The Progressive Era saw business partnering with government to create a type of mixed economy that became increasingly more overtly socialistic. But, behind both are the financiers who control the monies essential to both government and business. Economy is simply a means of wealth distribution. Free market economy means business owners get to keep what they earn to create more wealth and opportunity for entrance into the market is available to anyone who can develop a product better, cheaper or more innovative than others. Problem is, government does not share wealth except with those who Control the monies, businesses and financiers, and then only grudgingly.

The above graphic shows the current propaganda which depicts the myth of free markets as self-centered or morally selfish. The Command economy, socialism, is deemed morally better but less than perfect because of force. The Mixed Economy is seen as best because it combines government's better morality of equality to Control Your selfishness. This is also the fallacious framework of our opening graphic. Free market entrepreneurs are depicted as selfish, preventing the poor from obtaining their fair share and thus remaining in poverty. But, socialism does not fix this issue it raises, it promotes this caste system via its policies. The image of a mixed economy is propaganda to assuage the conscious of the supposedly guilty Middle Class while they are being taxed in poverty, also passed as a Constitutional amendment in 1913.

Capitalism is a Socialistic Word of Defeat
Capitalism will Yield to Socialism's Morality

Capitalism was coined by Karl Marx who, "saw capitalism as a progressive historical stage that would eventually be followed by socialism" {The Marxist Critique of Capitalism}. It has become the de facto word applied to free marketeconomy; however, it has nothing to do with this concept. When you use the language of the opposition, you eventually fall prey to them. Marx saw capitalism as the pathway to socialism. By using this term people become inculcated to accept Socialism. It is the same trap as defining America's government as democratic, rule by the masses, when it was a republic, rule by the elected few. Today America is being ramrodded by the General Will of the so-called majority into socialism by law and violence. Capitalism masquerades as a free market but promotes a mixed economy which morphs into Socialism with its rule by the elite caste over the masses mired in hopeless poverty.

Knowingly or Unknowingly Satan Controls
Financiers to Control Governments-Businesses

The Great War produced something hidden to most people, Bank for International Settlements (BIS) {The Dark Past of the Bank for International Settlements. Technocracy News and Trends.}. It became the lead financier channel for all national central banks and through the World Economic Forum (WEF) the controlling agent of industrialized governments. This was excellently presented by Best Evidence channel in, All the Plenary's Men. The issue is not whether Socialism is coming; the issue is the implementation of Socialism via financiers working through corporatisms to Control governments to Control You. The goal is concentration of power in the few elites with enough of the usefulmasses to meet their needs. Forced National socialism was defeated by war and forced international socialism was defeated economically; both in the 20th century. This left Mixed Economy was the means to gain your acceptance to embrace full blown Socialism's Control first regionally and eventually internationally under one entity. Your cooperation is being enlisted through the myths of Climate Change and Fossil Fuel depletion and pollution as well as through manufactured plandemics with forced injections that keep the crisis ongoing and required digital documentation of demanded health requirements linked to CBDC for Control of buying and selling.

Dystopia Envisioned by Financiers
Embraced by Georgia Guidestones

Over 2,ooo years ago God through John revealed Satan's plan to bring revived Greco-Roman (Western) governments under the socialistic rule of two men. The False Prophet will provide the moral basis uniting all religions into a centralized union presenting itself to the Antichrist's rule (2Th 2:3-12; Re 13). The False Prophet will develop an idol that requires people to submit to its allegiance or be economically disenfranchised if not killed outright. The past three centuries have seen the threads of this Control come together globally which was not possible for our time due to digital technology. People are embracing socialism and submitting to its controlling constraints without force not seen in history since Babel under Nimrod (Ge 11:1-9).

This is not yet that time but we are seeing how these events will occur as depicted by current events in our times. Central Banks are developing digital currencies and digital identification according to BIS-U.N. guidelines to approve of your buying and selling based on whether you are in good standing in their system! People willing embracing uncontrolled government spending which will result in staggering inflation, massive shortages, famines and diseases due to maldistribution caused by energy shortages. A continual diatribe of equality of outcome, liberty from selfish free marketeers, and international fraternity or unity through diversity to embrace immorality as Man comes together in a world without God (Ro 1:18-28). The only things missing are natural disasters which I will discuss in our next post.

Christians are to spread the Gospel and encourage each other in the Bible as we see these days approaching (He 5:11-14; 10:19-25). We are not to willfully sin as the Lost lest we become fearful of impending judgment and stampede into error (He 10:26-27; 1Jo 4:17-19).

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