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Dr. Leon L. Sanders | Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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White Man's Philosophy Core of Black Socialist Racism
FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2021
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Portland Education System Displaying Socialism
As Anti-White Racism Showing Their Ignorance

This video shows excerpts from the British Lotus Eaters Podcast showing a meeting of a group of Portland {Oregon} school officials-teachers. This British podcast group provides analysis and commentary on current events in the world with their primary focus on events affecting Britain, America and Europe. These woked folks include all the proper virtue signaling expected for racial socialists except for knowledge of history and some old fashion common sense. In their eagerness to appear cutting edge in social correctness they reveal their intention to eliminate everyone who disagrees with their vision for the future. However, if you watch this video to the end you will discover the true nihilistic, irrational basis for their woked philosophy.

Woked Socialism Touts Its Moral Superiority of
Black Socialism over White Colonialism

Ever hear the expression, "You cannot fix stupid?" Well, if one were honest you would realize that facts do not change behavior by themselves; they must be mixed with faith; often blind faith that ignores facts, history and even absolute truths. Socialism is forever linked to Karl Marx, a white, German atheistic ethnic Jew whose knowledge of economics was so scant that he did not understand that free markets brought about by the Industrial Revolution was raising the standard of living of every society involved. Marx saw the uneven and often fitful adoption of economic growth along with the early marriage of corporatism to governments that sprang from the mercantile system. From his armchair, Marx wrote how people, workers, everywhere should band together and wrest Control from crony capitalism to form an utopia based on equality of outcome because of inequality of opportunity; as he defined these issues. However, like Darwin, he was largely ignored except for a small band of slavic atheistic Jews who decided to use his writings as the basis for their power grab in Russia. The fact that workers in World War I (WWI) did not rise up against their governments to unite in a workers utopia confounded Marx's followers. In fact, these workers not only backed their own governments and economic institutions, they doubled down on the Industrial Revolutionary gains even to their deaths. It was only the Russian peasants who joined the Revolution and they soon paid dearly with their lives under Stalin's farm reforms.

Frederick Douglas, a former slave knew Socialism
As Slavery to Corporatism and Government

Social philosophers between the wars were confused why workers chose nationalism over socialism. Antonio Gramsci, Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School, among others, chose to ignore this fact and instead sought to fix the problem so people would be conditioned to make the desired choice in the future. But, during this interwar period a new danger arose that threatened to derail their goal; a different form of socialism; national socialism. Whereas Bismarck's Germany chose to bribe its citizens with government-sponsored benefits to keep them from Marx's socialism; Mussolini developed a national socialism. He did this to unite Italians into a unified nation as they were one of the last nations in Europe to become a nation-state. He did not want Italians to follow international socialism that would keep them weakened and divided; thus, he confused socialists everywhere by defining a new form of socialism. Mussolini gave this form of socialism a name, Fascism which he made up from the Roman, fasces. Herr Hitler adopted Mussolini's redefined socialism and applied it to Germany; but with differences. Italy had no Jewish issue and Mussolini did not incorporate ethnic purity nor did he endorse Hitler's anti-Jewish bias. Germany had an ongoing Jewish biases since Luther learned Hebrew and discovered what the Jews thought of Gentiles in their Talmud (A MERCIFUL SEVERITY: HOW MARTIN LUTHER INFLUENCED ADOLF HITLER’S PERSECUTION OF THE JEWS.). However, the Zionist Jews also used their Jewishness, race card, to secure Palestine as a homeland. Hitler's unique approach to national socialism was also hostile against international or worker's socialism. The Frankfurt School was forced to leave Germany during this hostile period. It moved to America, ensconced itself into America's educational system and began implementing Gramsci's policies of redefining Marx's socialism through educational, informational and entertainment mediums. It began training the trainers of children. So, how did a White man's social philosophy as modified by many other white men become the black man's vision of equality of outcome?

Communism, the Enemy Become the Ally
Shaped World's View of Hitler's Socialism

Hitler's Aryan racial religion coupled with his Jewish concentration camps and the horrible images of the mass deaths of typhoid victims caused as much by Allied war efforts as by German economic collapse, were magnified by Hitler's old nemesis, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Stalin helped define Hitler as the stark, raving madman of WWII; the Straw Man logical fallacy that keeps on giving as people succumb to propaganda rather than history. His racial religion, never quite accepted by majority of German society, fueled his image of white racial hatred against Jewish, ostensibly non-White though Ashkenazi Jews are very white, was incorporated into the greatest godsend social movement America could offer: Democratic opposition to repeal of the South's Jim Crow laws and equality of opportunity for every member of society. Martin Luther King (MLK) was a trained socialist (The Forgotten Socialist History of Martin Luther King Jr. In These Times.). MLK viewed America's Progressive Democratic society, national socialism though differing from European national socialism, as the enemy. America's crony capitalism, government married to corporatism, as the greatest obstacle to blacks gaining wealth. He infected the entire civil rights movement with socialism which was encouraged by Frankfurt School trained college and later public education teachers. However, they ignored Frederick Douglas' poignant truth. One is not free if one is not free to choose. Socialism removes freechoice, replacing it with political correctness; i.e., predetermined choice according to the guiding elites. The enrichment of Black Lives Matter socialist founders is just another example of blacks using blacks for their own gains just as the whites in government showed them. These people are less free today, as a whole, than they were before MLK brought his socialistic equality of outcome movement to free them. However, now they are enslaved by their own consent for the meager scrapes of welfare government gives them to buy their votes; and even this is becoming less necessary as electronic voting systems ensure victories without bribery.

Back to our misguided purveyors of educational truth in the Lotus Eater's video. They take pride in their woked slavery. They threaten to remove all who disagree with them; thereby robbing others of the freedom of choice. They intentionally practice black racism over white racism, as if two wrongs made a right. But worst of all, they have immersed themselves into some paganistic ecstatic prayer dancing that blind them to truths that have been the heart of Christian faith. They have seen Portland, Oregon, turn from a liberal paradise into an economic, socialistic hellhole of degradation and murder under the influence of wokeness. This is the delusion of Satan (2Th 2:3-12). As it sweeps across the world, entire societies are plunged willingly into degradation and violence while blaming others for their choices. We are observing the initiation of a new dark age ushered in by the rejection of God and the return to paganism and false beliefs that have only one thing in common: hate Christ; hate Christians. It will not be long before Christians will be labeled as Despised Persons and anyone helping them will be summarily prevented from buying, selling or otherwise having access to goods and services. Christians will be turned out, robbed of their liberties simply for embracing the Bible by those who have already been robbed of their own freedom and opportunity to realize true freedom and life in Christ: now and forevermore.

Category:  Ministries

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