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Dr. Leon L. Sanders | Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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Deceit of Nationalism
MONDAY, MAY 24, 2021
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Deceit of Nationalism: Take Your Pick;
Nationalism or Socialism are Both Evil

In my last post, Zionism: Control Staff of Satan, Zionism was defined purely from a socialistic viewpoint. However, this ignored the inherent contradiction of Zionism as a nationalistic movement until today it is viewed strictly as a nationalism force against socialism and aligned with America, the bastion of nationalism in the world; especially under President Trump. As I investigated this seeming contradiction I discovered that, "...we have all of us been deceived!"{Apologies to JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.} Zionism is not the force of linkage between Socialism and Nationalism; it is the quintessential example of the similarities between these two concepts. This linkage can be seen even in America which is the great example for Zionism's masquerade.

Distant to Modern Memory: History;
Zionism Linked Itself to Socialism's Dichotomy

From its inception, Zionism has straddled the fence between socialism and nationalism. One of its founding planks was a nationalistic Jewish state, in its biblical homeland, When diplomacy failed to obtain this goal from powerful Western nations such as Great Britain, it sought success through terrorism and bribery. There are discussions that President Truman's last minute victory over Dewey was due to huge infusions of cash with his promise to support the creation of Israel in the midst of Arab Palestine {Weir, A. The Real Story of How Israel Was Created (It wasn’t the UN). Israel-Palestine News.}. Israel refused to define national borders or have a Constitution to which it could be bound lest it interfere with its expansionist plans which the Arabs obligingly facilitated with several failed attacks over the years allowing Israel to righteously expand its borders in self-defense.

One of Israel's early and most advertised socialistic endeavors was the kibbutz. Experimental village socialism that appeared to ignore social, sexual and economic morays {Abramitzky, R. The mystery of the kibbutz: how socialism succeeded.}. Extensibly dubbed a direct democracy, the Kibbutz was pure socialism. However, as Israel developed people could find better economic opportunities in a more free enterprise environment and the Kibbutz movement shrank. However, it represents the contradiction that the nation-state has faced since its inception; a contradiction largely ignored.

Philosophers of Early Nation-State Era
Mistook Nationalism as Anti-Socialism

I have made the case in various posts that socialism has always been Satan's governmental form. It was extant in the Bronze Age and when it collapsed under its own technological shortcomings, wars and natural disasters, Bronze Age Collapse, it reemerged as the Roman Empire in the Iron Age. Medieval Period saw Roman Catholicism (RCC) try to form itself into a socialistic-religious-political entity as Rome's replacement. This was thrown off by new forming nation-states that embraced Protestantism as their fundamental bulwark against RCC. This directly led to several centuries of wars, erroneously termed religious. Religion is the foundational piece of any government as it defines its moral values, right and wrong. This is why Satan's duo include a political ruler, Antichrist, and a religious support, False Prophet (Re 13). However, there must be a critical mass of support or else no one joins your club (Pr 14:28). The False Jews, Babylon Harlot supplies this critical mass which soon becomes not only necessary but a hinderance for Control and is eliminated (Re 11:8; 17:15-18). Enlightenment philosophers such as John Locke did not understand or address the concept of socialism but believed it to be simply government overreach. Perhaps their ignorance due to their early post-medieval viewpoint blinded them to the problem of nationalism. However, by the 19th century it dawned on an atheistic Jew names Karl Marx who was instrumental in developing socialism as a construct.

Zionism's Socialist Dilemma: Nationalism, Colonization and Class Struggle, points out Marx's differing views of nationalism. Pre-1848, Marx saw nationalism as the enemy of the worker which needed to be eliminated. It is this view that is frequently criticized as, Marx got it wrong! Post-1848, Marx viewed nationalism as the means to injection early socialistic tendrils into societies until it was merged into regional or global socialism that outgrew nationalism. The work of the Antonio Gramsci, The Frankfurt School, Fabian Society and Open Societies Foundation inadvertently fulfilled Marx's post-1848 prediction. They also made the same mistake everyone else has; logical fallacy of False Dilemma: it is either socialism or nationalism. What if it were nationalism and socialism?

National Socialism and Anti-Semitism in the Arab World (Matthias Küntzel), details how national socialism, slanged as Nazism, both promoted Jewish immigration into Palestine from Germany and inflamed the Muslim population into a reactionary nationalism against Zionist colonization. Socialism was used to polarize both sides into demanding a national national identity foreign to the region as demonstrated by Lawrence of Arabia's easy manipulation of the people in support of British interests of World War I (WWI). German national socialism forms the foundation of Muslim hatred of the Jews, perhaps Herr Hitler had the last laugh after all. However, Western guilt over its own anti-Jewish history and the Zionist manipulation of continued guilt over a Holocaust also contributed to violence before and after World War II (WWII). The Arab Uprising 1936-1939 was in response to Jewish terrorism in Palestine and though supported by socialism parties, it lost the public relations battle which Zionists had already mastered.

Israel redefined itself from a confused incoherent socialistic-national movement to a national-socialistic movement supported by the economic-military power of Western winner nations of WWII. Communistic governments allied with Muslim interests and lost militarily and politically due to inferior technology and production capabilities. Yet, this was not a victory for nationalism because it was nationalism that helped create, feed and intensify the hatred of both sides. Perhaps, we are confused because we have applied the wrong definition to nationalism.

Today's Democrats, Inheritors of Nationalism
Control of Socialism by Nationalistic Elites

When Lincoln began his war to strengthen the federal government over the States, he had little understanding of socialism. However, the Republicans lost their advantage through both ignorance and corruption until advancing the goal of Progressivism; i.e., socialism. Today the Democrats are the experts in turning America into a bastion for global socialism via graft, briberies, subsidies, central banking manipulations and outright power. But, perhaps post WWII America is the world's example of something for more fundamental. America, via use of nuclear weapons and tremendous military spending and technologies, has become the greatest power over the World. This is nationalism and Americans worship their military like the Romans, their mentors. What if nationalism was not in opposition or competition with socialism but was actually about who controls socialism over others? Nationalism then becomes the code word for the current elites; or at least those who are to be observed on the world's stage!

Empires and nations have been in continuous warfare for supremacy since Cain killed Abel and built the first cities (Ge 4:1-17). Each empire saw itself above every other nation. Nationalism defines the elites who rule over the masses ruled by the central government, socialism. Nationalism is not standing in opposition to socialism; it strengthens socialism by defining who controls or makes the rules for the masses. Socialism simply seeks consent from the masses as the 20th century proved violence and military force do not effectively control people because it promotes rebellion. Shock that sinners should ever rebel!

The current political rhetoric in America and throughout Western societies is not about one form of government over another but about who gets Control over everyone else. This has been a Jewish goal nearly since their inception; but not just them, they happen to be the most successful in acquiring the financial strands of power over the modern years. Islam which I believe grew out of Jewish Talmudic writings also sees itself as heirs of world control making them the arch-nemesis of the Jews who are their rivals, in their eyes.

This is all Satan's work. Sin always seeks domination. Since Satan is the father of sinners, he is the one who seeks total, absolute rule over everyone (Jn 8:44; Re 12:17). Believers have one mission: teach the Gospel fo Christ and make disciples in preparation for the New Creation (Mt 28:18-20); Re 21:1-7; 22:1-5). This world is lost; even when Christ rules in the Millennial Kingdom, Satan and the lost rise up against Him (Re 20:7-10). Do not become ensnared in the nationalism-socialism trap. Many religious people give a siren call of hope for this life; they are shills for Satan to be ignored.

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