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Breaking News All | United Prayer | SA Center | SA Newsroom
FRONT PAGE  |  11/29/2021
SATURDAY, AUG 8, 2020  |  21 comments
MacArthur Threatened With Arrest, Fines for Refusing to Cease Holding Indoor Church Services
Renowned pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in California has reportedly received a letter from the City of Los Angeles threatening him with fines or arrest if he does not comply with a state order to stop holding indoor church services due to the COVID outbreak.

“He (Jesus) is the head of our Church,” MacArthur told Shannon Bream of “Fox News @ Night” during an interview on Monday. “Governor (Gavin) Newsom is not the head of the Church. Mayor (Eric) Garcetti is not the head of the Church.”

“We respect them for their temporal leadership in government, but when they move into the life of the Church and tell the Church what it can do, they are usurping a role they don’t have,” he stated. “The Constitution doesn’t give them the power to do that and they certainly do not have the spiritual power to do that.” ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item8/13/2020 1:41 PM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
That church is not following the 6 feet separation between seating that is supposed to be followed.

News Item8/13/2020 5:40 AM
Michael Hranek | outside the clinic  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
Julia wrote:
I am praying that the coivd 19 will go away so that we can have church again.
Dear Lady
Your post touched me deeply and got me praying and thinking.

Let me ask you, what were you meetings like before Covid?

Did you all experience the Holy Presence and Power of the Spirit? Where you seeing sinners thoroughly saved from sin with no doubt they had been changed by God and for God? Was your church salt and light in your community standing for the Truth against evil.

I think probably not... extremely few if any in the US are

So, let me plead with you and all of us to pray deeper than asking Covid go away so we can go back to church as usual

Please fervantly pray for Revial

And for encouagement, 'Blessed is the one who hungers and thirsts for Righteousness, in this case and time, a true sovereign work of God's grace and mercy.'

We can get a taste of what it is in the testimknies of the eye witness accounts of the Revival on the Isle of Lewis (Mary Peckham & Duncan Campbell, here on SermonAudio)

Grace and Mercy to you, and everyone you love and care about who God will save in bringing us to pray His will be done


News Item8/13/2020 12:52 AM
Watchmanrem | Australia  Find all comments by Watchmanrem
Julia wrote:
I am praying that the coivd 19 will go away so that we can have church again.
Sorry its no going to happen this is the new normal. N.W.O. Only Jesus can fix it with His Return...Covid is a fake virus THEORY to close all churches without a fight.
The cure is coming its called a vaccine. Yet God said your Body is the TEMPLE of God . Dont allow any darts of the wicked one spiritual or physical...
Only people dying here in Australia and THOSE that are 3 score years and ten and 10 younger well one in there 30s but the media didnt tell us he was a terminal ill cancer patient. Our government have said not doing flu deaths anymore until covids finished..I was 6 in total flr Australia?? Yer....I see new zealand has or is going back to quarantine over 4 new cases..4!
They the jusuits freemason skull and bones dont want christian on earth anymore. World Economic forum is now in control world heath is our new SAVIOUR. The beast system is her in Victoria masks, curfews, vaccines slavery!
May Jesus have mercy for our Lukewarmness...Praying🙏😚

News Item8/12/2020 10:01 PM
Julia | Pa  Find all comments by Julia
I am praying that the coivd 19 will go away so that we can have church again.

News Item8/9/2020 1:06 PM
Chrisgp from England | England  Find all comments by Chrisgp from England
I forgot to add that this fellowship does do one to one street witnessing to Jewish and non-Jewish people in the area midweek. Also they do send out some tracts and booklets to others who do this work. May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified through this witness, and the Holy Spirit draw many of these folk to the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

News Item8/9/2020 10:38 AM
Chrisgp from England | England  Find all comments by Chrisgp from England
Instead of my normal livestream, I watched the livestream from a small North London multi ethnic fellowship in a mainly Jewish area. I was actually able to see and hear live music, unlike the pre-recorded hymns of my normal livestream. Like my normal livestream, only the front platform was featured, not the now compulsorily masked non-singing congregation. A piano, and violin were used for accompaniment (wind instruments are not allowed), and a solo song leader stood behind the pulpit, behind a huge plastic screen. The prayer leader, and the pastor preacher stood behind that as well. Song words are put up on the screen. People must bring their own bibles, but a small maskless overflow is permitted in the church garden. Most other church activities are curtailed or banned however, except for a bible study on Zoom midweek.

I shall listen to my normal live-streamed service (with pre-COVID 19 recorded hymns) from this morning in a recorded form later on.


News Item8/9/2020 1:42 AM
Florian Geyer | Fort worth  Find all comments by Florian Geyer
Glad JM is finally making a stand that should have been made 6 months ago.

News Item8/8/2020 11:16 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
Tim Jones wrote:
Why do any of you respond to Jim at all? Do you not understand what the term “trolling” is and that when you argue with him you’re just feeding into what he’s trying to do?
Your point comes up frequently on this forum. I tend to look at it this way. Probably 100s of people read the posts but they don’t post themselves. That means I will always try to correct someone if I think they might confuse those who are just passing by. Others may have their own reasons for addressing him and I respect them.

I have asked Jim on a few occasions if he was a paid troll and he has never commented.

If he is a troll then exposing his errors is a good thing even if it serves his agenda.


News Item8/8/2020 10:49 PM
Tim Jones | Oregon  Find all comments by Tim Jones
Why do any of you respond to Jim at all? Do you not understand what the term “trolling” is and that when you argue with him you’re just feeding into what he’s trying to do?

News Item8/8/2020 9:29 PM
Michael Hranek | outside the clinic  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
Nick wrote:
Mr. Lincoln, stop making light of Scripture! That's a dangerous thing to do. Psalm 138:2 says," I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name." Don't disrespect God's word!
Nick, this is way off topic
In 1980 before I was saved when I was just beginning to read the Bible for myself, I read they very verse you quoted Jim

For me it was a MAJOR part of God bringing me to repent and put my faith in Jesus Christ as real, the Son of God, my Lord who died and rose again to save me from my sins, and Yes worthy of arrest, imprisonment and death.

Thank you for the reminder it is a blessing to me


News Item8/8/2020 8:03 PM
Greetings | Over the Rainbow  Find all comments by Greetings
Amen, Nick. Unamen, Jim.

News Item8/8/2020 7:54 PM
Wayfarer pilgrim | Lubbock, Texas  Find all comments by Wayfarer pilgrim
That statement alone Nick, is the clearest admonishment I have heard. It illuminates things quite well.

News Item8/8/2020 3:33 PM
Nick | USA  Find all comments by Nick
Mr. Lincoln, stop making light of Scripture! That's a dangerous thing to do. Psalm 138:2 says," I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name." Don't disrespect God's word!

News Item8/8/2020 2:41 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Acts 16:24-30

24. and he, having received such a command, threw them into the inner prison and fastened their feet in the stocks. 25. But about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the prisoners were listening to them; 26. and suddenly there came a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison house were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were unfastened. 27. When the jailer awoke and saw the prison doors opened, he drew his sword and was about to kill himself, supposing that the prisoners had escaped. 28. But Paul cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Do not harm yourself, for we are all here!” 29. And he called for lights and rushed in, and trembling with fear he fell down before Paul and Silas, 30. and after he brought them out, he said, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” --- (NASB)

Looking at the above verses, I think John MacArthur should be demanding to be tossed in prison ❗👍 (2 Out Of 3 Churchgoers: It's Safe To Resume In-Person Worship)


News Item8/8/2020 9:13 AM
Wayfarer pilgrim | Lubbock, Texas  Find all comments by Wayfarer pilgrim
As long as “ evangelicals” don’t want to get their hands dirty, they won’t want to do anything as subversive as say- go to church. Read your history -where was the church during the Black Plague”- where was Bonhoeffer during WW2, where was the church during the 1918 Spanish flu. These were the ones , heavenly minded. We’re so fearful of death we act like , that’s it. Put in the ground, no hope , no Jesus.
MacArthur is addressing the California government’s edict to close brick and mortar from worshipping at 25% indefinitely. The liquor store were not closed, the abortion clinics were not closed. MacArthur is taking on the role of a lesser magistrate- by not imposing a rule( not law) to have church.
Jim , you know very well that by not providing worship at church ; church members become unchurched after 6 Sunday’s.
Zoom meetings, if you don’t mind it being hacked so child pornography or Isis be headings can pop up during church services is a far cry from being one in the body.
MacArthur’s church came back and in essence is saying, ,”we’re not afraid “

News Item8/8/2020 8:08 AM
Greetings | Over the Rainbow  Find all comments by Greetings
Mr. Lincoln, you care more about “peace” than the church. MacArthur is putting the church first.

News Item8/8/2020 8:05 AM
Chrisgp from England | England  Find all comments by Chrisgp from England
Dear Mr Lincoln, I am increasingly tired of evangelical Christians who are believing the lies of the globalists, the Marxists, and the Joseph Goebbels style propagandists, who inflate the figures of COVID 19, spin tests not even taken as in Florida as positive, who demand subjugation by wearing a recycle your own CO2 sticky unpleasant mask everywhere, allowing in up to 90% air particles (full blown medical masks let in 40 %), covering your very personality, internal and external travel bans, police checkpoints, closing down and bankrupting business, quarantining healthy people, murdering elderly people and staff in nursing homes by making them take COVID 19 cases from hospitals, banning people from saying goodbye to dear loved ones, softening us up to tyrannical government by decree, (no legislature involved), constantly moving the goalposts, instilling adults and worse, children, with fear and dread, and of course, closing down the churches, or subjecting them to severe restrictions like having to wear masks, but still not allowed to sing!!! All this for what- so they can force us to take their vaccine, not properly tested, filed with material from murdered unborn babies, rNA which changes our DNA, and some kind of internal permanent ink marker to prove we have had the virus, or

News Item8/8/2020 7:51 AM
Michael Hranek | outside the clinic  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
it might be safe to say
Satan hates martyrs
As they validate faith in Jesus Christ
By observation
Better to assinate them
Especially if he can get those who profess to believe to do it for him

If Grace Community Church is not strong and obedient in their faith expect the attack to come on them so they refuse to have their pastor's back and throw him under the bus of Satan's lies To be falsely discredited by his own people


News Item8/8/2020 2:50 AM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
Today I am raising an inward cheer for Pastor John MacArthur. I sincerely hope that multitudes of pastors will follow his lead and do the same thing. JESUS is head of all things to the church! It is time to put that into practice instead of merely paying lip-service to it.

News Item8/8/2020 1:30 AM
Dee | Tropical, beautiful peaceful land  Find all comments by Dee
The Lord preserves all who love Him, But all the wicked He will destroy psalm 145;20
There are a total of 21 user comments displayedSubscribe to these comments
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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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