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Breaking News All | United Prayer | SA Center | SA Newsroom
FRONT PAGE  |  6/25/2021
SATURDAY, FEB 1, 2020  |  9 comments
No Laughing! Stung by the Babylon Bee, the Left Goes Cray-zee
“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” wrote socialist Saul “the Red” Alinsky in his book Rules for Radicals. It “infuriates the opposition.” His fellow leftists are certainly proving this true, too. Having a “Babylon Bee in their bonnets,” they’re attacking the satirical site because, apparently, they only like fake news when it’s masquerading as the real thing.

Implying that there’s one bee die-off they’d like to see, the New York Times warned in 2019, “The line between misinformation and satire can be thin, and real consequences can result when it is crossed. On social media, parody can be misconstrued or misrepresented as it moves further and further from its source. And humor has been weaponized to help spread falsehoods online.”

This is the same Times whose Walter Duranty reported in the 1930s that all was hunky-dory in the Stalinist USSR when, in reality, millions of peasants were being ...

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News Item2/3/2020 9:05 AM
Diane | Southern USA  Find all comments by Diane
“side-saddle sissies”!! Hahaha. Love it!! Never heard that one. Thanks for the laugh, Dr Tim.
I also love the Bee.

News Item2/2/2020 7:26 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Norman Thomas, 6 time Socialist Party presidential candidate and what he said about the Democratic Party in 1944.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened…. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform."

Socialist Democrat Party is what the wacko left should be calling themselves today. They ain't your granddaddy's Democratic Party any more.


News Item2/2/2020 5:45 PM
Dr. Tim | Way Down Yonder  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
According to Wikipedia, “Fact-checking is the act of checking factual information in non-fictional text in order to determine the veracity and correctness of the factual statements in the text.” Therefore, it is impossible to “fact-check” the Babylon Bee because the Bee doesn’t qualify as non-fiction. The same can be said for Jim’s posts on Sermon Audio.

News Item2/2/2020 5:28 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln

The complete URL for the history channel ❗


News Item2/2/2020 5:25 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Every time I see the newamerican, I should put this up, about one of the 20th century American demagogues. I watched the whole thing and I forgot to mention it❗ (McCarthy - - Power Feeds on Fear) See the video. 👍 Editors wrote:
The John Birch Society, initially founded with only 11 members, had by the early 1960s grown to a membership of nearly 100,000 Americans and received annual private contributions of several million dollars. The society revived the spirit of McCarthyism, claiming in unsubstantiated accusations that a vast communist conspiracy existed within the U.S. government. Among others, the organization implicated President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. However, after the debacle of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s public hearings in the early 1950s, America became more wary of radical anti-communism, and few of the society’s sensational charges were taken seriously by mainstream American society. The John Birch Society remains active today, and its members seek “to expose a semi-secret international cabal whose members sit in the highest places of influence and power worldwide.”
excerpt from, "John Birch Society founded"


News Item2/2/2020 4:54 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Too bad the article about to be in the New York times wasn't written better. But at least the end was clear enough.
Niraj Chokshi wrote:
The Babylon Bee says Snopes went too far in fact-checking a satirical story. Snopes had suggested the Bee twisted its joke to deceive readers.
In the Fox News appearance, Mr. Dillon, the Bee chief executive, seemed to acknowledge that.

“There’s people who aren’t familiar with us who are seeing our stuff,” he said. “So if they want to fact-check it, fine. You can rate it false, you can rate it satire, ideally, and just say ‘Hey, this came from the Bee, it’s obviously satire, they’re a well-known satire publication.’ That would be as far as it needs to go.”

excerpt from,"Satire or Deceit? Christian Humor Site Feuds With Snopes"

Another New York Times article that should be of interest: (How We Fact-Check in an Age of Misinformation)

The John Birch society's UnAmerican has a strange interest and what the New York times said in the 1930s though admittedly they sound like Joe McCarthy ever since their founding. 👎


News Item2/1/2020 11:44 PM
Dr. Tim | Way Down Yonder  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
The Bee is the funniest thing since I Love Lucy. That it riles socialists, snowflakes and sidesaddle sissies just enhances the overall enjoyment.

News Item2/1/2020 9:39 PM
Sergio | CA  Find all comments by Sergio
its so ironical the left complains about Babyloon bee , considering its their mindset and agenda the ones that are getting more ludacris and closer to the ridiculousness of the satirical news of BB not the other way around

News Item2/1/2020 12:28 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
"And humor has been weaponized to help spread falsehoods online.”

Rational people understand the difference between satire and truth, but there is a grain of truth in every joke and humorous jab. Maybe they don't like being exposed?

But it's OK to spread hysteria through teaching critical race theory, their slimy movies like "A Handmadens Tale," and their well spun news reporting Which are presented as factual?

Isaiah 59 applies. As does Psalm 2.

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