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Breaking News All | United Prayer | SA Center | SA Newsroom
FRONT PAGE  |  5/16/2021
WEDNESDAY, OCT 16, 2019  |  183 comments  |  1 commentary
Kim Kardashian, kids baptized as Kanye West confirms he 'got saved' this year
Later in the day, West told a George Washington University audience, during a listening party for his highly anticipated "Jesus Is King" album, "I'm not here for your entertainment. We're here to spread the gospel," he said to applause, in a video obtained by TMZ.

West joked his favorite version of the Bible is the King James because it says "ye" in it, adding as he read a few Bible verses, "Excuse me if I mispronounce anything, I'm a recent convert, that means I recently got saved this year."

Reading aloud he said, "It is God's grace that you have been saved, through faith. It is not the result of your own efforts, but God's gift...The Lord is great and deserves our greatest praise..."

He added: "Imagine someone sending their only son -- they don't have 10 sons -- their only son, to die for you!" ...

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Kanye's Conversion • 600+
Sean E. Harris | Berean Baptist Church
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News ItemSystem Notice
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No further comments are permitted for this news item.

News Item10/25/19 7:33 PM
B. McCausland  Find all comments by B. McCausland
Sorry, Adriel, there is too much imposed on Scripture that is not actually there at face value, but only when parting from fixed presuppositions and assumptions.
For instance, what do you mean when talking about the efficacy of the so called Sacrament?
This is popery.
The Lord's table and baptism do not have any mysterious power or influence perse. They are tokens illustrating truth and this is their value, so they do not need to improve efficacy.
They are physical illustrations, so they can be compared to a photograph. Both illustrate reality.
The photograph, an inerte object as it is, does not need to improve efficacy as it is what it is, a representation of reality, so the ordinance.
Sadly, the reformers did not shake off popery enough about this topic.

News Item10/25/19 2:27 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
WCF 27:
1. Sacraments are holy signs and seals of the covenant of grace,a immediately instituted by God,b to represent Christ and his benefits, and to confirm our interest in him:c as also to put a visible difference between those that belong unto the Church and the rest of the world;d and solemnly to engage them to the service of God in Christ, according to his Word.e

a. Gen 17:7, 10; Rom 4:11. • b. Mat 28:19; 1 Cor 11:23. • c. 1 Cor 10:16; 11:25-26; Gal 3:27. • d. Gen 34:14; Exod 12:48; Rom 15:8. • e. Rom 6:3-4; 1 Cor 10:16, 21.

2. There is in every sacrament a spiritual relation or sacramental union, between the sign and the thing signified; whence it comes to pass that the names and the effects of the one are attributed to the other.a

a. Gen 17:10; Mat 26:27-28; Titus 3:5.

3. The grace which is exhibited in or by the sacraments, rightly used, is not conferred by any power in them; neither doth the efficacy of a sacrament depend upon the piety or intention of him that doth administer it,a but upon the work of the Spirit,b and the word of institution, which contains, together with a precept authorizing the use thereof, a promise of benefit to worthy receivers.c

a. Rom 2:28-29; 1 Pet 3:21. • b. Mat 3:11; 1 Cor 12:13. • c. Mat 26:27-28.


News Item10/25/19 11:30 AM
B. McCausland  Find all comments by B. McCausland
Sorry Adriel, what does the word say about sacraments?
This is more important than what Calvin or any other theologian thinks, or defines them to be.

News Item10/25/19 9:54 AM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
The Sacraments.

"John Calvin wrote that a sacrament is “an outward sign by which the Lord seals on our consciences the promises of his good will toward us in order to sustain the weakness of our faith; and we in turn attest our piety toward him in the presence of the Lord and of his angels and before men.”

"The sacraments are divine ordinances instituted by Christ himself.
In that respect the sacraments are similar to other necessary ordinances which also form part of the church’s worship—prayer, for example. Christ told us to pray. But they differ from things which we may do but which are not commanded"

"The sacraments are ordinances in which material elements are used as visible signs of God’s blessing. In baptism the sign is water. In the Lord’s Supper two signs are used: bread, which signifies the broken body of the Lord Jesus Christ, and wine, which signifies his shed blood. This feature is important in understanding the nature of a sacrament. It sets baptism and the Lord’s Supper off from other proper but nonsacramental things, which do not use a material element as a sign."

The sacraments are means of grace to the one who rightly partakes of them.


News Item10/24/19 5:15 PM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
In John 3:5-8, Jesus is explaining to Nicodemus what being born again is all about, it is Spirit giving birth to spirit. It is spiritual life on top of physical life. It is the work of the Holy Spirit in a sinner's heart. Nicodemus ought to have known all about this, but...

Nicodemus answered and said unto him, How can these things be? Jesus answered and said unto him, Art thou a master of Israel, and knowest not these things?
(John 3:9-10 KJV)

Jesus proves that he ought to have known these things from scripture by his reproof. After all, an ordinary man called Simeon, observing a father, mother and baby together at the Temple, proclaimed the baby to be the Christ, the Messiah. How so? He was a born again man, full of the Holy Ghost, and with revelations from God the Father.

If an ordinary man knew these things, Nicodemus ought to have known more, being a teacher of Israel. But he was dead, spiritually dead. He could not understand these things of the Spirit, because they need to be spiritually discerned.

It is the same today. Many, many souls, multitudes of them, profess faith in God, some even are teachers, but they are not born again; they are clouds without water. They have the words but no experience. Dead! Dead! Dead!


News Item10/24/19 2:51 PM
John for JESUS | Atl  Find all comments by John for JESUS
John UK,

I think Nicodemus had two problems, he had never heard of someone being born again and two, Jesus spoke in parables.

“And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?” Jesus answered them, “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been granted. For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him. Therefore I speak to them in parables; because while seeing they do not see, and while hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand. In their case the prophecy of Isaiah is being fulfilled, which says, ‘YOU WILL KEEP ON HEARING, BUT WILL NOT UNDERSTAND...”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭13:10-15‬

I am encouraged to believe Nicodemus may have came to faith because of his interaction with Jesus and he seemed to try and help Jesus later.

“Nicodemus (he who came to Him before, being one of them) *said to them, “Our Law does not judge a man unless it first hears from him and knows what he is doing, does it?” They answered him, “You are not also from Galilee, are you? Search, and see that no prophet arises out of Galilee.””
‭‭John‬ ‭7:50-52‬

However, I believe God works in the hearts of people through


News Item10/24/19 1:28 PM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?
(John 3:4 KJV)

Nicodemus is puzzled, this is a great puzzlement to him.


Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
(1 Corinthians 2:13-14 KJV)

However, we can gain something from these words of his. Firstly, he is old. He thinks of himself when he asks, "How can a man be born when he is old?" It is foolishness to him, he can't make head nor tail of it. He is a natural man, and an old man at that. Surely this shows us how patient God is with people, and we must needs also be patient, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Is God waiting for something?

Not at all, he knows what he does, even if man does not. Nicodemus is chosen as per Ephesians 1:3-6. And God will bring him to new birth after Jesus has taught him about it. Just as faith is authored by Jesus himself.


News Item10/24/19 12:32 PM
John for JESUS | Atl  Find all comments by John for JESUS
John UK,

Nicodemus was not elect according to salvation unless he believed. I don’t believe Christians are elect until they believe. Nothing is there which would support irresistible grace.

Dr. Tim,

There is nothing wrong with iron sharpening iron and being able to give a reason for why we believe the way we do. It shouldn’t bother you what me and John UK do. I also think you may have missed an opportunity to learn yourself if you shut out anyone with a different view than yours.


News Item10/24/19 10:42 AM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
(John 3:3 KJV)

Ah, what a bombshell for Nicodemus. He was a great teacher in Israel, well respected, a member of the Sanhedrin, a descendent of Abraham, a believer of sorts (because he saw the miracles of Jesus), a Pharisee (who were regarded highly in ecclesiastical circles), and he called Jesus "Rabbi".

BTW, God already saw him as one of his elect, because it was God who had chosen him to salvation, and God has been very patient with Nicodemus through all the years of him teaching incorrectly. God's patience and longsuffering is oftentimes of a greater magnitude than that of mortal man, even those with a doctorate.

Now, at last, God, in his Son, is showing to Nicodemus the truth. It is truth he knows nothing about; he is totally ignorant of the new birth, even though as a teacher he ought to have known it, and he ought to have been teaching it to others.

Herein is the sovereignty of God, concerning when is the right time for revelation, quickening, conviction and conversion. Always we must keep in step with the Spirit, and hope for conversion as we witness.


News Item10/24/19 10:24 AM
Dr. Tim | Way Down Yonder  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
John UK and John for Jesus, I have a sincere question to ask. Can either of you honestly say that this nine-day debate has accomplished anything significant? If so, what? Does the Bible instruct us to argue incessantly with heretics, or does it tell us to reject them and move on? Years ago a man I knew wanted to argue about his belief in baptismal regeneration and my dismissal of it. After a brief time when it became obvious that he wasn’t going to accept the truth, I told him to his face in the presence of several witnesses (young Christians eager to learn the Word), “You are a heretic and I reject you.” That accomplished more in three seconds than I could have accomplished in three years of arguing with him.

News Item10/24/19 10:07 AM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.
(John 3:1-2 KJV)

Now here is a remarkable thing. A Pharisee by the name of Nicodemus, a man who is part of the Sanhedrin and high up in ecclesiastical circles, is coming to visit Jesus at night. For secrecy. He wants instruction, but he doesn't want his peers to know he is seeking it from Jesus.

Nicodemus is very respectful towards Jesus, calling him Rabbi, acknowledging that he is a teacher come from God. He has accepted the miracles which Jesus had already done (John 2:23 possibly) and claims that if God was not with him, he could never have done those things.

The Jews were awaiting Messiah, and one thing expected of Messiah was the working of miracles.

It sure looks as though Nicodemus was a believer already. For sure, something is happening within him, which is not happening to the others in the Sanhedrin. Is Nicodemus one of God's elect? Sure looks like it.

He has made a good start to the convo between himself and the Lord.

But no, he is not saved yet.


News Item10/24/19 8:35 AM
John for JESUS | Atl  Find all comments by John for JESUS
John UK,

“For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery—so that you will not be wise in your own estimation—that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in;”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭11:25‬

You seem misinformed according to scripture! As I pointed out, when Israel repents, they will become a vessel of honor. At any rate, you said you were moving on and this has nothing to do with irresistible grace. Unless you are confused with mercy and grace?


News Item10/24/19 8:12 AM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour? What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction: And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory, Even us, whom he hath called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles? As he saith also in Osee, I will call them my people, which were not my people; and her beloved, which was not beloved. And it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people; there shall they be called the children of the living God.
(Romans 9:21-26 KJV)

The useage of the potter, who makes pots from clay, just as he wishes, to do with as he desires, or break up as he determines, by his own will, not the will of the pot, which has no will, being an inanimate object, is very apt, and shows us the sovereignty of God over his creation, including his goodness and mercy in them that are redeemed and brought to salvation, and justice in them that perish because their sins.

Next post will return to Nicodemus and new birth. Later...


News Item10/24/19 6:54 AM
John for JESUS | Atl  Find all comments by John for JESUS
John UK,

“What shall we say then? That Gentiles, who did not pursue righteousness, attained righteousness, even the righteousness which is by faith; but Israel, pursuing a law of righteousness, did not arrive at that law. Why? Because they did not pursue it by faith, but as though it were by works. They stumbled over the stumbling stone,”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭9:30-32‬

This is all about Israel being upset that the promises that were once just theirs is now being shared with the Gentiles and although what you are saying has some truth to it, it isn’t totally accurate. Paul uses examples that they already know about. This is nothing new to them. Also, the hardening is done to those who had a chance to believe and didn’t. At the same time God gives mercy to vessels of wrath if they should repent, which Israel will one day do!

“At one moment I might speak concerning a nation or concerning a kingdom to uproot, to pull down, or to destroy it; if that nation against which I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent concerning the calamity I planned to bring on it.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭18:7-8‬


News Item10/24/19 4:49 AM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth. Thou wilt say then unto me, Why doth he yet find fault? For who hath resisted his will? Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?
(Romans 9:18-21 KJV)

Paul anticipates more grumbling at God.


It is most unwise to grumble at God. Study Job for an example of non-grumbling.

What does Paul see as coming as a result of what God is saying here?

He sees people accusing God of unfairness, in this way: "Look, you are having mercy on some, and hardening others! How can you then find fault with them? Your will is being done, is it not? Most unfair!"

Paul tells them how stupid they are, as created beings, for accusing their Creator. Then he uses the illustration of a potter at his wheel.

The potter has a lump of clay which he divides into two identical pieces. From one piece he will throw a pot to be nicely displayed in his kitchen. From the other piece he will throw a rough pot which he will use for target practice. His choice, not the pot's.


News Item10/23/19 5:30 PM
John for JESUS | Atl  Find all comments by John for JESUS
John UK,

There is no alternative to questioning God in this particular case, but why do they question Him? Is it because some Jews felt like God wasn’t keeping His promises which were just mentioned or is it because they were secretively objecting to irresistible grace which they never heard of?


News Item10/23/19 5:13 PM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
The other alternative, and one which I am sure many genuine Christians have experienced or are experiencing, is one for which I can empathise, and I do so most sincerely.

One who is born again has a definite love of God's word, and finds in it both milk in the early stages, and then meat later on, when able to digest the deeper things.

Those who can study it without distraction, will inevitably observe the biblical doctrines of free and sovereign grace. Now different Christians will react differently, but because the old man is arminist and humanist by nature, a fairly new Christian may find this discovery rather perturbing, even distasteful. He may even entertain bad thoughts about God, about his character, his ways, his dealings. Yet he does not deny the things he is learning, rather his love for God may decrease for a while.

It is at such a time, that he needs assistance, and to be shown the truth in a better light. He needs to arrive at a position where he can say without doubting, that "God is good". Once this revelation is firmly rooted in his mind, all else will spring from this base, and he will no more have any problem with the sovereignty of God or the way he deals with men.


News Item10/23/19 3:43 PM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
There is an alternative to accusing God and branding him as a sinner, and this alternative is made use of by a great number of people. It is simply to wrest scripture, misinterpret scripture, deny scripture, and thereby produce a God whom they can worship, if worship is the correct word.

It is a technique used by every cult and false church. In many cases their motto is, "Yea, hath God said?" which reveals to the remnant the source of their religion.

For example, certain cult leaders were brought up in Christian families, but hated the very thought of eternal punishment in hellfire. So instead of dealing with this matter, they simply began a new religion which claimed annihilation instead of everlasting punishment. This may have helped them to sleep at night, but where are they now? They are eternally tormented in that very lake of fire they were determined to eradicate from Christian doctrine. The God which they produced, and which would never eternally punish anyone, they eventually met at death and heard those awful words, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his disciples."

God is a sovereign God, and his word is true. Men wrest it at their own peril, and they need to be warned.


News Item10/23/19 2:34 PM
James Thomas | Fla  Find all comments by James Thomas
Dr. Tim wrote:
The young man I went to visit in the hospital this morning is heavily sedated and unconscious. His prognosis is not good. I left a couple of gospel tracts with his nurse, but it is questionable whether he will ever regain consciousness. “Behold, now is the accepted time; now is the day of salvation.”
Thanks for the update. Will continue to keep you, this young man and his family in my prayers.

Isa. 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.


News Item10/23/19 2:17 PM
John for JESUS | Atl  Find all comments by John for JESUS
John UK,

The point is that Israel had rejected her Messiah, all of the promises of God had belonged to Israel, and now it seemed like the promises of God failed to come to fruition. Therefore, how can God find fault with the nation of Israel when this was all part of His plan? The assumption was that the Jews could earn their salvation through the law, but it is actually according to God who shows mercy.

“it was said to her, “T HE OLDER WILL SERVE THE YOUNGER.” Just as it is written, “J ACOB I LOVED, BUT E SAU I HATED.””
‭‭Romans‬ ‭9:12-13‬

Just as God showed mercy to Jacob over Esua, not according to anything they had done. In fact, this is referring to the two nations that they were the fathers of. If we read what actually happened, Esua was more blessed financially and militarily to the point that Jacob was scared of him. As far as the promises though, Esua was hated. Edom is no more and Israel has been brought back by God because He hasn’t given up on her.

There are a total of 183 user comments displayedSubscribe to these comments
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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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