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Breaking News All | United Prayer | SA Center | SA Newsroom
FRONT PAGE  |  6/17/2021
MONDAY, SEP 23, 2019  |  10 comments
On campus of 30,000 students, less than 10 attend university’s white privilege workshop
Only nine students showed up to take part in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s workshop series focused on teaching students about white privilege and related topics.

The total number of students in the audience for the first “White Consciousness Conversation,” held Sept. 10, was nine — but two were students there not as participants but as journalists mainly to observe. One was from The College Fix and another from the Niner Times campus newspaper.

Of the remaining seven students, five are members of the university’s conservative Young Americans for Freedom chapter, who were there more out of curiosity and concern about the nature of the seminar and its taxpayer-funded narrative as opposed to learning about how they allegedly perpetuate racism and inequality as Americans with white skin.

Finally, the other two students attended because their professors offered them extra credit ...

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News Item2/10/2020 5:13 AM
isoconsult | mysore  Contact via emailFind all comments by isoconsult
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News Item1/29/2020 5:14 AM
evrgreen info  Contact via emailFind all comments by evrgreen info
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News Item1/9/2020 11:06 AM
obc net banking | india  Find all comments by obc net banking
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News Item9/24/19 3:12 AM
atari breakout | chibia  Contact via emailFind all comments by atari breakout
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News Item9/23/19 9:55 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
My Consciousness seems to have been studied end of the same day if not at North Carolina University for quite a while. It seems nebulous to me.

Now it seems Whites are complaining because they are being paid attention to?

Glen Browder wrote:
To generalize, Maxwell, Shields, and Goidel demonstrated convincingly the reality and complexity of this element of white identity:

We find that whites do, in fact, perceive that their fates are linked... Moreover, it is not poor and less educated whites who are more likely to perceive their fates as linked but better educated and higher income whites. Nor are white perceptions tied to racial resentment. Instead, white consciousness appears to mostly strongly reflect racial threat (white perceptions of racial consciousness among African-Americans), suggesting that white consciousness indicates a more general pattern toward group-centric thinking. Racial contact reduces these white perceptions; but its effect is contingent on racial resentment. Moreover, white consciousness is a consistent and important predictor of racial identity and racial affect....

excerpt from, "White Americans and ‘White Consciousness’"


News Item9/23/19 3:07 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
White privileged Liberalists are apologists for their excessive privileged lifestyle. This includes their politically correct position in communities where they believe themselves to be superior to the rest of the hoi polloi and therefore must take over their ignorant decisions and tell them what to say, think and do.

Remember only the PC Liberalists are perfect and capable of taking charge of the minions who live around them. This is not 'white privilege' - no! this is just the natural result of evolution. Liberals are much more equal than other mortals. But they are very very 'nice' people who are simply born privileged. That's all!

The Democrats - as everybody can see - are superior and privileged which is why they want to govern all the lesser mortals in the population. But that is because they use their impeccable, pure and flawless form of leadership called 'socialism' - which is the transcendent almost divine excellence in domination of the peasant.
Vote Democrat - it is the only way!!

May I humbly add. This is not white privilege - it is simply a fact of political science known only to the few.


News Item9/23/19 2:47 PM
Douglas Fir | Zones Four to Six  Find all comments by Douglas Fir
There goes the neighborhood! and all the plans of parents and grandparents to pay for their children's college education! What for, when you see this going on!

News Item9/23/19 2:32 PM
xakicemi  Contact via emailFind all comments by xakicemi
[Removed by Moderator Alpha]

News Item9/23/19 1:36 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
"White privilege" is a term invented by rich guilt-laden liberals. They inherited their wealth, but feel better about it when they blame the skin color of not-so-wealthy others. These genuine racist liberals tend to project their defects onto those others.

News Item9/23/19 12:51 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
Well, I can’t speak for all those classified as white, but here is my white privilege story.

Went to work at age 14 as a dish washer to get spending money. No privilege.

Worked all the way through H.S. to get spending money and to help my family out some. No privilege.

After learning I was going to be laid off, I went into the military at age 18. Back then, it wasn’t common to mooch off of one’s family. And very few had money to go to college. No privilege.

Went to VN at the age of 22. Got out of the military at age 23. No privilege there for sure.

After a few dead end jobs, I went back into the military at age 25. No privilege for sure.

Got out of the military for the last time at age 31.

Went to college while working full time using the GI bill. That was available to all races. No privilege.

Graduated and had a successful career, i.e., all my needs have been met. I never took handouts, stole or sold drugs to get by.

What our society now says if you are in what is referred to as a minority or if you are female, then you are victims and are not held responsible for your failures or the hardships of life.

I was born again, from above in January 1980 at the age of 34. Praise His holy name.

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