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FRONT PAGE  |  12/7/2021
Choice News MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016  |  43 comments
KFC is getting killed by a restaurant half its size

Chick-fil-A restaurants sell three times as much as KFC locations ‚ÄĒ and it's made the chicken chain No. 1 in the industry.

In 2014, Chick-fil-A's average sales per restaurant were $3.1 million, the greatest of any fast-food chain in the US, reports QSR magazine. In comparison, KFC sold $960,000 per restaurant that year.

The reason for Chick-fil-A's dominance is a mix of excellent food and superior customer service, according to many analysts.

The chain consistently ranks first in restaurant customer-service surveys, with customers raving about the restaurants' cleanliness, quick, convenient service, and hardworking employees. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item5/27/16 1:34 PM
Barney Fife | Mayberry, NC  Find all comments by Barney Fife
You could say it is a battle of AARP vs. the Christians, since KFC's founder--Colonel Sanders--had retired but was bored with that rocking chair on the porch. He got off the porch and went out to found the restaurant chain.
Meanwhile Chick-fil-A is getting a lot of customers who feel they are making a big moral statement by eating there. Same thing with the millenials shopping at Hole Foods.
As long as they live in their parent's basements, or have their parents pay for their 'college-plus' student loans, they can afford that.

But I bet you Chick-fil-A does not have the KFC fingernail polish that tastes like....yes, chicken!


News Item5/26/16 6:09 AM
William S. Sutherland | Houston, Texas  Find all comments by William S. Sutherland
Many, many years ago I loved KFC's Original Recipe, but switched to Popeye's because their chicken breasts were twice as big. They got very pricey, though, so I began getting Kroger's fried chicken in the deli section. Never ate much at Chick-fil-A until the sodomites decided to boycott. Now I eat there at least once a month. Their spicy chicken sandwich is delicious, the waffle fries better than shoestring fries, and they have the best lemonade!!!

PS. Not all corporations are bad and their advertizing is hilarious. Eat More Chikin'.


News Item5/25/16 9:01 AM
Dave | oz  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dave
Vegemite, tastes like,salty beef stock, in a thick butter consistency.
It's so yummy on toast, with poached eggs.
Saladas and Vegemite,

News Item5/25/16 8:21 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
In Dubai, and elswhere in the mideast, they have camel meat on the menu. The meat is not only very gamey, but it's grey in color, the same color as a normal chunk of meat after it spoils. No thanks, unless it was a matter of survival.

News Item5/25/16 8:11 AM
Buckeyes | USA  Find all comments by Buckeyes
The Steel company my Dad works for used to be half Aussie owned, so he got to sample some. He's the more adventurous sort when it comes to culinary items- but that was too far for even him! He said it was like yucky, salty, peanut butter! Our family's conclusion is that y'all must be pretty tough to eat Tar Pit products on a regular basis!

News Item5/25/16 7:45 AM
Dave | oz  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dave
Buckeyes x3 , tar pits.

News Item5/25/16 7:02 AM
Buckeyes | USA  Find all comments by Buckeyes
(John 8:32) Connor, I agree, no food fights! Dave, Vegemite with chicken? Yuck! How did vegemite begin? Did it start out as prison food? Have a grouse day, mate!

News Item5/25/16 6:35 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
No, Dave...they'd prefer to remain in business, I'm sure. I suppose if they ever get tired of the fast food business, and just want to close the doors, they could put vegemite on the menu, or start spicing their chicken with it.

News Item5/24/16 10:45 PM
Dave | oz  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dave
Vegemite chicken, do they serve this?

News Item5/24/16 10:40 PM
Worf  Find all comments by Worf
It is a good day to eat.

News Item5/24/16 8:31 PM
Buckeyes | USA  Find all comments by Buckeyes
To my knowledge, there is nothing wrong with KFC- but if you get a chance and can afford to give your business to a place that not only has excellent service, but also donates to many causes that defend the Church and spread the Gospel, then that seems like wise stewardship to me. I prefer to buy a Christian movie from a Christian bookstore that donates 100% of the profits rather than buying it from Amazon who made this years "Dirty Dozen" list!

News Item5/24/16 7:16 PM
FG | USA  Find all comments by FG
This seems to be the reverse polarity of a Target boycott. I do occasional service on their equipment and I notice that they're slammed with business all day long, no matter which store I'm servicing. But let's not go overboard and actually think that Dan Cathy's stand for traditional marriage and against sodomy contributed anything to this. That's extreeeeeme, and we won't be able to evangelize anybody that way.

News Item5/24/16 3:20 PM
s c | Oh  Find all comments by s c
What's wrong with KFC? ...just because they're not a "Christian" company?
At least,they don't sell alcohol and have waitresses dressed up like hookers.
And,they don't claim to be Christian. Why are we expecting them to be comparable to a "Christian company"?
I'm sure that there may actually be Christians who happen to work at a KFC as well.
We are supposed to be on the Lord's side,not "Christian companies'".

News Item5/24/16 2:39 PM
penned  Find all comments by penned
Unprofitable Servant wrote:
you are assigning the motive
brother, you've got a problem, you have corporations powerful enough to shut down your state gov's to institute Sodom and Gomorrah law.

they also created common core, by the way, and are part of the databasing grid.

I hope you aren't believing those commercials too much, they are there to sell a product.... your friends are the brethren bro.

Title: Glyphosate weed killer unleashes grotesque chemical deformations in farm animals... two-headed calves, pigs born with no skin, twisted life forms seem spawned from Hell... PHOTOS

we have given our power over to them, they are proclaiming themselves king.

I have no prob with chickfil by the way, but better for church if they all started using church property for coops and gardens, let the men be men and slaughter a chicken, let the women be women and make healing stocks, get back to work instead of football games. I'm all in for that, change out team tshirts for an apron. we entertain as if basics are being met, and basics aren't.


News Item5/24/16 1:55 PM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
The problem with your reasoning, penned, is you are assigning the motive for what Target or another company does what they do is simply because the are a corporation and they would act otherwise if they were not

News Item5/24/16 10:59 AM
pennleope  Find all comments by pennleope
as a startup, incorporating may save one's pocket book, but that doesn't negate the issues of corporations and their power grid over this nation.

they have codified into law that children in CA have to take all the shots, which will mean that if one of your children is ruined for life or killed by one, you still have to take your other children in. Unfortunately our elderly do not know how common this is now.

or you have Indiana, NC other states trying to protect marriage, bathrooms, etc, and the corporations say "we will shut down your state" -- and so very conservative gov's give in.

or you have a corporation, Target, perfectly aligned with policy in DC to say, we don't care the voices of the millions who say no, ANY MAN can walk into the bathrooms. there's even a case where a man stopped a rape and is being convicted by them.

you have farmers over and over again trying to sue Monsanto and a nation of fallout from glyphosphates, do not even get me started on Rumsfeld and the companies these types create for contracts who then assist in invasion plans and get multimillion/billions in revenues off of tax payer backs.

we wouldn't know a free market today if we saw it.... maybe at an amish quilt bee where grandpa is selling his tomatoes and the neighbor his cand


News Item5/24/16 10:45 AM
Rodney K. | Tennessee  Contact via emailFind all comments by Rodney K.
Unprofitable Servant wrote:
If you risk your own capital to start a business, you have NO guarantee anybody will have an interest in your product. A corporation saves you from losing it all (your house, your property, etc) if your business goes bust. It certainly doesn't save you from being taxed. There is nothing wrong with incorporating, they are not the big evil that some here make them out to be. It would be helpful if people took the time to learn economics before making inaccurate statements about corporations.
We wish there was a Chik-fil-a in town as we appreciate their stance and enjoy their food.

News Item5/24/16 9:36 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Please. What's left to say on this one.

News Item5/24/16 9:09 AM
Rodney K. | Tennessee  Contact via emailFind all comments by Rodney K.


News Item5/24/16 7:31 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Has anyone ever had Popeyes? Just wondering how it compares to the others. Haven't been there in years, but love original recipe. No chics around my area. Miss Red Lobster, too. Good stuff.
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