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Breaking News All | The Vault | United Prayer | SA Newsroom
FRONT PAGE  |  5/17/2022
TUESDAY, FEB 16, 2016  |  36 comments
Ted Cruz Accuses Marco Rubio, Donald Trump of Sounding Like Barack Obama on Gay Marriage
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz accused rivals Donald Trump and Marco Rubio of using the "talking points" of President Barack Obama when calling last June's Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling the "law of the land."

While speaking at the Carolina Values Summit co-hosted by The Reconciled Church Movement and NC Values Coalition at Winthrop University in South Carolina Thursday night, Cruz began by telling the crowd that there are "three fundamental values" that were at the "heart of the gathering" — life, marriage and religious liberty.

As South Carolina voters will cast their primary ballots next Saturday, the Texas senator encouraged conservatives not to listen to each candidate's campaign rhetoric but to instead judge them "by their fruits." ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

Attitude Toward Homosexuality?
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News ItemSystem Notice
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No further comments are permitted for this news item.

News Item2/18/16 6:35 PM
Geff  Find all comments by Geff
Lord bless you as well, Dave.

News Item2/18/16 6:17 PM
Dave | oz  Find all comments by Dave
Very well geff Thankyou and Lord bless.

News Item2/18/16 5:08 PM
Geff  Find all comments by Geff
Penned wrote:
"they won't even let us vote for people that are natural born citizens, who's parents can put a sentence together in our language."

Now, I understand I sometimes may be to hard on people, but most of the time it's meant in jest and good fun. Not anything personal. However, Penned's remarks about candidates as I quoted are not very nice and are rather brash. Making fun of legal immigrants having an accent is incredibly distasteful for a public forum, I'm sure you would think it rude if you came over here to America the legal way, and then were mocked by people like that.


News Item2/18/16 4:53 PM
Dave | oz  Find all comments by Dave
G'day geff and Lord bless.
Mate when you throw personal attacks out there the way you do is most insulting.
Tony we know has problems,that won't get better with scoffing.
I like a lot of what you say, likewise you are insensitive to others on here, which puts your demeanor across as rude.
I don't wish to be drawn into an argument, you deal with my comment as you see fit brother,
But I do pray you learn tact so we can still converse openly here, and trust me I was very brash and rude, but in the end the good people here just won't engage such people in dialogue.
:-). Anyway I'm no-one special, and hold no authority over such things, just my thoughts brother.
God bless mate

News Item2/18/16 4:18 PM
Geff  Find all comments by Geff
Penned wrote:
"ya, this race has real winners. there's multiple men on SA I'd nominate before all this."

Well, it sounds like you're willing to nominate just about anybody as long as they have an R before their name! If you're going to vote for Trump, than you might as well vote for screw loose Tony! They are pretty comparable.


News Item2/17/16 6:29 PM
Echo chamber | Cave  Find all comments by Echo chamber
penned wrote:
recent lay off of another 1400 men who's jobs are being sent overseas.... what of a generation who's jobs have been shipped out for 25 years
Wednesday, United Technologies decided to reinforce both of these trends all at once, when the company announced it would be eliminating 1,400 jobs at a Carrier plant in Indianapolis in favor of hiring some new "foreign-born" employees - only these "foreign-born" workers will be hired in Mexico.

"Two Indiana plants that make products for the heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry are shifting their manufacturing operations to Mexico, which will cost about 2,100 workers their jobs," The Indianapolis Star reports. "Carrier is shuttering its manufacturing facility on Indianapolis' west side, eliminating about 1,400 jobs during the next three years [and] United Technologies Electronic Controls said that it will move its Huntington manufacturing operations to a new plant in Mexico, costing the northeastern Indiana city 700 jobs by 2018."
Welcome To Obama's Recovery: Carrier Moving 1400 Jobs To Mexico

[URL=]]]Death by a thousand cuts. BHO's recovery [/URL]


News Item2/17/16 11:42 AM
Kenneth | Alabama  Find all comments by Kenneth
Everyone, TrueHolyBibleChristianCatholic's name is partialy correct. Just take out HolyBibleChristian and you got it right. True Jesuit speech is to blame everything on the Jews. RothChilds dont have anything compared to the Papacy and those Roman CATHOLIC families.

News Item2/17/16 11:12 AM
penned  Find all comments by penned
Jeb and Hillary same thing.

Rubio not even eligible?

then there's the communist, didn't work first decades of his life.

ya, this race has real winners. there's multiple men on SA I'd nominate before all this. such an insult, they won't even let us vote for people that are natural born citizens, who's parents can put a sentence together in our language.

will we ever get to vote for someone who intends to represent this nation?

for if I turn on the "Christian" channel almost every show is flying a flag of another nation with a hexagram on it.

I ask myself, who will represent these people? My neighbor... your neighbor... would deal fairly and rightly with their own neighbor... because if they do not, then we are a people with no representation. probably why Congress has a 7% approval rate.

what of the video of the recent lay off of another 1400 men who's jobs are being sent overseas.... what of a generation who's jobs have been shipped out for 25 years, is this of any concern to the ethics of SBC???? or do their elder donors just concerned with "racial reconciliation" because their numbers are plummeting? maybe because Americans of all race dealing with this economy, is there no grace for them? no! watch them cry out for more wores to get their precious


News Item2/17/16 9:20 AM
JayJay  Find all comments by JayJay
It looks like TrueHoly.... (he really needs to change his moniker) is becoming just like his master: Donald Trump.

News Item2/17/16 8:45 AM
Geff  Find all comments by Geff
Those who attack the brethren and call them whores, illuminati and zionists are not counted among the redeemed. SA must remove his post, because THBCC apparently has no language filter and is just like all the rest of the unsaved: vile, vain, and dillusional. He did this elsewhere as well, and this trash talking so called "believer" is beginning to sicken me with his course language, and rediculous, unfounded conspiracy theories!

News Item2/17/16 8:03 AM
no pro life leaders | wasteland  Find all comments by no pro life leaders
Geff wrote:
the evil of partial birth abortion
[URL=]]]How to Murder babies legally -Supreme ruling here[/URL]
Have you read the ruling? It reads like Mengele authored it. Scalia wrote.

- on pages 21-22, regarding a living child that, "the removal of a small portion ['say, an arm or leg,'] of the fetus is not prohibited."

- on page 17, that to actually violate this regulation, "requires the fetus to be delivered 'until… any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother.'"

- however, on page 18, "If a living fetus is delivered past the critical point [the bellybutton] by accident or inadvertence [and then killed by the abortionist performing a textbook partial-birth abortion, then] no crime has occurred,"

- and on page 24 (regarding a situation in which the abortionist had prepared the mother with laminaria to open the cervix), there would be no violation for performing an actual partial-birth abortion, as the justices suggest, if the mother happened to be over "dilate[d]."

- on page 30, the justices hope that abortionists, "may find different and less shocking methods to abort [kill] the fetus."
etc, if you can stomach it.
you were lied to


News Item2/17/16 12:54 AM
TrueHolyBibleChristianCatholic  Find all comments by TrueHolyBibleChristianCatholic
I See LIAR Cruz Is Still "Trash-Talking" Trump !


Did Anyone Read The Chicago Tribune's 2nd-PAGE LAST WEEK ?




John Kass/2-11-16

There's nothing like the warm, satisfying sound coming out of American presidential politics these days:

The sound of Democratic and Republican ["JEW$UIT$"]--what I call THE COMBINE--being kicked by voters where it hurts.

Right in the metaphors...

In 2016, the [ILLUMINATI] hasn't lost complete control...

They're about what ["JEW$UIT$"] have always been about--CONTROL. They need control of the parties to put their hands on the levers of government, to make treasure. They'd rather lose an election (ala A TRUMP VICTORY) than lose control of THAT MACHINERY...

The candidates are chosen like fine horseflesh, the idea being to find the one [THEY] can ride to the gold.

Voters know this now.

There should be no doubt except among the thickest partisan meat puppets.



News Item2/16/16 9:23 PM
Geff  Find all comments by Geff
George W. Bush was A. not Conservative but establishment, and B. did work to end the evil of partial birth abortion. How can you expect a President to rule by fiat and be a Conservative? He was fighting a majority pro choice congress over most of his Presidency. And besides, it's not for a President to reverse Roe v Wade, which btw is not a law, it's up to Congress, and the Supreme Court. And it seems rather dumb to decide "you know what, we wan't to end abortion, but instead of voting for politicians who will end it, we'll instead either vote for blowhards like Trump who've invested into the abortion business, or not vote at all!" Cruz has already proven himself on the issue of life, and has already embraced personhood of his own free will.

News Item2/16/16 8:19 PM
Cross that bridge | Now  Find all comments by Cross that bridge
pennelope wrote:
do we not have Christians that God has positioned all across the country that are trying to follow state law as they were elected to do, as in Judge Moore,...
has a single "conservative" president been able to reverse the supremes roe v wade decision?

[URL=]]]"Conservatives" fooled the Church w/"exceptions"[/URL]

Bush who's "exceptions" called into question his alleged opposition to tax-funded abortion that all led to an explosion of abortion industry funding of more than one billion dollars under the Bush administration. Unless pro-lifers return to the biblical principles of the personhood movement, then just get ready for the continuation of "pro-life" politics business as usual.

[URL=]]]Regulating abomination-"conservative" lies[/URL]

[URL=]]]G W Bush bad sad example "conservative"[/URL]

Which is why Cruz is doubted. However
The son is not the father - so Cruz needs to be challenged to embrace personhood.

[URL=]]]Personhood- our era's Abolition Love Thy neighbor[/URL]
person= baby!


News Item2/16/16 3:01 PM
P. Fearll  Find all comments by P. Fearll
It seems like most of America agree with Obama anyway on changing America into the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah. God the Bible and the church no longer have any credibility in the nation. The Prince of this world is Satan and it seems that he is the governor of American hearts and minds too.

2Cor 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.


News Item2/16/16 2:42 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
What! someone mentioned the Illumini again
Wikipedia wrote:
The Illuminati is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. The society's goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. "The order of the day," they wrote in their general statutes, "is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them." The Illuminati—along with Freemasonry and other secret societies—were outlawed through Edict, by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, in 1784, 1785, 1787 and 1790.
excerpt from, [URL=]]]Illuminati[/URL] Just a great bunch of guys!

By the way, the Canadian Cruz [URL=]]] (What is Dominion Theology? (PDF))[/URL] really needs to read, [URL=]]] (Politically Incorrect?)[/URL] by Phil Johnson.


News Item2/16/16 1:56 PM
Geff  Find all comments by Geff
I've never said people on here were idiots merely because they disagree with me. Lurker (whom you deffended at the time), however, did say we we're all fanatics because we disagreed with him on the Trump issue. Penny has repeatedly sighted youtube videos and conspiracy theory blogs and websites, so I was just pointing that out. There are many conspiracy theoris out there, and many of them have a grain of truth in them, but only a grain. This is why it's silly to take the word of the people who believe in the Illuminati, zionists, and lizzard overlords. These people make money by selling their crazy conspiracy theories to gullible people.

News Item2/16/16 1:11 PM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
Geff wrote:
If you look into the people who have spread these allegations, and edited this video, what I said was true, not a conspiracy theory!
I didn't call it a conspiracy theory. And I do wish you'd stop shouting, makes my ears ring.

Penny, do the programs on TBN preach that sort of thing?


News Item2/16/16 1:10 PM
pennnleope  Find all comments by pennnleope
I will add this and move on.....

the pastor while introducing him says, that they are going to grow financially, "God is looking at the church and everyone in it and is deciding who will be his bankers".... "we will be so blessed we will usher in the coming of the Messiah."

that's a cult folks.

you have to get in this transfer of wealth so Jesus will return (here I've heard my whole life Christ's timetable was based on a nation state in the ME) ---- one heresy leads to another.

sounds like Benny Hinn name it claim it, and here Christ's name is used in vain, linked to the wealth we will "get" in the coming 3.5 years (ie next presidential cycle???!)

Y'll have a great day.


News Item2/16/16 1:10 PM
2 Tim. 3:16 | Great Lakes  Find all comments by 2 Tim. 3:16
In response to your first post.
I have heard Cruz talk about the gay marriage issue in the past. He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, but believes that the tenth amendment prevents federal government involvement on this issue. As for abortion he is firmly against federal funding for planned parenthood something that Trump has said he supports. I would note that overturning Roe v Wade starts with getting strict constitutionalists appointed to the court. Judges with a proven conservative record not just rhetoric. That is also a useful standard when picking a President, and that is one of the many reasons I don't support Trump. Cruz has fought for the Constitution his whole life and understands the restraints it imposes on the federal government and the executive branch. Trump has a record of disregarding the Constitution with his calls for an "assault" weapons ban and big government health care. It is always good to ask sincere questions. God bless!
There are a total of 36 user comments displayedSubscribe to these comments
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