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FRONT PAGE  |  9/19/2021
MONDAY, AUG 10, 2015  |  11 comments  |  1 commentary
Tensions flare in Ferguson
A young man was shot by police after gunfire erupted late Sunday in the Missouri town marking the one-year anniversary of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown's fatal shooting by police.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told reporters early Monday that a man aged around 20 was in critical condition after opening fire on plainclothes officers in Ferguson, Missouri.

Belmar said that while uniformed officers were deployed to monitor businesses following protests and reports of looting, four plainclothes officers were tracking an individual they suspected was armed.

The man opened fire on the officers who were in an unmarked car, according to Belmar, striking the police vehicle several times. He said the officers returned fire and pursued the man on foot. The suspect ‚ÄĒ who had a stolen 9mm gun ‚ÄĒ again opened fire and the officers fired back, Belmar said. ...

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News Item8/11/15 12:44 PM
Albert | Ca  Find all comments by Albert
pennned wrote:
many feel trapped and angry. I get that. Would someone please educate them on NAFTA and the open borders and immigration policy and the destruction of the currency so that they can understand its not the elderly white grandma in the house across the tracks doing this to them? that her wealth is being taken from her too? misdirected anger. why are families being paid and profiting from the father being kicked out and mother getting benefits? who designs these programs??? -- but the same ones that design NAFTA, etc. folks need a reset. we have a beautiful land, give the impoverished land to till
I agree with you Penned, Deut.28:43-45 make reference to a nation that use to follow God and proclaimed liberty throughout the land Lev.25:10 (and ON a bell in this land), but lost its way, so God allowed "the stranger that is within thee to get up above the very high". all these "so called " trade agreements ( and trafficking by Lucifer Ezekiel 28:5 help to destroy the nation, and of course the Federal Reserve ( which is not Federal and has no reserves) helped to bring about a "false balance" ( prov.11:1 and 20:23) to this nation

News Item8/11/15 12:07 PM
Mourner  Find all comments by Mourner
From e-sword's Geneva Bible & notes

Ephesians 2:1
"And (1) you [hath he quickened], who were (a) dead in (2) trespasses and sins;

(1) He declares again the greatness of God's good will by comparing that miserable state in which we are born, with that dignity unto which we are advanced by God the Father in Christ. So he describes that condition in such a way that he says, that with regard to spiritual motions we are not only born half dead, but wholly and altogether dead.

God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?

he calls those dead who are not regenerated: for as the immortality of those who are damned is not life, so this knitting together of body and soul is properly not life, but death in those who are not ruled by the Spirit of God. (2) He shows the cause of death, that is, sins."

The primary cause of all this bad news is sin. The answer, the death of death in the death of Christ. See Romans 1:1-5; Romans 6:2

The solution - the exaltation of Jesus Christ and the acknowledgment of Ephesians 1:20-23 by those who say they are His agreeable to Romans 8:4-8

Then those God has given rule in Church and State will rule by Christ's power and authority (Matt. 28:18-20) through his precepts, that now are ruled by his Pr


News Item8/11/15 11:46 AM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
There is no Christian excuse for bad conduct of any kind. Whether or not someone has a legitimate societal complaint or not. The fact that they are being destructive or threatening means they are guilty of sinning against the Lord. Our society has a tendency to try and find the good in many things, when there is no good there. It would be like a hungry person robbing to get food to eat, etc. I am not a big fan of what I refer to as victimology and we should not try and justify bad conduct in any way.

I know many have had lives that are much more difficult than mine and if they are children of God, they will receive an eternal reward for their faithfulness. The riots in Ferguson are without cause and are causing more future harm than good.


News Item8/11/15 11:17 AM
s c | Oh  Find all comments by s c
Pennned wrote "...many feel trapped and angry. I get that"
I don't. I grew up in an area where fair skinned kids had to be bussed to a school where the dark skinned kids beat up on them and took their lunch money.These dark skinned kids lived well and were without excuse. One day for the annual MLK day,there were no classes held but we all had to congregate in the auditorium to watch non-stop films of unfair acts on dark people and,of course,the wretched rants of the black panthers,malcolm x (relation of madame x,I guess) and the like.Of course, most of the dark skinned kids then vandalized the school and beat up on the fair skinned kids.
This nation just feeds their unnecessary/unrealistic victim mentality and rewards them for such. I'm sure many of you are aware or have experienced first hand being much more qualified for a job only to see someone considered a "minority" who was substantially less qualified receive it.
There is no difference in mankind,whatever his external features are; people are people and people who incite violence should to be penalized.

News Item8/11/15 10:53 AM
Lurker  Protected NameFind all comments by Lurker
pennned wrote:
many feel trapped and angry. I get that.
I saw the hijacking of the Bernie Sanders rally by the Black Lives Matter group last night......... again. No fan of Sanders but this was disgusting. And Hillary sucks up to them; they're votes ya know, if I promise them some candy.

And where is their laundry list of grievances which if granted would make them happy? Where is their roadmap to the American Dream? There is none........ like a whiney spoiled brat who has learned that continual whining will get them whatever they want whenever they want; all they know how to do is whine.

Its hard to believe that the liberals and liberal politicians in this country are that stupid to believe government has the solution. Its the drug dealers, pimps and welfare system which keep the inner city blacks in their prison and they love it to be so.


News Item8/11/15 10:08 AM
pennned  Find all comments by pennned
many feel trapped and angry. I get that. Would someone please educate them on NAFTA and the open borders and immigration policy and the destruction of the currency so that they can understand its not the elderly white grandma in the house across the tracks doing this to them? that her wealth is being taken from her too? misdirected anger. why are families being paid and profiting from the father being kicked out and mother getting benefits? who designs these programs??? -- but the same ones that design NAFTA, etc. folks need a reset. we have a beautiful land, give the impoverished land to till, and incentives to work as a community to do so. instead the PTB take take take, and then leave the imprisoned with crumbs to fight over.-- same ones that pay communists to be agitators.

the problem is not racial. that's the elephant in the room. God's word speaks not of race anyway, but of nations and societies. In Christ, those that are His are One in Him.


News Item8/11/15 7:18 AM
one too | acts  Find all comments by one too
"The lack of major differences between races, especially in intelligence, the factor most crucial for the major contrast between Homo sapiens and 'lower' forms of life, creates a major difficulty for current evolution theory. In addition, misuse of the theory of evolution was an important factor in the extreme forms of racism, especially that against blacks and Jews, that flourished at the turn of the century and for many years beyond."

[URL=]]]Evilution environment of Lie vs 1 blood: acts17[/URL]
And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;


News Item8/11/15 6:48 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
I just can't wrap my head around racism. I don't get it. One race inferior because of skin color in days gone by? Those unfortunate days are long dead and gone but one "side" continues to hate, accusing one of keeping the other down when it's just not true. Anything that goes wrong with one person gets blamed on another color. A thug gets arrested and it's rasism. A cop shoots a thug with a weapon and the thug becomes a martyr and hero to the cause. I get freedom of speech, but what about hate laws and the laws against inciting violence? The double standard is so obvious and the silence on it is deafening. To me, this is just as warped as the Muslims, or Iran, for example swearing death to America as we shower them with gold and precious jewels, rewarding those even though we know they will murder us the moment we turn.around. makes no scense.
I said yesterday that I've had plenty of black and hispanic, etc, friends and I never saw skin color, or cared, so I just don't get this racist noncense at all.

News Item8/11/15 6:33 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Boy, if I lived anywhere around this area, I would have been gone, and if a cop...transferred. I remember last year when the mayor told the police to stand down so the looters and rioters could get it out of their system, and then, to my knowledge, the same were never investigated and arrested. So, here they are to have their fun all over again.
The leaders who incite this sort of violence there and elsewhere should be locked up yet they are allowed to preach their hate, inciting riots and promoting the murder of white people, whoever they are.

News Item8/10/15 2:54 PM
s c | OH  Find all comments by s c
I guess it's necessary to "celebrate" or recognize the anniversary of such.
Maybe the rioters and looters can just loot and vandalize that place every year... have a gangsta wannabe reunion. Of course,I'm being sarcastic but,seemingly,the mass media feels a need to exacerbate anything that will create further tension. Anyone who thinks that this country is not "conditioned" is very much deceived.

News Item8/10/15 11:44 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Read it, I was just going to put a separate link to this article, but it's now unnecessary. It seems to be balanced reporting.

Hmm, apparently they should have used the ABC NEWS report? [URL=]]] (Police: Suspect Shot Near Ferguson Rally Critically Injured)[/URL] which is the one I read.

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