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FRONT PAGE  |  8/19/2022
WEDNESDAY, OCT 1, 2008  |  42 comments
To some evangelicals, Palin's career violates biblical teachings
Speaking recently before hundreds of worshipers at Placerita Baptist Church in Newhall, guest preacher Chris Mueller affirmed the view that loving male headship and gracious wifely submission are God's plan for spouses.

Placerita, like many conservative Christian churches, teaches that a wife's role is to be her husband's helpmate (Genesis), "workers at home" (Titus) and submissive to her husband in everything (Ephesians).

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News Item10/14/08 5:42 PM
Anna | uk  Find all comments by Anna
Sorry enough already if you felt offended, but I have seen it all before. GG and friends are antagonised..they react
(no excuse on their part) as everyone knows they will, and you all come out in droves to support one another and bash them. That is how I see it anyway and the reason I left here before.
The reactions are not Christian witness, and often GG is called horrible names by some.
Why not give praise where it is due? Why should the Pope never say anything right because he is pope and RC? Just admit he can say right things. No-one is always right or always wrong.
I understand how frustrating it must be when only the RCC denounces secularism homosexuality and abortion when the evangelicals are mostly silent. I know the doctrinal errors in the RCC as I was raised one, but I do not agree with the attitude on here often which is not a debate but yes a bashing and it only antagonises the catholics more, and this way they will never change I assure you

News Item10/11/08 7:36 PM
savedbygrace | Harrisburg, PA  Find all comments by savedbygrace
Enough Already,

As far as scriptural authority-Amen!

As far as Proverbs 31, this is actually a condemnation of "some" of todays Christian feminists(this is not an oxymoron per se, as I believe they may be truly born-again but simply refuse to abide by the Word of God as their standard). If wives today would imitate this noble lady then not only would families be blessed but also the church and the nation would be better off.


News Item10/11/08 5:17 PM
enough already | usa  Find all comments by enough already
Anna, your comment concerning the 'bashing' of Catholics is somewhat harsh. Most who contend for the faith have been well within their scriptural boundaries as the insults and sarcasm from the opposition grows more and more intense.
This isn't a 'pastime' for me, or for anyone else who stands firm in God's word; this is presenting God's truth and praying that He will save the deceived from the hell that the RCC leads it's followers down. If you want to defend God's word, then use scripture in doing so, but don't bash others for not coming to your defense.

News Item10/11/08 4:51 PM
Alan H | Washington State  Protected NameFind all comments by Alan H
"[T]he widespread acceptance of a pro-life professing Christian Republican, self-proclaimed feminist mother of an infant and four children as a candidate for the highest office of the land is the single most dangerous event for the conscience of the Christian community of the last ten years at least. The IQ of the Christian community has dropped 50 points. In order to win an election they have sold the core of what is right and true about the defining issue of our generation--the family! Once this threshold is passed, it will be virtually impossible apart from widespread repentance to recapture this ground." Doug Phillips

News Item10/11/08 4:51 PM
Anna | UK  Find all comments by Anna
Not much I shouldnt think lespot, waive it away using some feeble excuse these types always use in such situations. I have heard it all before.

As far as on here is concerned, the rest
methinks are too busy bashing catholics, their favourite pasttime it seems !


News Item10/11/08 3:15 PM
Lespot | Ohio  Find all comments by Lespot
If Palin is so in violation of biblical princlples, then what does Pastor Mueller do with Proverbs 31:10-31?

News Item10/10/08 3:53 PM
Anna | UK  Find all comments by Anna
Agreed CMT,manypeople work for the luxuries
only , but not all as I know them.I am a stay at home mother myself , and I would rather have virtually nothing than give the care of my precious kids into the hands of strangers,as someone has to care for them if we work but thats me.But My point is,in as far as "raising " kids is concerned, in times past even if the Mother in a well-off class, was at home, at least some of the time,she rarely bothered about the children as she hardly saw them let alone raise them! Children were seen and not heard. (maybe we molly-coddle our kids too much?)
Hockey mum? Heaven forbid the mothers of the past did anything suchlike with their children and the working class mother surely did not have time for hockey ! There were too many children and too much work to be done in and outside the house (kitchen gardens were the norm but take a lot of work) On the whole though the kids were around the mother usually at least, helping mostly and mothers' word was law
Today, we have the luxury of having fewer kids and more money but its never enough. Thats my point about luxury ..we cant even see it and want more!

News Item10/10/08 3:31 PM
savedbygrace | Harrisburg, PA  Find all comments by savedbygrace

Although the Proverbs 31 woman goes to market to sell her wares notice where she is employed. She is a Biblical "keeper at home".


News Item10/9/08 9:56 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Icon O'Clast wrote:
Some of these "Evangelicals" should read the closing chapter of Proverbs and see what a godly wife can do. Just because she cannot be ordained in an ecclesiastical office does not mean she is to be chained to the sink with just enough slack in the chain to be able to make it to the bed.
Amen, Icon. Well said.

News Item10/9/08 9:32 PM
Icon O'Clast | Oz  Find all comments by Icon O'Clast
Some of these "Evangelicals" should read the closing chapter of Proverbs and see what a godly wife can do. Just because she cannot be ordained in an ecclesiastical office does not mean she is to be chained to the sink with just enough slack in the chain to be able to make it to the bed.

News Item10/9/08 9:15 PM
CMT  Find all comments by CMT
That's right PILUT.

Anna: It's not so much that it's a luxury for a woman to stay home. It's that so many couples live beyond their means. It actually costs more for the woman to work outside the home, and countless households have proven it with their own budgets. I've heard men admit that the reason they like their wives working outside the home is for all their extra vehicles and electronic toys. The only purpose for the encouragement for women to leave the home is to tax the other half of the population. The woman is not to bear the man's curse to till the soil and no man should put her there. And no woman should take a job away from a man which he needs to support his wife and children.

A father's headship or marriage is the means of a woman's support unless she is over 60 years old, in which case if there are no children to care for her, the church supports her. These arrangements are discussed in I Tim 5:4-14.


News Item10/9/08 9:04 PM
PILUT  Find all comments by PILUT
Actually, when God allowed women to be in authority, i.e. Deborah, it was because the men were not leading, and it was only God's grace that he then placed a woman in leadership. If Palin does get in, it may the end of the line in God's grace on America.

News Item10/9/08 5:59 PM
Anna | UK  Find all comments by Anna
For those of you who are unaware during Victorian period and before and after,it was very normal for a well-off say ,"upper to lower-middle class" mother, to leave the upbringing of the children to nannies and teachers until they were of the age when they were shipped off to boarding school. This did not apply to the "lower classes" at the time obviously but neither did they spend much time with their children as they needed to work to survive.!

The stay-at-home mother is a modern luxury for many.


News Item10/8/08 5:41 AM
savedbygrace | Harrisburg, PA  Find all comments by savedbygrace

Have a "grace day"!

Hebrews 12:1,2


News Item10/7/08 4:47 PM
RV | Kenosha  Find all comments by RV
Saved by Grace
Thanks for letting me know, I missed that.

News Item10/7/08 2:26 PM
savedbygrace | Harrisburg, PA  Find all comments by savedbygrace
CMT and Webwatch,

Amen! Even though the Scriptures no where state that the husband should be submissive to the wife in authority, they get off of the beaten path and instead of repentance they stay their course and sidestep the issue instead of submitting to God and Scriptural authority.


in regards to Romans 13, it has already been posted on one of these forums about Miss Palin that if she were to take the oath it would be as a consequence of God's judgement.


News Item10/7/08 2:04 PM
RV | Kenosha  Find all comments by RV
To anyone that thinks that women should not be leaders.

If Palin were to take the oath as VP would any of you be wrong given what Gods word says below.

Romans 13:1 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.


News Item10/7/08 8:39 AM
CMT  Find all comments by CMT
If Palin were truly pro-life, she would be preserving her husband's life by being HIS helpmeet, not John McCain's. She would be preserving the life of her children by being in the home with them and nurturing them instead of being a mayor, governor and campaigning for VP. She would be preserving the life of her local church by washing the saints' feet. Pro-life means a whole lot more than being against women murdering their babies in the womb. It means the preserving of life and a woman living up to her place in God's created order as a life giver and a life preserver. I know the feminists here hate these biblical arguments, and believe differently, but their arguments are with the holy scriptures, not with us. These same evangelicals who complain about our words will soon be sweating and shouting "TESTIFY, SISTERGIRL!" to women preachers in their churches.

News Item10/7/08 8:13 AM
webwatch  Find all comments by webwatch
The actual and potential decline of the USA as a nation is running parallel to the apostasy of the church.

Efforts to show forth obedience to the Word as an attribute of genuine, saving faith in the Word of God are scorned as fleshly legalism.

Piety is scorned. Holiness is ignored.

Leaving a needy infant and a promiscious teen are deemed non-consequential in a national election because the candidate passes the litmus test of being anti-abortion and professedly pro-life.

Who mourns their miscarriages? How many are truly engaged in the spiritual nourishment of youth? Why such carnal youth programs in our churches? Why such a scarcity of family prayer? Why so much pornography use among church goers? Why such widespread ignorance of the bible?

During the reigns of four kings of Judah, the prophet Isaiah warned and admonished a God-professing people.

From Isaiah chapter 1: ‚ÄúThe LORD hath spoken...I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me‚Ķ.‚ÄĚ

"...when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood. Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings...cease to do evil...if ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good...but if ye refuse and rebel..."


News Item10/7/08 2:33 AM
Anna | UK  Find all comments by Anna
What is your point Alan H?

As a woman, I have in the past when asking perfectly legit questions about the Bible and women, been called a "feminist" and waived off as some sort of ignoramus .I am not a feminist Unless supporting my husband in all he undertakes and staying at home to care for the kids creatively through lack of cash at the time,instead of working qualifies me for one?
Often Christian women are beaten around the head with sermons on Jezebel
Yes there was a jezebel in scripture, a evil scheming woman with a nasty end,but as far as I know, only ONE !How many weak ineffectual men are portrayed in scripture? How many evil Kings etc??

How many Jezebels examples are there in the NT by the way?
Now I am not denigrating men here,as men are often all too happy to do other way round,as I believe in respect and Biblical equality. I am just pointing out that neither men nor women were and are perfect and that Jesus who had a habit of turning the whole Jewish tradition upon its head, had a very different attitude to women.I always take his words and actions the most seriously as He is my Messiah. Sorry if this is offensive to men, ask Jesus about it will you?

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