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FRONT PAGE  |  9/25/2022
WEDNESDAY, JAN 9, 2008  |  42 comments
Clinton Is Victor, Turning Back Obama
MANCHESTER, N.H. — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York rode a wave of female support to a surprise victory over Senator Barack Obama in the New Hampshire Democratic primary on Tuesday night. In the Republican primary, Senator John McCain of Arizona revived his presidential bid with a Lazarus-like victory.

The success of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McCain followed their third- and fourth-place finishes in the Iowa caucuses last week. Mrs. Clinton’s victory came after her advisers had lowered expectations with talk of missteps in strategy and concern about Mr. Obama’s momentum after his first-place finish in Iowa. Her team is now planning to add advisers and undertake a huge fund-raising drive to prepare for a tough and expensive fight with Mr. Obama in the Democratic nominating contests over the next four weeks.

Mr. McCain had pursued a meticulous and dogged turnaround effort: his second bid for ...

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News Item3/5/08 10:42 AM
AntiVaticanistAmerican  Find all comments by AntiVaticanistAmerican
Hey "minnow"; it's very interesting that nobody thought that Hillary would make the "bounce-back" (some Clinton supporters call it "come-back"); as the general-media was really hyping up Obama !

She won Texas 51% to 47%.

She also clinched Ohio and Rhode Island (the State of Religious Liberty & Rodger Williams).

My guess is that she'll also win Pennsylvania and the rest of the Primaries.

Then off to the Democratic Convention; where there will be a dog-fight, a lot of wheeling & dealing (ala the old "Tammany Hall" smoked-filled rooms) and then a final agreement "cut" between Hillary & Obama:

Hillary being The Presidential Nominee; and, Obama being The Vice-Presidential Nominee:

And Then History Will Be Made Here In The Old U.S.A. !

The First Female President of The United States of America !

And, Ofcourse, The First Vice-President of "Color" !

*Note: Back in 1984; Democratic Presidential Nominee, Walter Mondale, wanted to make History by naming the first Latino & Hispanic Vice-Presidential Nominee--But he settled for a Female/Woman Vice-Presidential Running-Mate/Nominee by the name of Geraldine Ferrero (A Latina & Ethnic Nonetheless--As Italian-Americans are counted in the ranks of Latinos; as the French, Portuguese, Welsh & Dark/Spanish Irish by blood) !


News Item3/5/08 9:54 AM
Minnow  Find all comments by Minnow
Hey you folks across the pond, after Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island are you getting ready for your first Lady President?

News Item2/5/08 10:51 PM
Dessie | WV  Find all comments by Dessie
MJoL wrote:
As a woman I know that a woman should not and could not be president. We have mood swings out the ying yang. And also Obama cannot even pledge allegiance to the American flag. Why would we want a president who will not even acknowledge our country. That ticks me off.
Amen! Of course maybe all women are
not like you and I. HA HA!!

And of course this is Old news. Let's
wait and see what happens in the next
few months.

Of course, God will make the final
choice as He does in everything. His
Will will never fail....

Thank you for being so honest about us


News Item2/5/08 9:05 PM
terry evans | miramar beach fl  Contact via emailFind all comments by terry evans
MJoL wrote:
As a woman I know that a woman should not and could not be president. We have mood swings out the ying yang. And also Obama cannot even pledge allegiance to the American flag. Why would we want a president who will not even acknowledge our country. That ticks me off.
We have mood swings out the ying yang.

I see, but agree
On Obama also.



News Item2/5/08 8:54 PM
MJoL | TN  Find all comments by MJoL
As a woman I know that a woman should not and could not be president. We have mood swings out the ying yang. And also Obama cannot even pledge allegiance to the American flag. Why would we want a president who will not even acknowledge our country. That ticks me off.

News Item1/19/08 10:20 AM
ErnieG  Find all comments by ErnieG
Hillary Clinton can't even run her own household, how can she run the #1 super power in the world?

Just the fact that this country would even consider her to be president, shows just how far we have sunk since God and prayer has been taken out of our schools and evolution taught as FACT instead of Therory!!!


News Item1/17/08 1:48 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Perhaps the flag was made in China.

News Item1/17/08 1:45 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
OK, that's interesting. As to what that could imply though, that's anybody's guess. As I listed, there are several more benign possible reasons why the flag is that way.

And as I suggested, Clinton would be silly to play "I Spy" with her "right-wing conspiracy" enemies.


News Item1/17/08 1:28 PM
kevin | Georgetown DE  Contact via emailFind all comments by kevin
Yes Neil, I do.

I hope that I do this right.


On the 2nd link click on the black box to activate.

Neil what is up with the 2 points up?



News Item1/17/08 1:03 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
My point was not to defend the Clintons' character, but merely to identity the invalid inferences you made. Even unsavory people deserve just treatment.

Out of curiousity, do you have a URL for the "other pictures?"

Just become someone "studies under" someone else does not mean they believe everything they were taught. Examples: Marx was a student of Hegel, but rejected the latter's idealism. R.C. Sproul rejected his teacher van Til's apologetics.

How is it "well known" that the Clintons practice Black Magic? Do you have Gallup Poll results to back this up?

Do you really think my challenging your reasoning implies I'm angry with you?


News Item1/17/08 12:19 PM
kevin | Georgetown DE  Contact via emailFind all comments by kevin
Well Neil, I was not making any refernece to this article. It was other pictures, where Hillary, Willy and Chessy were all standing on the same stage platform.

Sounds like you need to do your homework on the Clintons. Hillary worked for the rose law firm, who defended the black panthers.

Willie, studied under carol quilgley, who was a disciple of cecil rhodes.

It is will known that the clintons are into black magic.

Don't get mad with me.

Oh by the way, there is now proof that Hillary was very instrumental into the decision making at Waco.



News Item1/17/08 12:08 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
The flag pictured in the linked article does not look as kevin describes. And even if it did, that does not prove Hillary to be a Satanist; perhaps only the flag designer is, or perhaps he's just incompetent. And even if Hillary is one, she'd be pretty foolish to make that belief explicit in any way. Real (and Biblical) villains are much more devious than they are in fiction.

Surely we should judge people by their deeds, not symbols that happen to accompany them. And Dems do not have a monopoly on evildoing; I see plenty of that among ostensible Christians.


News Item1/17/08 11:38 AM
kevin | Georgetown DE  Contact via emailFind all comments by kevin
Did anyone else pick up on the flag that was hung on the wall next to Hillary?

Look at this so called American Flag closely. You will notice that the star, in the upper left hand corner, are in the wrong position.

Note on HER flag the stars have 2 points up, whereas the true American flag only has 1 point up.

This shows her obedience to the devil, satan, etc.

Her faith lies with witchcraft.

Also keep in mind that this is the same symbol of the Eastern Stars!

In the occult world this symbol is the "goatshead of mendez"

Beware you demo's



News Item1/14/08 5:29 PM
Susan Miller | West Palm Beach, FL  Find all comments by Susan Miller
Where the votes were hand written and hand counted, Obama won, consistent with his pre-election and exit polling. Only in the Diebold-counted counties did things turn around - and so dramatically that the final result overall was a bare win by Clinton.

Pre-primary polls showed Obama winning with 38% to Clinton's 30%.

In 2000, here in Florida, a State Congressman by the name of Tom Feeney asked a fellow employee of Yang Enterprises, Inc., computer software programmer Clint Curtis, to design software that would flop the vote so that the candidate of their choice could win the election. Clint Curtis swore and testified before congress about this fraud and you can watch it at this link...


Princeton Study Exposes Diebold Flaws


News Item1/13/08 8:28 PM
Susan Miller | West Palm Beach, FL  Find all comments by Susan Miller
Hi Terry, so true. I pray that Americans wake up and realize that the media is owned by 5 corporations. We must stand NOW!!! Resist Satan and he will flee from US. If we are to acknowledge God in all our ways we must seek TRUTH and put aside FEAR.

This is a link to a VERY EXCELLENT video, that had me on the edge of my seat. You will enjoy it if you have some time.



News Item1/13/08 8:16 PM
Saint terry evans | miramar beach fl  Contact via emailFind all comments by Saint terry evans
Susan Miller wrote:
Who Counts Your Vote?
Hi Susan Miller

I agree, those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it (2000 election)
I live in florida.

I think it was A. Hitler who said
It doesn't matter how the people vote
Its who counts the votes.


News Item1/13/08 7:40 PM
Susan Miller | West Palm Beach, FL  Find all comments by Susan Miller
Diebold Again: Did Hillary Really Win New Hampshire Primary?


Polls taken the day before the New Hampshire primary showed Obama up by 10 to 15 points over Clinton, whom he had just beaten in Iowa, but when the votes were counted, Clinton ended up beating Obama in New Hampshire 39.4 per cent to 36.8 per cent.

Exit polling reportedly also showed Obama to be winning.

The machine tally was Clinton 39.6 per cent, Obama 36.3 per cent. But the hand-counted ballot count broke differently: Clinton 34.9 per cent, Obama 38.6 per cent.

If all the votes cast had split the way the hand counts split, Obama would have won New Hampshire by over 10,000 votes, instead of losing to Clinton by about 5500 votes.

From the horse's mouth.....

I think the integrity of elections can only be maintained through vigilance. Touch screen voting and single path electronic tabulation cannot be trusted and must be stopped.

Who Counts Your Vote?


News Item1/13/08 4:30 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
There can be doubts about various candidates, q.v., [URL=]]]Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam[/URL], however, there are several Republicans who are not in excellent Christian category either. Too many people here, are like many liberal, looking for man (woman?) on a white horse, to solve all their problems. They think that just by picking the right leader, all the children will go to Sunday School, and be perfectly behaved. It just doesn't work that way, while leaders like Jeroboam can lead people astray, the people themselves are usually willing partners in such matters, listen to, [URL=]]]The Kingdom Divides[/URL], one does have to remember the relationship between God, [URL=]]]The Believer and Politics[/URL].

News Item1/11/08 11:31 AM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
R. K. Borill wrote:
Either way, America is the loser . . . at least those who are Democrats. How is it that Iowa and New Hampshire get to set the ballot for the rest of the nation? .

They don't. They are but microcosms, and they don't represent the country as a whole. NH is no longer the conservative area it once was. Probably from being contaminated by liberal Vermont and Mass. next door. NH leans more libertarian, meaning value-free but perhaps fiscally conservative. And to top it off, people from other States and parties are allowed to vote in NH primaries. The media overly promotes these primaries as nationally important, even with their small number of electors, but they do have their own liberal agenda to promote.


News Item1/11/08 1:56 AM
Saint terry evans | miramar beach fl  Contact via emailFind all comments by Saint terry evans
Jim Cody wrote:
R.K. Borill,
Even if Paul intended to forbid women in church leadership it does not follow that his prohibition would extend to civil government. The verse has nothing to say about civil government better In what way is that different than the way Muslim men treat women Why do you constantly feel the need to lord over In what way is that different than the way Muslim men treat women?

I don't think Christ
My point in mentioning Elizabeth was to illustrate that women are not universally inferior to men or by nature

but where exactly are you all getting your concept of “ought”? Where in the Bible does it say women can’t have any civil authority?

Where in the Bible does it say women can’t have any civil authority?

1 Wishes:4,1
Jim Cody,the Bible does it say women can’t have any civil authority, yes.

As you know things are not so black and white in the Bible, as with any other book.

I don't think Christ
There you go, the Bible is not politically correct
His ways are not our ways

is that different than the way Muslim men treat women
Yes, do we beat ours because they break
a christian law


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