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FRONT PAGE  |  5/15/2021
Choice News THURSDAY, SEP 13, 2007  |  25 comments
SermonAudio Experiences Server Troubles


On Wednesday 9/12/07, we were experiencing trouble with 3 of our servers—strangely, all hardware-related. We were able to successfully resolve issues involving at least two servers but the third server continued to give us intermittent problems, and it happened to be our database server—one of our key servers.

To make a long story short, after several long hours of debugging, testing, re-installing, re-seating, replacing, and repeating myself to tech support (we went through 4 different techs in 24 hours), we were finally able to determine that the motherboard itself was the potential culprit. A few hours later, a replacement motherboard was delivered and installed and we were finally able to get the system back up at 9:30pm 9/13/07 for which we are thankful beyond words.

The problem appears to have been resolved but only time will tell. We'll continue to monitor the systems closely for any pending issues. If we do experience downtime again, please understand that we will do everything humanly possible to get it resolved immediately.

We appreciate your patience and prayers during this very difficult time for us. It's never enjoyable when servers "go down" for any length of time and we do all we can to ensure they do not. But sometimes it's simply out of our hands and we're left wondering what the Lord is trying to teach us through it all. For me, I think the most important lesson is learning to keep our priorities straight and keeping the Lord first and foremost. There's more to life than work, business, the web, and yes, SermonAudio.

Job 13:15 "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.."

Thank you for your support. We will continue to plow ahead. One thing is for sure, this will probably not be the last time we go through this experience.

Steven Lee

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News ItemSystem Notice
This forum thread has been closed by SermonAudio.
No further comments are permitted for this news item.

News Item9/17/07 12:23 AM  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by
Well, it seems that what started out as a simple need to explain the reason for the site being down for a period of time has degenerated and digressed in a direction that was not intended. All I can say is that we're doing our best and we hope we'll be able to continue to be of service to both churches and listeners alike for years to come. Thank you.

News Item9/16/07 5:40 PM
Alastair Smith | Stornoway, Scotland  Find all comments by Alastair Smith
We all have troubles which can seem trivial to other people who don't understand the implications in our lives or know the unseen burdens we all bare.
There is a lot of cost involved in running the amount of hardware needed for Sermonaudio and the bandwidth usage, website developement etc
Stephen has done an amazing work for the Lord in getting this setup and keeping it running. It has enabled the gospel free access to countries that missionarys are unable to reach. I count it a privelage to contribute (in a very small way)by paying a small amount, to allowing faithful Gospel sermons to be freely listened to by many round the world who would otherwise not have the Gospel preached to them.
It is obvious that Stephen Lee is a man with a vision, which many in the church are severely lacking(sadly i would count myself among them).
May the Lord continue to bless your ministry Stephen, We thank God for your faithfullness and will continue to pray for you and sermonaudio.

Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision, the people perish: ..."


News Item9/16/07 4:21 PM
Donnie | New Jersey  Find all comments by Donnie
I would also like to thank sermonaudio for their wonderful ministry. Words cannot describe how thankful I feel that there even is a "sermonaudio". I know of different being blessed by sermonaudio. Imagine, for a small fee, an entire church service can be heard around the world. I am corresponding with someone from Japan because of God using sermonaudio. Sermonaudio is like a "miracle" that has happened.

I wish I knew who to personally contact to thank them for sermonaudio! No price can be put on 1 soul being converted to the Lord because of the Lord using sermonaudio.

I feel bad when people say things against this means being used by the Lord. Yes, there are things I disagree with in the forum, not neccesarily the speakers and pastors. I find that most of the speakers/pastors are very faithful to the Word. That in itself is a miracle to me, especially in a day where there is such a spirit of delusion in many churches [women pastors, churches/denominations condoning things completely contrary to God's Word, etc.

I hope that new people wlll start "speaking" in this forum. Unfortunately, some seem to have monopolized this room and worse yet, come with wrong doctrines, etc. Again may our Lord continue to bless sermonaudio!

Donnie.....from New Jersey


News Item9/16/07 3:46 PM
steve [email protected] | chester  Find all comments by steve mills@133
may the lord bless and keep you and his servants that perform this work here on sermonaudio
i only wish i could explain in words the value this site has been to me in the lords work now/past/God willing/ future
i humbly serve the lord doing the smallest of tasks that he sets, but i know without fear of contradiction that sermonaudio has been a literal God send for me
yours sincerley
mr steve mills

News Item9/16/07 3:22 PM
Honest Observer  Find all comments by Honest Observer

You think this site is becoming much too worldly.........great observation..........I just wonder why it took you so long to see that!

And that is the general state of the church today and that includes so-called "Christian" web-sites and discussion forums.

It's been that way for years....and you know what? It hasn't changed!


News Item9/16/07 3:16 PM
Ashley | United Kingdom  Find all comments by Ashley
I think that this is becoming much too worldly. All this advertising is a disgrace. Is this site here just to make money?. $100 to have your sermon featured for 24 hours!. £29.99 for each “Broadcaster” every month absolutely disgraceful.

News Item9/16/07 2:57 PM
Abigail | Oregon  Find all comments by Abigail
cindy wrote:
OH NO!!!!!! Cheryl's back, I'm getting the heck out of here lest I be run over with her dominating tactics!
I am not Cheryl, my name is Abigail. I have never met Cheryl, and only know her on SA.

In the love of Jesus Christ our Lord


News Item9/16/07 2:40 PM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy
OH NO!!!!!! Cheryl's back, I'm getting the heck out of here lest I be run over with her dominating tactics!

News Item9/16/07 2:21 PM
Abigail | Oregon  Find all comments by Abigail
cindy wrote:
Just giving you a dose of what I experience on a regular basis as being a woman, particularly an attractive blonde that most people place a stigma on (Christian and non-Christian) being dumb and stupid and not be taken seriously.
We all needed to know that. I am sure the men are thrilled and will be communicating with you on a regular basis.

In the love of Jesus Christ our Lord


News Item9/16/07 1:49 PM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy
Oh, I forgot to add that we need to give Stephen brownie points for his fantastic work that goes un-noticed.

So sorry men, that sometimes your work goes unappreciated! We women are used to used to it that we are immune to it!

Cheer up Stephen, God does not forget your work for Him, after all it is Him you are working for right? So truly you should not be looking for validation from people anyway.........for it is the Lord God you serve.

Just giving you a dose of what I experience on a regular basis as being a woman, particularly an attractive blonde that most people place a stigma on (Christian and non-Christian) being dumb and stupid and not be taken seriously.

In conclusion to this thread...........making computer difficulties tantamount to the incredible anguish and lamentation of Job is like saying to Job....."So sorry, buddy, I do know what it feels like to stub your toe, BUT I just want you to know.....I will be praying for you"!!!

That's the perspective I'm talking about, and if you don't agree, I will be praying for you!!


News Item9/15/07 5:02 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
It was probably a Communist conspiracy! You've got to stop using motherboards made in Communist China!

An interesting golden-oldie article,"Red China: Gatekeeper of the Panama Canal"


News Item9/15/07 4:30 PM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy
Good for you Stephen!!!

News Item9/15/07 1:15 PM
A.Price | MO.  Contact via emailFind all comments by A.Price
My daughter visits Christian Apologetic sites often. One of her sites is Ingrid Schulter's site "Slice OF Laodicia". It was completley "gone" this past week;they think it was a "hacker". Ingrid said she was "tired" of fighting this stuff(not the first time it's happened), so, she's not going to put it back up! Also, I guess, someone just "called" and said her web. site NO LONGER existed!! The server, without checking, took it down!!!
Don't know if there is ANY conection, but,it's still a little strange.
Glad you are back up. I've downloaded "several" sermons and have shared them with others. God Bles You.

News Item9/15/07 12:47 PM
Stephen | Northern Ireland  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Stephen
Having done some web work for churches and other evangelistic outreaches I have full sympathy with the situation encountered by Steven. While my projects have been on a minor scale compared with SermonAudio the frustration and stress caused by a server, database or script problem that renders a site inoperable is immense. Scale that up to the complexity of SermonAudio and I dread to think how Steven was feeling!

Sadly the time commitment and talent that is INVESTED in an enterprise such as SA or other evangelistic internet ministries is rarely appreciated by the majority of end-users. The true eternal value of a carefully utilised technology in the distribution of message of the Gospel will only be revealed by eternity.

Because of these 'miserable computers' we have seen the boundaries of our own church ministry expanded to the four corners of the earth and believers edified and blessed as a consequence.

Perhaps that is the perspective that is required here. SermonAudio is at the cutting edge of evangelical web broadcasting. Let us realise the true potential of this endeavour and quell any temptation for misinformed, discouraging comment.


News Item9/15/07 9:20 AM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy
This is the last comment I am going to make regarding the use of that scripture in Job when dealing with computers.

First of all, I am in no way negating Steven's computer problems or am I being insensitive to his problems.......I am just trying to bring to light the full weight and profound impact that that scripture has.

The whole book of Job has such profound impact and incredible weight that to use it when dealing with minor difficulties means you have not been through such severe pressure and suffering that your life was radically transformed by an encounter with the Living God..........there is a depth to the book of Job, that to use it in a cavalier fashion is to miss the most valuable lesson in which Job proclaimed........"My ears have heard of You, but now my eyes see you"......Job made radically leaps in his faith and was so transformed spiritually that his life was totally changed.

Even after Job poured out a litany of platitudes and his "knowledge" of God, God humbled him even more by His proclamation....."Who is this that darkens my counsel with words that have not knowledge....words that are empty and vain" to which Job could only respond in repentance in "dust and ashes". As a result of all this, Job was moved to a more perfect, complete faith which ulti


News Item9/15/07 2:42 AM
John Pittman Hey | Greenwood, MS USA  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by John Pittman Hey
The point of quoting that particular verse from Job is this: that if our God is powerful enough and trustworthy enough and glorious enough to satisfy and command our obedience even in the darkest of times and most dreadful of trials experienced by Job, then surely we ought not waver in our trust and confidence in Him during WHATEVER befalls us.

"Though He slay me" implies the whole gamut of troubles, from the very smallest seemly trivial trial, to martyrdom itself. In ALL these, Job expresses his confidence and trust in God.

So should we.

I'm sure that the Lord helped Bro. Steven, and for that he and the rest of us are thankful.


News Item9/15/07 1:41 AM
Chuck | Naples, Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chuck
When your computer equipment stops working, it's like a child is ill. I liked the verse from Job. But I'm a computer geek of sorts.

News Item9/14/07 10:21 PM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy are a man, so think rationally.........there is a difference between a challenge and a tradegy.........that is the perspective I am talking about. Perhaps the Psalms would be a better place to look for consolation in difficulties such as computer problems that are really just an inconvenience. Certainly God has so many other ways to feed people spirtually.......primarily His Word. But I think too many people just flippantly throw out scripture without truly understanding what it means spiritually.

The book of Job is about a man who underwent such severe pressure and intense suffering that he didn't want to live anymore and even in all his misery and destitution, God delayed answering Job to teach him about Eternal perspective. In light of this incredible God, our tiny problems pale in comparison to His glory.

The book of Job places GREAT VALUE is being absolutely destitute and poor (unlike this world), for it is then that you truly begin to grow spirtually because you NEED God more than anything else; for no one else can give you the solutions to your problems that you desperately seek!


News Item9/14/07 8:21 PM
Stephen Hamilton | Allentown, Pennsylvania  Protected NameFind all comments by Stephen Hamilton
cindy wrote:
I think a little perspective is needed here.........
The scripture quote from Job......."Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him"..............makes it sound as though you have just lost your 3 children and your wife and your house in a house fire and you were just fired from a job that you had for 30 years just before your house fire. Also, you were just threatened by your enemy and have been repeatedly slandered and harrassed and dragged though court.
Ok, so I am just giving you a little perspective on these frankly miserable computers that steal our time from what is really important and really are an addiction anyway.
The scipture in Job, I believe is not appropriate here. I mean if computers are that important to you, then YES, you really do need serious perspective in your life!!
I think this comment is out of order. Steven never tried to equate his server troubles with more serious troubles - especially the kind you mention. But, you also need a better perspective: this is not about a guy messing with computers. It is about a very, very important ministry: a life-line spiritually for many. I understand why he used that scripture. God tests us many times, and this was a real test, though no lives were lost. God bless, Steven!

News Item9/14/07 6:08 PM
Ruth | New York  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ruth
Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding a way to repair your website. These sermons are spiritual food for our family, (my favorite broadcasters are Paul Washer and Marc Monte particularly). I sign on practically everyday, and was worried when for the first time I was not able to see the home page. There is no other site like yours. Praise God everything is fine. Keep up the good work, and may God richly bless your endeavor to reach the world!
There are a total of 25 user comments displayedSubscribe to these comments
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