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FRONT PAGE  |  6/22/2021
WEDNESDAY, AUG 3, 2005  |  15 comments
14 Marines, interpreter killed in western Iraq
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Fourteen U.S. Marines and a civilian interpreter were killed Wednesday in western Iraq, the U.S. military command in Iraq said. The Pentagon, meanwhile, denied an insurgent group's claim that it had captured a Marine in the same area.

The 14 Marines, assigned to Regimental Combat Team-2, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward), were killed just outside Haditha when their vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device, the military said. One Marine was wounded.

Haditha is 140 miles northwest of Baghdad and along the Euphrates River near the Syrian border.

The Marines were in an amphibious assault vehicle, which are used in Iraq to cross bodies of water like the Euphrates. ...

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News Item8/5/05 9:50 PM
al | usa  
well Dwayne where do we start!! if I can Goad you by my opinions into using the Lord's name in vain then that first of all shows me that you can't be very close to God because you wouldn't use the name of the one you claim to love as a curse word.Secondly your lack of love and concern for the souls and lives of those that serve to protect us is absolutely disgusting(just because you dont like the fact that they give their lives to protect us doesnt make it not so).your mistake is you want to take only the New Testament and not consider the OT all Scripture 2 tim 3:16 Dan 5:21 "till he knew that the most high God ruleth in the kingdom of men and that he appointeth over it whomsoever he will"No Dwayne we are still serving the same God and he still rules in the kingdom of men. Rev:19,11-21 for me says a lot about this idea as the armies that will come with him are the saints, Christians coming with him from heaven for the carnage that will follow. The one the the saints are following is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ...

News Item8/5/05 7:09 AM
Dwayne Mayor,
You do not have to live during WWII in europe to understand that it is a good deed to defend people that are killed for not being germans. Did you heard about compassion for others? We are to protect people- if you let someone die and you have the opportunity to stop it, and you do not do it- you are also a murderer. I am for example responsible that I do not give all my money to missionaries that want to preach in places that never heard the gospel. Let us preach the gospel to all people!

"..your world-compromising doctrine.."
Now you are being a false accuser. Defending people is a world-compromising doctrine? I am VERY happy that you were not the president of USA under WWII. Take a moment to ponder why.

Moving out of this thread. God Bless!


News Item8/5/05 5:48 AM
Still can't figure out why Americans still live under the delusion that our nation has some special standing before God. Does God really take delight in a nation that kills-murders millions of babies a year, a nation whose leader bows to the Church of Rome. Get real, this nation, just like all the others of this world, is under the judgement of God. As for the war in Iraq, totally unjustified. If the basis for the war is to make people free from a tyrant (since no WMD have been found) then we should send our young men and women to perish in any of the many nations of Africa or the Middle East ruled by despotic governments. As for WWII, just another stage for Satan to win the souls of the unjust. At the same time that so-called war to preserve democracy and freedom was being prosecuted, many of this nation's own citizens could not freely vote, use a restroom, stay in any hotel they wanted to, were lynched, and many (Japanese Americans) were placed in concentration camps. No war is just, because unjust men are the ones who pursue it. War is evil, and the foolish pursuit of evil and fallen men. How many of those who have fallen sadly did not know the Lord. That's the real tragedy here.

News Item8/5/05 2:24 AM
Dwayne Mayor | New Mexico  
Buy the oil????!?! Are you even trying to make any sense? Why would we go to war if we would just spend the trillions of dollars to BUY the oil? The point is to TAKE THE OIL BY FORCE SILLY!! That way minus a few billion bucks, a few worthless U.S. troops, and about 150,000 Iraqi people, you're making a pretty net profit. Buy the oil! Jesus man, get some sense!

Nations are made up of individuals, al. If I must love MY enemies, and you must love your enemies, whose enemies are we to hate? The Satanic Skull & Bones member Bush's? God does not rule the kingdoms of this world...if that were so Christians could surely ally with Caesar for God's greater glory. But the Church & Caesar have been utterly opposed to each other since the beginning, for example take a look at Luke 4. God hath delivered all the kingdoms of this world to Satan, to give to whom he will. Christ saith, "MY kingdom is NOT of THIS WORLD." This is all a bit convuluted as I am extremely tired, but you should get the point. Learn the New Testament and the principles of the New Covenant. Bringing to fore David of the Old Covenant is of course completely irrelevant to a discussion of the kingdom of Christ.

Besides the religious wars of the Old Testament were a take-no-prisoners approach. Everyone must die.


News Item8/5/05 12:14 AM
al | usa  
the sermon on the mount is specific in its application and that is to us on an individual personal basis... its not addressed to nations. It also is a portion of a coherent book that does not contradict itself.Jesus said "I and my Father are one"it also says "The Lord is a man of war the Lord is his name Ex15.:3it also says in Mal. 3:6 For I am the Lord I change not, here referring to his mercy. God didnt call David the mighty warrior the apple of his eye to change into a pacifist.Our God it seems has different attributes mercy is one of them judgment another so we can see he has different attributes.The Scripture teaches "God ruleth in the kingdom of men" So we can bemoan the unfortunate things that happen in war but it doesnt change the fact that it happened because God ruled in the kingdom of men.It doesnt mean that we have to gloat over the carnage as some do.Really now if this was all over oil we could easily have cancelled the sanctions and bought all the oil we wanted and made Saddam wealthy and let him keep his people under an iron thumb.

News Item8/4/05 10:58 PM
Dwayne Mayor | New Mexico  
Neil writes:
"I have read Matt. 5, Dwayne, and the Sermon on the Mount adds nothing to & subtracts nothing from the Law of God, for I have also read the Torah. All Jesus did was restate it and correct popular abuses of it."

Nope. You're absolutely wrong. It's clear you have very little understanding of the message of Christ. I think the writer of Hebrews explains it better than I ever could though:
"But as it is, Christ has obtained a ministry that is as MUCH MORE EXCELLENT than the OLD as is the COVENANT HE MEDIATES IS BETTER...For IF that FIRST COVENANT had been faultless, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO OCCASION TO LOOK FOR A SECOND...In speaking of this new covenant, he makes the first one OBSOLETE. AND WHAT IS BECOMEING OBSOLETE AND GROWING OLD IS READY TO VANISH AWAY" Hebrews 8:6-7,13

If you think the Sermon on the Mount is anything like the Old Mosaic Law, I cannot hold back and must call you for what you are, a foolish wretch twisting the Scriptures to your own peril. You really need to read Matt 5-7, for it is quite clear you never even glanced at it. How many times does Jesus say, and I quote: "you HAVE HEARD IT SAID...BUT I GIVE YOU A NEW..." This is what the Torah says, yes, but I say unto you, for example, "love your enemies".


News Item8/4/05 8:43 PM
Neil | Tucson  
I have read Matt. 5, Dwayne, and the Sermon on the Mount adds nothing to & subtracts nothing from the Law of God, for I have also read the Torah. All Jesus did was restate it and correct popular abuses of it.

News Item8/4/05 8:38 PM
Dwayne Mayor | New Mexico  
Rather than go about my usual course of action when I encounter such silly and superficial arguments as those you purport, mainly in order to avoid further censorship from sermonaudio, I suggest you read the Sermon on the Mount in its entirety. Since the essence of Christian living is contained therein, I want you to tell me the impression you're left with after studying those COMMANDMENTS, which if are not obeyed will result in eternal hellfire. That's Matt:5-7, Neil.

God Bless.


News Item8/4/05 8:26 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Dwayne, you were hardly preaching the Gospel, which is not verbal attacks against servicemen (for which you are accountable to God). Do not blame soldiers for the policies that sent them there. However questionable the rationale for invading the Iraq may be, Rom. 13 teaches that civil gov't is ordained to use violence against evildoers. And soldiers are not at liberty to disobey orders unless they are clearly contrary to God's commandments, otherwise an army could not function.

Did Jesus tell his Disciples to purchase swords in Luke 22:36 just as dining implements or as a joke? Why didn't he tell the godly centurion to quit the Roman army if organized killing is so wicked? These and other examples persuaded me there is no case for Biblical pacifism.


News Item8/4/05 1:08 PM
Dwayne Mayor | New Mexico commands:
"Please refrain from making any future anti-US-solider comments on this site. Thank you for your cooperation."

I was unaware that it was's policy to censor the gospel from their forums. You allow heretical Calvinists and racist Neo-Confederates to spread their doctrines of demons daily, yet you wish to censor the Truth of God's Word. Well, I will comply with your policy, for the sake of peace and God's blessing. I am however, utterly taken aback by your wordly actions, for I expected more from those professing to be of Him who rules all things.


News Item8/4/05 1:00 PM
Dwayne Mayor | New Mexico  
christian84 insipidly writes:
"Only some verses that I can give...
Defend yourself and others with lethal weapons when there is a risk of unjust killing Luk_3:14, Luk_22:35-38, Act_22:22-29, Act_23:21-23"

First of all, the last two verses are COMPLETELY irrelevant. Paul was either attacked or threatned with such and yet "reviled them not." Why pro-war people cite Scriptures that support Christ's Gospel of Peace and non-retaliation is beyond me. The secone verse also lends no support to your world-compromising doctrine, as the one instance we know of where a disciple actually tried to USE a sword Christ reprimanded him and disarmed him on the spot. Two swords for twelve disciples?? Get real, that's not self-defense by any standard.

And naturally, in the first verse you cited John does not reprimand the soldiers for murder. Why?? Because killing men was not unlawful under the Old Covenant. Christ established the New Covenant and thusly, as Paul tells us in Hebrew, the "Old Covenant was made obsolete." So whatever John has to say (or rather NOT SAY) on the issue is unimportant for the disciple of Christ, for John was only to prepare the way.

"I hope that fighting with the axis in WWII is consirered a good deed by all christians"
FDRs war you mean? You've got to kidding.


News Item8/4/05 5:02 AM
Only some verses that I can give...
Defend yourself and others with lethal weapons when there is a risk of unjust killing Luk_3:14, Luk_22:35-38, Act_22:22-29, Act_23:21-23

The same applies to countries- some say they cannot participate in war, but the Bible says we MUST defend human life, even if that means killing others. I am not saying that war in Iraq is right or wrong only that there are right causes for war. I hope that fighting with the axis in WWII is consirered a good deed by all christians. OK I am going back to listen to a sermon about islam and Iraq


News Item8/3/05 10:16 PM  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by

Please refrain from making any future anti-US-solider comments on this site. Thank you for your cooperation.

Steven Lee


News Item8/3/05 9:23 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Pretty harsh language for a "pacifist." And that's not what Jesus meant.

News Item8/3/05 8:55 PM
Dwayne Mayor | New Mexico  
[removed by editor]
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