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Sermon The Importance of being Ready | Jeff Arthur
Philippus Schutte from Australia
"Praise the Lord. Thank you for being the Watchman Pastor Jeff. Ezekiel..."
-14 hrs 
Sermon Idolatry of the First Amendment, Idol of 1st... | Jerry M. Johnson
Anonymous Name
-15 hrs  41 
Sermon The Second Coming of Christ | Todd Nibert
Gary and Janey Hollback from Wheelersburg church
-17 hrs 
· Page 1 ·  Found: 10 user comments posted recently.
News Item11/29/15 9:53 PM
Dumb founded  Find all comments by Dumb founded
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I don't believe homophobia even exists as widely as they say, much less it being a mental disorder. But what I do believe is a mental disorder. Is turning every one of these posts into a bible version debate Mr. Links is the worst baiter of this.
Example: Meteor crashes into city, kills millions. On a more important note: Bible versions

News Item7/17/15 7:20 AM
Dumb founded  Find all comments by Dumb founded
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Brother Saint Elected Elmer I wrote:
Believers should be together more and more as they see the day approaching, yet the pre-tribbers gather for only an hour or so a week for a dead ritual to hear some motivational speaker.
If they are true to their "Jesus can return at any moment" doctrine, then they should be together daily rather than assembling together with unbelievers at their wage-slave jobs for 40-60+ hours a week so they can pay Whitey and pay for all the unnecessary junk they just have to have.
Wow! You really are a racist socialist. And you misrepresent pre tribers. What you said can also apply to every other eschatological group.

News Item7/12/15 9:04 AM
Dumb founded  Find all comments by Dumb founded
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Mike wrote:
So, what do you think about 2/3 of Republicans being opposed to the court decision?
Thanks. You too Dave and Christopher. Actually I think that 2/3 is surprisingly low. For a party that is supposed to be culturally conservative, It seems as if they are capitulating due to cowardice. Not surprising though. We are seeing entire denominations and religious institutions fall to the LGBT juggernaut.
An interesting aside. Not all of the pressure to accept LGBT is coming from them. Many people who are not part of that lifestyle have taken upon themselves to promote their agenda.

News Item7/12/15 7:58 AM
Dumb founded  Find all comments by Dumb founded
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Sorry. I though this was about same sex marriage and Republicans reaction. But I guess it's about Islam. Then again, Islam starts with the letter "I' so maybe any topic with the letter "I" has the green light.

News Item7/8/15 11:06 PM
Dumb founded  Find all comments by Dumb founded
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B. McCausland wrote:
Most Christians will perceive the blatant folly of the article in question, yet it is obvious some struggle with understanding about Scripture-related issues for what there is no harm in sharing perception.
"The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth;
by understanding hath he established the heavens." Pro 3:19
Mike/New York stated:
"A second fascination is the penchant for making the number of manuscripts evidence of rightness, as if the "correct" manuscript could somehow be determined by "majority rules."
Your impressions about this matter could be further elucidated by the presentation of Mr.Daniel Chamberlin, 'Why I Use the KJV'
Kind regards
Actually, I use the KJV for the same reasons. I just like sticking to the point of the article, and the way Dee phrases her thoughts. Her irony is ingenious.

News Item7/8/15 9:02 PM
Dumb founded  Find all comments by Dumb founded
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Dee Senter wrote:
It didn't take long for this thread to turn into a debate over translations (that does have a place)
This morning I read the article of this apostate denying the inspiration of scripture, then went to work in my garden. I was trying to keep the people digging the septic tank from running over my flowers with their trucks. Then I saw it.... a DANDELION among my flowers. A dandelion looks like a real flower, but it's a weed. So, I stopped waving the truck off to go get that horrible weed. And I did. Of course the trucks ran over the whole flower garden...but I got that weed thank goodness. Everyone is sure glad I have things in perspective. Got to go. Neighbors kitchen caught on fire. Got to make sure no gnats get in her coffee cups.
Looks as if your exhortation went unheeded. I like the way you bring a point out though.

News Item6/3/15 12:18 PM
Dumb founded  Find all comments by Dumb founded
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WOW! After reading Lie Detectors post; my apologies to Tony from Chicago, Jim L, John Y. And EVERONE ELSE whose post I though was way off base

News Item8/24/13 12:43 AM
Dumbfounded  Find all comments by Dumbfounded
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SteveR wrote:
There isnt a prooftext denying contemporary hymns, just as there isnt a prooftext that denies baptism to infants. My point is that the prolific hypocrites on this message board that cite Sola Scriptura to demean other Christians themselves gladly feed their fleshy desires of worship.
imo- I dont think your voodoo drums belong in the Worship of my God, but I dont categorize your entire Church as Satan worshippers if you use them. I might consider you (Lurker) a servant of Satan for your constant hatred of HIS people in other Churches, but not because of the drums.
Why is this ignorant unloving bully still allowed on these forums?

News Item2/2/09 8:56 AM
Dumbfounded  Find all comments by Dumbfounded
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"It's a religious crisis, for sure," says Daniel Wolpert, pastor of First Presbyterian in Crookston, Minn., and a partner with the FTE, which supports young ministers and religious teachers. "And to the extent that these churches are anchoring institutions, it's a crisis of community."

There is so much in this article that disturbs me, but then it is a "Time" piece, right?

**A religious crisis?????? A community crisis??????????

Whatever did we do without seminaries and their graduates of the 21st century?

**A town without a Starbucks scares would be seminary grads????????

Whatever would they do in a real crisis?

Where are the courageous?

**Debt-burdened grads, starting salary $35 grand?

How can there be ministry without adequate money? What did Jesus and his disciples do?

Terrible CRISIS!

Words fail me............

News Item9/20/08 7:38 PM
Dumbfounded | kelowna Canada  Find all comments by Dumbfounded
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A strange thing when the tears throw the wheat out

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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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