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Page 1 | Page 9 ·  Found: 500 user comments posted recently.
News Item12/6/07 12:54 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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I was practically "weaned" on Star Trek, being just old enough
to remember watching the original broadcasts in the late 60s.

As humanistic/atheistic as that show was, I doubt this new movie
could be much worse (less subtle, perhaps).

I'll probably rent the DVD as I'm interested in this movie's
effects--and the opportunity to "climb into the head" of one of
many spiritual adversaries--although this guy seems most miffed
at the RCC, from what I read of the reviews, and I'm not Catholic.

What facinates me most about analyzing reprobate minds, like the
author of this film, is that I get to see MYSELF--without Christ.
...which makes me appreciate Him and His work in me all the more

News Item12/2/07 3:15 PM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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dee wrote:
Satan can quote scripture.
Yep. He (Satan) quoted from the Psalms
during the third temptation of Christ
in the wilderness.

News Item12/1/07 11:27 PM
john  Find all comments by john
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So much for God's Elective Grace! See how the false pope corrupts God's word.

Survey11/30/07 4:51 PM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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When God came to Abram, He said "I am thy exceeding great
reward" (Gen 15:1)

Regarding "rewards", I was always taught that the WAGES of
sin is death, but the FREE GIFT of God is ETERNAL LIFE thru
Jesus Christ our Lord (Rom 6:23).

Thus there must be different levels of punishment in Hell,
based on our sins (and each of us sins differently, thus
our punishment will be different, based on our own sin--
AND the extent to which we are exposed to and convicted
by God's Word--Luke 12:47-48).

BUT...our reward in Heaven is essentially the same, since
we all have the same righteousness (that of Christ, himself,
imputed to each believer).

Still, there are PARABLES that favor one perspective over the
other, and require much study to sort out.

Compare the likes of Matt 20:1-16 vs. Luke 19:17,19.

I'm open to input regarding this issue, on which I'm currently

More "reward" may also mean more people "welcoming" you into
Heaven. (Luke 16:9)

This is a VERY good question!

Survey11/30/07 11:30 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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It looks like whoever wrote this question
listed the answers in order from most
important to least important.

Education first with regulative worship
a very close second.

John 17:17

News Item11/29/07 11:40 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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"Faced with Chinese plans to seize control of his reincarnation,
the Dalai Lama has come up with two revolutionary proposals —
either to forgo rebirth, or to be reborn while still alive."

I had no idea how vulnerable the Buddhist faith was to the
activities of earthly powers like China!

How wonderful indeed it is that NO mere power on earth can even
come close to obstructing God's act of granting new birth to a
new believer!

Survey11/25/07 4:58 PM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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Being a "calv" myself, I believe Christ died both spiritually
AND physically for all those who put their trust in him (not
all as in every single person ever).

Christ experienced spiritual death FIRST, in the garden and
on the cross, where he was laden with the sins of the elect,
after which God poured out his wrath on Him for them.

After He said "it is finished", he was no longer spiritually
dead, having paid the price of Hell for all believers; but
then died (layed down his life) physically so he could "rest"
in the tomb, to fulfill the final sabbath and to testify of
his renewed purity using his own non-decaying corpse as
evidence of this--that all sins layed on him were payed-
for in full.

During this time I don't believe Christ was in Hell, since
He said "Father, into THY hands I commit my spirit". He was
with the FATHER in HEAVEN, not in Hell, during this time.

Finally, He rose physically on Sunday, which is not only the
first day of the first creation, but the first day of the
NEW creation (we Christians being that new creation, with our
own Lord leading the way--as "the FIRST BORN"--and the first
one to get that COOL new body that all believers will eventually

News Item11/22/07 2:20 PM
John | Airdrie  Find all comments by John
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Why would anyone want to pay this rediculous amount of money for a bible. Isnt the content the same as any other good reformed bible(the reformation study bible would be a good place to start). Its the word within that can change lives not who once used used the bible. The covenaters were men who died for there beliefs. Its appaling that people should be profitering from what was a period in time when Christians were martyred for there belief.

News Item11/21/07 12:12 PM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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Wayne M. wrote:
Also, gangs have been shooting a lot of people lately in Vancouver, Canada, albeit people known to police as well as some other innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Handguns are too easily obtained by criminals.

It's REALLY frustrating to watch our freedoms diminish
at roughly the same rate at which the overall quality
of the American people goes down.

Less responsible/mature people invariably creates a moral
vaccuum that GOVERNMENT is all too willing to fill, as
Wayne's statements point out.

I recently hunted pheasants in South Dakota with a man and
his three pre-teen sons--and I felt COMPLETELY safe with
them because it was obvious that they had been well-mentored
by their parents and NOT by "the GOVERNMENT", with all it's
do's and don't, many of which are decided by many people who
don't know the least thing about firearms (except what they
see in movies like "Dirty Harry" or "The Terminator" or read
in fear-inducing news stories).

"Arms", in the 2nd amendment, referrs to personal weapons
(i.e. pistols, rifles and shotguns). Heavier weapons, like
grenades, mines or other so-called "ordinance" are not in
view here.

Survey11/21/07 1:15 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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Weapon of Mass Instruction wrote:
JD won, hands down.
OH! I get it. Just keep talking until
the other guy gets tired or exasperated
and I WIN--irregardless of whether or
not I know what I'm talking about.

Actually I'm rather amazed that a
REAL pastor would waste--I mean spend--
so much time dealing with the likes of
JD, et. al.

Nice to know that pastors like Randy
Borill are willing to spend at least
some time with sheep other than those
of their immediate fold.

MUCH appreciated!

News Item11/21/07 12:07 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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g2 wrote:
The long faithfulness in a long marriage is a model of the long faithfulness that will exist between Christ and his eternal bride.
Nicely put!

News Item11/20/07 1:27 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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It should also be noted that Paul was actually bitten by
a poisonous snake which he later shook-off into a campfire
on Malta, following his last shipwreack in the book of Acts.

These snake-handlers are not going nearly as far as Paul did
or the "children" in the book of Isaiah who held asps and
placed their hands on the cockatric's den (Isaiah).

It's all a sham.

News Item11/18/07 3:29 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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kenny wrote:
If you click on the URL that I posted below and watch some of the YouTube clips of these folks, several of them are shown drinking poison or at least claiming to (in addition to handling the snakes).
I've heard that the beat of the music hypnotizes the snakes and renders them unable or unwilling to strike. I have no idea whether that's true or not and I do not care to find out. I'm a firm believer in the old adage about the only good snake being a dead one.
The video clips are unsettling to say the least.
Those were AMAZING videos. Thanks!

The use of beat/rythym to keep snakes
from striking reminded me of a similar
tactic used by snake-charmers in India.

...and if I can drink WATER, and claim
it's "poison", I guess I can fake most
if not all other elements of Mark 16.

News Item11/18/07 3:05 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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"LGBT" (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders)?

Interesting that the "ladies" are mentioned first in this achronym.

Such was not always the case.

When I was in college there was the standard "gay and lesbian" club.
There was as yet no "bisexual" or "transgender" component, as these
were (I suppose) still considered taboo at that time (late 1980s).

Is it because these people are "gentlemen", and insist on "ladies
first"...or is it that the "ladies" are more dominant in this whole
den of deviency? My general knowledge of post-modernism causes me
to favor the latter possibility.

At any rate, I'm thankful for Kevin Boling's response to this issue,
and hope/pray it will at least slow down the growth of the LGBT
achronym from attaining additional letters over time, like "V" for
Vampirism, and P for Pedophelia, and "B" for Bestiality, etc.

One cannot underestimate the progress of human depravity if/when
all restraints are removed.

News Item11/17/07 12:42 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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"The Sofitel hotel brand, for instance, is changing its image to cater to the younger,
less-business oriented – and apparently less religious – generation of clientele. The
Sofitel chain, which once had Bibles in every guest rooms, recently removed them when
guests questioned why other religious texts weren’t available, according to Newsweek."

Instead of removing the Bibles, tell the clients that they (Sofitel) are waiting for
the reps of the other faiths to do what the Gideons did. They haven't, and that's why
only Bibles are (or WERE) in these hotel rooms. It's not a hard question to answer...
unless you just don't care.

Even the most tolerant amongst us favor traditions--like Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms--
or maybe they don't. Wonder why.

News Item11/15/07 9:47 PM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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I don't hear of any of these people drinking poison during their
worship services, which is surely inconsistent on their part, since
the passage in Mark mentions holding snakes AND drinking poisons.

Then again, it's MUCH easier for non-cessationsts to FAKE the former
than the latter.

As long as they can avoid being bitten they're fine, but if they
drink "any deadly thing" they'd BETTER have Brother Ralph on hand
with his "sanctified" stomach pump, or they're TOAST!

With the authority of the church and it's leaders established, and
the Bible itself completed by the end of the 1st century, all those
fancy miraculous gifts which the non-cessationsists love so much are
simply no longer needed.

They are at best a distraction, and at worse, HERESY.

Survey11/13/07 1:20 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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JD, I don't see ANYTHING in this question
about the "Holy Spirt", but about "faith".

Read Hebrews 11 & see the connection between
OT faith and NT faith, as the writer of Hebrews
is making great pains to illustrate.

News Item11/12/07 10:22 PM
john | michigan  Find all comments by john
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Hello terry. I agree with you that just because something is offered to you does not mkae it right. We need to look and see who is offering it to us. Is god testing our control and self disipline, or is it truly a gift from god. Alot of people get love and lust confused, sex should never be the forefront of a relationship. In fact god would perfer we would be celibate(new testament). The fact is only god knows are hearts and in with my past I can not judge people that is part of my salvation. I was raised to beleive unless you are a white male you are nothing. I has since rebuked the devower in the name of jesus and sent that hateful spirit where it belongs, behind me. I bible also tells us if I point out the mote in your eye a beam shall shine from mine. I say to study the bible because jesus wrote in parables where the unsaved would not get it. Or kinda like a riddle if you will it says one thing but really is pertaining to another. In bible times temple prositution was rampid, and we know jesus cleaned out the market in the temple what do u think he would do to prostitutes? Also it is well documented that people use to keep little boys strictly for sex the word begins with a c. Anyway I don't have to try to prove my point like the golden. I have to live by that God Bless

Survey11/12/07 6:47 PM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
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I'm a bit suprised to see so much discussion regarding
what seems to me to be a fairly straightforward issue:
(that justification is by faith alone and not by works).

Rom 3:20 and Gal 2:16 came almost imediately to my mind,
but in case I missed something, I'll go ahead and read
the previous posts.

I tend to think of "faith" as the work of GOD, as opposed
to work(s) by me, and that this faith is gifted to me by
the God who is saving me (Eph 2), and Romans 10:17.

So complete is this transaction that when Christ healed/saved
someone, He said "YOUR faith has saved you"--when it was
really his faith to begin with...even though a quick read
of this passage makes it seem like it was my faith from the

After my dad gave me one of his old cars he no longer asked:
"how's my car running" but "how's YOUR car running".

Similar concept.

News Item11/12/07 4:54 PM
john | michigan  Find all comments by john
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Hello, I am curious why are people so quick to tell gays that they are going to hell? Did you know that in order to understand the bible you have to research it not just read it? If you get a strong's and look up the words that are used as homosexual in the newer translations you will see that: their is no word in the greek, or hebrewic language for homosexual. It does talk about soft skin boys. Lets think child molesters. Oh and it is rather funny how the people in the past condoned slavery according to what the bible says, but gues what learn what a parable is and learn that this was not the case at all. Sounds to me that alot of people are filled with hate and are using the bible to justify their feelings. God Bless all. We all need more jesus in our lives and need to be molded into what he wants us to be. I hate no one and it is not my place to condem them for their sins, let alone tell them what their sins are. That is where the holy spirit comes in and helps us all out. Remember that the bible also says that the word is not above god's rule and never to let someone on this earth condem you. Maybe if we spent less time on this topic and more on the NWO and the prophecies that are coming true we could be better people. The unions are here. The antichrist is surely approaching
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