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Page 1 | Page 3 ·  Found: 53 user comments posted recently.
News Item1/6/08 10:01 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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Here are a few good articles to look a little more closely at Mr. Huckabee.

Mike & Rome -

Mike & S-mites -

For some non-Christian based views which nevertheless are very helpful see:

Sermon12/31/07 9:02 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ Stand Strong ”
Larry - Your messages have been a blessing and I pray you stand strong in the Lord against your accusers. That this man says that men do not need to know the name of Jesus to enter the kingdom of heaven is troubling. Jesus is the door Charles and no one enters but through him.

News Item12/30/07 4:48 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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PreacherJonD. wrote:
...And for anyone else to claim that they are ordained as such is outright BLASPHEMY, and so is any man who takes a spiritual title as "father".
Amen and amen. And in this light, I ask all "Protestants" who have taken the title of "Reverend" and all its variants like "Right Reverend", etc. to get the plank out of their eye, drop this blasphemous title, and take the lower seat.

How such a title can be taken by the "protesters" of Rome is truly amazing as the Scriptures reveal it is the LORD alone who is to be revered. "He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name." (Psa 111:9)

I will revere no man nor address him as such. The church too often follows the ways of the world where men feel they need to have a title or wear special clothing to be set apart from the laity, the common people. Yet the Lord says we are all to be brethren, no titles or special clothes, just different parts of the same body whereby more honor is supposed to be to given unto the weaker part. But so often the opposite is what happens.

News Item12/26/07 4:38 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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Joseph wrote:
It seems however much we try to instruct others about our misunderstood faith, nothing will work.
Joseph - What you you trying to instruct us in about your "misunderstood" faith? That we need to bow down to statues of Mary and wee little baby Jesus and pray the rosary? That we need to go to a man to obtain forgiveness of sins? That we need to literally eat Jesus Christ to receive him? That we need to go to Mass every Sunday lest we commit a mortal sin? That we need to support a system of indulgences as payment for sin?

No, thanks but no thanks. And contrary to your false statement, we do know Rome and know it well and you know this to be true. The problem is not that we do not know Rome, the problem is that we do not know it as you want it to be known. But that will never happen for the Lord's sheep as they hear his voice and a stranger they will not follow.

Rome is a dead system of works that will never save. One thing is for sure, if you do not forsake this idolatrous system while you have breath left then on the day of judgment, ignorance you will not be able to plead.

In Christ Jesus alone the Solid Rock and the ONLY Holy Father in Heaven above.

News Item12/24/07 10:15 AM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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Dr. Yamil Luciano wrote:
I appreciate your attempt but all that verses states is that God sends some to hell and others to heaven. I doubt anyone here would argue that point.
You would have to make a great theological leap of logic to go from that to unconditional election.
Yamil - If you go back and read your post, I was answering your original question. I even quoted it in my response. Why are you chastening me for this?

Re. election, I was simply stating my belief and was not attempting to give a doctrinal treatise nor was I seeking to enter into debate about it. And debate it here and now I will not do.

To Norman: Well, I like Abigail, AntiVaticanistAmerican and any others do not celebrate the Christ Mass any more but my prayers go to you and all of the Lord's elect saints scattered throughout the world. May we all seek to be more like the Bereans to purge out the leaven in the church and our own lives so that we may be an unleavened lump.

Peace and love to all!
brother Michael

News Item12/23/07 8:04 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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Dr. Yamil Luciano wrote:
...Can you give me a passage of Scripture that if TAKEN LITERALLY it would mean that GOd chose some to hell and others to heaven?
I am not a "Calvinist" but I do believe in the Scriptural doctrine of election whereby it is GOD who has chosen the week, foolish, etc. to confound the wise.

You asked for a verse. Here are two.
"What if God, willing to show his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction: And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory." (Rom 9:22-23)

"Therefore they could not believe, because that Isaiah said again,
He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them." (John 12:39-40)

News Item12/23/07 12:36 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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Joseph wrote:
Are you saying that your spiritual deadness was a cause of Catholicism? Because if so, I can tell you that there seem to be plenty of spiritually dead people in Protestant churches.
Joseph - Most assuredly not! Likewise, I agree 100% that there are plenty of spiritually dead people in Protestant churches and to this I often speak.

No, I was spiritually dead because of my sin nature inherited from Adam; a sin nature that was NOT removed by the waters of Rome's "baptism" neither did I receive the Holy Spirit via Rome's Confirmation. I was no more a part of the church of Jesus Christ after these religions acts than before.

So is this is true for my entire family and my old friends whose lives bear abundant witness to the evil fruit produced from evil, unregenerate, desperately wicked, albeit religious hearts.

News Item12/23/07 10:29 AM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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I know Rome and her doctrine because I was raised from infancy in Rome being catechized in her teachings and traditions by priests and nuns through HS. I even was an alter boy and married in the church of Rome.

And although I did all Rome told me and appeared to be "good" outwardly I was dead in sins with my life and heart bearing ample witness to this. Yes I had religion, yes I had a "faith" in Jesus but it was all dead as was I.

It wasn't until by God's grace my eyes were opened to my spiritual deadness, despite my religion, that I saw for the first time that all of Rome's prescriptions for sin had done nothing to stem my exceeding sinfulness. Ritual I had, religion I had but freedom from being bound to sin I had not.

Until one sees that religion, whether it be Rome's or any other, will not cure sin nor give them a new heart, Jesus is not needed. For he said that he came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance for those that are whole or healthy have no need of the physician.

Finally, just to answer you question fully I do read/study the Catechism, Ludwig Ott, Luguori, O'Brien, official Vatican writings etc. to know Rome from the "experts."

May you find the grace in Christ alone.

Sermon12/22/07 4:56 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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Is Christmas Christian? Part 2
Brian Schwertley
“ Highly Recommended! ”
Bless God that there is a remnant standing up for the truth about this Roman and pagan day. I have studied it extensively and what Brian preaches about it is truth. I likewise respect Brian's upholding of the "Lord's Day" although I firmly agree with the previous comment that the Sabbath was never changed. Remember - the Gentiles were grafted into Israel, not the other way around. Yet Rome and her theologians changed the day which comes in part from Easter and "good" Friday having Jesus in the grave ONLY two nights and possibly two days (or if you really stretch it three) instead of 3 days AND 3 nights. May the Lord bless you Brian as I appreciate your tenacity for truth and unwavering commitment to preach it regardless of all who preach otherwise.

Sermon12/22/07 3:42 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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Is Christmas Christian? Part I
Brian Schwertley
“ Amen! ”
Christmas or more exactly Christ Mass is Rome's day which she "baptized" the winter solstice celebrations, primarily the Saturnalia, in her brackish baptismal waters. I praise God that Brian and a few others (very few) are preaching the truth about this day. I pray more will come out of these pagan and Romish traditions and worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth.

News Item12/21/07 7:17 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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Joseph - You are really kicking hard against the pricks. The eastern rite - ho, wait a minute. I though we had ONE united Catholic church that we were dealing with. I though Catholicism had no denominations that you slammed the "prots" for.

And by the "Eastern" rite, do you mean the schismatics? Those who are not in union with Mother Rome? And by being "priests" married do you mean those who are serving in the "lower minor clerical orders"?

It is the doctrine of Rome and you know it. I do not have the time to be verbose but hopefully my brethren will stand in the gap. This is part of your "non-doctrine" doctrine taught by Rome: "You will be required to continue in the service of God, and with His assistance to observe chastity and to be bound for ever in the ministrations of the Altar, to serve who is to reign."

And the early church did not have priests. They had brethren and not the Nicolatian system that mother Rome has. I must go but I pray my brethren add words I have time not to write...

News Item12/21/07 5:52 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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Wayne - Indeed you are correct. The NT church was shepherded by elders who met the criteria as found in Titus and I Timothy. Criteria which included marriage. The very same marriage which Rome forbids of her priests and nuns via one of her doctrine of devils (I Tim 4:1-3).

Peter was not a papa pope, he was an elder just as the other leaders who were so appointed. Let us hear from his own mouth where he says unto "[t]he elders which are among you I exhort, who am also an elder." (I Pet 5:1).

Sermon5/27/07 4:09 PM
brother Michael  Find all comments by brother Michael
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“ Very Helpful ”
Thank you for this very helpful message as it cleared up some questions in my mind. One item I will strongly disagree with though is where you were talking about the great falling away before the Lord returns. Specifically, you stated that "...before our Lord returns you will note in professing Christendom a great apostasy, a great turning away from true faith, the true Christ, the true gospel and true churches to a false one...folks who were Catholic, Baptist..." Will all due respect, Roman Catholicism is apostate pure and simple. For it is she who denies the true Christ and upholds a false eucharist one; it is she who vilifies the true gospel of grace and preaches salvation by sacraments; and it is she who disdains true churches holding rather to mystical incantations to bring Christ down to earth to sacrifice him on her alter during every mass. I have not the space to go into the details but a reading of the RC Catechism will illumine many of her lies and a study of the Inquisitions will reveal how she feels about the true church. A very helpful site is Please note I am not denying someone can get saved while in Catholicism but they must repent, come out of her and forsake her anti-christ doctrines. Peace in Christ
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