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Cast your vote to see the results of this survey | 13 user comments  ( edit survey )

Credit Card Balances: What's the Status Of Yours?
Created: 1/17/2004 | Last Vote: 10 years ago | Comment: 14 years ago
Disclaimer: These surveys are created by PLUS or FULL Members of the site and, unless specified, are not created by the SermonAudio staff nor do they necessarily reflect the site's position on any topic.

  I don't have any credit cards.

  I completely pay off the balances each month.

  I'm making progress in paying down my balances.

  My balances are growing each month but it's under control.

  My balances are growing each month and it's out of control.

  No answer. Skip this survey, I do not care to vote on this topic.


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· Page 1 ·  Found: 13 user comment(s)

Survey9/15/07 4:42 PM
beeko | uk  Find all comments by beeko
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There is a lot of information and sermons about debt and the christian.How to avoid it and the implications of it etc
Ive yet to find any christian advice on how to get out when youre up to your neck in it. Any comments ?

Survey8/8/06 3:30 PM
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thankyou for your far too kind post to me,if only it were true!

Others obviously disagree !

Survey8/7/06 7:04 PM
John | UK  
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Your sign off puzzles me.

If you continue to trust only in Jesus, then you will not make shipwreck, but if you trust yourself not to make shipwreck, then you are not trusting in Jesus but yourself, and you probably will make shipwreck in that case.

From all that say, it would seem that your "salvation" is more dependent on you than on what Christ has done on the behalf of sinners and that is a most treacherous path to walk down. It is surely a broad road.

Survey8/7/06 6:45 PM
Jesse | High in Coastal Mountains in BC Canada  Contact via email
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Norman Smith...

You are a breath of fresh air. (Thank You LORD!) The Light of Christ shines from you post.

I was about to give up on Sermon Audio because of the relentless spirit of contention and malice demonstrated here by so many.

I think I'll stick around awhile, hoping there are others like you....

May the LORD give His angels charge over you and yours this day, and always.

Yours, surrendering to, and trusting in Jesus - Jesse.

Survey4/6/06 10:17 AM
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Theres like no one at home at SermonAudio.

Survey7/22/05 3:10 PM
Christian Raas | Switzerland  
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I do not have any credit card. Sometimes I wished I had one, but on the other hand I am pretty sure that I would spend a lot more money if I had one, because it is so awfully easy and convenient to buy products online and you usually need a credit card to do that. I don't have any debts and I am not interested in getting any.

Survey4/27/05 9:50 PM
bro. Lynn White | Kentucky, USA  Contact via email
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In 1982 we attended a Basic Seminar by Bill Gothard. WWW.IBLP.ORG

We went home and decided to use credit responsibly. We did not realize the danger in casual credit. We always pay off any balance on our credit card. A house we saved for about 15 years is now our goal to pay off as soon as possible. Tithing and fear of the Lord is essential to get a right financial balance. SEE Deuteronomy 14:23 & Malachi 3:8-12. God bless you all.

Survey4/23/05 2:36 PM
Rachel | The Keystone State  
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I have no credit cards period . Not because it might be unbiblical , but because I personally feel that it is wrong to squander away my Childs future . What you put on a card today , you will pay for tomorrow ...with interest . It's easier to save what you need to buy something , that also gives you time to figure out if you really need it or not . And most of the time I find that it's not really needed and that the money could be better put to use elsewhere .

Survey4/23/05 10:08 AM
Alasdair | Wales  
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I have wondered about whether holding balances on credit cards is wrong - I have had the same heartaches as others, wondering whether its wrong to borrow at all - even mortgages. But entrepreneurship for example often involves borrowings, also the seriousness of individual situations can sometimes be overplayed - does it matter if credit card balances are rising so long as you have a means to pay them off if you have to (e.g. moving house). I think it is easy to be sanctimonious about this issue. Worshipping money, or things, will lead to a leaness of soul and to be in a "net debt" and worsening position will lead to unhappiness and distress. But we can also be too weighed down with guilt. So to anyone and everyone who reads this I would say that we have a forgiving God and it is all because of what was done on those hills outside Jerusalem 2000 years ago! He has made us free, not to excuse excess but we don't have to beat ourselves up unnecessarily and lose our joy! We will not be lost because we have credit card debts. We will not be lost because we let them get out of control. We will not be lost if we go bankrupt and lose everything. He loved us and died for us. This world is so quick to heap on guilt feelings when we should be rejoicing. He makes us free!

Survey1/27/05 10:17 PM
DJfan88 | Hyde Park Ma  
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Still at 4% for those who have interests of more. Method I use is use of debit card. It keeps me in line with a positive balance where money can be saved and used from a bank account.

The mark of slavery in Grecian days and quite possibly Roman days, but for sure Grecian days was use of paint on body, haircut short, and no way out. With more poor in the world than ever, the 7yr. Tribulation is just around the corner. The mark of the Beast will affect purchases made during this period, a possible mark of slavery? I say yes.

That is why the economy in America is being attacked. The debt runned or ruined up, someone will be held accountable, the ones left w/ this debt. This is a way to welcome in the Antichrist. It is inevitable w/ the debt. 26 billion + towards Iraq (old news) and free giving by the government through credit of the taxpayers or should I say, future taxpayers?

Survey2/29/04 12:58 PM
Norman Smith | Surrey UK  
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To the dear people who voted on the last two questions (not the skip question), assuming you know the Lord, then His word states, "Owe no man anything,but to love one another." ( Romans 13:8)

This verse must not be taken out of context, so that ,say,a person paying off a mortgage over 25
years , has to suddenly find thousands of pounds to do so! (i went through that heartache!)

But it is a warning not to let things get out of hand, and so i especially will remember in prayer today those 4% of whom are saying that it is getting out of control, dear people do come back on here and let us know when it is now under control so we can rejoice with you and give God the glory.

May the Lord have mercy upon us all.

Survey1/31/04 6:06 PM
Neil | Tucson  Contact via email
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I agree. Borrowing is not necessarily a sin, but in excess it reveals poor priorities. Larry Burkett had good advice: if you can't pay off the card every month, destroy it.

Survey1/28/04 12:57 PM
Robert Perry | Chaska MN  Contact via email
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Those brothers and sisters with standing credit card balances; consider the Word's warning that the debtor is servant (or slave) to the lendor.

Even worse, the world's banks have colluded to defend their fiat currencies (IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve), and their power over your life through lending depends in part on your borrowing.

Borrowing, brothers and sisters, is a great way to slavery. (I'm trying to get rid of even my mortgage for this very reason) Aren't we called to liberty in Christ?

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