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Old Paths Baptist Church
Jason Cooley  |  Northfield, Minnesota
Contact Info | Edit
•  Email  |  Web
952 -210-2935
Old Paths Baptist Church
Meeting at:
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
Pastor Jason Cooley
1030 South Highway 3
Northfield, MN 55057
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MyChurch: pastorcooley | Set
MyChurch Code#: 38213
“Remembering 1 Timothy 2:11–14”
Anonymous Name
It is important to remember 1 Timothy 2:11–14 in times where women are now "pastors". As we commonly know, The Bible strictly...
Jason Cooley | Opbc Online Live
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Sermon8/11/2020 5:43 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
• Posted 21 hours ago
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“ Remembering 1 Timothy 2:11–14 ”
It is important to remember 1 Timothy 2:11–14 in times where women are now "pastors". As we commonly know, The Bible strictly forbids women from being pastors in the church.

Sermon8/7/2020 7:17 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
• Posted 5 days ago
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“ Unpopular Preaching Against Popular Idolatry ”
This sermon, as shown in the title called The History of Sports Idolatry, has unpopular preaching against this popular idolatry called pro sports. Sadly, the popular idolatry of pro sports is now in churches today. Biblical Truth has never been popular with the masses since it confronts the issue of human sin and Righteous Judgment. Of course, pro sports is a temporal worldly vanity which will vanish away. This sermon clearly explains why The Lord strongly condemns all forms of idolatry, including sports idolatry.

Sermon8/6/2020 10:25 PM
Ann [Romans 10:13] from Virginia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ann  [Romans 10:13]
• Posted 6 days ago
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you pastor Cooley for this wonderful inspiring teaching of Antioch, it was preached in such a way that I could clearly understand the message. Can't wait until you preach the next message next week on Antioch. God bless you, your family, and your congregation. AMEN.

Sermon7/31/2020 11:34 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Ole Miss Rebels: Satanic Team Name ”
Tragically, the NCAA (Nonsensical Collegiate Athletics Association) has a team called the Ole Miss Rebels. For a sports team to be called the rebels only shows that Satan has gotten a hold on pro sports. As we know from The Bible, Satan was the first rebel. Fortunately, such rebellion will be permanently vanquished by Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit. This sermon shows that The Lord hates all rebellion against His Righteous Rule, even if there is a sports team name called the rebels.

Sermon7/31/2020 4:52 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Pro Athletes: Lost Sinners ”
This sermon shows that most pro athletes are lost sinners destined for eternal torment in Hell and The Lake of Fire. Even if there are some pro athletes who are saved, it does not change that pro sports is a worldly circus. The reason why most pro athletes are not open to The Gospel of Jesus Christ is because The Gospel of Jesus is a rock of offense to their athletic prestige. There are numerous sins associated with pro sports like greed, adultery, lasciviousness, immodest apparel, and fornication. This sermon takes an unpopular stand against a popular idolatry in America and around the world called pro sports. A sermon like this also shows that having Faith in Jesus and His Finished Work is better than having athletic prestige. Another major sin of pro sports is pride, especially the pride of prestige and athletic talent. These pro athletes show their sinful pride by showing off their athletic talent for the sake of gaining temporal worldly prestige. Practicing athletic activities for recreation is one thing, but seeking worldly athletic prestige as a profession is sinful pride and sinful idolatry. This sermon is a call to repent of this nefarious sin of pride and idolatry called pro sports.

Sermon7/16/2020 5:07 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ America (USA): Nation of Pride ”
This sermon is an indictment against America (USA) and its sin of pride which brought America into existence. This sermon clearly demonstrates that national patriotism, including American patriotism, is the sin of pride.

Sermon7/14/2020 12:22 AM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ A Response To The Death of Little Richard ”
This is a very helpful sermon in response to the death of rock musician Little Richard (born Richard Wayne Penniman 05 December, 1932 – 09 May, 2020) on 09 May, 2020 at the age of 87.

Sermon7/14/2020 12:15 AM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Rock Music and Outlandishly Satanic Imagery ”
This sermon shows that rock music is of 100 percent Satanic origin. Even pop music also has outlandishly Satanic imagery. One example is the music video of Dark Horse by Katy Perry in 2013 which depicts Satanic Egyptian gods and all manner of outlandish Satanic imagery. We know that anything which is very outlandish is of demonic and Satanic origin. We know that the Devil's country music destroyed the life of Mindy McCready (born Malinda Gayle McCready (30 November, 1975 – 17 February, 2013) when she died by suicide on 17 February, 2013. These rock musicians and their Satanic imagery are responsible for damning billions of souls into Eternal Hell. On Judgment Day, these rock musicians will be in for a rude awakening when they are judged at The Great White Throne and cast into The Lake of Fire.

Sermon7/14/2020 12:03 AM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ George H.W. Bush: Antichrist From The Beginning ”
It is apparent that George H.W. Bush (12 June, 1924-30 November, 2018) his one world agenda when on 18 April, 1991, he said that, "Nations that nurture ideas will move forward in years to come. Nations that stick to stale old notions and ideologies will falter and fail." We as believers stick to our Old Biblical Paths of The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Prior to the death of George H.W. Bush at the age of 94 on 30 November, 2018, George H.W. Bush was involved in the Satanic secret society known as the Bohemian Grove. This sermon shows that George H.W. Bush was an antichrist from the very beginning. Of course, George Washington, the first American president, was involved in Satanic Masonic Lodges. Because George Washington was involved in Satanic Freemasonry, it is therefore no marvel that subsequent American presidents, even the modern ones, are and were also affiliated with Satanic secret societies. This sermon is primarily an indictment against the Antichrist spirit that controls the world's major political leaders since these political leaders are in rebellion against The King of Kings.

Sermon7/13/2020 1:30 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Shapeshifting: Sign of Devil Possession ”
Another visible sign of devil possession is when a person transforms into another entity by shapeshifting. As we know, shapeshifting is another practice within Satanic witchcraft. Devil possession through shapeshifting is commonly depicted in various media, including superhero comics like with the Lizard (Dr. Curt Connors) in the Spider-Man media. While such Spider-Man media claims that Curt Connors' transformation is because of a genetic mutation, the Biblical Reality is that people transforming into any reptilian creature is really a visible manifestation of demonic possession. There are reptilian entities, and all of them are demons or people who are devil possessed. This is not to say that reptiles in the animal kingdom are demons. This is to say that there are reptilian entities which are really demons. Very helpful sermon over a seldom discussed topic in the church which is normally dismissed as "superstition."

Sermon7/11/2020 4:41 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Video Games: Marketing Occult Martial Arts ”
It should be noted that video games are marketing occultism through their favorable depiction of martial arts, especially the King of Fighters series as well as the occultic Samurai Shodown series. It is very clear that these video game writers are under occult influence when they write these video games. Not only that, but in the King of Fighters series, there is a half-naked female ninja (kunoichi) known as Mai Shiranui. There are other obscure video games centered around the demonic martial arts like the World Heroes series, but some of the more well-known examples are the Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, and Tekken. These fighting video games are centered around channeling energy, which we know, is really a visible manifestation of demonic possession. There needs to be more sermons confronting the issue of video games.

Sermon7/11/2020 4:11 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ The Antichrist Nature of Pro Wrestling ”
As this sermon demonstrates, pro wrestling promotions like WWE and TNA (now called Impact Wrestling) are instruments for preparing the world for the coming of the Antichrist. Pro wrestling promotions openly acknowledge that they peddle narcotic usage, perverted sex, explicit profanity, and sinful violence. This is because pro wrestling promotions are being led by the Antichrist to break down moral boundaries of right and wrong. It is also because greed drives pro wrestling promotions like WWE. This sermon shows why pro wrestling ought to be pulled from airing on public television. A sermon like this is also an indictment against pro wrestling promotions like WWE. On Judgment Day, pro wrestlers and their promoters will be in for a rude awakening as they are judged by The Lord.

Sermon7/7/2020 12:58 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ TMNT: Nephilim Turtles ”
While this sermon primarily mentions Marvel and DC superheroes, it should be noted that the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) are really demonic Nephilim turtles known as the Teenage Mutant Nephilim Turtles. We realize that Satanic abominations were also a cross between human and animal, which is exactly what the Nephilim Turtles are. There were also demonic yōkai (よかい) in Japanese folklore called the kappa (かっぱ), which were demonic turtle humanoids. Also, martial arts like ninjutsu (にんじゅつ), the art of the ninja (にんじゃ), are rooted in Satanic Buddhism. Ninjutsu is known for its many skills and all of them are rooted in demonic possession and witchcraft since the ninja themselves were devil possessed witches. As TMNT has demonstrated, it is centered on both Satanic Nephilim as well as the Satanic witchcraft practiced by the ninja known as ninjutsu.

Sermon7/7/2020 12:23 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Davy Jones: Ugly Demonic Freak ”
It should be noted that Davy Jones, whose first introduction was in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in 2006, is really an ugly demonic freak. Then again, the Kraken controlled by Davy Jones, which was also introduced in the same film, is also an ugly demonic freak as well. As a grotesque abomination, Davy Jones is captain of a ship called the Flying Dutchman. As we know, the octopus humanoid called Davy Jones has his origins in the Nephilim in Genesis 6:1–4 as do all other ugly demonic freaks. The word Nephilim (נְפִילִים) literally means the fallen in Hebrew since they are the offspring of fallen angels. It can be clearly noted that Davy Jones and his Kraken are both fallen beings.

Sermon7/5/2020 2:37 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ America's Decline Into Ochlocracy ”
This sermon shows that America, while appearing to be a virtuous democracy and republic, is now declining into an ochlocracy (a government by the mob). With radical organizations like BLM, MEChA, and so many others having free space to operate on American soil, it shows that America is being thrown into chaos. All mob activity, like riots and revolutions, are a clear violation of Romans 13:1-7. While Romans 13 was written in the days of wicked Emperor Nero, it is very clear that Romans 13 is indicting rebellion against rightly ordained authorities. Of course, America's decline into ochlocracy can be traced back to its toleration of overtly Satanic false religions like Freemasonry, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and so many others. Then again, all aspects of paganism, even that of the American type, have Satanic and demonic origins. This sermon is a call to repent of the Satanic and demonic spirituality that is plaguing America to this very day.

Sermon7/5/2020 2:23 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ CGI: Animating Ugly Demonic Monsters ”
While this sermon primarily elaborates on the issue of Hollywood, it should be noted that CGI has been recently animating ugly demonic monsters. Such ugly demonic monsters are rebellion against Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit. This is because the ugly demonic monsters are all connected with Satan's domain.

Sermon7/2/2020 5:42 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ A Continuation of Previous Preaching ”
This broadcast is a continuation of the sermon in 2013 called Disney: Magic Kingdom or Kingdom of God. Very helpful broadcast in times like these.

Sermon7/2/2020 5:37 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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Hollywood: Satanic Roots
Jason Cooley
“ CGI: Animating Ugly Demonic Monsters ”
It should be noted that while CGI is an impressive technology, it has animated ugly demonic monsters. Then again, these ugly monsters are clearly rebellion against The Lord. That is, such ugly monsters are rebellion against Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit. One notable example is the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth in 2006. No doubt that these ugly monsters depicted in films are all part of Satan's plan to prepare the world for the coming Antichrist. It is rather disturbing how CGI has animated Satanic monsters like the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth in 2006, Charybdis from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in 2013, and Grecklin from Onward in 2020. A sermon like this is a call to exercise sobriety in times where ugly monsters are popularized in movies.

Sermon7/1/2020 9:51 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Peter Ruckman: Legalistic Name Calling ”
As Peter Ruckman demonstrated, he was known for his legalistic name calling as do all other legalists. Peter Ruckman would regularly refer to those who disagree with him as “jack(blank),” “poor, dumb, stupid red legs,” “silly (blank),” “apostolic succession of bloated egotists,” “two-bit junkies,” “two-faced, tin-horned punks,” “incredible idiots,” “egotistical jack legs,” “conservative (blank) whose brains have gone to seed,” “cheap, two-bit punks,” and “stupid, little, Bible-rejecting apostates.” This name calling is what self-righteous legalists often resort to. We remember the example of the authoritarian legalist known as Diotrephes spoken of in 3 John 1:9-11. As we know, Diotrephes was a self-righteous hypocrite just as Peter Ruckman was. If Peter Ruckman was so accustomed to calling people names like "incredible idiot," then it is only appropriate to say that Peter Ruckman was a self-righteous hypocrite. Such self-righteous hypocrisy called legalism is a reproach on The Name of The Lord.

Sermon6/29/2020 2:18 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Kiai: Devil Possessed Scream ”
Some martial arts like aikido, judo, karate, kendo, and kobudo have a scream called a kiai. Kiai supposedly means "energy". The Biblical Reality is that the kiai of martial arts like karate is really a scream of devil possession. Thus, karateka shouting the kiai are only screaming because they are possessed with devils. It is worth noting the story of Jesus casting out an unclean spirit of a man in the country of the Gadarenes in Mark 5:1-20. This devil possessed man broke chains with demonic power. In a similar manner, devil possessed karateka have broken heavy blocks of concrete and ice with a single knifehand strike under demonic possession. It is also worth noting Leviticus 19:31 in response to martial arts since martial arts practitioners are possessed by familiar spirits. This sermon is a very helpful response to the issue of devil possession. Thankfully, we can look to Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit to cleanse us from all demonic power, especially that of the martial arts.

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