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FRONT PAGE  |  4/11/2021
THURSDAY, FEB 13, 2020  |  15 comments  |  1 commentary
Oklahoma House Passes Bill Revoking Medical Licenses of Abortion Doctors
On Thursday, Feb. 6, members of the Oklahoma State House of Representatives approved House Bill 1182, a bill that would direct the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision to revoke the license of a medical doctor who performs an abortion in Oklahoma, for a period of one year.

Seventy-one members of the House voted to approve the measure, which was authored by State Rep. Jim Olsen and numerous other co-sponsors. Twenty-one voted against the bill.

Rep. Olsen said, “In supporting this, we (are) thinking about the value of the life of the mother and equally the life of the baby.”

The bill makes an exception for saving a mother’s life, such as an ectopic pregnancy. During floor debate, it was noted that there are currently 10 licensed doctors in the state who perform abortions. ...

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News Item2/13/2020 8:02 PM
Joel | Pensacola  Find all comments by Joel
I grew up in Africa where ladies will actually go to the village to have the older village women deliver the baby in a mud hut with grass roof and dirt floor. Sometimes the babies die from infection due to the practice of rubbing the fresh belly button with cow pie, etc. That is a problem deeper than just having enough money. Economics don’t fundamentally change people’s hearts or lives. The true gospel does.

News Item2/13/2020 7:51 PM
Joel | Pensacola  Find all comments by Joel
Also, historically, women normally haven’t been able to get pregnant without a man involved. So, yes, men usually do play a role in the family even in pagan cultures. This culture would count as a pagan culture.

Jim, I don’t care what some PhD has to say unless it’s true. Jesus was born just fine without thousands of dollars going into some socialist health care pit. Nowhere does it say that Joseph and Mary were starving to death. He was a carpenter. He worked a job. He supported his wife and kids. There were lots of babies who died in that area but it wasn’t a problem of poverty or health care. It was a “Herod is a baby killer” problem. It’s pretty clear from a simple reading of the text.


News Item2/13/2020 3:29 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Jim Lincoln wrote:
Apparently the men, and the Oklahoma Legislature pass a lot of foolish bills. I don't see where they ever address the problem. Well, unless they improve Medicaid Have they accounted for the expenses of giving birth? They do have to make giving birth affordable for poor women, for example.
How does being poor prevent women from knowing how not to get pregnant?

News Item2/13/2020 2:49 PM
Dr. Tim | Way Down Yonder  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
The “cost of giving birth” for most people throughout history has been negligible, and only skyrocketed when we decided that moms needed to be admitted to the hospital to have a baby. The cost of sin (Romans 6:23) on the other hand has always remained the same.

News Item2/13/2020 1:37 PM
NeedHim  Find all comments by NeedHim
Jim how does health care take away your sin debt one has?

Spurgeon; Morality can keep you out of jail, only Christ can keep you out of Hell!; & amen!


News Item2/13/2020 12:40 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Joel, there would have been a postpartum abortion of Jesus, if it wasn't for the gifts of the Wise Men❗👎 Matthew 2:16 Etc.

Joseph D. Harder Ph.D. wrote:
As biographer Michael Winters has written, Falwell reduced “religion to ethics, thereby casting religion in a utilitarian role, as a prop for Americanism.” Thus divorced from its doctrinal core, morality became little more than “moralism, one ideology among many, something to be justified at the polls, not confirmed by the dictates of God.” Falwell, the evangelist, and Falwell, the political activist, thus seem to have been at cross-purposes with each other....
excerpt from, '"Heal Their Land": Evangelical Political Theology From the Great Awakening to the Moral Majority"

[Download or view as PDF] This is on page 244 of the dissertation. Since the word "moralism" is only used once in the dissertation, you can use the find feature of your PDF reader to quickly go to the above quotation.

You could substitute quite a few names for Falwell in the above, such as Jeffress, or Franklin Graham, or probably any of those people on Trump's religious Council.


News Item2/13/2020 11:04 AM
Joel | Pensacola  Find all comments by Joel
Was Jesus’ birth affordable? Just saying.

News Item2/13/2020 10:43 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Adriel, and perhaps NeedHim,

This law does not get at the root of anything, it is the women themselves who think they may need an abortion that may cause some problems.

Romans 8:7 For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law; indeed, it cannot. 8 Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.---ESV

Apparently the men, and the Oklahoma Legislature pass a lot of foolish bills. I don't see where they ever address the problem. Well, unless they improve Medicaid Have they accounted for the expenses of giving birth? They do have to make giving birth affordable for poor women, for example.


News Item2/13/2020 10:32 AM
NeedHim  Find all comments by NeedHim
Jim; Standing for life has nothing to do with the False provisions of what Rome, teaches in having another veiled gospel that = Gals 1:6-9!

As ones life is a reflection of being a image barrier; Gen 1:27!

Sadly, Jim; as it’s clear on here by your own doing of what you have allowed others to see & read. Reflections of how you think, process life & live out life, you clearly have issues against, innocent lives, with in the womb!

I have dealt with your kind at the Murder Mills, over the years. Who try to justify their sin, as they try to convince you, how good of a person they are!

All the while the only one who is truly Good, is Christ Alone amen!

Pro 20:9 Who can say, “I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin”?


News Item2/13/2020 10:11 AM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
From Article:
""This bill does away with abortion at its very root, calling to account those who would perform and provide abortion.”"

Well done Oklahoma!!👍

But wouldn't the women who want an abortion just cross the state border and try another state??


News Item2/13/2020 10:06 AM
Joel | Pensacola  Find all comments by Joel
Your parents think that they can cover up the living evidence of their fornication/adultery by killing the illegitimate child. Or they are just so selfish and hateful that they think that you are a threat to their freedom or happiness. It just adds insult to injury. It just heaps on more guilt. They think that you are the problem and want to eliminate you by any means necessary. There’s no freedom or happiness for anyone involved in this. It’s no fun to murder or to be murdered.

Little babies, God will give you full justice. He will avenge your innocent blood. He will make it all right again. He will bring all murderers before His holy throne and will judge them in righteousness. If they do not repent He will cast the guilty into eternal fire.


News Item2/13/2020 10:05 AM
NeedHim  Find all comments by NeedHim
O’ Lord encourage Your people in Oklahoma & throughout the land & world. To stand for life, through lives changed by Christ Alone, in being a doer & a hearer of His Heavenly Truths. As truth needs to be openly shared in love, that if one who is outside of Christ Alone. Isn’t prepared for death, as they have a great need of experienceing reconciliation into their lives! O’ Lord remove the veil off others, who have hardened spiritual hearts of Stone, who justify their own transgressions. As calling Abortion health care amen!

Pro 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.


News Item2/13/2020 10:04 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Randy Krehbiel wrote:
Democrats argued in vain that the measure amounts to “big brotherism” — an intrusion into personal safety, and that the ethics and morals of abortion is far from established. Rep. Collin Walke, D-Oklahoma City, pointed out that the Southern Baptist Convention once argued in favor of legalized abortion, and that the Puritans did not consider abortion wrong.

Rep. Monroe Nichols, D-Tulsa, said abortion rates have gone down most in states that have not tried to further restrict it and argued the most effective measure to reduce abortions has been easy access to contraceptives....

excerpt from, "Oklahoma House passes abortion bill that would revoke licenses of doctors performing procedure"

It seems to me that the Romish church, wants to ban contraceptives oh, and some contraceptives are an effect abortion also.

This newspaper article also points out on the sidebar how many of Oklahoma's laws or killed by its own state Supreme Court❗

I seriously doubt this bill is going to has smooth sailing if it becomes law.


News Item2/13/2020 9:44 AM
Joel | Pensacola  Find all comments by Joel
They are extremely cruel. They pay no attention to your intelligence, wealth, religion, creed, color, gender, race, or health. They don’t care that you are made in God’s image. They don’t care that you are helpless, speechless, and innocent. You are trapped. You cannot run away or call for help. You are weak, small, and cannot fight back. You cannot call your friends to come to the rescue. It’s like you are in a foreign country of vampires and cannot understand their death language. They could soon pounce on you at any minute and sink their fangs deep into your heart. They are bent on prolonging this demonic holocaust to tickle their feminist fancy and pad their already bulging bank accounts. They go by the names and terms of “health care,” “medicine,” “practice,” “abortion,” and “doctor”; but it would be more honest to say, “death,” “torture,” “poison,” “killing,” “murder,” and “manslaughter.” The highest courts in the country stand behind your killers. Many politicians and their stupid laws condone your death.

News Item2/13/2020 9:44 AM
Joel | Pensacola  Find all comments by Joel
Warning to all unborn babies: America isn’t safe anymore! Your life is at high risk! There’s many “doctors” here who are licensed by the government to snuff out your little life for a fee. Wombs used to be places of safety and nourishment. Now they are more dangerous than the battlefield. Your mother or father may purposefully hire a coward to attack you and take your life. The “professional” may dismember your arms, legs, and head with a sharpened hook. They may use a high power vacuum tube to suck out your body parts. They may inject you with a saline solution or slowly poison you. They will not ask you how you want to go. They give no warning. They act with violent speed and brutality. They crush little bones. They have blood on their hands. They will throw your bloody body parts away into a trash can or flush you down the toilet. They have less compassion than wild animals.
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