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FRONT PAGE  |  7/12/2020
WEDNESDAY, JUL 17, 2019  |  9 comments
School kids can now change their name, gender at will
New York City public school students can now change their names and gender at school without proper legal documentation if they obtain permission from their parents.

Families simply must self-report their child’s “personal identifiers” upon enrollment instead of going through the lengthy process of legally changing names or gender identity, reported NBC New York.

Traditionally schools have recorded gender data based upon the students’ birth certificates.

Schools chancellor Richard Carranza said in a statement the new policy is a way to support LGBT students. ...

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News Item7/19/19 12:01 PM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
The public schools have gone into anti science by embracing that nonsense that goes against science.

News Item7/18/19 6:08 PM
Hugh | Scotland  Find all comments by Hugh
Dear head teacher, today I identify as a 9th circuit court judge; My parents agree with me .
Oh!!! By the way, Your Fired ;-)

That’s just the kind of insanity that the evil one and his cohorts want to permeate our fallen society, just another , ‘chipping away’, at the moral structure which was once taken as the bedrock of a civilised society. . .
Little children ruling their parents is now the norm. One time weak parental structure led to a disfunctional and eventually broken family with oftentimes leading to kids growing up and ending up in prison.
It’s not “lunatics running the asylum” it’s children running the country!!!!
Praise God in Heaven for President Donald J Trump... I truly believe he is God’s man at this time. . If not for him we would have idiots running the country.
And we cannot ignore the effect he is having on the world stage.


News Item7/17/19 4:09 PM
Douglas Fir | Zones Four to Six  Find all comments by Douglas Fir
If there ever was a case of God's curse of Isaiah 3:12 being in operation, it is here! Children oppress and women rule.
Even secularists who believe more in science than in God will have to admit that neurologists have discovered that the last part of the human brain to mature is the part involved in decision-making, and it doesn't mature until age 25. Thus, any decision made before that age is highly suspect. That's why car rental companies will not allow their cars to be rented to anyone younger than that age (they knew this long before the neurologists made their discovery, because your profits are the first thing that tell you how to run your business). Those who study marriage statistics also tell us that marriages started before age 20 are very likely to fail.
By the way, I was listening to a Christian financial program talk about how married people tend to be more wealthy than singles, or divorced people. Don't you think they should include the divorced in with the marrieds, because they also were married. And, with 2 people to make money, don't you think married people should be twice as wealthy than singles? That would make them even. To make staying married 'worth it' as opposed to singles, they should have more than twice the wealth.

News Item7/17/19 3:53 PM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
So, here's the strange part, aside from all of the other strange parts that makes any of this ridiculousness okay, in the minds of the progressive mindless: These same proponents claim to be all about this nation's children, and their protection. Kids under 18yrs-21yrs, have many restrictions placed upon them, and for the same general reasons that it's not okay for a 3yr old to cross a street by themselves...they aren't mature enough to make certain decisions, and many wrong decisions can cause great harm, or even, kill them. They're immature, and ignorantly irresponsible due to their age.

Yet, irresponsible parents are allowing, and mindless progressives are encouraging, children as young as 3yrs to decide, and live as the opposite gender, 9yr olds to begin receiving hormone blockers for their future transition, and young teens to completely transition.

These same kids can't see an R-rated movie without an adult, they can't drive, smoke, vote, or live on their own, because they're too young, irresponsible, and immature, but they're old enough, at any age, to know they were born in the wrong body, live as such, and even seek out transitioning?

Strange logic.


News Item7/17/19 7:42 AM
Dr. Tim | Land of Cotton  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
Rebellion is right, BDF, and I was probably one of the most rebellious kids who ever lived. If they’d had these silly rules when I was a youn’un, I’d have changed my name every 15 minutes just to give the teacher a headache. Even so, I would’ve slugged anyone who suggested I was a girl. Any guy, that is; back then you didn’t hit girls and you could tell the difference.

News Item7/17/19 7:10 AM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
From the news:
"Schools chancellor Richard Carranza said in a statement the new policy is a way to support LGBT students. ..."

If he were interested in supporting them he would get them the help they need.


News Item7/17/19 4:50 AM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
Hello teacher, my name is Tommy and I am seven years of age and I am not a boy or a girl, or an inbetweeny. I am a robot working for the CIA, and I want you to come with me please.

News Item7/17/19 1:34 AM
Backwoods Duck Farmer | Mississippi  Find all comments by Backwoods Duck Farmer
What's funny about our ducks is that they never crow and scratch in the yard. And I don't ever recall the chickens ever quacking or hanging out in the pond (except the time it froze over and they accidentally did some skating). Somehow birds that are so dumb they'll let a 'coon eat them alive know there place in God's creation better than thinking, creative human beings. The difference lies in one word - "rebellion". The world has become so proud of itself that they think we can somehow recreate our most fundamental attributes.

News Item7/17/19 1:00 AM
Ms.Shirley.  Find all comments by Ms.Shirley.
We are living in a sin sick, evil,wicked dark fallen world that has no fear of respect no morals no consciousness of what is right or wrong just do what make you feel good. But the hour and day is coming when we all will stand before God.
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