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FRONT PAGE  |  5/29/2020
TUESDAY, JUL 9, 2019  |  15 comments
Rand Paul: Republican Leaders Are Fake 'Pro-Life,' Refuse to Defund Planned Parenthood
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul accused Republicans of being fake "pro-life" supporters, instead saying they'd rather spend money with Democrats than protect unborn babies' lives.

The libertarian-leaning physician and senator drew gasps from the largely evangelical Christian audience last week as he relayed to Faith & Freedom Coalition conference-goers how many seemingly anti-abortion Republicans are in fact political frauds. Senator Paul said there are Republicans "that are more concerned with spending money than protecting the unborn." Speaking one day after President Donald Trump touted anti-abortion measures at the conference, Paul told "Road to Majority" attendees Thursday many Republicans only pay "lip service to pro-life" backers.

"I will tell you that we still lose in the legislation," Paul said Thursday. "Sometimes we lose because the people who come to you and give you lip service and say, ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item7/10/19 1:39 PM
Phillip Mezzapelle | Sicily, Italy  Contact via emailFind all comments by Phillip Mezzapelle
Finally someone with the courage to tell it like it is.

News Item7/10/19 8:57 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln (The US is the most expensive nation in the world in which to have a baby – and it may factor into thousands of bankruptcies each year)

This article is about a year-and-a-half old so prices have probably gone up ❗


News Item7/10/19 8:37 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Chase Madar wrote:
But GOP healthcare politics are at the moment spectacularly incoherent. Many GOP voters have told opinion polls that they hate Obamacare, but like the Affordable Care Act. And as the GOP healthcare bill continues to be massively unpopular, Donald Trump has lavished praise on Australia’s healthcare system (socialized, and eating up only 9.4 percent of the GDP there). Even in the GOP, this is where the votes are: Trump’s move to the center on questions of social insurance–...–was a big part of his appeal in the primaries. The rising alt-Right, not to hold them up as any moral authority, don’t seem to have any problem with universal Medicare either.

It will fall on “reform conservatives” to convince themselves and others that single-payer or some kind of universal care is perfectly keeping with conservative principles, and, for the reasons outlined above, it’s really not much of a stretch. Lest this sound outlandish, consider how fully liberals have convinced themselves that the Affordable Care Act–a plan hatched at the Heritage Foundation for heaven’s sake, and first implemented by a Republican governor–is the every essence of liberal progressivism.

--"The Conservative Case for Universal Healthcare"


News Item7/9/19 11:51 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
I believe public assistance covers these costs already. There is also charity care available. Spurious argument.

News Item7/9/19 10:35 PM
Violet | Missouri  Find all comments by Violet
Jim Lincoln wrote:
excerpt from, " "
As far as I've seen, the Republicans have not come up with a plan to support women for the high cost of giving birth, something they should be demanded to help these women out
In Missouri, the cost of an abortion is roughly $3000, this covers abortion only, not prenatal, postpartum or ughh... newborn care. The cost of global Midwifery care including prenatal, homebirth, postpartum and newborn care is $2100 to $4,000. There are private providers offering free and low cost maternity care for women in crisis pregnancies choosing to give birth to their babies.

News Item7/9/19 3:48 PM
TrueHolyBibleChristianCatholic  Find all comments by TrueHolyBibleChristianCatholic


By Leo Zagami 6-29-19

As Tensions At The U.S.-Mexico Border Continue To Rise Daily, El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz, Successfully Escorted A Bunch Of Illegal Migrants Who Had Previously Been Denied Asylum, Across The Border And Into The United States...

Mark Joseph Seitz, Who Is An American Primate Of The Roman Catholic [Cult], Was Acting On Orders Given To Him By The Infamous Jesuits. He's Been The Bishop Of The El Paso Since July 9, 2013, And Was Auxiliary Bishop Of Dallas From 2010 to 2013.

The Official U.S. Jesuit website States That: 'The Jesuits have made a longstanding commitment to serve and walk with migrants throughout their journeys.' Adding 'The Jesuit Response' Is 'serving migrants in a variety of ways' And They Are Doing This 'alongside the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Justice for Immigrants Campaign [& etc.], upholds a vision for comprehensive immigration reform.'

That’s why Bishop Mark Seitz was involved in this propaganda stunt by bringing in a Cuban, a young man from El Salvador, and a family of five back across the bridge from Ciudad Juarez to the United States, DEFIANT OF U.S. LAWS..."--LEO ZAGAMI ! ! !


News Item7/9/19 2:37 PM
Carl in Raleigh | North Carolina  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carl in Raleigh
Jim Lincoln wrote:
excerpt from, " "
As far as I've seen, the Republicans have not come up with a plan to support women for the high cost of giving birth, something they should be demanded to help these women out
You're right, birthing costs have skyrocketed. Billions of women in the past had kids for free. If you were to compare birthing a baby to abortion both could involve a certain amount of money but only one would repeatedly result in the death of a human being.

And that is the bottom line, isn't it? Some people take a laisez faire attitude toward the life of strangers while elevating the value of their own. Jesus says, "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"
(Mat 16:26)

What will you give in exchange for you soul, Jim. Would it be the same value as the soul of a baby? What price does Jesus put on the souls of mankind? Suffer the little children to come unto Christ to be blessed and fulfill their destinies.


News Item7/9/19 2:08 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
Just a Guy wrote:
Seems right to me...
Lip work is easy, free, and fast. But when it come to backing your believes with words, they become like Pres Trump signing a bill giving Planned Parenthood 500 million greenbacks...
He probably posted a tweet the very next week proclaiming his defense of the unborn...
Yes, JAG, the only people that don’t always seek to serve themselves are born again believers who simply want God’s will to be done. Our world is so sinful that sin is seldom even recognized anymore.

Anyway, good comment!


News Item7/9/19 2:06 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Scott Horsley wrote:
... Foster, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, argues that restricting their access just makes poor women poorer. After all, it's hard to work full time with a baby or toddler. And government safety-net programs don't make up for that lost income or the additional cost of an extra person in the family. About 10% of the women denied abortion in the study put their babies up for adoption....

"If the government is going to step into reproductive decision-making, it's going to have to consider the economic implications of doing that," Foster said...

excerpt from, " "

As far as I've seen, the Republicans have not come up with a plan to support women for the high cost of giving birth, something they should be demanded to help these women out


News Item7/9/19 1:46 PM
Just a Guy | Mississippi  Find all comments by Just a Guy
Seems right to me...

Lip work is easy, free, and fast. But when it come to backing your believes with words, they become like Pres Trump signing a bill giving Planned Parenthood 500 million greenbacks...

He probably posted a tweet the very next week proclaiming his defense of the unborn...


News Item7/9/19 1:38 PM
Carl in Raleigh | North Carolina  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carl in Raleigh
Jim, why can't you liberals see the absurdities of so-called reproductive rights?Reproduction is fundamental to all life. All life survives by reproduction. Most sane humans get that; except a few foolish hypocritical humans. All they want is just the sex; without consequence. The big consequence of sex without reproduction leads to unfettered genocide and ultimately extinction. And they have the nerve to tout the evolutionary trope "survival of the fittest" and yet deprive themselves of progeny. That is truly unfit.

I agree with Rand Paul. Republicans have had multiple opportunities since Trump's election to defend PP. However, I don't think they are merely cowards. Some are Manchurian candidates disguised as Conservative.


News Item7/9/19 9:06 AM
Kat | Texas  Find all comments by Kat
I think he is telling the truth.

News Item7/9/19 8:08 AM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
The question is, why should the government fund a private organization at all? Is that the function of right government? If Planned Abortionhood can't survive according to their own provision of goods and/or services, let them fade away. If they need annual bailing out, they don't belong in business at all.

Oh Jim/Lincoln, pregnancy is not a disease. Did you know that? Think about it long enough, maybe you'll see what that means.


News Item7/9/19 7:36 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
The GOP is a party of death, in that it doesn't support something like, (...Trump right about Australian healthcare...) Or even, (If ObamaCare Is So Bad, How Does RomneyCare Survive?) -- actually RomneyCare is better than ObamaCare

Well this fellow said it before I did.

Michael Stafford wrote:
The GOP is often described as America's pro-life political party. In reality, however, the GOP is not pro-life. At best, it's merely anti-abortion. At worst, it's simply misogynistic. Regardless, the Republican Party's concern for human dignity ends the moment someone is actually born. After that, it's the coldness and cruelty of Ayn Rand and social Darwinism, all the way down.
-- (The politics of abortion: America does not have a pro-life party)

News Item7/9/19 7:16 AM
Anton  Find all comments by Anton
“Poli tricks” is about convenience, pandering and prostituting oneself for votes. Very few politicians truely oppose infanticide, the majority pay lip (deceive)service.
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