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FRONT PAGE  |  1/18/2020
WEDNESDAY, JUN 5, 2019  |  22 comments
Copeland: I can't "talk to God" flying commercial
In the waning days of 2015, renowned televangelist Kenneth Copeland laid out exactly why he needs a luxury private jet to do his job: you can’t “talk to God” while riding commercial.

The questioning centered around Copeland’s Gulfstream V jet, which he announced he’d purchased from Tyler Perry in Jan. 2018. Declining to state how much he spent on the aircraft, which is one of three in his possession, Copeland said Perry made the plane “so cheap for me I couldn’t help but buy it.” He again asserted the plane was necessary for his work, which has sent him to nearly every continent and allowed him to spread his message to thousands of people.

“If I flew commercial, I’d have to stop 65 percent of what I’m doing, that’s the main reason,” he said. ...

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News Item6/6/19 4:54 PM
Deanna | Houston, TX  Find all comments by Deanna
To the comment about Kenneth Copeland speaking in tongues with a guest, yes I saw that on YouTube and it’s very odd. He was laughing like he was possessed.

News Item6/6/19 12:20 PM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
I think the person that Kenneth. Copeland was speaking to “in tongues” at the convention meeting was the infamous laughing “bartender of Joel’s Bar”, who claimed his “Laughing Revival” was of the Holy Spirit, Rodney Howard-Browne. I vaguely remember seeing a critical video, that showed this extraordinary event.

With regard to the late Pastor Henry Mahan, I know very little of his ministry, but I have heard a couple of his sermons on SA, and he indeed sounded an earnest godly man who loved his Saviour and Lord, and preached His Word faithfully.

What a total contrast to the wolves in sheep’s clothing we have discussed on this thread. I must listen to some more of Pastor Mahan’s preaching!!


News Item6/6/19 10:52 AM
Carol  Find all comments by Carol
Your welcome John UK.
I heard that brother Henry had asked his family and friends to pray for the Lord to take him home, how wonderful to live your last days in eager anticipation of being with your Lord and Savior.

News Item6/6/19 7:33 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
I related this once before, but want to repeat it, because it always stuck out to me as the height of utter nonsense. Kenneth Copeland was preaching one time, and had a guest speaker with him on stage. The name of the guest would be recognizable, but I don't remember who it was any longer. The guest speaker began speaking in tongues, and Copeland turned to him, responding in tongues. The two of them continued on for probably 5min, facing each other, and carrying on as if they were having a personal conversation in tongues. Copeland would even laugh hysterically at times, as would the guest speaker, as if they were telling each other hilarious jokes that both were understanding in tongues. The crowd was eating it all up, believing it, and began laughing at the nonsense themselves. I'll never forget that, because it was one of the most ridiculous displays of deception that I've ever seen. They knew full well that they had no clue what the other was even saying, but were happy to deceive the onlookers into believing they did. Great men of The Living God...I think not. Money grubbing schemers, deceivers, and con-men. Scary that they all know God's Word so well, yet still choose the path of riches through extortion and deceipt.

News Item6/6/19 7:19 AM
Deanna | Houston, TX  Find all comments by Deanna
Copeland, Osteen, Myers, Duplantis and the list goes on are nothing but heretics. I fear the judgement that will come upon them if they do not repent. They only care about the money and nothing else. Why is Joyce preaching anyway!?

News Item6/6/19 3:40 AM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
Carol wrote:
Since there has been no mention of this on the SA news forum,just a FYI.
Pastor Henry Mahan passed into glory 5/31/19.
A truly humble servant of the Lord and a great preacher of the Sovereign Grace Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thanks Carol for that info. I knew him as Henry T Mahan back in the 80's when a member of our church used to get taped VHS videos of his preaching, and some of us would sit and watch this great man of God expound the word. What a blessing!

Now his work is done, and he sees the Jesus he preached.


News Item6/5/19 11:15 PM
Carol  Find all comments by Carol
Hi Connor, yes he has over 3800 sermons posted on Sermon Audio.
Please do give a listen,you will be blessed.🙂

News Item6/5/19 10:51 PM
Connor7  Find all comments by Connor7
@Carol, haven’t heard of the man, although I’d like to listen to a sermon of his. Is he on SA?

News Item6/5/19 9:34 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
Unprofitable Servant wrote:
The irony is that they tell you that you will obtain wealth by sacrificial giving but don’t try to increase their wealth by giving out large amounts of their money
Well said brother; it is the height of hypocrisy. Why don't they simply give their own money away and then demand the same return from God they promise others.

They are charlatans!


News Item6/5/19 5:18 PM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
The irony is that they tell you that you will obtain wealth by sacrificial giving but don’t try to increase their wealth by giving out large amounts of their money

News Item6/5/19 5:08 PM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Prosperity gospel: Preachers who exploit people's faith by promising future wealth for today's donations, or, "love offerings". Faith, in the form of donations, will garner fabulous wealth for the giver...what a racket.

One of their favorite, and most effective lines is: Even if you don't have it, give it, and have faith that you'll be blessed 100-fold. God can't, and won't reward the faithless...He wants you to be rich beyond your wildest dreams, so plant your seed (donation) right now, and watch it explode into more money than you'll even know what to do with.

These people are still going stronger than ever, and getting richer than ever, as the ignorant still buy into the nonsense; treating God's Word as some pyramid, wealth building guide, while everything else is just a blur, and of secondary importance, apparently. Charlatans.


News Item6/5/19 4:58 PM
Carol  Find all comments by Carol
Since there has been no mention of this on the SA news forum,just a FYI.
Pastor Henry Mahan passed into glory 5/31/19.
A truly humble servant of the Lord and a great preacher of the Sovereign Grace Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

News Item6/5/19 2:50 PM
NeedHim  Find all comments by NeedHim
Kenneth Copeland must like to play the game of twister, as he likes to do what other false teachers, in the Cults like too do. By playing the game of lets twist scriptures by elevating man into the false teaching of the little God false doctrine. That Mormonism teaches to its faithful deceived followers!!

Another reminder in the importance of Biblically sharing your faith with others, who are lost & spiritually dead, outside of No King but Christ Alone amen!

Jhn 17:17 Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.

Thank You Jesus for discernment through the Holy Spirit ministering to your people through, your life changing, Holy Word amen.

Spurgeon; DISCERNMENT is NOT knowing the difference between RIGHT and WRONG. It is knowing the difference between RIGHT and ALMOST RIGHT.


News Item6/5/19 12:53 PM
Connor7  Find all comments by Connor7
I can’t talk to God while I’m stuck in LA traffic and riding in a minivan, ergo I need you to sow a $1,000 seed of faith so that I can ride in a custom made Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita.

Don’t even pray about it, don’t even doubt my motives, and whatever you do, don’t ask any questions. Be the giver that keeps on giving, why only give once when you can give more than once?


News Item6/5/19 11:46 AM
Just a Guy | Mississippi  Find all comments by Just a Guy
He is just another heritic touting his wares in the ignorant masses...

His real reason for a jet is because he has robbed the US blind, so he needs a fresh batch of idiots to go try out on. Sort of like the snake oil seller in the 1800s. They never stayed in one town longer than a week...


News Item6/5/19 10:49 AM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
For modern jet-setting sybarites, Gulfstreams are nothing compared to customized *jumbo* jets:

Business-jet owners claim their time is at a premium and they don't want to wait for checkout, security, baggage, etc. Also, they gain access to smaller airports. These might've been less outrageous excuses.


News Item6/5/19 10:25 AM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
Jesus and the Apostles walked and preached among 'crowds' of people.

Mr Copeland prefers to be surrounded by opulence.?

Can you spot the difference?


News Item6/5/19 7:14 AM
John UK  Find all comments by John UK
When I came across a group of Copelanders in Minehead, Somerset, England, I could scarcely believe they were serious about what they believed. But they were. And they formed a large part of a new charismatic church which was affiliated to New Frontiers international. What a viper's nest I found myself in, during the year of our Lord, 1994!

But the Lord is gracious, and eventually spoke to me about this false church, and I escaped, for which I praise God and thank him for his wonderful love and mercy, shown towards this wayward child.


News Item6/5/19 4:12 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
they have to queue up at the airport - economy or coach class, to sit next to the “demons” I.e. unbelievers, that you copiously avoid!!!

News Item6/5/19 4:10 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
Apparently Mr Copeland is so bothered about flying in a “tube filled with demons”, that he obviously forgot about the apostle Paul, and his travelling companion Silas, long before airplanes were even invented, who actually ministered to the demon-possessed slave girl in Philippi, who was used (or perhaps I should abused) by her masters as a spiritist medium, and were scourged and improsoned for their pains, (but praise God for the supernatural earthquake in the gaol after the singing after the midnight praises of Paul and Silas, and the conversion of the gaoler and their release by embarrassed magistrates who discovered that they were Roman citizens).

The Apostle and his friends also witnessed to and spoke to practicing occultists in Ephesus who repented of their sin, burnt all their magic books and equipment (very expensive and valuable stuff) and became valued members of the Ephesian church!

What about our Lord Himself, who much to the disgust of the religious Pharisees, dined with publicans, prostitutes and sinners, and shared the Gospel with them.

No Mr Copeland, you are not concerned with preaching the Gospel to the “demons” in the airplanes. You wish to travel in luxury and comfort, all on the backs of those poor sheep who support your church and ministry, while

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