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FRONT PAGE  |  4/3/2020
WEDNESDAY, NOV 21, 2018  |  9 comments
California apocalypse

For days, the sun and moon were blood-orange—that is, if you could see them through the thick haze of ashes and smoke. Three major wildfires in California in November—the Camp Fire in Northern California, the Woolsey and Hill Fires in Southern California—devoured hundreds of thousands of acres, killing at least 80 people and destroying thousands of homes. In some areas, the haze was so dense that it tinted everything orange-yellow, as though the world had transformed into an old sepia photograph.

But for residents of Thousand Oaks, a hilly, oaky suburbia about 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles, the Nov. 8 arrival of the massive Woolsey Fire—scorching an area the size of Denver—was only the second crisis to hit in one week. The first struck the night of Nov. 7, when a local man shattered the sounds of laughter and country music with gunshots at the Borderline Bar & Grill.

So began a week of chaos ...

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News Item11/25/18 2:15 PM
penned  Find all comments by penned
agenda 21 and 2030 was all about reorienting resources (globalism) to a few under a new one world bank taxing system ("carbon credits").... as they have pushed out farmers now they push out land owners. these things are openly discussed in city council meetings, the only way Christians cannot know by now is because they are too "pious" to care about their neighbor after decades of neglect to show up to a city council meeting or school board meeting and see that they've already been replaced. all they need is time as Californians are displaced, homeless, pushed out, and third world invades and gets freebies but own nothing, the Chinese or Rothichilds or whoever it is doing all this will simply wait it out and then take it all.

what happened to the Native American is now in the end stages of the once middle class, rewilding projects pushes land ownership to smaller areas in a nation rich with resources and land, no wonder they abhor nationalism.

the idea of a nation having representatoin, restoration of grass roots community, strong and healthy families, and especially Christ honoring churches at the center of town.... not under their control.... reverses all the plans they've carefully worked out for 50 years.


News Item11/25/18 11:46 AM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
Jim, your report assumes that man made pollution is the only variable in climate change. The assumption is based on uniformitarianism concepts and their belief in an old earth.

Meanwhile, the Bible clearly points to a young earth.

Even if man made changes were the driver, thermodynamic calculations show that the impact is too minor to measure.

So when the underlying assumptions are faulty and the impacts are negligible, other variables and factors have to be brought into play... starting with man's finite, fallen, and faulty mental capacity. People are so quick to believe they have all the answers and can be the end-all, be-all, that they create new Towers of Babel out of their babble.


News Item11/23/18 10:40 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln wrote:
As California's catastrophic wildfires recede and Americans on the east coast rebuild after two hurricanes, a new federal report warns these types of extreme weather disasters are worsening in the United States.
Key points:

• The report was written with help of more than a dozen US government agencies
• At odds with the Trump administration's pro-fossil fuels agenda, it says climate change could cost the US economy billions
• The report says global warming would disproportionately hurt the poor, undermine human health, limit availability of water

excerpt from, "Climate change will cost US economy billions, federal report says in contradiction of Donald Trump"

[ ]

Oh, as it was pointed out this report was written before the California fires


News Item11/23/18 9:44 PM
John chiarenza | O.c.  Find all comments by John chiarenza
Porcelain was incinerated maybe in the lake of fire but a wild fire ,,???it doesn't get that hot,,,,,

News Item11/23/18 9:40 PM
John chiarenza | Orange county,Ca  Find all comments by John chiarenza
Agenda 21

News Item11/21/18 7:25 PM
My Own 2 cents  Find all comments by My Own 2 cents
Finally, a real air-breathing, sane person from Nebraska!

Way to go Mr. Brown! !


News Item11/21/18 10:01 AM
Wayfarer Pilgrim | Lubbock,tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer Pilgrim
The same people who promote climate change as a tyrannical form of government, also advocate abortion and promote genocide among less developed nations, flock to the Catholic Church.
Though a one world government may not be accepted by the majority of folks on this platform, but if you ignore the signs, the deception and the acronym among Christians towards one another, it can only be from the evil one.

News Item11/21/18 6:13 AM
Mr. Brown | Nebraska  Find all comments by Mr. Brown
The fires have nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with mismanagement of land. If the land is cleared of dead dry brush the fires wouldn't have fuel to spread and become massive. Logging used to take care of this for many areas but because of environmentalists thinking it was morally wrong the land has been building up fuel for fires. Man made impact on the environment is the cause of the fires but it's not the world heating up. It is people who think that who are causing the damage ironically.

News Item11/21/18 2:09 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Yep, it's all due to climate change❗🔥
CBS News wrote:
"Climate change is kind of turning up the dial on everything," Westerling said. "Dry periods become more extreme. Wet periods become more extreme."

Somewhat counterintuitively, more rain and snow in the winter lays the groundwork for more destructive wildfires. More precipitation in the winter means more vegetation can grow in the spring. Over the summer months, that vegetation dries out and becomes the fuel that feeds wildfires when ignited.

Higher temperatures in the summer months mean the trees, brush and grass are significantly drier once fire season rolls around. High-speed Diablo winds from the interior of the continent and increased evaporation due to higher temperatures contribute to drying out the plant life. Higher temperatures also mean fire season lasts longer....

excerpt from, "How climate change is "turning up the dial" on California wildfires "

[ ]

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