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FRONT PAGE  |  9/27/2020
MONDAY, JUL 24, 2017  |  6 comments  |  1 commentary
Mystery space signal is solved (It’s not aliens)

Astronomers have finally solved the mystery of peculiar signals coming from a nearby star, a story that sparked intense public speculation this week that perhaps, finally, alien life had been found.

It hasn’t. The signal, which has been formally named “Weird!” was interference from a distant satellite.

Of course, astronomers said all along that extra-terrestrials were quite far at the bottom of the list of possibilities for the signals detected from Ross 128, a dim star known as a red dwarf some 11 light-years away.

To experts, the true mystery was that they couldn’t figure out if the bursts were unusual stellar activity, emissions from other background objects, or interference from satellite communications. ...

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News Item7/24/17 6:40 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | WheelsInWheels  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
Nothing can prepare u for visitation from beyond
Unlike X files- true!
Acts 9:22-26
...witnesses would never forget what happened. Light all around them, brighter than the noonday sun. Terror that took all their strength and turned the iron of their arrogance into water on the ground. They saw it all right. It was real, and it was true. And even more terrifying, they heard. “Get up. Go to Damascus. There I will show you what you are to do.”
The other eye-witnesses didn’t hear all that Saul heard. The Voice that spoke first to him that day and told him what he was to do for the rest of forever had something private and personal to say to him, something for him alone. The Voice spoke in his own language and called him by name. The Owner of that Voice had watched him and known him for a long, long time.
If you make the choice to listen, that same Voice has something unique to say to you. The Owner of that Voice has watched and known you, too. We are not alone. Unlike Scully and Mulder you don’t need a dark night and a mystery. All you need is your own lonely road and a hunger to know what is really real.
“Who are you?”
“I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting.”
“Lord - what do you want me to do?”

The Truth is up there

From a /winkiepratneydotcom-tract


News Item7/24/17 5:34 PM
Allen Wrench | Hartford, CT  Find all comments by Allen Wrench
Boy, this story really sprung wings!
Every news item about astronomy, like next month's solar eclipse, brings out the atheists like food at a picnic brings out the ants.
I listen to a local radio station that has an astronomer on weekly, and it's interesting to hear a Christian or two call in to try to convince him of the existence of God. It happens every week, and never works. Even the host ends up restating his own lack of belief in God.
It is like this new WW-2 movie that some people are seeing all kinds of Christian motifs in it, when there is none obvious.
In history there was, but it was left out of the movie. So why get all excited about it as being some kind of defining Christian movie?

News Item7/24/17 8:04 AM
Rnel | South africa  Find all comments by Rnel
Obviously, I could be wrong, but I always wonder what else could bring,not only the earth inhabitants, but the world's religions together as one.

I must say my view is that false peace betweem islam and romanism will happen and Satan doing signs and wonders by both false religions. This will unite them thinking it is God. 2 Thes 2: 7 - 12

Deut 13:13 also a good look.


News Item7/24/17 6:33 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
This is a cover-up...definately aliens and not geostationary satellite interference. Just ask anyone on Coast to Coast AM and they'll tell you aliens are not only real, but living amongst us.
Kidding, but I Personally believe that this will be a part of the great delusion because what else has this world been so conditioned for that would actually bring all the world's people and religions together? A Pope? Nope, although they'll have an integral part. Demons playing tricks and other dilusions of anomalies in the sky, perceived abductions, and the Godless seers channeling demons posing as higher beings from other planets all work together to prepare a world for an alternate ending.
Obviously, I could be wrong, but I always wonder what else could bring,not only the earth inhabitants, but the world's religions together as one.

News Item7/24/17 5:06 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | ET and thee  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
The great discovery is that the Bible is a message system: it’s not simply 66 books penned by 40 authors over thousands of years, the Bible is an integrated whole which bears evidence of supernatural engineering in every detail!
Most people discounted the possibility of radio interference or instrumental failures, saying these were least likely. This, Mendez explained, was hardly a scientific approach to the question.

“This is interesting since in the absence of solid information about the signal, most astronomers would think that these were probably the most likely explanation,” Mendez wrote.

Furthermore, about one quarter of respondents said “the most likely explanation of the signal was that of a communication with an Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI),” he added.

“These results reflect the still high expectations the public maintains on the possibility of contacting ETI.”

The Bible is the only book that hangs its entire credibility on its ability to write history in advance, without error.
-again-It is sixty-six books written by forty authors, written between 1446 B.C. & 90 A.D. But, now we discover that it is an integrated message system from outside our time and space domain.!!
That is ETI & we have it.


News Item7/24/17 3:28 AM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
Nothing better to do with their life?

John 10:10

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