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Friday, February 21, 2020
  • Utah Senate supports decriminalising polygamyFriday, February 21, 2020The state of Utah has taken a step towards decriminalising polygamy after its Senate unanimously voted in favour. Currently, anyone in the state found to be married to more than...
  • Two Dozen Christians Slaughtered in Burkina Faso Church AttackFriday, February 21, 2020Gun-wielding terrorists killed at least 24 Christians, including a pastor, during an attack on a church in the West African nation of Burkina Faso on Sunday. The attack was just...
  • South Korean city on high alert as coronavirus cases soar at 'cult' churchFriday, February 21, 20201In what the Korean centre for disease control called a “super spreader” event, almost half of the country’s total of 82 infections have been linked to a 61-year-old woman who...
  • New Disney Channel cartoon branded 'evil,' 'demonic' by One Million MomsFriday, February 21, 20201The conservative Christian watchdog group One Million Moms is warning parents that “The Owl House” — Disney Television Animation’s new fantasy-comedy cartoon series — is...
  • UK Court: Sharia Marriages Not Valid Under English LawFriday, February 21, 2020The Court of Appeal, the second-highest court in England and Wales after the Supreme Court, has ruled that the Islamic marriage contract, known as nikah in Arabic, is not valid...
  • Thursday, February 20, 2020
  • Rush Limbaugh makes stunning announcement about prayer he's receivedThursday, February 20, 2020"I’m thinking there are more prayers for me in this country than can be counted, than can be tabulated. And I just am confident as heck that they matter, that they’re effective....
  • Doctors can deny treatment if patients have 'wrong' political opinionsThursday, February 20, 20206Doctors have been told by those who regulate their profession that they can deny treatment to patients who have the wrong opinion. About just about anything. It's happening in...
  • Jesus 'Found Me in My Dirt and Pulled Me Out,' Justin Bieber SaysThursday, February 20, 20205Singer Justin Bieber in a new interview credits his Christian faith for saving him from self-destruction, saying he’s “grateful” to have friends in his life who live for Jesus....
  • Pompeo Slams Democrats for Secret Meeting With Top Iranian OfficialThursday, February 20, 20208Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed on Tuesday a group of Democratic senators who reportedly met in secret with Iran's foreign minister during a foreign policy conference held...
  • Wednesday, February 19, 2020
  • Pastor among 2 dozen killed after gunmen storm church service in Burkina FasoWednesday, February 19, 20203A pastor and at least 23 others were killed and at least 18 others injured after gunmen attacked a church in northeast Burkina Faso on Sunday. In a neighboring community, a...
  • Chinese Propaganda Attempts to Blame the US for CoronavirusWednesday, February 19, 202013As people in China and around the world are dealing with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, China’s Communist regime concentrates on shifting the blame to the West. The...
  • Buttigieg says he's 'not going to be lectured on family values' by Rush LimbaughWednesday, February 19, 202034Buttigieg said on Sunday that he is proud of his marriage and his husband following comments from Limbaugh about whether voters would elect him because he’s been “kissing his...
  • Franklin Graham fires back at 'truthophobic' LGBT radicalsWednesday, February 19, 202027We know now why LGBT activists in the United Kingdom have been campaigning for venues there to censor the speech of Franklin Graham, chief of the worldwide Christian ministry...
  • Tuesday, February 18, 2020
  • Article in Harvard Law Journal concludes: The preborn child is a constitutional personTuesday, February 18, 20206Pro-lifers and honest pro-abortion legal scholars agree that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided. But just how wrong is it? Is it bad law solely because it declares a right to...
  • Elderly pastor brutally beaten, mocked by Hindu extremistsTuesday, February 18, 20201Hindu extremists in Andhra Pradesh, India, brutally beat an elderly pastor and verbally abused his wife amid escalating tension over the presence of a Christian church in their...
  • Dem U.S. Senate candidate unveils campaign logo: The guillotineTuesday, February 18, 202026The donkey has long been the symbol of the Democratic Party since President Andrew Jackson embraced his detractors labeling him "a jackass" in 1828, but a Democratic Senate...
  • Pro-lifers seek protection from extreme harassment at abortion clinicTuesday, February 18, 20201A prominent legal team from the Thomas More Society has gone to court seeking a ruling that would halt the harassment – and worse – of those to stand outside the Bristol Regional...
  • 'Pirated Bibles' now the object of raids in ChinaTuesday, February 18, 20207Bibles have become a target of government raids in China, where the communist regime is now attempting to eliminate all 'pornography and illegal publications,' forcing some...
  • Govt pledges not to criminalize spanking in EnglandTuesday, February 18, 20201Flickr The UK Government has confirmed that it has no plans to criminalise parents in England who smack their children. It follows recent moves to ban smacking in Scotland and...
  • Monday, February 17, 2020
  • Juror 1261 in Roger Stone's case: Was justice undone?Monday, February 17, 20203She was Juror No. 1261, and her examination by the federal court and counsel before the trial was anything but notable. And that is precisely the problem. Juror 1261, we now...
  • House Ignores ERA Deadline So It Can Be Deemed Ratified. What Now?Monday, February 17, 202015In a move that ignores both logic and basic reading comprehension skills, the House of Representatives passed a resolution Thursday to pretend that the 1982 deadline for...
  • Religious liberty has been eroded in SwitzerlandMonday, February 17, 20209In the latest advance of the LGBTQ movement earlier this week, Swiss voters decided in a referendum to back hate speech legislation making supposedly 'homophobic' speech a...
  • China appoints new Hong Kong chief known for persecuting ChristiansMonday, February 17, 20204China has appointed a hardliner, who is known for removing hundreds of crosses from churches in the eastern province of Zhejiang, to take charge of its office overseeing matters...
  • Sunday, February 16, 2020
  • North Korean Christian Risks Life, Walks 'Many Hours' to Be BaptizedSunday, February 16, 20202A North Korea Christian woman who fled to China illegally was recently baptized, even though such an action could have resulted in her being repatriated back to her nation and...
  • ‘The tongue is a fire’: Southern Baptist church fractures over secrets and spiritual abuseSunday, February 16, 20209The truth – exposed in 2018 after a husband and wife at the church discovered Foose’s record – fractured the tightknit, devout community of roughly 100 members. Pastors resigned,...
  • Community churches are now arming themselvesSunday, February 16, 20206In the first weeks of 2020, legislators, most of them Republicans, have introduced 13 bills allowing armed security in places of worship. The flurry of lawmaking began just days...
  • Christians risk lives to help fight coronavirus in China as death toll skyrocketsSunday, February 16, 20201As the death toll from the coronavirus reaches at least 1,383, according to numbers released by the Chinese Communist Party, Christians on the mainland are risking their lives to...
  • Saturday, February 15, 2020
  • 16K-member megachurch in Singapore suspends gathering due to coronavirusSaturday, February 15, 20203Starting this weekend, City Harvest Church, a controversial 16,000-member megachurch in Singapore, has suspended all physical meetings and will instead meet online as the global...
  • Indiana Attorney General Holds Mass Funeral for Remains of 2,411 Aborted BabiesSaturday, February 15, 202012Indiana’s attorney general held a service for the remains of more than 2,400 unborn babies found in a late abortionist’s home and car last year. According to the Daily Caller,...
  • Mainline Pastors Drive Growth in Pastoral Support for Same-Sex MarriageSaturday, February 15, 20208Approval for same-sex relationships has grown among Protestant pastors, but a majority still disapprove. A new survey from Nashville-based LifeWay Research asked Protestant...
  • Televangelist Sells $125 'Silver Solution' as Cure for CoronavirusSaturday, February 15, 202012A guest on televangelist Jim Bakker's show suggested on Wednesday that a product sold on Bakker's website might be effective at protecting against and killing the novel...
  • Conservative Baptist Network launched amid 'woke' trend in SBCSaturday, February 15, 202026Amid growing concern that the nation's largest Protestant denomination is increasingly "woke" and drifting from biblical orthodoxy, a new network has formed to emphasize...
  • Islamist terror groups are set on 'destroying Christianity'Saturday, February 15, 20203Islamist terrorist groups causing havoc in northern Nigeria are set on "killing Christians" and "destroying Christianity", a bishop has warned. Bishop Matthew Kukah, of Sokoto,...
  • Friday, February 14, 2020
  • Govt raises free speech concerns over Franklin Graham ‘no-platforming’Friday, February 14, 202011The Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg has said that ‘no-platforming’ Franklin Graham is an example of a “particularly disagreeable modern trend”. Franklin Graham was...
  • Education Department Investigating Harvard, Yale Over Foreign FundingFriday, February 14, 20202The Education Department opened investigations into Harvard and Yale as part of a continuing review that it says has found U.S. universities failed to report at least $6.5 billion...
  • I will say what political leaders can't say about Pete ButtigiegFriday, February 14, 202020It is certainly politically incorrect to say this. In fact, in the eyes of many, what I'm about to say is a classic example of extreme religious bigotry. But I will say it...
  • Utah law would decriminalize polygamyFriday, February 14, 20207Utah lawmakers on Monday unanimously approved a bill that would decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults, despite arguments from opponents who said the law could potentially...
  • Franklin Graham to tour Britain despite venue cancellationsFriday, February 14, 202022Unrepentant, the 67 year old told Premier his views aren't different to most Christians. "I believe the Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman," he said....
  • Thursday, February 13, 2020
  • Colorado Democrats vote down bill requiring doctors to help babies born-alive after abortionThursday, February 13, 20207House Bill 1068 would have required physicians to "exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence" in the case of a live birth during an abortion. A violation...
  • SBC pastors threaten boycott over inclusion of female teaching pastor Hosanna Wong at conferenceThursday, February 13, 20203Organizers of the Southern Baptist Convention's Pastors' Conference are facing backlash from some SBC pastors who've reportedly threatened to boycott the conference over the...
  • Planned Parenthood and ACLU sue to stop Trump ruleThursday, February 13, 20204Planned Parenthood of Maryland and the American Civil Liberties Union are suing the Trump administration over a rule that will require some health insurers to send their customers...
  • Oklahoma House Passes Bill Revoking Medical Licenses of Abortion DoctorsThursday, February 13, 202015On Thursday, Feb. 6, members of the Oklahoma State House of Representatives approved House Bill 1182, a bill that would direct the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and...
  • Archbishop of Canterbury reaffirms apology to victims of clergy abuseThursday, February 13, 20203The Church of England has a long way to go before it can call itself a "safe" Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury admitted on Wednesday. In comments to the General Synod, the...
  • Wednesday, February 12, 2020
  • Sanders wins New Hampshire primaryWednesday, February 12, 202012Bernie Sanders held off Pete Buttigieg in New Hampshire on Tuesday, slowing the former mayor’s charge and asserting himself as the tentative frontrunner in a still-muddled...
  • Limbaugh: A Genius at RadioWednesday, February 12, 20206He certainly did not capture new listeners by adjusting to the times. While tastes changed and the issues often metamorphosed, he did not. He remained conservative,...
  • Pornography And Sex Trafficking Are ‘Completely Interwoven,’ Activists WarnWednesday, February 12, 20207Pornography and sex trafficking are issues that fuel one another, contributing to a high demand for sex and a dangerously sexual culture, activists warn. Anti-sex trafficking...
  • Head of global church-planting network removed over 'accusations of abusive leadership'Wednesday, February 12, 20206In a statement to Christianity Today magazine, the Acts 29 Board, headed by President Matt Chandler, said: "A little over two weeks ago, the Board of Acts 29 was made aware of...
  • Seven years after stepping down, Benedict fuels 'two popes' headacheWednesday, February 12, 202010Seven years after his surprise resignation, Benedict XVI -- weakened by age but still intellectually spry -- appears unable to remain in the shadow of his Argentinean successor...
  • Tuesday, February 11, 2020
  • County in rural Kansas is jailing people over unpaid medical debtTuesday, February 11, 20205Tres Biggs was working two jobs but they fell behind on their medical bills, then the unthinkable happened. "You wouldn't think you'd go to jail over medical bills," Tres Biggs...
  • Nigerian governor: Over one hundred thousand orphans and widows created by Boko HaramTuesday, February 11, 20204A Nigerian professor-turned-politician claimed last week that Boko Haram has created nearly 120,000 orphans and widows since it began its onslaught against Christians in the West...
  • Page 1 ·  Found: 38,697 news items | ALL NEWS

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